January 10th, 2015

lovely arbok<3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

cool pokemon center find!!!!

I was walking around Toys R Us with my boyfriend tonight, when I spotted these curious looking dudes in the game section....

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tl;dr: Toys R Us is selling their leftover Mega Charizard plush from the ORAS pre-order!!! Yay for more Pokemon Center merch in US stores!!! :D

Thanks for reading guys!! I have a big sales post coming up in the next few days, so be on the lookout!! ;]

Fellow Washingtonians....

Hi guys! I've seen quite a few people here who are from the Evergreen State, so I thought I'd ask if any of you have some inside info on places that sell special Pokemon merch (besides the usual stuff sold at big chains like Gamestop, Target, etc). I occasionally visit Uwajimaya and of course, the PokeCen machines themselves, but there are probably more obscure places I might not know of. Any suggestions?

It'd be cool to try some Gachapon machines to get zukan, if those even exist within the state.
And, if you're from a different state and want to ask everyone else what their favorite stores are, please feel free just so this post isn't too limited :)

Image taken by user rinkatink, I will take it down if they request.

Thank you!

biiiiiiiiig hong kong haul~

Hi everyone! Ninfia here!

First, I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone! I also haven't posted since before Christmas so a late "Merry Christmas!". Also, happy holidays for those who don't celebrate Christmas ^-^

I went to Hong Kong for the holidays, and bought a lot of stuff my wallet is crying.

Well, anyways, everything's underneath the cut so I don't break your computers/phones/devices XD

Here we goooo ~ ~

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Let's take this a little slower, shall we?

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I'm also currently putting together a wants post, will link it here ^-^
Here is the link to my wants:

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and TL;DR: I got way too much stuff. Please open the last cut ^v^


Is my Y!J package lost?

I'm not very familiar with the Japanese postal system, but I'm starting to get very worried about one item I bought from Yahoo Japan.

The item in question: http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f145505279

I bought it through FromJapan on December 22nd and have been waiting for it to arrive at the warehouse to ship out with things I got earlier in December. I chose the cheap shipping option as the other items arrived fine within a week. However now I have only five days left until I need to enter shipping information so I can't wait for it to arrive much longer.

Did I miss something important in the seller's listing? Since I chose cheap shipping am I just out of luck? Is it possible that it arrived but they just didn't put it in the system so I need to contact them (though I've heard their customer service can be awful at times)? If it is lost and there's nothing I can do can I get my money back?

Any advice would be appreciated! I was so excited to buy this CD with every insert alongside it. D:
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Opening of the Pokemon Café...With new goodies !

To celebrate the release of ROSA, a coffee shop is going to transform into a Pokémon Café for a limited time ! It's located in Shibuya, Japan.

Now for the most interesting part : Items !

You can go home with one of these if you order a drink.

( Who could the secret one be ? I hope it's Sylveon...! But for some reason, I keep thinking it's Slowpoke. ô^o )

So what do you think about them ? =3
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Proto-Plush Eevee done!

Wow, did this take a while! Now that I got my pattern fixed up, I'm thinking of making one more prototype with an actual face (I still haven't got a embroidery machine (´・` ))
First time I've even touched a sewing machine, whew that was a work out!
Small Preview, shes life size with movable arms, next one will have a movable head for sure!

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And thats that! Just wanted to share, I'm so happy that she's done! For now, I'm going to be using her as a model to make clothes for my plushies (*´・v・)

Recent Gets and Grimer Legitimacy Question

Hello again :D
With just being a part of this community for only a few weeks, I have already quite a bit of stuff that I got to knock off my wants list! ^-^ I will have to make a legit wants list here soon ^-^ I won't bore you with the details haha but here are some pics of the stuff I got~
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Now onto the Grimer Pokedoll.. I'm not sure how to tell if he is legit or not :/ He only has the tush tag so I'm not sure how to tell. Does anyone know how to tell the real one from a bootie? Or have one that I can compare it to?

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Thanks for reading! Also, eventually I would like to get sales permission. So if I have bought something from you, I would really appreciate it if you could leave feedback form me ^-^  http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=higginstuff
Thank you!

Ebay sales

Hi, just popping in to say I have a Pokemon Time Magikarp strap and a Smeargle metal charm up for auction on e-bay in case anyone is interested. Just click the images to go to the auctions.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 9th December 2012


Thanks for reading!

new year sales. Prices slashed!

