January 25th, 2015


Searching for my grail, 1:1 Dittochu plush. Does anyone have one, used or new for sale or trade? What is its current value? EBay is wayyyyy out to lunch on value, those have been listed for eons. The last auction I watched ended at $80 but it was used and had no tags. I sent in a proxy request but they didn't respond in time; it was a sad day.


(picture stolen from here: http://areica.weebly.com/pikachu.html )

A different breed of Pokemon! And Free Requests Accepted Just to Encourage more epicness!

So I was googling images of cool Pokemon power or battle poses to be my next subject for a custom sculpt and I found out super epic designs by a girl from Germany. Her name is Josephine. There are so many awesome fusion designs but because Josephine's fusion designs keep the original Pokemon style, they just look so awesome. I have never thought of sculpting a fan artwork but I had to make an exception after I saw her fusion art. I do not own her design and I do not know Josephine personally. She owns the design. I am just the sculptor of her design. I can design my own Pokemon but that wouldn't be fun. If anybody would like to get their design to come to life in 3D, comment the image below (preferably your own artwork but not a need), and "IF" I like it, you'll get the chance to see your flat artwork in 3D! The sculpture will of course be painted by hand or airbrushed. So what are you waiting for? Let's do collab! It does not have to be a hybrid. Official Pokemon doing power moves or attacks will definitely be just as awesome and cool!

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If somebody wants the image taken down, please do say so, thank you. Please post the images and not just links so people can see them immediately.

Pick up request & Updated Wants List

Hello Guys,

-I have come to the community to see if anyone can pick up the following eevee evolutions pack from Walmart. I have checked 8 Walmarts near me and no luck. I am willing to offer a small commission for the pick up.

-I am also just looking for the matte charmeleon version from this pack. Does anyone own one that is willing to sell it or willing to trade it for a normal glossy version of it?


Updated Wants list
new wants list

Wants Post: Kids to practice repainting, wailmer plush, and feraligatr minicot!

Hey guys, I've wanted to repaint a few kids to make them shiny, so if you have any of the following laying around, let me know, any condition is fine. Also, if anyone out there as repainted kids before, I could use some tips (what paint, what top coat, etc.).

Here is the list of Kids (I would prefer all of these to be non-clear):
-Wailmer (x2)
-Lotad (x2)
-Dittochu (not to repaint)

Also, does anyone know if the 24 hour GA with all the kids and stampers was won. I won a couple of kids from that but I haven't heard anything about it since.

I'm also looking for a wailmer plush. Any official plush will do, but would prefer not to spend to much, so any condition is fine and a more used condition is preferred.

Finally, as usual, I am on the lookout for the Feraligatr minicot figure. I would love to have it, so let me know if you have one or know of anyone selling it. Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for all your help!

Metal Figures Want List :)

Hey everyone so I'm still on the hunt for Metal Figures.. I thought it might be helpful to post the ones I'm looking for (which is alot) Now im MAINLY looking for the gen 1 pokemon that I dont have yet.. buuuuut im also interested in most of gen 2-4 as well.. Also I want to eventually gather EACH color of the gen 1 pokemon so if you have any for cheap that ARENT on my list please still let me know :) my list is just the ones I dont have ANY of yet

I also have a question.. some of my figures have really bad chipping of their paint and I would like to restore them.. does anyone know what sort of paint I should use to keep them looking as original as possible? The paint seems thin.. almost metallic-ish.. and flakes off very easily..

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Walking Kura Icon

Quick Tomy Figure Sale

A couple of months ago I bought this figure set with a coupon from Toys R US. I only wanted the Manectric however,so the set has just been sitting in my closet for awhile now. As such, I would like to try to sell the others.

(Image is not mine,just borrowing stock image.)

Blastoise- 5.25 SOLD
Flabebe- 3.75  SOLD
Fletchling- 3.50 SOLD

(Manectric is not for sale,obviously).

I have sales permission from retired moderator Lineealba. I ship from the US, you can view my feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/shadoweon/

I except paypal only.

 At this point I would highly prefer not to ship internationally,but I can consider doing it if someone is really interested.

Collection update!

I promised I would do a collection update when I get my new shelf and I got it (before Christmas, but I did not have time to post about it because I was busy with school).

I bought a lot of new figures over the past few months and I would like to show you my Tomy figure collection.

Warning: Picture heavy :D
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1:1 Mudkip and Art

Soooo i really want to get my boyfriend the 1:1 Mudkip for Valentines day, because he loves mudkips! and how adorable is that plush....

Does anyone have one for sale, i am in Australia 4209.

