February 6th, 2015

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Handful of things.

Hey everyone! My partner and I are looking for some things! As always, please let me know if you have any Sandshrew, Darumaka, or Meowth items! Especially plush! But we are also really hoping to find some Chespin plush this month if anyone has any at all -- we have none at this time and would like to start a collection. c:

Hopefully will be able to take some photos of my new plush shelves from IKEA this week. I got a little magnet board to set up next to them to put magnets and pin up stickers and other flats and stuff that I think will look really nice. (PS: I have only a handful of magnets, and I like any/all magnets, so please offer them if you have any as well. Thank you so much!)
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Gets + Uh-oh + Eureka...?

Hi guys! So I have some two gets and two questions!! Plus a collection update? I dunno, I brought some more poémon stuff to college from home with me and thought it'd be fun to show everyone :) So here we go!

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PSI: How do you decide what Pokémon to collect?? I'm torn but am thinking about going full out pumkaboo and fire types.

Thanks! And adoo!
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☆ auction reminder! ☆

Hi guys!  This is just a quick reminder that my Pokemon Little Tales tote bag auction is ending in 18 hours!  It's still at the starting bid :D

☆Click on the photo below to be transported!☆

Also, a quick heads up to folks who've purchased from me:  your packages have been packed up and are ready to ship! I'm going to step out during my lunch break tomorrow to mail off the first half of packages, and the remaining half will be shipped on Saturday.  I will leave you a comment in your thread when your package has shipped!

Offers! TCG and Amiibo

Howdy everyone :) I know I've been very quiet lately, but here I am now :D

I picked up an entire box of Primal Clash but to my sadness, no Wailord :'( So I'm here taking offers on the fancier cards that I did get!

I also have LOADS of others, reverse holo, holo, regular, trainer and those fancy-pants new half art ones so if you're looking for anything specific, let me know. I cba taking photos of all of them XD

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- Offers end when I get an offer I like :)
- Holds are totally fine but please discuss with me first.
- These can be combined with all my previous sales.
- Deleting comments/offers Is Not Okay.
- PM'ing me to try and get a better deal Is Not Okay.
- Will consider trading for Wailord EX or any other Full Art cards

Lucario Amiibo - Mint in box - English version.
Amiibos are region free. Shipping will be around $10 international.
STARTS @ $15

Various EX/FA/half fa shiny things(what are we even calling these? idk..)
M Gardevoir EX
Kyogre EX
Mega Primal Groudon EX
M Aggron EX
Trevenant EX

(Putting threads up now) Threads are up! Sorry they're in the wrong order, LJ was being screwy.
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New Member Introduction

Hello everyone!
My name is Aurora, though I tend to go by the name Innerlines, depending on the circumstance.
I love Pokémon, and I just recently got back into it after a long hiatus.
After reintroducing myself to the newest games (Pokemon XY/ Pokemon ORAS), and restarting my old ones, I have decided to get back into the joy and wonder of Pokémon collecting!

My favorite Pokémon are Cresselia (although I don't have any true merchandise of her *tears*), Altaria, Palkia, Milotic, and Chingling! I'm also an Eeveelutions fan, with my favorites being Vaporeon, Sylveon, and Leafeon.

So, anyways, let me show you my collection!!! :D
(It's a bit "picture-heavy" so I'm sorry in advanced ^^;)

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Pokemon Valentines and Permanent Sales Post

I found some old Pokemon Valentine's Day cards today. I was surprised that they're in pretty good condition and unsigned (except for a Pikachu one that I sent to myself as a kid - silly me). Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I figure some of you might be interested in one to send to a significant other or friend who might be a fellow Pokemon fan. Below are the ones I have including multiples of a few. I've decided to keep the Psyduck one for myself.

Valentine's Pokemon
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Permanent sales post plug!

ANOTHER gets post ^-^

OK so I just posted a massive gets post yesterday but TADA a few more figures showed up TODAY

Today I got a Gunmetal Golduck, a Blue Exeggcute (really good paint), a Dark Purple Shellder (a little paint damage), a Gunmetal Kakuna, a Gold Goldeen, a Dark Purple Psyduck (REALLY good paint), a Gunmetal Slowpoke (so cute!), and last but certainly not least.. a MEW! and not just any Mew.. and ORANGE Mew!! and her paint is near Perfect!! So much excitement! .. as usual I must end my post with "If you have any metal figures for sale please let me know" :D

ღ Pokémon // Maxie

Team Magma VS Team Aqua: Double Crisis!

I'm not one to buy cards other than the odd nice looking one featuring a Pokémon I like, but when a small set featuring Team Magma and Aqua was announced, I knew I may end up buying a whole box. And uh... I did. These Teams are my weakness. Such a gorgeous set though! Lots of photos under the cut.

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Last but not least, I'm selling all of my spare pulls!

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