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Inkay Alarm Clock in original box, never used - $16
Klefki Keychain in original package - $20
Lugia Paki Paki plush - broken joint in right wing, everything else poseable- $ 29
Salamence Pokemon Center Plush MWMT- $19
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Custom Shiny Noctowl Plush - $25
Custom Cradily Plush - $30
Jingly Bell Ball head Piplush with tag - $15
Minun Purse/Bag, there is a clasp that opens up that you can store things - $9

First and Last eBay Auction Reminder and Huge Gets Update!

Alright, this is my FIRST AND LAST REMINDER for my big eBay auction going on right now!! 2 days left, still enough time to GA it if you like. A bunch of interesting things in it, like a boxed set of vintage clear Kids, tons of Jakks figures, zukans, sealed decks, and a bunch of other random doo-dads. Due to time constraints with classes starting, I cannot split anything up and the bid is STILL low.

Note: I will be taking a HUGE loss on it, due to shipping costs, and I definitelly started at a very low amount. I finally weighed the box, and it will end up being well over 20 lbs... Another reason I didn't want to ship international, due to the massive size and horrific shipping costs >_> I started it at a fair amount, as per what I could get everything individually for, but just no time. GA is still an option or any other sort of joint purchase. Just wanting to get these guys out and into a good home(s)!!

So yeah, come check it out, 2 days left, still a low bid on it!!



On another note, my biannual gets update is due, so guess I should get to my newest(ish) additions^^ Really slowed down lately due to budget restraints, but I will still focus on the things I really want now! Thinned out a lot of sets I don't collect anymore, and only focusing on a few now. Come look!!

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Froakie ball
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Hundreds of flats Storenvy sales before closing!

Hello there guys!
With the recent changes that are going to happen in Storenvy, my store is going to close automatically in a few days.
So before my two sales close down (from what I read on 12th of January!), I would like to give a shout out to you all that I have added a few more flats into the sites and selling to you now before they are closed!

CLICK HERE or the picture to my FIRST Storenvy account!
CLICK HERE for my second Storenvy account sales!

The reason why they are separated, is because Storenvy allows only a limited number of items being displayed. Should you be interested in items that are in both of these shops, just buy them and I will refund you the shipping for one!

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Thank you so much guys!

☀ Finally Ebay Sales! And New Gets! ☀

Hello! :D
I am very excited to say that i finally learned how to sell and not just buy on Ebay! I spent the entire day listing things and i'm still not done! I'll list more either tomorrow or my next day off. So from now on, Mr. Spinda will be transporting you to my Ebay instead of Livejournal! Please click away to see what there is! (。→∀←。)

✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia ✿

Now onto the gets!
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Anyhoo, that's about all i have for you guys today! Thank you so much for looking! :D <3

Looking to buy Kyogre/Groudon Pokedolls. EDIT: bought both within like 2 minutes of posting this

SO im lookin to buy kyogre and groudon pokedolls, preferably with hang tag (the one that shows the pokedoll art not the original pokedoll tag). Im eyeing a kyogre pokedoll on YJ right now but 3000 yen is a bit much I think, especially with what shipping will be. If anybody could direct me in the right direction, or if anyone is selling, id be very thankful :3

okay well I bought both for 30$ together with tags, you guys work fast as hell
so the money hasnt gone through yet since I need to get the shipper to ship to canada
if anyone can offer me a better deakl (doubt it) asap then I got em already :D

Hello! Looking for Giratina and Lugia pre-order figures, Pichu pencil topper (story inside)

Hello! :) As I mentioned, there is a story to why I am suddenly needing these three figures. I have kept mine in the china closet, along with a HG Ho-Oh pre-order figure (got another one for $6), Pikachu figure (also missing), and a Weavile figure (for some reason, is still there) ever since I had them. A few weeks ago, I noticed they were missing!! It's been weeks since then, and I am still extremely upset. The only member of my family who would do something like this is my mom. She put all of my precious Pokedolls in a garbage bag, twice!!!! She believes Pokemon is the freaking "work of the devil", or some weird crap like that! Even my dad and my brother think it was her and they know how upset I am with her. I have done nothing wrong to her, and yet she just loves to take my stuff and make me angry. :(

Anyway...I am looking for the Giratina and Lugia Platinum/SS pre-order figures and a Pichu pencil topper. I really don't know how much exactly all 3 of them are worth now...I really just don't want to spend so much money. If anyone has any of them (without the box for the pre-order figures is completely fine, I have them) or knows somewhere I can buy them for a good price, please let me know. Thank you!!

