January 30th, 2015

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"Fixing" 1:1 Chikorita and Ami Sheep!

Hello everyone, now that exams have finished I've finally found the time to give my crafting muse some TLC.

Totodile's teeth have been glued, and what's this?! Chikorita's leaf stands on its own!

Crochet Ampharos finally has a family :D

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Thanks for looking, and I hope everyone's doing well with the crazy weather.

Also shamless wants plug (Cyndaquil where are you?!)

Another Metal Figures Question

Hey everyone.. so recently I was thinking "why hasn't anyone made a complete list of metal figures?" So I decided to do it myself.. ive been putting together a list (with images) of each gen 1 pokemon (except pikachu) that I can find, in each color it came in. So far I have found the following colors - Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gunmetal, Dark Red, Light Red, Blue, Silver, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, and Dark Purple.. I've also seen a few (only 3 examples) of a Lavender color as well.. Just now I found an image that showed 2 blue caterpies but one was a lighter shade.. Can anyone confirm if there really are 2 different blue's in the Metal Figures? Also if you would like to contribute any images to my efforts please let me know :) and as always I'm still looking to buy many metal figures as well

Glass Tile Photostory and some gets!

I heard just a few days ago that basketbears got her Jirachi glass tile, so I can post up my photostory of how I made it now!
Super glad that it made it, as they say, across the pond in one piece. (Glass makes me nervous sometimes...I think I had 6 layers of bubblewrap on it lol)
Here's the final product in case you don't care how I made it:

Finished Jirachi Tile

Firstly, the Gets!

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Green collection party!

Hi guys :D I have a tiny update collection with some AWESOME gets and grails!!

Yesterday I got a package from Yahoo with my angry Pikarizard, finally! It took some weeks to ship it but it's with me right now and it's awesome! It's a pity you can't fully remove the hoodie since I would try to put it on all my plushies xD And I didn't expect it would be SO soft <3 It also arrived a Cyndaquil DX Tomy and a Mamoru figure (Sailor Moon)

And today I got a package from mellow_candy with a GRAIL. I DIDN'T EVEN THOUGHT I'D FIND THE POLITOED RETSUDEN!!! Wiiiii *^* Thank you very much for this!! I also bought the Growlithe retsuden, Lucario bobblehead and Stoutland kid. You know I try to get a full collection of Politoed and Poochyena so this is awesome T^T The only problem is that it's a bit damage, Politoed doesn't have ink anymore and it seems a tiny part is sticky and you can't read correctly the name (the part with the 'nyor' from nyorotono= politoed on japanese). I had to use some red ink I had on home. Growlithe however works great!! Thanks to xxlatiosxx too since she told me about it!! <3

I have made a tiny collection update under the cut and my mainly Politoed collection too :D If someone has any quiestion about them or anyrhint, let me know, I'm glad to help!
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And as usual, super long shot with my wants... I saw some Larvitar UFOs for 40-60$ so I was hoping find one for that price... And the Politoed strap is like something that's not real!! It's almost the last thing I'm missing from Politoed and the Pokemon Time bookmark... Thanks for reading guys :)
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Jolteon/Dialga Pokedolls

Auction Reminders

Just a quick post to say that my journal auctions are ending tomorrow, at noon EST! Most items either have no bids or are still at the starting bid.


My eBay auctions are ending tomorrow too! There are lots of Kids, metal figures, suction cup figures, Tomy MCs, keychains, and just straight up figures.

If you win both an eBay auction and a community one, I can certainly ship them together! Just give me your eBay username when I ask you for your shipping location on the auction post.

Thanks everyone! :D

Edit: I put this post up quickly before going to bed last night, and typo'd the time zone - sorry everyone! It should be noon EST as it says in the original post.
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Intro, nostalgic merch, gets, and wants!

Hi there! I've been a member for a couple months and I thought it's finally time to come out of lurk mode and introduce myself to you lovely members!

I'm Seto, and I'm a 23 year-old graphic designer from the US. I've been into Pokemon for a looong time, I think this is year 17? I had a ton of Pokemon stuff when I was younger, but when I got older I'd just get a plush here or there. That's definitely changed after discovering this awesome community! My favorite Pokemon are Snivy, Blaziken, Pumpkaboo, Whimsicott, Jigglypuff and Noivern, and I've decided to try to get some merch for all of them! As you'll see below, I've already got a mini Snivy collection going, haha.

Intro aside, time to show you my collection setup! I also dug out some of the merch from my childhood to share some nostalgic stuff with you all. I thought you might get a kick out of it.


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That ended up being a super long post pfff, I apologize. But I hope you had fun looking if you went through it all! All that said, I want to say I'm super excited to be a part of a fun community like this and I'm looking forward to expanding my collection alongside you all!