January 14th, 2015

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Hanafuda straps and can badges: sales and offers!

Hi people! I'll be refreshing my sales post soon, but for now I wanted to do a quick sale of some hanafuda merch. I bought full sets of the phone straps and can badges to make sure I got my Vileplumes, so apart from a couple set aside for friends, all the rest are up for sale now!

My sales permission is grandfathered from the start of the comm. My feedback is here.

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All offer threads are up!

Wants Post!

Hello again :D I'm back with a pretty lengthy wants post~ Most are pokedolls, but please let me know if anyone has any of these for decent prices :)
I know some are pretty rare but I figured it was worth a shot ^^' Nothing is in any particular order of want, I would eventually like to have all of these~

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Thank you for looking! :D Please let me know if you have any of these for sale!
Also, I found these images on google, if any of them belong to you and you would like them removed please let me know!
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Super Exciting Get!!!

It all started with a picture I saw someone post in response to a want list for two years. But, it was part of a store display.

Well, last year I went for it and messaged the store about buying the item, almost a year later, it arrives, and I'm just so happy!!!

new gets preview
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Anyway, also check out my sticker sales! I still have lots of stickers to sell. Past orders are going to be packed up and sent out today! :)

Click here to be transported!

Next time I'll give an update on my collections!

Secret Santa/Winter Gets and Quick Sale

The last package I was waiting for arrived yesterday, so I decided to make a little gets post with all the cuties from the last month or so <3

Before I get to those guys though, everyone's packages (including commissions!) are all ready to ship :D I'll get them out next week, or possibly Saturday~ This doesn't apply to partywooper's Marshtomp though, I'm still working on that guy lol


Anyway, here are the pokecuties ^w^

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As for the quick sale, I'm selling a copy of Omega Ruby for 35 shipped. It's been played through once, but will be restarted before sent. It includes the manuals and box.
Sales info: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

And lastly, my friend and I are still taking amaguri commissions! So far we're only working on a Glaceon, so 3-4 slots are still available ^w^



A quick question and some more gets!

Hello everyone! If you haven't heard yet, the new 3DS XL is being released on February 13th in the US, but the standard version with the interchangable faecplates will not be because "there will not be as much demand." I had my heart set on the standard, and was wondering if the Japanese one/3DS games had a setting to put them in English (not meaning being able to play US games, I just want to be able to read what I'm doing). If not, I am concidering getting a European one when it comes out, and would import games for it as well. It's probably a really stupid question, but my sister is freaking out over not having her checkerprint 3DS! (she is the "ska princess"Thanks for the help everyone! I also realized that even though I'm okay with importing games, my old US games won't work on it regardless. So I'll just have to hope that enough people complain about it (there's a lot of commotion on twitter, apparently). ;n;

To make this post less boring, here are some more gets from this week/past month!
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Thanks everyone!

First sales of the year. :D

Hi everyone, it's been a while. :) Over the passing month I've came up with a few more things to sell so I thought I should post 'em on here. I'm basically done with Pokemon collecting for the moment, so a collection post will soon follow. :) But let's have a look at the things for sale first, shall we? :3

Sales Policies:

- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
-  All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.

- If more than one  item  is purchased the second one will get a 5$ discount as long they both combined don't exceed a weight of 500gramms.
- Preferably I'd refrain from dealing with people who have negative feedback :( Sorry but I don't like taking risks.
- I don't hold items longer than 24 hours unless clearly asked to do so.
- Considering the condition the plushies are in, none of em are dusty, dirty or smelly, as they are kept in display cases at all times, except when I take photos of em.

Link to my feedback thread: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/GSC_Fanboy/
Any feedback left, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for looking<3


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Have a great day guys and happy collecting for 2015! <3

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Sylveon cookie question?

I got a completely random sylveon cookie, it says that it's from the pokemon center, and it has dedenne on it's packaging!
Any one know if they made a dedenne (or possibly eevee ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶) version of this cookie as well? I've never even seen this one before, I'm kinda at a loss as why it was given as a free gift!
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Unexpected Grail Get!

I started collecting Kid figures about 2 years ago.

I started off just wanting to fill the dex, and by summer this year, I was just about done (all I still need is Smoochum)
So, I decided to "catch em all" and go for a full Kid collection. Crazy, right?
Thousands of figures, Hundreds of clears, and the shinies. Ho boy...
I'd never get any of those.

