February 10th, 2015


need things! also custom commissions/sales stuff.

Hey! Hi! I'm just looking for some stuff.

Does anyone know where i can get this Goomy memopad ASIDE from PokeVault? Currently it looks like he's the only one who's selling it and i'd prefer not to buy it from him ;u;
I would also be interested in other pokemon memopads/post it notes that are of a small-ish size (like, not notebook size, something i can put in my bag and carry around) so if you have any with cute designs on it please let me know!
I am also interested in the goomy memoholder but i might end up grabbing that from sunyshore.

I am also looking for either: piplup pokedoll figure WITH base, OR JUST A POKEDOLL FIGURE BASE. my custom sylveon sclupture still does not have a base and I'd really like her to have one. :( If you got one for cheapycheap i'd love to buy it.

the rest of my wants list is here though honestly i'm only looking for Groudon/new Primal Groudon items stuff.

Aaaand finally, I have overhauled my commission website so it looks a lot nicer (can you tell how much I love this past goomy promo?)
I also have a onsite store now (which you can purchase items via paypal) right now i have only readymade stuff (pouches, buttons, a few hats) but I will be adding more things. I am of course open for commissions (please note i generally don't do complicated plush commissions so be aware if you are thinking of something XD) for anything I offer!

I also have 2 new pouch designs for sale today, Sharpedo and Trapinch/Flygon! They are available for sale in my store, or on my or my etsy shop, which also has a bunch of made to order items including my giant wailord pillow

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
Pokemon - Lizardon animated

Quaritee figures ^q^ + SALES!

Hey everyone~
I've gotten a hold of an entire extra set of all 15 of the currently released Banpresto Real Mega Evolution Key Holders, including the new one with Mega Charizard X, and they are all up in my sales post!

These guys are really awesome and imo a lot more articulated than the Super Size TOMY Moncolle (although their legs and stuff don't come off like TOMY, but that's fine), and just look AMAZING. I'm actually pretty disappointed by the quality of many new generation of TOMY Moncolle lately, TOMY seems to be gradually switching to some kind of rubbery material that doesn't feel or look as good as their older figures >_>; It was most noticeable on the Mega Tyranitar line I got recently; they LOOK kind of the same as the matte (not quite still...) but I'm ESPECIALLY turned off by the rubbery feel. A good amount of their new releases are still solid with the nice matte finish, THAT which I like and hope they'll continue to do more of... But am I the only one who's noticed this and thinks this way?

And a plug for my sales :3 I just got my copy of Tales of Zestiria so I'm super excited to play it, but I will always prioritize sales as usual, especially because I need help clearing stuff out. My PS3 is getting claustrophobic XDDD
Preview of new items:

...and more!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

new ^-^

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Hi my name is Robert or fallen I played pokemon for years and I do have to say I am back to the game after losing ten to eleven years of progress do to a schools fire Alarm that happened 1 year ago I lost 10-20 shinie and lost all my legindarys and my main team but I still am recovering. I play. The card game and I sell cards but I want to earn trust before selling and I under stand the rules. I am kind an friendly I do want to learn how to draw pokemon other than laleep also I do have a small wish list of plushies I hope to hear from my new family fallengone
i have a small wish list
Resh and zech pokedolls
Shamin cause its so cute
the Charizard Amiibo LOL i was lucky with lucario lol after 3 cancellations and 3 day delay because of snow
i like Kelceoin because of the tcg and pokemon mystor dung.
also am i the only person when the stunkfish promo saying where is kiga ._.
I swear plushies that will NEVER get a Plush

Pikazard Figures Sales Post!

Hey everyone! <3

Were you looking to buy Pikazard figures? Well you're in luck!


I got an order of a total of 20 figures in today, all here and ready to ship. I have sales for these below, so check it out!

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If anyone is intersted, I can do blind claims for more! They would be $9 + shipping each, and you wouldn't pay until I receive them. :)

And as always, take a look around my webstore as well. :) Orders from my webstore can be combined with the figures above, just place your order on the site and let me know here so I can discount shipping. <3

Thanks everyone!

grail get and con gets!

I know to some people the Sceptile Pokedoll is probably not grail worthy, but as someone who's limit is usually $50ish and as someone who almost never spends over $100, especially on a regular Pokedoll, this was grail worthy to me :) Thanks agkelikos! Thanks also goes to my boyfriend for paying for him ^^


They also sent a little note with an adorable drawing and pin!


I also went to a con over the weekend and spent all my spare money!

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Animated, Trozei

Figure identification help!

