February 14th, 2015

  • chaobu

Intro, Collection, and Wants!

Hello!  My name is Chaobu.  My favorite Pokemon are Torchic, Ampharos, Slurpuff, and Goomy.  Torchic has a special place in my heart for being my first ever Pokemon.
I've been collecting Pokemon for a while now (mostly plush) and only found out about this wonderful community fairly recently.  I'm happy to be a part of pkmncollectors and I hope to make many friends!

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Major Grail Get - Reintroduction - Mirage Sale

A really amazing grail has just arrived and I can't wait to show you all!
Also, I realize there are many new faces around the community these days so I felt my first ever re-introduction post would be a good idea too! :)


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So as you may remember from this post, we have an active bounty available. If you locate a species of pokemon plush that we don't already own (and not because it just came out) and you are the first to bring it to our attention (assuming we didn't see it ourselves), and we win it, we pay you $50. The recent auction for Pidgeot was sent to us by several users, but the first person was kephisos. (HUGE THANK YOU!!!) They have already received their bounty, and you could be receiving yours too, just keep those eyes peeled!

Lastly, the Mirage Meowth Plush from the lot is cool, but we already have a Mirage Meowth Plush so this ones is for sale.

2015-02-14 09.56.51

dark_tyranitar Spent some time re-vamping my site, go check it out if you like pokemon plush!

So excited :D

My friend is taking me to nintendo world in NYC and it's been a year since I went last time :D !!! I wonder what type of merch they have now...?

I'm also looking for sleeping torchic & pikazard figure :)

I also want an official pokemon center case for iPhone 5c and a cute figure phone charm

Very special get!


A huge package arrived this afternoon can you guess what it is?? But first some quick gets and a PSA!

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I also have a flygon pokemon time clearfile for grabs if anyone is interested, just comment and i'll link my feedback and sales permission, it would be 7 shipped

Sales Post: Plush, Marbles, Flats & More!

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More strange wants!

So basically I'm looking for suggestions that would be good for prizes for a pokemon trivia AND a small tournament.
So first and second place prizes for the tournament and a prize for the trivia. Total of 3 items that would basically be something most any pokemon fan would like to have. (eye catching, a plush of a popular pokemon, any special edition, limited, or promotional stuff etc.) I don't have any idea. I did this last year and the prizes were a set of the kanto badges, a gift card to my table, some tins, and a couple little things to go in the tins.
PROBLEM being, I just got the money to be able to spend on the prizes and I need the items by thursday!

So I could look into paying for next day shipping or express shipping or something to get it here that quick.
I am on a bit of a budget for the items. I have about 80 to spend total.

Shipping would be to 77598. So we can figure out how long it would take to ship.

Anyway, if you have something for sale that you think would fit this want or would be a cool prize, please suggest it! I'm out of ideas on such a short time limit. >~<
  • charelp

Introduction Post, Collection, some Wants

Hello there.:)

I finally decided to make a small intro Post. My Name is Charel and my favourite Pokémon is Groudon ;D I just love that big red Monstrosity. I am 26 years old and I am a big fan of Pokémon since the very first games came out. I mainly joined to get some more stuff that I want in my collection. But maybe, also some people like to see what I already got. I´m proud of what I already have. There´s many to see ^^ I didn´t took a picture of everything because it just would be too much but you can have a good overlook of what I have.

(oh my God I hope the lj-cuts work, otherwise this post will be a massacre for the page and needs to be deleted haha)

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I hope you like my collection. Feel free to leave a comment. If you have a question about something, I am happy to help you out.

As for Wants, I mainly look for some Groudon stuff. Maybe you can help me out if you have some you would like to sell.

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Thank you very much =)
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
  • lotad

Collection Update.~

So, I've rearranged my collection throughout my room and (somewhat) organized them.


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Thanks for looking.~ c:
You can view my whole collection here.
Although, it is missing a few new plushies and customs that came in the mail recently.
Oops, I've been slacking. ^^'

Another AWESOME Gets post!

So a set of Metal Figures ive been waiting on finally showed up today and im SO EXCITED.. i got a Gold Electabuzz, a Gunmetal Muk, a Gunmetal Magikarp, a Gunmetal Primeape, a Copper Growlithe, and the 2 im MOST excited about.. my very first metal eeveelution Copper Flareon! and my firs metal from the nido family, Copper Nidoqueen!! AHH I can't contain the happiness!

by viper_fox

A big month of gets + Type pictures + French shipping increase :(

I wanted to make this post earlier but each time I had too much work (> <)
So I hope you're ready for a big gets post (but not boring I hope lol)

But let's start with an old get which finally found its place above the window.
One day, when the shelf is made, there will be "Pets Pokémon" plushies instead of the cardboard boxes haha

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Now let's end with some group photos :)

As I drag on to build my shelves (and it's even an euphemism lol), I gathered all my Water type plushies in order to make you wait :3 (however the Big Shiny Magikarp is missing and Pokédolls are not included).

The same for the Dragon, even if at first I wanted to wait for the lifesize Goomy ^^
For me there are 3 categories: land ones on the left, classic flying on the right, and original/cute in the middle.

Thank you for reading, and congrats ^^

You can see more pictures at my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And take a look at my sales o/
(even if, like the title suggests, French shipping fees have insanely increased in 2015 :/ It's ok for flat items, but for non-flats it's only interesting for very big packages)
  • grind3h

a couple goomy wants!!

Hey all!! I just received all my goomys from the promotion and desperately need to take some pictures (and will when I have a litttttttle more time!!) but figured I'd make a quick post of a couple things I'm on the hunt for/totally forgot to get from the promo/couldn't find being sold anywhere!! ;w;

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Thanks so much for listening, expect a tttton of goomy pics from me soon!!

Yay fun gets!

Haven't made a gets post in some time. I'm suppose to be doing Economics homework but I am a professional at prcrastinating.

Well I have something unique and very hard to find to show you guys:


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Thanks for viewing!!

Looking to partially trade my Limited Edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS

I am looking to partially trade my blue limited edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS on my personal journal. It's on my journal because what I'm looking to trade for is something that is not Pokemon related so I don't think the trade would be fully appropriate here. Let me know if this post isn't allowed? I would think it would be since what I'm offering involves Pokemon.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

The post can be found here: http://kidgengar.livejournal.com/4046.html
Here's a quick pic of the entire system and it comes with the complete box, charger, Hori TPU case, and Hori screen protectors. Edit: Came up with a better shipping policy.