January 20th, 2015

lucha fight

quick plusplush question

Sorry for the seemingly pointless post, but I need this info as quick as possible to print and mail out a commission, and for some reason I seem to have lost this info.
What are the exact measuremnts/width and height (in either inches or, even better, centimetres) of a plushplush tag? The ones made like this, that are originally yellow and have Pikachu on them:


To make this post less boring, I'll once again post my wish list, at the moment only interested in buying the Hawlucha, Toxicroak, Blaziken and Manectric things from the list, but I'm willing to trade commissions for ANYTHING listed:


Thanks for reading!

Topps Card Trades?


My fiance recently got his computer up and running after having it packed away for about a year. SO! I was finally able to access my Topps card want list. lol. I was wondering if anyone has any Topps cards for sale or trade? I'd he willing to look at any you have available. I don't have photos or a list of what I have available to trade, but I should be able to make one within the next couple of days. I believe most of the cards I would have available are from Series 1, Series 2, The First Movie, and Advanced Challenge sets.

I'd also be interested in Burger King, Flipz cards, Lamincards, and stickers (especially Ultimate ones) if anyone has those for trade/sale.

~ Risha

Phantom Forces - Wants

Hi all,

I know I've not been around much lately, funds were tight over Christmas so I just lurked and nabbed a few high priority items :)

I also missed out on Phantom Forces! The only shop here that stocks them got ONE box of boosters in, 3 weeks ago, and they all sold out within 48 hours. I hate Ireland... Sadpanda. Anyhoo! That means I have a little list of the ones I really wanted from the set, as follows. English cards only please, and in great condition. Shipping is to Ireland. Holo/R-Holo are also awesome.

Also interested in Pancham/Pangoro/Dragonite merch, and any Full Art cards.

2/119 - Venomoth
9/119 - Fletchinder
10/119 - Talonflame
11/119 - Litleo
12/119- Pyroar
25/119 - Pachirisu
28/119 - Helioptile
29/119 - Helioptile
80/119 - Chansey
81/119 - Blissey
82/119 - Girafarig
89/119 - Fletchling

62/119 - Dialga
34/119 - Gengar FA
23/119 - Manectric FA
65/119 - Aegislash EX

Great new gets! (。・//ε//・。)

A wheelbarrow of gets came in today! Well, some of them were for my big bro, but at least half were for this nerd!
First off is my first batch of pokemikke merch! You might be thinking I got this for sylveon, but really it was for the ever adorable dedenne! This is going in her shelf (´ ▽`)
Next up is blind bags! Spoooooky~ I've never dealt with such things, looking for sylveon for a certain someone whose been trying really hard to get one was my goal
But alas! All I got was many black coins (I never even knew black existed?) some silver, and one gold!
Blast it all! You tricked me you dastardly noivern! I still have you in my heart though (。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡
Lastly is this huge package! No dedenne tiles sadly ( 。-_-。)
But there she is, Miss America Sylveon
So.. many.. tiles...
And then, the grail of all grails
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Re-introduction + recent gets

Wow, it seems like forever since I last posted! Hey everyone, I'm Claudia! My favorite Pokemon are Gengar, Piplup, Mudkip, Pumpkaboo, as well as the Meowstics and Eeveelutions. I have only been collecting for about a year now, but I've been a member of the comm for a little longer than that. I have a Youtube channel where I do some card openings (as well as other random stuff). And I think that's about it haha. If you have any questions, ask away!

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Multi-purpose post - gets, updated sales, commissions/GA news

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you a multi-purpose post :>

First of all, some gets!
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As for my wants, I'm currently looking for a few things of the Hoenn Champions:

Steven Stone

I'm looking for the key stone brooch keychain from the Steven Stone/Metagross Mega Evolution ~Act II~ promotion! All I know about is is that it was released a couple of weeks ago, but I can't find it anywhere to buy :(
I'd also be interested in the rings, but I'd like to see pictures of them first, so please let me know if you know where to find them <3

I'm also looking for two posters/clearfiles (I can't remember what they were) that I'm sure I've seen at some point, but I forgot to save their pictures and I can't find them now ;_;  I hope those help though:


One of them had Steven Stone and his Metagross, and the other had Wallace and his Milotic on them. They used their ORAS artworks (pictured above) so I'm sure they must be recent. I'd love to get one of each so if you've got them for sale or know where to find them, I'd really appreciate it.
I love the Hoenn Champions and I'd like to own a bit of their merch, since they don't have much ;u;
EDIT: this is how they look - thank you riolu!!
Wallace-Steven clearfiles-posters

I've also updated my sales post with Spanish Lamincards and the Treecko ORAS preorder keychain I mentioned earlier. Please click on the banner to enter the post!

