January 26th, 2015

jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store Gen 5 + Collection Intro

Hey everybody!

Any body else out there looking for newer Pokemon kids figures? Well guess what! :D

Just added over 500 GEN 5 Pokemon Kids to the store, as well as updating quite a few other sections! I sold out rather quickly last time of my Gen 5 Pokemon, so since they had such a positive feedback I went out and got quite a few more for all of you <3

As always, here is my link to the store : Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Click on the link above of the photo below to be transported :)

So last week I asked you guys if you wanted me to post my collection with my sales updates, and to my surprise many of you are very interested in seeing my collection :D So I'll start with something small this week! My favourite Pokemon!
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Thank you guys for reading my little story, and hopefully you enjoyed the first of many little Sunday Collection Posts that will acompany my sales updates :)

As always guys, I'd love if I could serve everyone of you, and bring some Pokemon Kids into your life ahha :D

If you guys have any questions regarding Kids figures, ask away and I will do my best to answer them!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off
  • herar

what's going on here?

nooot my usual post but i am a bit annoyed and i guess wondering if anyone knows anything?

i got my new Vanillite kid (from the Primal Kyogre set)...

look how cute his face is! that isn't my part of concern, but, this.

there's a hole in the back of his head! what's going on with this? Has anyone gotten a kid figure like this? The old version of his figure does not have this.
Does anyone have any from the new set that have the same thing?
i'd be interested in buying another one, mostly just to see if it's the same (or if someone would like to open a box for me i'd love that)
Cute Sylveon

Sylveon want

Found thanks! Hi folks, was wondering if anyone had a Sylveon DX Banpresto Theater UFO Plush for sale (the biggest official plush)?  There's a few on Y!J but wanted to check here first.  Thanks in advance!

(this is not my picture, if you need me to take it down please let me know!)
Flann wit her buds.

SALES (lots of lots, custom plush, etc...)

alright, so I know all my recent posts have been sales (boring) but I organized everything I have left to sell into super cheap lots. I'm not 100% sure when I'll be moving out of my current apartment, but I'd like to find all these plush and figures homes in the meantime!!!

these items are all in LOTS; I'm sorry, but I am not willing to separate anything from them. They are already cheap as is, and they are all packaged up in perfect fitting boxes and envelopes!

let me know if you have any questions, and happy shopping!

Things to remember...
denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kriscarmi/
I ship from the US and will ship internationally... and keep in mind, I only accept payment through Paypal
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail; if the extra $$$ for tracking makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier for me to sort everything out
items will only be held (48 hours) for you when asked or when you've stated that you're committed
prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified
haggling is always considered (but may not be as consider now, since the prices are already so low!)


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My Metal Collection ^-^

So you've all seen me hunting for metal figures but I thought it was time to show my collection so far ^-^.. I have Charmeleon(gold), Caterpie(gunmetal), Butterfree (gold and gunmetal), Pidegot(orange), Raticate(pink), Arbok (gold), Pikachu(light green), Sandshrew (dark red), Clefairy(dark green), Jigglypuff(copper), Wigglytuff(gunmetal), Golbat(gold), Paras(blue), Venonat(orange), Venomoth(copper), Psyduck(gunmetal), Poliwhirl(gunmetal), Machop(pink), Machoke(dark red), Machamp(copper), Geodude(silver), Golem(dark red), Magnemite(gunmetal), Seel(used to be orange), Grimer(copper), Drowzee(light green), Voltorb(used to be blue), Marowak(gunmetal), Lickitung(copper), Weezing(bronze), Rhydon (used to be blue), Chansey(gold), Staryu(dark green), Starmie(copper), Pinsir(gunmetal), Porygon(dark red), Kabuto(Copper), Mewtwo(gold), Togepi(gold), and Buneary (bronze)

And 3 new gets today that im SOO excited about! A Gold Tauros, a Gunmetal Dodrio, and a Copper Arcanine! (insert squeal here).. Pics below the Cut :)

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  • caryh

My collection is 90% COMPLETE!

Hello everyone! I've been a part of Pkmncollectors for a little over two years now and I've collected the Metal Collection Figures pretty much exclusively (with a stunt of zukans of course, which I would be happy to trade!)

I've come across so many I never even knew existed! Just this week I ended up getting a metal Snubbull, Wobbuffett, and two Quagsires!

I've hit the point where I only have FIFTEEN to go before I have the original 151!

If anyone has any of these for sale, I would absolutely appreciate beyond words if you would leave a comment/pm and let me know!

#026 Raichu
#038 Ninetales
#062 Poliwrath
#080 Slowbro
#084 Doduo
#098 Krabby
#116 Horsea
#129 Magikarp
#130 Gyarados
#131 Lapras
#133 Eevee
#134 Vaporeon
#135 Jolteon
#144 Articuno
#146 Moltres

(and of course I"m almost always interested in duplicates if you have any in a sales post! I'm also dying for metal Sudowudo if you have one!)
  • zehith

Reintroduction and Wants plug

Hey, I'm Kody or Zehith. I joined around this time last year as Aobaserk. Ignoring the reason why I left, I enjoy collecting Lugia merchandise, however, I'm mostly interested in collecting a lot of pokemon plushies.

I am currently looking for lugia goods and for lapras goods.

My wants list can be found here.

A post with my collection will come soon on my journal once my new phone gets here.

Also, do let me know if this post is messed up in anyway. My laptop won't make posts for some reason so I have to rely on my broken camera phone for right now.


