February 1st, 2015

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Need to get rid of stock - reduced prices on everything + sales updates!

I've revised my sales and have opened economy airmail again!
The Australian dollar is weak at the moment, so I'm passing the savings on to you! and also my mum has decided to move house so i need to get rid of things I have reduced the prices on everything in my sales post, by at least 20% on most items, and added a couple of new things! I have a little more to add at some stage but I want to clear stock first, so please don't wait on that - it could be months.

NEWS!!! My economy carrier revised its prices and routes recently, so as well as shipping starting as low as $5-6 to most destinations, tracking and insurance through this carrier is also cheap now, if you want to protect yourself! So you can have tracked international packages for as little as $8-9. (Please ask for tracking if you want it!) All details on shipping are in my sales post; please read carefully before ordering :)

PLEASE READ BEFORE CLICKING THROUGH!! I do want to place some important info about shipping here, though: Last time I shipped using this service, some packages took 5-6 weeks to arrive, longer than the 2-4 weeks stated by the carrier. As I shipped in October/November, I am guessing the delay was because of the Christmas rush (even though it's airmail, since it's an economy service, packages have lower priority); I believe chain has been using the same carrier without issue. However, since I have no control of the postal service, I can't guarantee delivery time, and if you are concerned about postage time/items getting lost I recommend either purchasing tracking or asking for Australia Post service. Now that dispute time is 180 days it shouldn't be as much of an issue, though.

Click through for big savings on everything in my sales :D

I'm heading off to bed now and hitting up a Primal Clash prerelease tomorrow, so it may be a little wait for a quote. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone, though!

Gets Post and updated wants!

Recently I received a package from myntii full of amazing things! I didn't have time to do a cool little thing like having a Pokemon of mine opening the package as I didn't have time to do so, so here they are on display :) Sorry for the bad quality. I only have my phone to take pictures with.

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I've slowly been updating my wants list as I've seen more and more of what merchandise exists. I'd like to include little stories as to why I want these since they are Pokemon related and I think they're pretty cool. Stories are under the cut under each want.

Manectric UFO


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Poochyena UFO


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Cute GETS from an online flea market!

So I was searching for Pokemon plushies one day and I came across these cuties from an online flea market. I didn't want to get them at first because they didn't look cute to me, but eventually I thought well, I'll get them since I don't get to see them often for sale online or wherever and when I got them, oh boy, the pictures just don't do justice. They are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter than I thought. I've always wondered how complicated the patterns go for this type of plushies. I know a lot of Pokemon plushie makers but I've never ever seen one who makes reversibles. If anybody knows someone who can make reversible plushies, do say so, I'M DEFINITELY GETTING ONE! Thanks for looking!

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Quick Want

I may be incredibly late to the train on this one, but has anyone got a Pokebox Umbreon coin they'd be interested in selling? It's super beautiful and I'd really love to have one.

pokebox umbreon

✿ New Gets, Finished Sales, And Looking For A Digital Artist For A Small Commission! ✿

Hello everyone! :D
Did everyone affected by the recent snow storm make it through okay? I was stuck at work for two nights and 3 days! However, when you work at a hotel it isn't so bad when you get put in your very own room with free meals from the hotel's restaurant around the clock! xD

Anyways, i come to the community today with a few requests and to show off some new exciting gets!!

First i'm going to show off my new ziggily wiggly babies and a bidoof! I'm so so excited about these guys!
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I feel like i am forgetting something i wanted to post about... but i will come back and edit this and add it in if i think about it!

Last, but not least, i have FINALLY finished listing everything i have for sale on Ebay!
I'm so happy to finally relax and not be taking so many pictures, weighing things, and waiting for my slow af internet to load as i try and list everything. ;n;
So thankfully(for me), you all won't be seeing my many updated posts for a while!
I have a few customs up there including a sylveon who only has one bid so far! Some auction style listings, and mostly buy it nows. Some rarer items as well as some common things, a few booties, new condition items, old condition items, plush, figures, clearfiles, watches, there is a lot of variety! So please take a look! Click on the photos below to go! The bottom photo is a picture of the items that were in ONE of the four boxes of things i listed! So many plushies!(kutakuta is not for sale; he just hangs out on the sofa)


✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My feedback is here: Ebay FB! LJ FB!

Also if anyone has any zigzagoon, linoone, swirlix, or slurpuff items for sale, Please let me know!!

Thank you all for looking! :D <3 Enjoy the sports game today! (I'll be hiding in my room watching anime haha xD )

Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction

Auction 3

Happy Sunday everyone~! I felt like making some Pokedoll sculpts from my favorite generation. We have shiny Absol, shiny Gardevoir, and shiny Altaria available. These cuties are all looking for a new home. Along with these three there's also a custom slot available! For a custom Pokedoll sculpt of your choosing. All Pokedoll sculpts are made with tush tag and custom painted hang tag! Thank you for taking a look!
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Mega Houndoom

PCA = Pokemon Collectors Anonymous

Hi, my name is Alicia and I have a problem.


Ahem, anyway. My collection grew quite a bit in the past two weeks. I'm still waiting on some things to arrive, but most of it is here.

First up...
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A much awaited order from Amazon
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My order from PokeVault and splash arrived on the same day which was a nice surprise when I got home from work earlier in the week.
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One of three wins off Ebay
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Here are updated collection pictures, and new pictures for ones I was missing on my Journal Post. Feel silly taking a "collection" picture of just two items...
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Thanks for reading/looking! Hope some got some enjoyment from this post. I will be back in later days to share my addiction more. =3


Hi guys I want to thank you guys for allowing me to become a member! This is an little information about me. I absolutely love grass type pokemon but I pretty much like all pokemon and pokemon types. I also love all generations. The main thing I love is pokemon plushies! I have been playing pokemon sense I was little. Again thanks for accepting me!

new member

Hi and thanks for accepting me into the community! You can call me Rage. I'm excited to finally have joined here.
Here's a little info about me: I mostly collect merch of the Froakie line and, my favorite pokemon, Espeon. Here's the most recent pic from a month ago of my Espeon collection, which will be updated once some more things arrive in the mail.

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Anyway, my top favorite types are electric and water, and I'd say my favorite region is Johto!
Thanks again! ^v^