February 13th, 2015

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Wants & News

Hi all! Today I'm here for a bit of wants, but also some news.
For those who might remember the last time I posted here,
my Hypno pokédoll was still missing his coin. Well, after like
a year of searching, I finally found this coin like thingy that I
could use. My wants have to do with my main collection
( Drowzee & Hypno ) and my Abra side collection, and you
can find more information about that and my collection under
this cutttttt.
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Seeking single card sleeve

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has this Flygon card sleeve for sale? I am only looking for a single sleeve only, since I am really just wanting to collect the art. I would be interested in Milotic as well but Flygon is my top priority right now. If you have other single card sleeves with unique art for sale feel free to link me to your sales or post pics too, I like collecting nice artworks :D

Will pay $1+ shiping per sleeve, shipping would be to Hong Kong, thank you!



Lastly, I still have lots of items for sale since my update. I am trying to clear stuffs for Chinese New Year so I might be open to reasonable haggling (:

Plase click this link or banner to go.
Kura pokedoll

Primal Clash TCG Trades

I finally got around to getting a few booster packs of the newest English TCG set. I did get some good pulls this time,but as always there are some duplicates.As such I would like to trade them off.

(You can view my sales information here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13646573.html )

. Here is what I have for trade/sale:
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Also I have 4 Online TCG code cards that I am giving away for free. If you trade or buy from me I will include the physical card should you request any. If you are not trading or buying any cards I will just PM you the code. c:

Let me know if anyone wants one.


Sales perm granted aug 2010 by denkimouse
Located in madyland usa
Paypal only
Domestic shipping included in price, international please inquire
Emboar Banpresto NWT $25
Emboar MPC plush $10
Hydreigon MPC plush $10
hydreigon banpresto UFO NWT $8

pignite MPC plush $10
sandile MPC $8
Krokorok MPC $8
rampardos zukan $10
hydriegon pull back toy $5
emboar tomy figure $6
axew/kibago kid $3
hydriegon attack kid $3
hydriegon kid $3 (ot both for 5)

pignite charm $3
hydriegon charm $3
tepig evo line charm $5

haunter morty library

Hanty's Updated Permanent Sales Post - Plushies, Figures, Flats, Canines, more!

Hanty's Sales
I've added lots of new items including figures, plushies, and many flats to my store as well as discounted some of the existing items. Click the banner to be redirected to my sales post or click the cut below for a preview. :)
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Wanted: Pikazard Figures!

Hey everyone!  It's been forever since I've posted on here, but I'd like to help my roommate get her hands on these Pikazard figures:

(Image from Pokevault)
I know they're on Pokevault, but we'd like to get them a bit cheaper if possible.  If you have any of them (though I'd prefer to buy all 5 from the same person), please let me know!

New gets!

Hey everyone! I'm super excited that I'm participating in the spring swap! I just got my person yesterday, so now I'm feeling like shopping. Probably not great since I'll likely want to buy myself things too... Can't do that!
Anyways! My latest PokeVault package arrived yesterday! I was concerned about it because it was almost 3 weeks and the post office hadn't updated the tracking. But it got here and I'm happy. :)
Onto the gets~

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Topps Chrome Series 1 Boosters Opening Livestream!

Hi, everyone!

I know I just did an opening Livestream a few days ago, but these arrived today and I'm excited to open them. I didn't even know the seller than shipped them already so it was a complete surprise to find them in my mailbox. lol.


Eighteen Topps Chrome Series 1 booster packs. I only have one card from this set - Persian. So everything else will be new to my collection. There's 78 cards in the set so I'm hoping to get as many different cards as I can...and some of the Sparkle, Spectra, or Teckno Chrome cards would be neat. The Sparkle ones look especially neat in the photos I've seen.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 6:10pm Eastern Time. (about 5 minutes after the original posting) Livestream is over! That was exciting! I got 8 Spectra, 1 Teckno, and (in the last pack) 1 Sparkle! If anyone collects these, I'd love to trade or purchase cards I'm missing. I know I didn't get a complete set. I don't think I got Growlithe or Arcanine. O: And I'd be willing to trade some of the special cards in order to get Pokemon I normally collect. :D

Special cards! :D Top row I collect. Bottom row I don't. lol.

Here's my duplicates of the normal Chrome cards. I'd love to trade these for some that I'm missing (see cut below).

(Pikachu, Nidoqueen, and Nidoran M might be taken already.)

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I'd also be interested in some Series 2 Chrome cards. I don't have any of those yet.

