January 15th, 2015

Quick sales. Shipping tomorrow

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Hi! Really quick sale and will SHIP TOMORROW. :)

Giratina Origin Lotto Figure - $39
FIgure itself is in great condition! Only displayed. The base has four peg slots, but is MISSING ONE PEG. One other peg is broken but still included. So 2 pegs are fine and one peg is broken and one is missing. READ THIS BEFORE BUYING. As you can see, the figure still displays nicely and you can just make a new peg or something :)

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Need Help (:


SAFJHLASDFHJASFALSKFH Was just talking to a friend who recently visit japan and was in a pokemon centre and said their was a GIANT tyrunt plush?!?!?! like life sized? any info on what it was could of been another pokemon but he seemed pretty sure.... If anyone could give me info id be super glad, said their was only one of them tho... and doesnt remember what store he was in >.<
alSo i want to make a permanent wants post (: and was just wondering if anyone had photos of their larviline collections so i could add anything i dont have to the wants list (:

Or if you had any figures/plush for sale

Flats i am going to hold off on for a while as i already have a folder full :P

At the moment i am Desperatly after the Tyranitar Chupas and Larvitar metal figures and this little spinning top looking thing if any one has any info??


And still hoping someone has a Mega Tyranitar Key chain,
There are lots on Ebay/Y!J but i dont want to buy the whole set, if someone wants to GB id happily vouch for Gardevoir and Tyranitar....

Anyways, Thanks in advanced?

Little problem with a store on Yahoo! Shopping

Hello guys, as a title I have some problems with a Yahoo! Shopping store.
I use FJ to buy some few stuff including some TCG Pokmemon cards from a store called "Suruga-ya". After ten days the objects are not arrived at the warehouse yet, I ordered it on the 4th of January.

Now I read on internet some bad things about this store, lot of people had some troubles wth this store. Some comments said that it take over 2 weeks to send the delivery >_> and other people said that the condition of the objects didn't match with the description...btw there are other customers that are totally satisfied with this store

So I'm a little bit worried about my orders, does anyone of you order from this store? Can you tell me your experience?

Thanks so much!

P.s. I just contacted Fj and tomorrow I will wait for a response

giratina and reshiram lots, umbreon plush sales

askfjahfkahdfkashdf have you ever spent really long on editing pictures in a post and then you accidentally click out of it AND IT WASNT AUTOSAVED ASDFKLJHADFKLJHASFDKJSAFD. it said it was autosaved a few seconds ago but it only saved my title... thanks....

anyways. i've been doing some serious collection weeding and have decided to sell my entire reshiram and giratina collections, with the exception of a few small items that have personal value. i also have some umbreon plush up for sale, and as always, i have my storenvy sales too!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-My feedback is located here and here
-I ship from a pet friendly home in California, USA using USPS.
-I am not responsible for any damages, loss, etc. once the package has been shipped
-Prices for lots do not include shipping.
-Please, no haggling unless otherwise specified and no holds.

also when purchasing through storenvy, PLEASE use the custom link provided! storenvy now charges a 10% commission fee if you purchase from the MP (aka when you use the marketplace search bar and find something that way). :c

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Today I bring you auctions for 35 items! Includes FLAREON TFG, ESPEON CANVAS, MEW WALKY PURSE, SPINDA POKEDOLL and more!
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Wait until threads are up Bid away!

Auction Reminder + Sales update

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to remind you guys that the auction for the Diamond and Pearl puzzle set which comes with a glue packet that lets you glue it altogether will end in two days!

If you are interested please check it out on this link : http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18631942.html#comments

Also I updated my sales again with some new things and reduced prices!

sales preview:


Click the link or the banner to be transported! :]

link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18492955.html

Please check that out also! thank you so much!

Pitapoke group buy set split? And wants

Hey everyone. Does anyone want to split this set with me? All I want is the eevee. I can get the set shipped to me for $47.
IAnyone want to claim the house, pikachu, pichu, piplup? They'd be $8 each (So I'd be paying $14 for eevee) All are new. There would be 2 payments. One for the item to me and then one for the item to you.
Let me know! <3 <3

I am after eevee clips/magnets. I have the standing, winking one. I need the sitting ones :)
I am also after Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon keshimon figures. If you have those let me know. I'll throw money your way. Thank you!