January 7th, 2015

  • syminka

Wants to warm my soul

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and are staying warm. It's 18 here. My poor heat has not stopped running D:
Anywho, to warm my soul....I NEED POKEMON!
I missed a few items due to every one I went to purchase them from going on holiday. They are all back now, but the items I want are not. WHHHYYYYYY!?? Ebay has them, but for cray cray prices. So I am coming to you lovely people!

amd404232_02014 japanese calendar

I also want the mega zard pika music box and cookie tin, but I can wait on those for now....I think. Thank you everyone!
sad dunsparce desires...

Looking for Grails! + a top list want

Hey everyone!
Since I've gotten my Dunsparce kid, it's rekindled my hopes in finding some Dunsparce items once again (TuT)9 I'm hoping someone could help me get a hold of a couple along with a kid figure I've been scouring the community for to no avail ;3;

Here we go!

- Pumpkaboo kid figure
- Dunsparce zukan
- Dunsparce tomy fig
- and this Dunsparce plush:

haha pretty much anything Dunsparce tbh... I just really love this poke a lot and any help getting a hold of some merch would be super incredible QuQ

Please pm me if you have any of these things you'd be willing to sell or trade to me!

Thank you for readin'!
  • ap_kun

Yahoo Auctions question

Hi community,

I am here again with a small post. First I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.
I also had a question about the Yahoo Auctions. I finally found my most wanted plush on there and was wondering how I could buy it. Then I thought of the middlemen services out there, like noppin, smj etc.
But I have no clue which one is the cheapest and or best.
So I wanted ask all of you for your recommendation.

Thanks in advance !!

EDIT: Thanks guys for recommending!! I chose fromjapan as they seem pretty trustable. OH and I got my munchlax pokedoll for 1500 yen including fees !!

Offers/Auctions, giveaway and happy new year! :)

Hello lovely fellow comm members and happy new years!
I'm so glad I was able to post my pre-Christmas post and now that I'm able to post a few more times before the school craze gets going again!
Hopefully I'll have time to post a reintro or collection update since I missed my 1 year on Pkmncollectors due to school. >_>

So, I'm also offering some items up for auction which I've decided to part with because the holiday season was lucritive but the AFTER holiday season is always a little slow and my Etsy store isn't bringing in what it usually does. (This happens every year, lol)

Sneak peak!


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Now for the fun stuff! :D


Offers will end Sunday January 11th, 7pm HONOLULU time.

*EDIT: Since I forgot to make threads, and Eevee has already been bid on, please start your own with offers for the item you'd like at the prices I've mentioned in the description! Thanks! :)

First up is this sealed in-case Eevee figure. I've borrowed two pictures one from mewveechu (please let me know if you're not ok with my using the picture, I'd be glad to take it down <3) and one from the internet because it's just sealed as shown, so I don't want to take it out of the packaging. >_>
 I've seen it go for quite a pretty penny here on the comm, - but I'm just going to start it off at $20. :)

My picture - sealed. :)


Mewveechu's picture:


Next is the matte sleeping Pachirisu figure, he's in good condition, he only has a few very minor scuffs - he'll start at $10

I've decided not to collect the Abra line anymore except for flats so I'm selling off the majority of my Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam items.
Will not separate as I really want to sell them all at once for space and funds. >_<
These include 2, possibly 4 small bootleg figures and the rest are legit.
clear kid, normal kid, v-trainer, chibi stamper, 3 clear yellow mini models and 1 emerald green mini model.
Starts at $15


I'm not sure if this Ninetales is legit, so please judge from the pictures.
But either way, it'll start at $3. :)


Also, on another note, I've been doing "all legendaries" holiday giveaways and decided to do another for the new years: https://twitter.com/PokeExcavation/status/552972834364866560
It's on my twitter you only need to retweet, no need to follow! ^_^

Lastly, I got some INSANE pulls on December 31 right before the new year, I'd like to share with you guys, check it out under the cut! :D
Also, I managed  to reach 1500 subscribers which was a pretty special milestone for me! ^_^
Anyhoo, I hope you guys are enjoying the new year!

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A theory to a year of weird Gengar Tomy figures + One of my figures is perspiring?! WAT

Firstly, to those participating in my two GAs, they will be arriving next week so the final payment will be due then. Hopefully this gave enough time for people to come back from vacation and such.


I posted asking what this thing could possibly be around a year ago.

What a long strange trip it has been (props if you got that) when I first encountered this weird colored Gengar Tomy last year. I think the first one popped up in February/March. I got some responses from different people to what that weird orange Gengar could have been: bootleg, prototype, or a miscolored Tomy. A couple of people have also been asking me lately what these things are and if I already had one, since they have been popping up so frequently now and have been consistently ever since the first one went over 10,000 yen ($100+). Sellers were looking to cash in on these things, of course.

Now that I have FOUR of these guys, I have come up with just a few observations for people that were interested. It would also be awesome if a Tomy collector could pitch in with a weird colored figure of a different Pokemon other than Gengar. I don't mean slight color differences but what I'm looking is extreme cases like the one of the orange Gengar because well, Gengar is NOT orange. EVER. I still don't know what the heck these things are but you can read to see what it all leads to.


Also, one of my figures is...sweating inside the box. There's droplets inside the plastic, I kid you not. I'm wondering if the plastic is just deteorating or if I have some Toy Story type of thing going on. I was hoping someone that collects figures could pitch in and help.
In other news, Gengar eats a baby.


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If you were looking for something less intense... I still need help with my perspiring figure.