~ Risha

Up-To-Date Metal Figure gen 1 color list :)

hey everyone so you know I've been working on compiling a list of all the colors ive seen of the gen 1 metal figures.. i'm working on the rest of the gens too but 1 is the main one im focused on.. now this list is is NO way complete.. it's just what I have so far.. these are the figures and colors that i personally have seen in person or seen images of so i KNOW they exist :) if anyone has any pictures of pokemon in colors NOT listed here id love to see so i can add it to the chart :).. NOT including Pikachu.. he has his own chart since there are so many colors and versions of him.. these are also just the colors of the original style gen 1's.. not any of the newer styles

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pokemon: mamo!

Korean Eraser Figures!

I visited the mall on a whim today, and found some Korean eraser figures at the Sanrio! These guys are pretty detailed and also obnoxiously hard to find online... (I'm still missing 2 eraser figures from this series from DP... ;_;)

Each ball comes with 2 figures, and 4 stickers. I bought two just for kicks and have them for sale below!
The full setlist is:
White: Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Minccino, Pidove, Darumaka, Woobat, Munna, Axew
Yellow: Servine, Pignite, Dewott, Pansear, Pansage, Drillbur, Scraggy, Emolga, Audino, Pikachu (different pose), Roggenrola, Tympole, Palpitoad, Whimsicott, Sigilyph, Reuniclus, Vanillite, Foongus, Stunfisk, Golurk, Litwick, Cinccino, Ducklett, Duosion, Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon, Darmanitan, Throh, aaaand... Charizard. (haha)

I don't know if they come in different colors, since the ones I got were the same as shown in the setlist...

Woobat: $2 or free with another figure. (His wing is slightly damaged. :( Came that way unfortunately.)
Ducklett: $3
Litwick: Make offers below!
Pidove: $3

2 stickers free with each figure!

I'm also willing to do pick-ups for blind balls. They would be $6.50 ea. and can either be opened and shipped with just the figures+stickers or unopened in the plastic Pokeball they come in. (They're not super great quality, trust me, lol)
EDIT: I will keep taking requests for pick ups, but for now, I won't be accepting payment because I'm not sure just how many the store may have in stock. Thanks!

I bought them out. :x sorry!

I live in the USA and can only take PayPal!! Thank you. :3
plush pumpkin

A Valentine's Post!

Hey all! So for Valentine's Day I decided to get a pokémon themed gift for my boyfriend and I! (Though it ended up going to my brother as a sister-brother gift instead)    ;)
Y'all can probably guess what it is!

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And there's one more thing concerning this post too!

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And PSI: Happy Valentine's Day!!

FINALLY - A Gets Post + (my ever-expanding) Wants

So, I've been waiting to post a gets post until everything came in. I'm still waiting on one more box, but hopefully it gets here tomorrow, especially since my boyfriend's Valentine's Day present it in it. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? Lulz.

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As for my wants: if anyone has any info on where I can get the Palkia and Dialga DX pokedolls, Dragonite pokedoll, Blaziken pokedoll, as well as the Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur lottery plushes, holler at me! (pics of these under the cut)

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Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!

EDIT: If I have bought from you and have not left feedback, please let me know :) Also, if I have bought from you and you have not left me feedback, I would very much appreciate it! I'm still pretty new here, and have no feedback. I'd really like to participate in upcoming swaps, etc. but I can't do that if I don't have feedback. Thanks!
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I'm looking for some stuff, but I don't have much money but I'm afraid some items will be very hard to get if I don't look for them now.

Ebay user hobby_japan now offers free shipping, but that means their prices have gone up and now I can't buy a single thing without having to pay custom fees. That really sucks, because hobby_japan used to sell for (almost) shelf price and sites likes Pokevault are insanely overpriced. Anyone else who's sad because of this?

Anyway, my wants :3
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I'm also looking for Tretta from the following Pokémon:


I'm from the Netherlands. I prefer to buy from Europe, because of shipping prices. I know a lot of people have the items I want, but I can't pay $30+ on shipping alone D:

Card gets and sales~

New gets

So here are my 2 latest gets!
I'm getting back into expanding my card collection. /wootwoot.
Here is the: Light Dragonite and the Ex, I get these 2 beauties off Ebay. <3

While I also post my sales plug~

Just click the picture above to be transported to my sales post. (:
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
Flann wit her buds.

...one last sales post (UPDATED!!!)

friend gave me some Pokemon things she didn't need (and I don't need either...) so here they are in lots! everything I have up is OBO; I'm SO ready to get my spare things outta here!

all sold! decided I might as well add my last zukan lot, so here goes!

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 1.04.03 PM

Things to remember...
denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kriscarmi/
I ship from the US and will ship internationally... and keep in mind, I only accept payment through Paypal
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail; if the extra $$$ for tracking makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier for me to sort everything out
items will only be held (48 hours) for you when asked or when you've stated that you're committed
prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified
haggling is always considered


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