And last, a few messages:

  • To everyone who commissioned me for a plush - I received the fabrics for all of your plushies today and will begin working on them shortly!

  • To everyone who participated in the Wint' em all GA - it seems like our package is being held back at Spanish customs so unfortunately it's taking a little more than we had expected and we might have to pay a small fee. We will keep you updated.

That is all, thanks a lot!

Seeking Holo Arcanine Topps

I'm looking for something really specific! As a kid, my mother bought be a bunch of Topps packs and I noticed a trend of pulling Arcanines. Now I have these three very lovely Chrome cards, each with a different holo pattern, demonstrated below.

I don't collect Arcanine, but I really feel the need to fill the holes in this accidental collection. If you have a holo arcanine with a pattern I don't have, please consider selling it to me!

I would also love to hear about accidental collection stories like my own.

LF: Pokecen Breloom line charm set ( + a bunch of other stuff)

Heyyy, does anyone happen to have the Breloom line charm set from 2012 (I think?) for sale? This one:

(The pic is from google, so I'm really sorry if I'm using your photo, haha)
I have a desperate need for these guys (or at least the Breloom charm, but will definitely say no to a full set) so hit me up if you have them for sale! ;; v ;; While I'm at it, I'll link you guys to my wants list as well; it's super outdated (I haven't touched it for over a year) but I'm still missing most of those items so yeah! Let me throw money at you!

I'm also going to shamelessly advertise my sales post here - check it out! I've got lots of Eeveelutions for sale, and so many other cuties as well, including unique Pokebox wooden stamps, rare Johto medal swings etc! I'd like most of this stuff gone asap so I'm very much open to a little haggling as well. o/

Metal charm values and lugia

Hey everyone,

Has the price of metal charms skyrocketed?

I was looking for Lugia, shiny Suicune, Latias and I can only find them at extremely high prices on ebay. Are these super rare now? I've been out of the loop for so long and the last time I was looking the Latias charm was only $15 XD I really want the below Lugia but I see it for....$70??


Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction Reminder

Auction 2

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder for my Pokedoll sculpt auction that will be ending tomorrow evening. These two blue cuties are available along with a custom slot! Each include a tush tag and custom painted hang tags! Follow the link below if you'd like to see more details. Thank you so much for taking a look. C:

Auction Post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18674862.html

espeon/umbreon pokemon time patterns

hi everyone, I'm waiting on a few things to ship from japan before I do my first proper collection update post, including my sleeping fennekin which i'm really excited to get slfdshsldsko but yes anyway i am pondering some things and was wondering if the comm could help \o;

I've really been coveting the Espeon and Umbreon Pokemon Time pouches and bags for a good while, and until now I've much preferred the white pattern over the pink. I've only started to notice recently though that on the white, in all the photos I've seen, the Eevees look really yellow. would anyone, maybe someone who owns one of these themselves, be able to tell me if this is actually the case and not just the camera/lighting? if it is, i think i might switch preference to the pink, because i like brown eevees more than I do the colour white x)

another thing I'd like to make sure of; am I correct in that there's 3 types of the pouches around in both patterns? two seem to be pretty similar zip pouches with slightly different sizes and insides - one having the pokemon time ribbon running parallel to the zip on the longest side and another with it parallel to the zip at the shorter sides - and the third is described more as a travel pouch. it looks like it has a handle and opens up more like a mini satchel or messenger bag once unzipped

you could also consider this a wants post too for one of the tote bags or travel pouches, colour depending, since I'm always on the lookout for them *___* thanks guys!
Pokemon, Me, Kecleon

Massive Clearout

Having A Hugeeeeee Clearout So Threw A Few Group Auctions Onto Ebay

Thought I'd Let The Community Have First Dibs, Feel Free To Do A GA If Theres Anything Of Interest ^_^

So Here Goes:

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Thanks Again For Looking Guys

Peace Out!