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Lastly, Gengar does not eat a baby but that picture belongs to something that was one of the things I wanted most and it was the Gengar's Shadow/The Gengar Behind You book. I finally found a Japanese copy in bootiful condition and it didn't cost me a gazillion bucks! So I have photographed all the pages in this book, to which I can't understand a word of... but I can sort of see the what it's about and it hit me right in the feels. ಥ﹏ಥ The illustrations are also amazing and the Japanese version's cover is textured to look like Gengar's silhouette.
Now I'm looking for Gengar's Shadow of the Pokemon Tales series. If you ever see one or have one for sale, I would really love to have it! It's one of my "grails". Looks just like this one but it's in English.

And thanks to Bulbalaur who showed me the Google translate app, I managed to translate most of the book. But my translation was broken in some areas as I couldn't figure out what it said.
Eeveefruit was awesome enough and translated the entire book in not broken Japanese so now we can enjoy the book how it was meant to be read.

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  • herar

a literal dream come true

sometimes i have dreams about pokemon merch. anyone ever have those? going in to some random store and finding your grail or an incredible item that doesn't actually exist? about a week ago i had this particular dream, and i totally new i HAD to make it!

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thanks for looking!

Quick mpc + amadas sales

 Hi guys, just a  quick sale! I have this MPC plushies for sale. Chimecho and Aurorus have their tags, not the others.They are 8$ each. And I have some new amadas. The shiny amadas are 1$ each and the regular 0.5$! You can see all of them under the cut.

You can still combine with anything left on my big discounts post, I'll updated my sales post with the previous prices this weekend so don't miss this chance!

  • I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013.

  • You can find my feedback: HERE

  • I ship from Spain

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(no subject)

Hi everyone! I'm looking for earphone jack accessories, straps and charms for my phone and DS if anyone is selling any. There isn't a particular one I'm looking for, but I do like Eevee, Eeveelutions, Pikachu, Vulpix, Bublasaur, Plusle. Thank you! :)
Arcanine Awesomeness

New PlushPlush gets!?

Hello everyone!

It's been a long while since I posted so I thought I'd show you the two items I received in the mail today!

I found these whilst on my usual eBay prowl...




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Thank you for reading!
I'm sorry this post wasn't my most interesting one, however, I am currently working on a collection update so there's something to hopefully look forward to! <3

Until next time, PKMNcollectors! C:

Amiguri Plush Commissions

Hey everyone! My best friend is doing some plush making with me, so I'm opening some commission slots. All perler sprite commissions are done (aside from one that is at 80% so I figured it'd be a nice change of pace. (Everyone waiting will get their pics soon, the sprites are currently at my grandma's house but I'll go get them and take pics once I have a chance.)

Anyway, here's some info:
-commission time can take up to 5 weeks, but will most likely take 2-3
-base price is 20, prices go up with complexity
-not all pokemon can be made- the more complicated, the less likely we can do it ;w;
-5 slots will be open
-there will be a flat rate of 5 for shipping within the states and 12 for international people
-there will be two seperate payments to two different paypal addresses

Sales rules here, ignore the ones that contradict what is above: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

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And I realize Espeon is missing her red thingy, I added it on after the pics were taken xD
  • torotix

Quick TCG wants

Hi there, I'm looking to find the following pokemon cards featuring Archen:

Archen noble victories - all holos and languages besides the standard english
Archen plasma blast - all holos and languages besides the standard english

I live in Australia so please keep in mind when quoting, I would love to get more than one of my wanted cards per ship to save on shipping costs but I will just get what I can find if a few people only have one of the listed cards.

2 Year Anniversary Collection Post!

Happy new year everyone! (You have every right to laugh at my lame last minute banner.)
Today I come with a rather large post covering almost every item in my collection to date!(excluding a couple random figures and my TCG collection) A week or so ago was my 2 year anniversary on PKMNcollectors, but due to traveling and jet-lag I had to put off this collection post until today. ^^'

Let's start with a quick reintroduction to members that aren't familiar with me and my collection yet…

My name is Jessica, but you can call me Princess Snivy, either works! Pokemon has always been a major part of my life ever since my older cousins sent me their old Gameboy Colors and Pokemon Blue and Red, along with a ratty old poster of the first 150 Pokemon, which I still own all of to this day. I grew up playing the games, watching the anime, renting the movies (sobbing every time Latios dies in Heroes), and collecting whatever I could from the American market. Even though most of my friends "outgrew" Pokemon quickly and criticized my immense love for the franchise, I still continued to devote myself to Pokemon, and probably will continue into the distant future. :)
Even though I was first introduced to the series with the original games of the Kanto region, my absolute favorite region will forever and always be Hoenn. I clearly remember every detail of playing Emerald back in the day, and ORAS has been a dream come true. I almost feel spoiled to have my childhood remastered in such an amazing game. <3
My favorite Pokemon are reflected through my choice in main/side collections. The Snivy line was my favorite ever since the CoroCoro leaks first were revealed, and I am also a fan of Espurr, Meowstic, Espeon, and the Treecko line.
I could probably spout random facts about myself all day, so if you have anything else you would like to know about me, just drop a comment below. ^^

Now for the part you actually want to read about~

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Thank you for reading, if you managed to get through everything, you deserve a huge hug and chocolate chip cookie. I tried to keep everything as concise as possible, for my and your sake, so let me know if you have any questions or would like me to go into detail about anything you see on this post! Thank you for a wonderful two years, and may there be many more to come!

I'll be back with a sales post after weeding away at my collection some more, and in the future, with a big custom plush get! :D