January 13th, 2015

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primals incoming to the US.

I saw this post on reddit - someone who works for the Pokemon Company (retail development) won these in a raffle at work.

primal babes! american tag!
when do you think they'll hit pokecen.com?

hope this is okay for me to post, merch related, though you guys might be interested. source.

Also - is anyone having trouble accessing the website? If i go in from a product page already saved it works fine, however it's not working if i try to go from pokemoncenter.com directly.
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Sleeping Kalos Starters | More gets because I have no self control

So I won these guys this evening~!
I really wanted the Fennekin so I managed to find the lot for auction and got a good deal on them.
I do NOT have sales permission yet but when I gain sales permission I may be selling or auctioning Froakie and Chespin. I am, however, debating on whether to wait a while because I know limited runs become more rare with time. If anyone has any suggestions on when I should sell let me know xD Either way these guys are awesome and adorable!

aaaaaand more gets because I have no Self control:
The Talking Tomy Eevee and Kyun Jolteon were purchased from splash :) thanks so much!
My Canvas Eevee is just chillin

Everything else I got today, which includes:
Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard Y,
Riolu, Pyroar (male), Tyrunt. Tomy Figures.
Random pack of three boosters that came with the old entei movie promo
Pyramid Head (Mega Manectrike) and Mega Gengar card binder
and a Big Hero 6 comforter because reasons.

Thanks for reading!


New Years Sleepy Plush Group Buy!

Hi there, I really love the Fennekin much like many of us here do but that means I wouldn't be needing the other two. I couldn't resist the cuteness! Look below for the claims list and info on pricing.
group buy main *Not my pic*

*All Rules and Sales Permission is below the cut*

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Each plush is $40.78, that is the exact amount to be sent to me, keep in mind that is not including shipping to you that will be after I receive the plush. Claims will be on a first come first serve basis and I am only receiving 1 set. Please comment below to claim!


Fennekin- miniokami

Big clear files and other sales + Auctions, pick up

Hi all! I am finally sorting out my collection. I have acquried so many stuffs since my last collection update (I am guessing at least 50+ clear files xD, still trying to sort them in a nice manner for a collection update). Meanwhile, I have stuffs from lots that I bought/ accidenttal doubles and some other things up for sale and auctions (:


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Good Night Friends figures pick up
Lastly, I am gonna get a few sets of the good night friends figures this weekend (17th Jan). If anyone still wanting a set, each set is $24 shipped anywhere (+$1.5 e-Express US only or $2.2 for registered mail). You don't have to pay until I have them on hands. All slots are guaranteed and no backing out please.

I am also getting myself a set but only want mudkip and goomy, if anyone else wants to split, they are $5 + shipping/ fees (= $7.6) each. Available for splitting: Pikachu, Treecko, Torchic, Lucario

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That's all for now, thanks :D
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Collection Update + Growlithe Dachshund :)

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted but I'm still alive and well :D I just wanted to share some of my newest gets (some have been with me for a bit now I just never got around to posting it as RL got in the way :))

First of a very late happy new year everyone, I hope it will be filled with grails and lots of cool merch for all of you!

Then onto the gets, I've splitted it up a bit to not overload the post too much.

A little preview of some of the stuff under the cut
photo 2-11

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And then onto some GA gets, a 'custom' and some size reference pictures of the newer merch :)

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To the final section of my post, Duke-lithe! I finished this a bit ago but I now really have to get back to finishing the other 2 so all of my 4 doggies can cosplay pokemons ^^

photo 1-14

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and untill next time! Thanks for reading :3

Wanted: 1:1 Totodile Plush

Hey guys~!

Came back with another want post~! I really really REALLY want to get my hands on the 1:1 lifesize Totodile plush. I had one slip through my hands before and have been dying to find one since then.

I am looking to spend about $80-$100 shipped for one, may be willing to pay a little more~

Thank you!

Wanted: old/damaged figures!

