February 15th, 2015

Long Over-Due Grail Post

I can't believe how long it took me to post about this considering how excited I was when I received it. XP

I am very happy to announce that back in January, I received my first grail item since I started collecting. >w< He was the last item I needed to complete one of my collections and he is so rare that I really didn't think I'd ever get my hands on one. Can anyone guess what he may be?

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In other news, I also received my very first custom plush back in December of last year. :)
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Anyway... That's it for now. Until next time, thank you for reading and have a nice day/evening! :D

Pokemon tomy figures offers & primal clash TCG

Hello! I have a bunch of pokemon tomy figures from various generations.

Most commons I'm thinking $3-8 depending on which. (check cut for pricing guide)
I have A LOT more figures, kids, sleeves, japanese tcg cards, promos and more on my sales post: http://stephysanrio.livejournal.com/5374.html

Pics: (Click for bigger)

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Primal Clash TCG

click for bigger ^^

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-Sales permission granted by: Rachel (entirelycliched) on Sept 19, 2014
- You can check my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/stephysanrio
-All community rules apply.
- No banned members.
- Prices do not include shipping/Paypal fees.
-I ship from Miami, FL, 33013.
- Shipping prices starts at $2.50 for US orders. For international prices start at $4.00.
- All items come with free tracking unless stated otherwise.
- I ship orders every day except on the weekends or holidays.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages.
- Haggling is okay but be reasonable.
- Let me know who you are and what you bought when you send payment (under notes).
Casual Shoto

Sale + Petit question :)

I discovered that I really LOVE petit plushies ^^ they are so cute, tiny and made of miny!! :D They are super easy to display and don't take much space at all <3
I really want to collect them all, but I don't know how many were made already :) is there a list somewhere with all of the petit plushies released so far?

At the moment I have 6: Absol, Arcanine, Latios, Skitty, Pikachu and Charmander. I don't have that many and yet, 3 of them have different tags already. My Charmander's tag is really big, I guess this big tag is the first one. The rest have a smaller tag which is probablt the newer tag. It's funny how fast they changed the tag design ^^'
My Pikachu is the American version so it's normal that the tag is different :)

To make this post less boring here are some picture of my latest small but super cute gets ^^

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Annnnnnnndddddd there is my sale post! :D I work right next to the post office so I can ship daily :)

Thanks for reading ^^

Perler Reminder and Goomy Wants

Hey guys :D
Just a reminder that I'm still taking perler sprite commissions for discounted prices here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18811565.html

Also, I'm looking for a few Goomy Gacha's- a Torchic and Swablu <3 If anyone has one, please let me know! Those are the only two I'm missing, and the Swablu is my favorite in the set <3
I'm currently at a hotel and the wifi is very meh, so replies might be a bit slow xD

Birthday Trade?

Hai everyone. C: Since it is my birthday and I'm stuck inside the house thanks to another snowstorm, I thought it would be a nice time to try a trade.

I have a Smiling Pikazard Plush MWT up for trade/partial trade for the following items. If you have these items for sale and aren't interested in a trade, let me know regardless (although keep in mind that my funds are low). :3

For everyone who has bought sleepy starters/Pikazard figures from me: your orders will be out hopefully by Tuesday. <3 This constant snow every few days and my dad's car getting a flat tire really messed up my shipping schedule.. ^^;

And of course, a small sale plug. Click on the image to visit my webstore.

Thanks everyone! <3

Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction

Auction 4

I was very inspired by Valentine's Day so I decided to make some pink Pokemon! Two shinies, shiny Furret and shiny Vaporeon, and one mega Diancie is available this time! Along with a custom slot like always. Each are still included with hang tag and custom painted hang tag! Thank you for taking a look and happy belated Valentine's Day! <3
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  • ku_bek

Introduction and few pics of my collection ^_^

Hello everyone!

Thank you for accepting me as a new member (although there were some problems because my comment went as a spam for unknown reason u_u).

Few words about me:
My name is Jakub, I'm 22 and I'm from Poland. I'm freelance artist and I mainly draw illustrations for books for kids (you can check my tumblr here). About year ago I decided to collect Pokemon cards - I collected them as a kid and now I'm back into it! I started with newer English sets but now my main interests are japanese cards and... Pikachu related cards! Below you can see few pictures of my favourite Pika cards. Also here you'll find scan of all my cards.

I forgot to mention that I'm collecting Pixar related toys too, since about 5 years, you can check my collection here ^_^ It hasn't been updated for a long time though ;<

Couple weeks ago I decided to start collecting other Pokemon stuff too, now I'm awaiting few packages and I'll gladly share my newest gets with you! And hopefully you would help me with getting some new plushies and figures ^_^

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Thanks for looking guys, hope you like them!
Best wishes!

New gets+ question

Hi everyone,
I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything new for my collection till after my birthday in March but I couldn't help myself. I also realized with some of my gets that I had a new collection going.

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Now for my question, does anyone know just how many different pokemon center plush have been spotted in Targets or any other stores besides the Pokemon centers or Nintendo world? And if possible could provide pictures. Thanks