(: not wanting to spend more than around $60AUD(if thats low balling i appologise i just recall them being sold for $44USD online)

and as always my wants list is here>>http://violet-rare.livejournal.com

Thanks ya'll and im not sure if this is allowed but free stuff?

I have been challenging myself to get out 3 drawings a week before i re-start my degree,(if this is not allowed i will remove it)
But i was going to ask if you guys had some pokemon(or anything related requests) so i have some projects to work on because i find it difficult to find anything to draw most of the time (:

would prefer digital, if not i can scan and email to you :D

Happy to take on 5 requests!!

Croagunk Pokedoll Question

I recently got a Croagunk Pokedoll off of yahoo japan and it looked normal, but then I saw that the letters on the tush tag were gray. I'm just wondering if it is a bootleg because I've never seen a bootleg of Croagunk before and I've never seen a bootleg with gray lettering on the tush tag.
Rumble Hound

(no subject)

Wow, it's been a really long time since I've posted here. Really long. I just haven't been collecting that much but hi guys! :)

Anyway, I'm just looking for some Houndour stuff to add to my fire puppies collection. What I'm searching for is under the cut..

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Hello fellow collectors! I doubt many of you remember me, but I used to be quite active on here! I've had to slow down collecting so I'm not on the community often. Today, though, I finally wanted to share an overdue collection update. My husband and I swapped out bookshelves for wall shelves and I think it looks much better! Under the cut you will find many, many Marills along with some other Pokemon!!! (but really it's 90% Marills!) There are going to be tons of (badly taken) pictures under the cut so I hope you like pictures!

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Thanks for looking! My Marills and I appreciate it!

small gets!

i haven't done too much posting lately, so i want to share a few things i got, along with my shelves of pokemon goods. i like to see other people's shelves, so i'll share how mine look right now too!

B8F3OQ4IcAAu21m.jpg large
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that's all for now everyone, thanks for looking!

Dearest pikachu couple plush?

Hello! Lillyann here! Feel free to me Lil though! I love nicknames:)

Haha sorry for the weird opening. So I was wondering if anyone has the my dearest pikachu plush for sale? Preferably at a low-ish price. I don't care about tag. I do want the tush tag though and for it to be stain free!! Another thing, when was this plush released? I only recently discovered it, but it seems to be a valentine's thing. Is it?
If not, you could always post pictures of pikachu collections, I love them as well! Especially cosplay pikachu. the cuteness! XD

Also I don't think this is against the rules but if it is I'll remove it. I'm holding a little competition on my deviantart account. You request me to make a pokedoll style plush/chibi sculpture and I'll pick the one that seems to be most unique and make it! Winner recieves the item for almost free! (you must pay shipping.)
here's the link: http://lillyann123.deviantart.com/journal/Pokemon-Plush-Sculpt-giveaway-closes-3-15-edited-509564036

I've got sales permission from entirelycliched on nov 6 2014


Togepi and Custom Art Wants

Heya everyone~

I have a few wants at the moment, the first is a talking Togepi. This was like the ultimate grail of my childhood, and I feel as though I should get one to satisfy my inner 6 year old xD
This one just sold on ebay for 11 plus shipping, so I'm looking for one priced similarly to that.

My other want is a custom artist that can draw digitally based off human references. I'd also like the humans to not look super anime, with eyes that cover half their face and all that jazz :P My parent's have their 24th anniversary coming up, and I'd like to get a drawing of them (like 20 years younger xD) sitting on a bench with an Espeon near my mom and an Umbreon near my dad. So if anyone would be able to do that, that'd be great <3
If anyone has any other ideas of a cute anniversary gift, I'd love to hear them! My sister is getting them a male/female Pikachu plush couple so that idea is taken lol

Found a gift, thanks!

I can pay for everything on Friday at the latest, but I might be able to manage paying earlier.

Also, there's been a slight delay with shipping packages cause I got sick, but I'll hopefully have everything out by Friday/Saturday. Most packages have already shipped, but there are a few that are still lying around in my room >w<

Oh, and one more thing! Since all my non-trade perler sprites are finished and either shipped or ready to ship, I'd love to take on some trades~ Let me know if you're interested!
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/
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Help me out with some slithery wants?

Hello all! Hope you're well =>

Bad news! We lost the 24hr Kid GA! ;^;

So you guessed it, I'm looking to buy the Kids I missed out on in that auction =P And then some!

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I am looking for these guys to be shipped to the UK so please don't offer any of the above if you are unable to ship internationally. That'll just make me sad =< If you have any of these guys, please pop me a price AND shipping quote for postage to the UK and I will get back to you =D Also please don't be mad if I'm unable to commit to a purchase =< I'm a little fuzzy with what money I actually have spare and what I need for my new computer setup...though I'll try my best xD Thank you so much guys!
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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So, this is a pretty small request, but is anyone selling any Umbreon flats they'd like to get rid of? c:
I've realized that I really don't have very many stickers, cards, or card sleeves..so if anyone has any they'd like to get rid of I'd love to take them off your hands if I don't already have them (which I most likely don't).