...or so I thought...

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Was never expecting to ever own any of these.

Just look at that happy family!
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I still need to figure out a good way to display the many hundreds of kids I have.
I have a few ideas skipping around in my head.
Once I figure it out, there will be a collection update post FOR SURE!
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Sylveon OOAK Plush Auction!

Hey guys, I am downsizing my collection so...today I bring you a Sylveon OOAK Plush! She is made with very soft fleece, 9 inches tall from bottom of her feet to the top of her forehead, including the ears she is 15 inches tall. She has weights in her legs to keep her balanced. She has wires in two of her ribbons.
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Here's a preview:

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Sales Plug: http://aki199257.livejournal.com/

Thank you for looking! Have a great night/day everyone!
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One get that I have to share!

I have been awaiting one special package to arrive to me!

Froakie Sleepy New Year's plush!!! He is joining my lovely sleepy Snivy as you can see! Sooo cute <333

I swear that I am running out of space in my room, but this guy I just couldn't help passing on! The sleeping starters are one of the cutest Pokemon plush ever made, because of the lovely sleeping poses. I just hope that more of these guys will be made, because the one I am hoping for the most right now is the Kanto starters. If a sleepy Charmander could join these two, then my favourite starters by each type are complete!

What are your hopes?
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Huge Pkmn sales part 1! [CLOSED]

This sales post is now closed! Unsold items will be available later!

Heyy long time no see, collectors! ´v` I'm going to do lots of collection weeding sales in the near future because I have wayyy too much stuff to take with me once I move to the other side of Finland in six months! I'm really hoping to see most of this stuff go, so if you think my prices are too high, feel free to make an offer! o/

Look at this lazily put together preview; lots of cool stuff huh?

Important stuff - be sure to read before committing to buy:

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in late 2008. My feedback is located here.
- I ship from Finland, so shipping to anywhere outside of Europe tends to be expensive.
- It usually takes me a week to ship out orders. I'm generally really bad at remembering to let people know once their items have been shipped, but you can always ask me for the exact date!
- I only accept Paypal instant payments - no eChecks!
- I'd rather not hold items for longer than 24 hours
- Please specify if you're committed to buy the item or if you're just asking for a quote; if you're not being specific about this, I'm going to assume you're just asking for a quote. Asking for a quote doesn't guarantee you get the item if someone else comes after you and commits right away.
- Some of my items are used, some are new or like new; if you're worried about an items condition, please ask! c:
- I have cats, so your package may or may not contain some cat hair. I do my best to clean the items (esp plushies) before I ship them but it's pretty much impossible to get rid of every strand of hair, sorry. @ A @;

Sorry about some of the photos being super bad quality, it's practically impossible to take good photos in my apartment during winter! If you want to see better photos of something, just ask!

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That's it for now! The next part will contain a lot more random Pokemon; mostly figures, but also some flat items! Feel free to inquire about your favourites; if I have anything of them I'm planning on selling in the future, I definitely wouldn't mind selling them right now haha.

Thanks for looking!
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Releases 7th of February!!

BIG PLUSH! (Lifesize!)

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Full line up: Lifesize Plush, rumbling mascot plush, slippers, ballpoint pen, figure strap, memo stand (like a photo holder), stainless slim thermos, die cut mirror (mirror in the shape of Goomy?), mini tote bag, pass case, coin case, pouch, mini glass set, hoodie, stamp set, free box, clip set, clearfile set, flipbook (like an animation flipbook), shiny sticker, notebook, sticky notes, pin, iPhone 6 jacket, flipcase for iPhone 6, handtowel, drawstring bag, metal charm set, and socks!

Added on Sunyshore! Yay!

Pokemon Sculptures Again!

So I still check out this website every day and it's just so nice to see all the Pokemon stuff here. Some time ago I did these Pokemon sculptures, so I wanna share them :) They're not much but it was really fun making them. Yeah, I will paint them soon. I'll soon do airbrushing once I get my tools, and they're coming :) Thanks for viewing!

Oh by the way, I know the 3rd one isn't Pokemon. I just wanted to get her to join them, lol. Digimon is coming back!