January 19th, 2015

Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers

MLK Day sales~~

I'm excited to finally have the holiday off for MLK and plan to use ALL the extra time to catch up in organizing new inventory in my sales (mostly pan stickers)... I have so many that I'm 100% positive a full day won't be enough though LOL (I still need to fit in my workout and all that "being alive" stuff). But I'm also be open as usual for taking orders, and I always prioritize orders since I really need to clear out things!! XD I've even had to separate my TOMY Moncolle/Kids into a new post because the post was getting too long!!

Preview of new items:

...and more!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Hopefully I can get some kind of gets post done in sometime soon, I've just been very busy xD~

Some new wants <3

hey again lovelies :) well now that I've got my sales post organised and cleared my to do list, it's time for some more wants! Most of these are going to be a long shot, but if I'm going to find them anywhere, it'll be here.

My wants this time include: both lati pokedolls, a typhlosion coin bank A delphox oversized pokedoll and the 1:1 cyndaquil although that one may be out of my price range right now. Also, if anyone has the 'We are Rocket' pumpkaboo keychain, please, please tell me, I've lost every auction I've seen! As a side note, I'd prefer any plush to be TTO but let me know regardless!

Please click here for my wants list.

If you have any typhlosion line or Pumpkaboo non flats in general for sale, I'd love to see because I'm going for complete collections!

One last thing. For anyone who has bought from or commissioned me, your parcels have been mailed out this morning

Japanese kanji on a box hype!!!

Okay. So this could NOT have come at a better time than today! =D Today is my 21st Birthday and to top off all the gift unwrapping and card opening and hugging everyone in gratitude...I got a little "Something for you" note from Royal Mail! So off I skipped to pick up the parcel...And of course the first thing I notice as I am handed the parcel by a very grumpy postal worker lady, was...

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Aswell as all this excitement, I have a couple of cheques waiting to clear in my bank...meaning good things for you sellers out there ;) I have managed to scrape together a permanent wants post on my LJ which includes far too many Pokedolls to count, a few plush, a handful of Zukan sets and what I can only describe as the "seed" of my newest grand master plan... An Ekans/Arbok Collection! All grail items are marked clearly so you can see exactly what it is I'm going out of my mind looking for so have a look to see what I'm after and place your dibs on my money.


Thanks for reading, looking and inspiring me to collect like a madwoman! Best wishes everyone! =D

spiderlizard plushie

Selling some plushes

deoxys plush

I am selling these plushes from now until Thursday.

I have a mewtwo bath buddy plush, a squirtle bath buddy plush, charizard pokedoll, and three 2005 deoxys pokedolls.

I am selling mewtwo bath buddy for $1200

I am selling all 3 deoxys pokedolls for $300

I am selling charizard pokedoll for $15

I am selling squirtle bath buddy for $10.

I am willing to do trades and negogatie prices. I am interested in porygon2 plush plush, girafarig pokedoll, reshiram pokedoll, zekrom pokedoll, and kyurem pokedoll.

I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on Sept 19, 2014.

This is my feedback page http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/spiderlizard22/

first "get" post

these just came in the mail today!
first gits

Mega slowbro is definitely my favorite plush right now, but the kyogre and groudon are close seconds

ive got a lot of stuff over the past 2 weeks but theres still more coming in, so Ill take a pic of my whole collection when its allll arrived
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Quick Figure Question!

Hi everyone! I come to you with a question about gym leader/elite four zukans- Which gym leaders/elite four members have zukans? I've seen a couple, (maybe they're TFG figures?) but I really want to know if there's a Winona one.

*Also if anyone has any tips about applying for sales permission, they would be welcome! :)
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty


Hello everyone! :D
I have a few small wants, and was wondering if anyone could help me locate them? c:
I've come across some extra cash and would like to waste it all today.~

[Wants, Wants, Wants.~]

Umbreon and Espeon face clips: FOUND :D

Umbreon Retsuden Stamp:

This adorable Umbreon Pin ;u; Please:

Umbreon Round Charm:

I'm willing to spend anything on these, as long as it's a fair price.

Please and thank you. <3
Jolteon/Dialga Pokedolls

More sales and eBay lots

Hi everyone! I'm back with some more sales and more eBay lots! There's also a Dialga lot up for grabs in the sales post. (Don't worry, they're duplicates from my collection.)

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

Sales here!

The eBay lots can be found under the cut.

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Tokyo Trip Sales and Offers - Taaaaake, Taaaake them hooooome...

...because they're sick of living in my closet.

I've got quite a few rare items up for offers and a number of items for sale as well! Click on the collage below to go straight to the sales or open the cuts below them!

Offers Collage 4

Sales Collage 4

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couple of wants and Beams pikachu?

Seriously, I have too many pikachu wants

1/1 beams pikachu
mega tokyo music box
valentine couple pikachu
mega tokyo regular face pikachu (got 'rawr' face, but if you're trading for her then I'd love to have another one)
cosplay pikachu
-popstar (I have the other two)
-pokemon center 1/1 pikachu

I'm looking to trade custom scultpures for them. Sizes can range from 1-5ish inches. It may take a while since I have a couple of commissions on the list, but I would love these! (But I will be asking for a trade where the prices would be about equivalent, please do offer I may put a higher value on them if I really want it like the beams 1/1 pikachu)

also, anyone selling/trading a beams 1/1 pikachu in US? (I don't want international, the shipping is gonna be over the roof high)

oh and a little reminder I'm auctioning off a custom sylveon figure and a custom sculpure slot. Both only have one bid, so the price is relatively low!
Beta, Ray, Bill

Gets, Blaine Sculpt (corrected)

I've got some really cool stuff, Mudkip, Koffing zukan sets,
Xatu, Girafarig and Quagsire zukan sets,
a Chandelure clipping figure and lots of other stuff I can't remember.

Aaaand here's my latest custom TFG:

Not my best work,
but he's the only one of my three recent projects that hasn't turned out disastrously.
So that's postponed my inevitable biscuit crumb covered period of frustration.
For another month at least.

Weavile Tomy AG Pose Figure

I'm interested in this figure but would possibly like some more info on it.

There's one on Y!J (that I can see on Noppin) for 5,000 yen, but it's been there for a while so I'm wondering if it really goes for that high. I can't find any others.

And how tall is it?

Photo by LucklessPrince. Will take it down if they request.

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Thank you :>