Pichu Pencil Topper

Possible Natu year trade?

So this is an odd request.

I'm typically not picky when it comes to release years of Pokedolls and what not. BUT. I did recently find out (thanks to j_ule) that the Natu Pokedoll does indeed have two release years. And since I collect Natu as a side collection, I would really like to have both years.

I have two 2006s and want to trade one of them for the 2002 doll. I am willing to throw in some money as well since it is a bit rarer of a version. Neither have hang tag but both have tush tag. Its a long shot but why not ask so xD I want to own one MWT as well, but that can wait xD.

Ive been pretty inactive lately, I have pretty much obtained everything I have been dying for. Though there are some pokedolls starting to creep up on my wants (including the elusive Smoochum :x)


Arent they precious?! <3 I love them to death haha

Have a good day/night!!
Rotom attack
  • eledora

Sleeping Pokemon 2 photos + speedy pick up (closed)

I have been waiting for the local release of the sleeping Pokemon gacha series, and they finally arrived today ^w^
Gotta love the happy face of Goomy ehehehe~

(all 25 pick ups has been secured ^w^/ Thanks for everyone participated! My PayPal address would be sent to shortly~)
And since the shop owner told me that the stock has just arrived and that they still have some more, I'm opening for a quick pick up for them as well!

(I'm going to sleep now though, will update the list again after I've woke up -w-/)
Details as follows:

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Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011! My sales post is here and my feedback thread is here :3c

Pickup time:
I'm visiting the store again at tomorrow (11/1) around 3PM (3AM in UST), all pre-orders must be made before that time! I'll put a strike line all over the post after that time /owo/

For a full set of 6 with inserts (no capsules, sorry >w>), it would be $24 including shipping to everywhere and fees!
You only need to pay after I've secured your items! (which is, tomorrow /owo) And please pay within 3 days after receiving the message!) I'll include where to pay in the message by that time~

I ship from Hong Kong via standard airmail, and I ship to everywhere! It takes around 2-3 weeks for the item to arrive, and I'll try my best to ship after 1 week after payment this time owo;/
You can add $2.2 for registered airmail! (where tracking is included, but you have to sign when they deliever your package)
Those who come from the US can choose e-Express service as well, so that you don't need to sign the package~

I'm not exactly sure how many sets they have atm, (they just said there's still plenty) so it's first come first served!
They have a huge bag of these as far as I can see, to say the least :3c

1. fluna_daiyunel
2. acidmimi
3. grind3h
4. clair2522
5. growly
6. thedaftlynx
7. suzanneespeon
8. yellowmudkip
9. leashedragon
10. miniterasu
11.  brunnera93 (+$2.2 for registered airmail)
12. chromapika
14. latias_latios_7
15. orangey_blue
16. shiny_zekrom
(+$2.2 for registered airmail)
17. spiritbomb92
18. gracekelly8
19. takara_mai
20. haepbrosonearth
(Hm I'm not that sure if they will have 20+ sets atm, but anything after that would go into a waiting list and I'll see if there's another store for picking up too owo/)
Waiting list:
22. eternal_rena
23. syminka
24. _melee_
25. miss10

(I'll add more slot for a waitlist if there's more interest, and err in case if the shop has sold out, to see if the store would restock I can see if I can organize another run owo\)

After clearing all the shops in the nearby area, I finally managed to get 25 sets of sleeping Pokemon! ヽ(´∀`)ノ

I hope the stores would restock soon so that other Pokemon fans around the area can still gets theirs ahahaha >w>;
I'll be replying to everyone who ordered a set, but my PayPal account is here anyways: eledora.2112 (AT) gmail.com
Also feel free to visit my shop to see if you'd like something from it to combine shipping!

By the way, that shop also have some XY Zukan 03 and the Fairy Ippai series on sale as well, so I can pick those up as well if anyone is interested!

The price would still be $24 shipped for the XY 03 Zukans and $26 shipped for the Fairy Ippai set (because it's more expensive there somehow @U@)

(For those who're interested in splitting a set, allrealelements would like to take Mawile and Whimsicott, and umbreeon would like to get Sylveon!)

Okay last but not least here are some more photos:

My keyboard is full of sleepy Pokemon now /-w-/ (The protag stickers were from the local convections!)

My own set of Fairy Pokemons <3