I recently found a Raikou DX figure up for sale but I would like to know if you guys can tell if it is the original DX figure or the new run that's easily obtained.
I asked the owner and they don't seem to speak english very well, so they wern't much help there XD

Here is the figure in question
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Sales & Gets

Ok so I'll start off with the gets. I don't usually post them, but I was so happy to have completed this set! I now have all 16 of the Gashapon Zukan sticker books from 1998. They're little plastic books with a sheet of stickers inside, each featuring a different type. Here's them all together:
The pictures inside are really interesting, not the standard stock seen everywhere. I'm working on scanning each pic in high resolution - I think they would make cute phone backgrounds. Here are 2 that I scanned so far that I really like:

Under this cut I'll put pics of 12 of the 16 if you're interested :)
Also, I got a few duplicates while collecting, they are in my shop, rare-candy.com.

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This next thing I just had to share. I got it in a lot, and was puzzled at first. It reminded me of the panic alarms we had back when I worked at a mental health hospital. When I received it, it didn't work, so I put a new battery in it... so now when you pull the chain out of the head... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OMG it is SO LOUD. So now I have a Pikachu rape alarm! Which is actually kinda good since I live in NYC. I'm gonna carry this baby around for safety! Definitely one of the stranger things I've come across.
FullSizeRender (9)

Now on to sales updates. My Pokemon Panya pan sticker store is having 20% off through Feb 16 with code "love" (use at checkout).
I have also updated my vintage toy shop Rare Candy with lots of new things, including some metal figures. Use the code "valentine" at checkout for 15% off through the end of Valentine's Day. Here's a preview of some of the things!

Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/
Mewtwo and Mew


Hi guys! With Valentine’s Day (and GALentine’s Day!) coming up, are you getting anything Pokemon-related for your loved ones, be they family, friend or partner? Or has anybody been decorating their homes with cutesy Pokemon stuff in anticipation?

I'm really hoping that the PokemonCenter.com gets the My Dearest promo items - my partner plays the games but isn't overall huge on Pokemon. Still, I would totally get us a set of the Meowstic charms if I could. X3

I’ve also got a Valentine’s Day card in my sales post for anyone who's interested! Great for that special Pokemon trainer in your life!

Valentine's Day card outside photo Valenfront-1.jpg Valentine's Day card inside photo Valeninside.jpg
Here's the front and inside!

Happy February!

Updates all around!

Hello everybody~! Got bunches of updates!
The first is for the Hoenn Metal Coins! If you participated in the pre-order and have been wondering about updates, I've just been waiting to have enough funds to get it shipped to me. And I got paid today so I placed the order right away! Screenshots of the shipping order in the cut! ^^
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They will take about a week to get to me so stay tuned for that!

Now for a commission update! mizunosakura I've been working on your commission between bunches of college work/classes/play rehearsal, and it took me a lot longer than expected to be happy with a body shape @ -@ I unfortunately do not have a picture of what it looks like currently, but I have some WIP shots that are close to the form I have now! I'll be detailing her and such whenever I have time! For the unaware, this is a sculpt of Mega Audino, but right now it looks like a tubby clay alien XD
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Don't worry, those are from a few days ago, she's a lot less lumpy now! XD
And finally, a collection update! :D Unfortunately I don't have my collection set up in my room, everything is in a box to keep it all safe :,( I had to let my babies see the light!
So proud of my Milotic collection, it's come a long way and I have a bunch of stuff coming! Including a couple grails! :D
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That's all from me for now~! Have a wonderful day! :D

LF: Full Art Maxie and Archie Cards

It's been forever since I've posted here, wow!

So, I'm on a bit of a hunt here. I'm looking for two cards, and you might have guessed which ones. The Full Art Maxie and Archie cards. Both in English and Japanese. I could easily buy them elsewhere, but I like to buy from the community first to help out fellow collectors. I'm hoping not to pay a fortune for them, as I can't imagine the cards are worth too much, after all. I might be wrong.

I'm also on the hunt for anything else related to Maxie and Archie -- though mainly Maxie, because Archie is for my partner. c: So if anyone knows what other merch exists for them -- which probably isn't much sadly -- do let me know!


I know that these are suppose to come out this month, and i know i need everything with swirlix and slurpuff and im not that worried about finding the plushes i think i'll be ok in finding and buying those but im worried about finding the tin? do you guys think the tin will be easy to find to buy too? or does anyone know anywhere i could find it? i dont use yahoojapan or any of those buying sites i normally use ebay and here. does anyone know any site that preorders the crain game prizes or anyone that plans on buying a set and doesnt need the swirlix or slurpuff?
anyways when these come out im looking for the swirlix tin and plushes!
I NEED this tin!
Thanks for any help!

Some "Ultra" Gets!

Hey guys, long time no see. If you remember I used to collect totodile and feraligatr, but I have since moved on to the tcg! The art is simply amazing and buying some packs today really suprised me! I bought the collectors box with kyogre, and the other tin thing that comes with five packs.

Under the cut you will find my pull highlights!

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