My other wants can be found here, but I don't have much money right now. ;n;

Thanks.~ c:
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Did I get a dud Absol?

Just a quick question about a Tomy figure. I recently got one of those special 'clear' Tomy Absol figures that you could only buy when you were seeing one of the movies (I think that's where it comes from, it's something along those lines, anyway). It seems to be kinda poorly made and have white splotches on the front and back, as if those bits were made of another type of plastic or had melted or something. Has anyone else who owns this figure ever noticed anything like this, or did I just get a defective one?

Also....I heard it was supposed to glow in the dark, but mine doesn't. Did I just hear totally wrong about that? XD

Pictures are below the cut.

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Any information about this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated ^^
  • talarus

my first figure collection update! (Picture heavy!)

Well, I've been around since June 2012, and I've never really shown off any of my collections.
I'm primarily a figure collector, focusing on Kids and Tomys.
About 2 weeks ago, I received my first shiny Kid figure - Rayquaza.
Ever since then, the creative wheels in my head have been working overtime to come up with a display solution.
and I've figured out something that makes me happy!

Too many Kid figures!

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I'm working on a fullset of Kids figures. (minus color variants).
I was originally working on a fulset of Tomys, but I'm not sure I want to continue.
I've been falling away from collecting them since I discovered Kid figures.
I just prefer the overall style of the kid figures.
(and it helps that they're so much cheaper!)
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Looking for Pokemon games

Hey guys!
I hope asking for used copies of Pokemon games are OK here, so I come with some requests.
Does anyone have a used/new original copies that they are willing to let go?

I'm looking for Pokemon Pearl / Diamond / Y / Black 2 / Heart Gold .
Without boxes are OK.
I am located in Malaysia.
Please let me know your asking price and I can pay as soon as possible.
Do note that I am looking for only one copy per game.

Thanks :)

Multi Bat GA payment 1 + gets + sales!

SO, I got some bad news about the Multi Bat GA - we won the stampers! But unfortunately lost the Kid and Figure lot uwu
We tried so hard to win them, we came really close with the figure lot and I even insisted on claiming some more un-sold figures to make up some extra cash but it was no use.

So were both real sorry guys!
BUT WE WON THE STAMPERS, and in that lot was the green Golbat stamper I need for my collection, so thank you everyone for taking part to make this possible ;V;


To: neutralemotions, haepbrosonearth, iaibou, dezi_kitsune, hollyasevenx, pikabulbachu, lureche, mastershambler, raymenceicyshadowblades, viaticvenusaur, docgerbilsworld, luckymissclover, handmadehail, mercurrix
please see below for payement details and theres some extras to claim too! :)

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And finally, some sales!
I've had some new things added, and a whole bunch of German TCG. :D
Please do read the rules below and comment on this post for sale stuff!
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bat flats
Stickers / Cards / Flats
Book Pages
German TCG cards


Looking for Walky Mew Plush

If anyone has a Walky Mew plush they'd be interested in selling, I would love to buy it. Whether it's the small one or the big one doesn't matter. I'd prefer that it still have the tag and charms attached, but it's not absolutely necessary. If you're interested, please comment below with the price you'd be willing to sell it for. Depending on what it is, I might want to negotiate. I might be interested in purchasing other Walky Mew merchandise too if anyone has any available. Thank you.

Collection update at last! (and some remaining sales)

Time sure flies, doesn't it? Spring this year marks my 4year anniversary in this community. Sure has been a bumpy ride since then, but it was totally worth it. :) Thought it would be nice to show off my collection, since I decided to stop Pokemon Collecting for now, as I've started collecting something new (for those who are curious, I've started collecting Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus merchandise. :3 )

First of all I'd like to reintroduce myself! I'm Robin from germany, 24years old, and a hopeless nostalgia nut. :P My hobbies include collecting obviously, hiking, swimming, cooking/baking and everything having to do with animes and video games. :3
There's not much to know about me to be honest, so if you want to know anything just ask. :D Now that we've taken care of the more formal part, let's get onto the goodies!


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If you have any questions regarding plush identification just ask, as it would have been pretty time takey to list everything I have.^^" With this out of the way, let's get onto the last part!


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Phew and done. :D Thought I'd never get finished with this. XD Thanks for your interest everyone and I hope you'll have luck with your wants and enjoy your collections for years to come! :)

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