January 16th, 2015

Sir Aaron Lucario

Mega Lucario Sinker Figure VS Mega Lucario Mega Ring Set

Above is the Mega Lucario Sinker Figure and below is the mega ring set. Does anybody know if both figures are the same? Except the bottom one includes the mega ring, mega stone, and a blaziken tretta tile. Can anybody help me understand what the figure actually does? Does it respond to the mega ring? I current have the mega ring when it was first released and recently bought the figure above. Then I foound out about the set below and wondered if its worth buying the set Thanks!

C&H Autumn
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Wailord and Swampert Pokedoll Offers | Wants


Today, I am putting up a Wailord and Swampert Pokedoll for offers.

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Wailord [Mint with all tags, hang tag is creased a bit] - Starts at $100
Swampert [Tush tag only, excellent condition] - Starts at $120

For my wants, I was trying to get that giant Suicune that was on eBay recently. Unfortunately, somebody else BIN'd it first so it's a pretty disappointing loss since it was in such great condition.


I am willing to offer up to $2800 for one in similar condition, although we can negotiate on the price still. Or else, let me know if you want something I have that we can do a trade/partial trade with.

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Thanks for your time! Have a great day/night!

Question about Leafeon Pokedolls and Tag Protection~

1. Are there any different versions of Leafeon Pokedolls--specificallly with longer and shorter minky? I feel like some of the ones I've seen have longer minky than others. The US ones usually look longer to me, and some Japanese ones look long, and some look shorter. Maybe it's just different lighting in different pictures? >__>

2. What size toploaders do you guys usually get for your plushes' hangtag protection? I'm looking into getting some, but don't currently have a lot of different types of tags to measure to figure out what I should get. Do the Japanese Pokedoll tags fit in 3x4 toploaders? I've also seen 4x6 toploaders, but I don't know if it's necessary to get ones that big. xD

Hope I'm making sense! Thank you in advance! ^^

WANTS POST: Bring me your Pikachu Pokedoll stuff!!

Hey guys, hope everybody had a good holiday season! I come asking for pikachu pokedoll items. I have an american pokedoll and got the american DX one for christmas. They are so cute I just can't resist. :) I have pictures of some specific things I want, but if there is pokedoll merch that I didn't mention that you have, tell me about it! As a side note, I got this pictures on google image search, and if they are yours and you want me to take them down, just let me know.

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Also, another want that I missed out on, the adorable angry face pikazard! I see him on ebay but for crazy high prices, so I thought I would try here. I will take either the keychain version (as seen in the picture below) or the regular size, which ever one I can get for cheaper.


And to wrap up these wants, I am forever on the search for the feraligatr and Pikachu minicot figures, so let me know if you have these for sale!

Edit, a few questions Forgot to ask a couple of questions. First, does anyone know if any shiny marill merch (card, figure, etc.) was ever made? Also, has the trainer's choice line by tomy come out with a totodile plush or figure? I keep looking at toys r us and Walmart and they seem to be coming out with more starters, i just didn't know if it hasn't come out or if I am just missing it.

Thanks for all your help!

mega banette mega stone question

Hello Guys,

I notice the following box set was ether selling at the Pokemon center or was given away as prize. The box contents a total of 28 mega stones I have all the mega stones but I am missing mega banette stone does anyone know if mega banette mega stone was sold in different group beside this mega box set?

megstone set
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swablu, latias and 3dses

Hey guys I'm still looking for swablu items. Pan stickers, charms, keychains etc. I really want the Pokemon time earphone holder. Show me your swablu!

Also looking for the older latias metal charm. Does anyone have one for sale?

I'm irritated that the usa isn't getting the standard 3ds because I ordered the special edition kyogre and sold the ds part to keep the plates. So I may need to get a uk ds. Pif I say!
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Collection Sharing and Identity Check

I've been a member here for awhile and have posted a link to my little collection Tumblr but haven't gotten to share any pictures here. I just moved so I don't have all my shelves set up yet, but I wanted to share the few shelves that I finished! I apologize for the camera quality, I'm in the middle of selling the old one and getting a new one so these are taken with my phone.


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Quick Sales Post: Slashed Prices Everywhere

Hey everyone, hope your new year is going well! I've got some items up for sale and have slashed most of my prices since my last sales post, so come and take a look!

Sales Rules:

- I was grated sales permission by entirelycliched on 12/01/13
- My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/fruitmania34/
- I live in a smoke-free but cat-friendly house
- Everything is sold as-is; please ask questions if you're unsure about an item's condition
- Commitments are given priority
- I'm okay with holding items for up to a month-- Just let me know in advance
- Payment plans are fine, but pleae comment/ PM me about them first if you'd like to set one up
- I'm more than happy to take better pictures if asked

- Prices do not include shipping/packaging or Paypal fees
- I can be a bit slow when it comes to giving quotes; please be patient
- I only accept payment from Paypal
- I'm not accepting haggling at the moment
- I haven't been in the collecting loop for a while; I've done some research on pricing but feel free to let me know if my prices are way off

- I ship from the US
- I should have items shipped out within two days of receiving payment
- I am not responsible for any damaged or lost packages after they leave my possession-- I recommend buying insurance if you're worried about this

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Thanks for looking, and since I haven't logged on here in a while, Happy Belated New Years to you all! :D
Shiny Charizard

New Gets!

A package I ordered from Japan finally arrived! Yay!
The moment the Pikachu-Charizard was released I KNEW I had to get it. So I did. And since they were going to charge be a bit for sending it to me...I kinda went on a buying spree.
And here are my gets! The Mega Metagross plush is actually VERY BIG, now I know why it was expensive, lol.
I put my 3DS XL for size comparison. It's awesome and I love it! :)


Custom figure! Sylveon fans, this one's for you!

I thought I didn't like sylveon much. But then I saw shiny and I was in love <3 So I made a little figure^_^ The coins are for size reference, a quarter and a dime. I plan on putting them up for sale, so keep a look out ^_^

Also!!! I may have to sell her, for some funds. Keep a look out if your interested!

for auction now: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18668886.html
If you look carefully you can see the litte fangs in there:3
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Sorry for the load of images, I just got so excited! I don't have any varnish on me right now, but the paint is permanent, so I'll se what I'm going to do. I have a pikazard I had done, but she's a nit sloppy since I forgot to make her my "special" way. (Just keepsme more accurate. I'll fix 'zard later.

Oh! and, pikazard coffee cup thingies, where can I get them? I love this 'chu so much! And the cafe glass sets!