Hi guys, just a quick want post. I was wondering if anyone in the community was looking to get rid of any old or damaged figures of any kind. I wanna get into doing some figure repaints and I'm looking for cheap figures to practice with. So if anyone has some damaged figures taking up space, I'd be interested in purchasing them ^^

Bellossom Lotad & Skitty
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Wanted: Ponjan Tiles

I was wondering if anyone could help me locate an Umbreon ponjan tile?
Or, maybe Espeon and Eevee..but I'd like Umbreon more.

I just don't want to spend $60+ on a game just for a few tiles.

I'm willing to pay any price as long as it's reasonable.
It would mean so much to me. ~<3
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pencil tin auction + full color advanced GB reminder

Hey guys,
i just want to say quickly, that the auction for the Tin-Box goes only 4-5 hours.

The original link is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18619559.html

Also there are still some slots free for the full color advanced figures ^-^ I've already bought the set.
The original link is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18605691.html

my wants
collection site

Yet another want ~ Reshiram Pokedolls

I've been thinking about it, and I would really like a MWT JP and US Reshiram Pokedoll. I got a JP one awhile back, but the tag is in awful condition so that will be the one that I take with me whenever I go places and feel like taking a Reshiram Pokedoll XD I know there probably isn't a difference between the JP version of the doll and the US version, but this is honest to God probably my absolute most favorite plush so I want both haha! I am in no rush to get either since I probably don't have enough spare money at the moment, I just wanted to put it out there that I am on the prowl for these two lovelies! :D

Reshiram Pokedoll

EDIT: I might even take a Reshiram without its hangtag >> I just really want more Reshiram Pokedolls

plush help - i think they are the same but?? also maybe an id clarification?

Hi everyone! I was hoping some Buizel plush collectors would be able to help me out. I got these two Buizel plush off the community a while ago, and after looking them over I think they may actually be the same plush?

Photos under the cut!

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Basically, I'm wondering if someone could confirm or deny that they are the same plush?

In addition, could someone maybe help me ID these two sea weasels? I asked for help IDing my first Buizel (on the right) when I first received it. And I was told that it was the korrotto manmaru plush from the Darkrai movie? I would just like to refirm that that's what these two plush are (if they are the same).

On a parting note, I would like to commission someone for a drawing of my personal trainer and my hypothetical Pokemon team. I've just started re-playing Y with the team that I would have if I were in fact a Pokemon trainer, and not just my in-game teams that vary depending on the game. I love my team so much that I want to immortalize them. I'm not talking about a static group photo. I'm thinking like a dynamic screenshot of everyday life. I have an idea in mind, but I can't really draw, so I'm looking to pay someone who can draw and would be willing to make a print or send me a file to make a print.

So I would really appreciate some artist recommendations!!

Thanks everyone! :D

hello again

I actualy havent logged on here in foever
My name is whitney
 I actualy have some wants my new buddy said to post here
Number one
pokemon trainer figures
especially looking for nurse joy and jenny

number two
butterfree pokedoll
anything lickitung related

Pokemon Kid Grab Bags!

In an effort to clear space for new stock I'm offering a limited time deal: Pokemon Grab Bags! Each one is only $5 and contains a team of six Pokemon kid figures, chosen at random :). I am trying to keep these varied and they can include rarer/popular kids, clears, etc. But of course no guarantees (although if there's a certain Pokemon you REALLY dislike, I guess let me know! lol).

Example (these are actual bags you could get):

Will probably only do this for a couple weeks max/while supplies last. And of course, there's plenty of other stuff left in the store including plushies, lottery stuff, and various types of figures. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys had a good holiday! I did my best to get all the last orders out before Christmas week so hopefully any gift orders got there on time :).

Sales are here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1290.html

Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction Reminder

Pokedoll Auction 1

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder for my customs auction that is ending tomorrow evening. I'm auctioning off these two cuties above along with a custom slot. Tush tag and custom painted hang tags included! Follow the link below to be sent to the auction. Thank you for taking a look.

Auction Post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18634079.html