Quick Emergency Modpost!

Hi everyone! Quick modpost from yours truly! <3


Please remember that sharing community info outside of the community is strictly forbidden.
We do not want to see information being shared about Group Auctions, locked sales posts, etc. They are locked for a reason, and please keep it that way. This is a ban-worthy offense.

Please remember that Auctions are fair game to everyone online.
If another site is hosting a Group Auction for the same lot and there is one here as well, there is nothing we can do. However, if you see information from one GA being shared on another (pointing out a lot is being GAd elsewhere, adding up totals, etc.), please report it to us immediately using the RAP post.

Do not post about personal issues on the community.
This has been happening fairly frequently on the community lately. Please leave personal issues in your personal post. This is to help keep the community drama-free and on-topic to Pokemon collecting.

There is currently a snowstorm hitting the East Coast of the United States; this will cause delays in shipping and communication from fellow members.
Most of the States that are being hit by this storm are currently in State of Emergency, and all travel is being banned. Even if your package is sitting prepared to ship, USPS is not running and nobody can make it to the PO due to safety concerns. Many places are also losing power within the next two days, so please don't fret if someone is taking a while to get back to you.

Keep being awesome members!~
  • j_ule

Awesome custom plush get + more gets!

Hey folks! \(^-^)/

Today I want to show you something that's now one of the most special parts of my collection to me! :)
You have to see it, it's absolutely amazing!

It concerns one of the absolute coolest Pokemon of all time, and my absolute gen6 favorite and one of my most favorite Pokemon ever.

Here's a preview of the AWESOMENESS that's now mine *___*


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Besides this, I also got some more awesome gets from the community recently! Have a look :)

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Thanks for reading and watching °A°

a tale of two grails

helloooooo comm! Usually I would apologize for posting my gets again so close to my last post, but not today! I had not one but two grail packages come in the last three days, and I just have to share!


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Thank you so much for reading through that, and a huge thank you to xxlatiosxx and gsc_fanboy for helping me out! <3

(And of course, as always, sales and wants.)

And to everyone on the US East Coast - be sure to stay safe and out of the storm! <3

Question about the Diancie and Mega Metagross TCG Boxsets

So... were these super limited or something? 0_o I remember thinking "well, I don't have the budget now, so I'll wait..." Boxsets usually stick around for a while, so I figured I'd wait a bit. Not that I was actively looking around for them, but I don't recall seeing either of them in any TRU or Targets. Checking online they go from $40-60+!! 0_0

I realize they have a couple more packs of cards inside, but seriously?? What price was their actual MSRP? Were they exclusive/have crappy distribution? Checking PokemonCenter.com, nothing. ToyWiz lists the Metagross one as a pre-order, but for Jan for $42 (yet Amazon etc. don't have any dates on them). Diancie is listed as Feb, but I've seen people sell the pin on eBay. I did hear how some places in EU got it, so maybe it just hasn't officially made it to NA yet?

Weeding sales+wantstn

I have come to the realization that I don't appreciate some of these items that some members would so under the cut are some plush backpacks, a lapras pokedoll, and a DX serperior plush. ^_^ everything is OBO but be you know cool about making offers XD I'm open to trades to :)

Sales permission granted by Allinia on 6/11/14

Feedback yo!

I ship from the usa and have tried international shipping once and it went so bad, I'm gonna have to continue not providing that option :(

I have 3 cats but come from a smoke free household~

Holds are fine by me ^^

Payment is to ladyneko92@aol.com

I can be a somewhat slow shipper but I will have it out within 3 days ^^

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Mega Breloom

Introduction + Collection+Wants and Grails list

Hi my name is Viviaren. I am 17 years old and live in NSW Australia.
I've been wanting to join thic community for while now, but have been to nervous and scared to do it. I finally built up enough courage to join, so here I am!
Hmmm.... were to start........
Well I've been a Pokemon fan ever since I got a copy of Sapphire Version, which was roughly 8 years ago. Not long after, I got Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald versions. They were my only Pokemon games for a few years until Black and White were released (I got White). Pokemon White is Probably my favourite Pokemon game, I really like gen 5 to be honest. My favourite Pokemon are Snivy, Virizion and Blaziken. Other Pokemon I like include Giratina, Shaymin, Zoroark, Raikou, Venusuar, Zekrom, Aggron and Pyroar. I love to draw Pokemon stuff as well (actually I like to draw in general XD). One of my fave things to do and draw is create my own mega Pokemon. I absolutly love it!!
You can see some of my megas here! http://pokecharms.com/members/viviaren.131978/
I've been collecting for about 2 years now, 99,9999999% of my collection is plush. I only have 3 figures, Takara Tomy Mega Aggron, Primal Kyogre Pre-order figure, and a Deoxys figure which I got from a TCG set (it came with a giant Deoxys card). I'm not a serious collector or anything, I don't collect a certain Pokemon (though I am thinking of collecting Litleo/Pyroar and possibly Aggron). I want to collect Virizion as well but I can't since a lot of her merch is expensive. My mum has this strict 'Only buy on Ebay' rule,so  I usually can't afford to buy plushies since they are so overpriced on Ebay, so my collection tiny compared to others I've seen on here.  The only time of the year when I can afford plushies is around Christmas and my B-Day. I'm hoping that I'll be able to buy of other sites soon (like here and Y!J) and get of Ebay.
Anyway I'd better stop blabbering on here and show you my collection XD

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I think that will just about do it now.
I hope I can have a great time on in this community and thank you so much for letting me join :)