February 16th, 2015

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upcoming american tomy + bandai merch!

Anyone seen any pictures of the Tomy booth at New York Toy Fair 2015? I can't seem to find any online. D: I found their booth from the UK Toy Fair from January, however, which I don't think has been posted yet!
(I'm not sure if their NY booth is the same - I am guessing yes so this might be good enough!)

here's one wall....under the cut for more stuff.

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as for NYTF15, Bandai's booth had some pokemons too!

It looks to be an american version of their 'plamo' model kits called 'sprukits'
I know that Xerneas and Yveltal got plamo, not sure if Mewtwo and pikachu do aswell? either way, very cool!

Post V-Day Wants Post!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. (I pulled a M Charizard Y ex from the M Diance box my mom gave me! :D) Anyway, I have a bit of money right now so there are a few things I'd like to pick up. :)

Non oddish things:
High Priority:
Latios PokeCen Plush
N Full Art Card-
Preferably English :)
Sleepy Goomy Figure
Cheap Trozai stickers! Commons are find, I'll be using them to decorate a certain package. :P

Medium Priority:
Latios Pokedoll 2005 version

Low Priority:
Goomy Campaign stuff!
All I have is the Goomy/Gulpin model

As always looking for oddish things I don't have, especially the Plush Plush!

Thanks guys! :D
Luxio Pokedoll
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Hello! + Collection update

Hello all! It's been awhile, huh?

I just got my first boxes from PokemonCenter.com in like 6 years, yay! Hooray for Amazon shipments making deliveries on holidays. I have a few more plushies coming soon too!

I did sell off the majority of my collection a few years ago, here's my happy medium as of current Collapse )
uruha passion
  • risibee

ebay uk lot, pokemon time plushies, poliwhirl bag, movers and talkers

I needed a quick sale for all these so listing as one lot, hope it is ok to advertise here after such a long absence as there may be something rare you guys want, or to do a GA!

Located in the UK

Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on December 12th, 2012!

Ebay lot for sale

I am currently deciding what I want to focus my collection on so doing a lot of clearing out. Will be another lot soon!
All are official apart from Blastoise and Big charizard who I think are from the 12" chinese lots, but not sure as got them in a con. (booty Charizard is split all down the back and some of the others are in bad condition ask for details)

Thanks for looking. 

Custom things this month!

So I have got to share my sculpts! I finally got the time to finish them
photo 2-2
sir raichu! I had a sir pikachu to go along with it, but....long story short my hose was filled with smokeXD
I may plan on opening for slots for ball pokemon charms. Keep a look out!

photo 1-4
Chibi umbreon for a commission here!
Synysttersktll (if I'm spelling ti right, so sorry) She'll be shipped either today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for your patience!

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Is anyone selling first or second gen tomy fogures? I'm really looking for ones that are very affordable and a few 6 gen figures would be nice

I really want a cute pikachu,eevee & oshawott phone charm too

Desperately looking for a sleeping torchic figure !!!!!
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Mega Gardevoir?

Any one have a close to complete collection of Mega Gardeoir? I have just about everything of the eevee, glaceon, dedenne, diancie, and kinda sylveon (except for those that are super duper rare or really old), and I figured its time to collect something else!
As you can tell, I love fairy types
And have no control of money ( ̄◇ ̄;)
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All I've looked on is ebay and buyee, any other sites? (going to check pokevault)

Best Monday Ever! I found the Lucario Amiibo!^_____^

Hello all! I really didn't expect to make a post so soon, but I was so excited when I found this I couldn't keep it contained! As a bigtime Lucario fan, when I heard of the Lucario Amiibo I was dedicated to finding one. For weeks, my local Toys R Us has always been sold out. x_X But today, on a most unexpected day off from work and a whim, I went to Toys R Us expecting to not find anything but there, at the bottom of was the holy grail of Amiibo Pokemon!0__0 I've also managed to snag a US 1:1 Treecko. That tail is so awesome. :)

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Looking to trade Lucario Amiibo

EDIT: found a home for lucario, thanks guys! ^^

Hello everyone :D I am currently looking to trade my extra Lucario amiibo. He is the European version but the amiibos aren't region locked so he can work on any Wii U, it's just the words on the packaging that are different. I am looking for a complete Fearow Zukan

(Image from google, If this belongs to you and you'd like me to remove it, please let me know)

I'll also like things from my wants list here http://higginstuff.livejournal.com/657.html but Fearow Zukan is my top want for this trade :)


My feedback can be found here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=higginstuff

Please let me know if you have anything to trade for Lucario ^^

Sales and Promo Update

Hey Everybody!

This week has been pretty down since I've been a little sick and the weather hasn't been too good either. (It was -40 Celcius with windchill the other day!) I haven't had time to add much to the store, but I wanted to share a little update to the promotions that I currently have going on! :)

1) The first FIVE orders over 50$ this month will get FREE SHIPPING!

To thank you guys for being such great customers and supportive of my store, the first five 50$+ orders in my shop will receive free shipping. This of course means that orders 100$ or more are free as well, as long as they ar part of the first five!

UPDATE 2: 3 orders this month have received free shipping, so that leave 2 lucky members left! :)

2) The FIRST person to make an order over 150$ $140 $130 125$ this month will receive a free 10% voucher for their next order!

I've had a few pretty big orders since opening the store, and those are always lovely surprises to come home to! As a thank you, the first person to place such an order this month will receive 10% off their next order, which is valid for as long as I keep the shop open :)

UPDATE 2: There was one member who came close, but so far there hasn't been an order over 150$ :( So I am changing it to 125$!

3) If over 20 orders are placed this month, every member who placed an order will be entered into a draw to recieve a FREE POKEDOLL!

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It's something I've always wanted to do to reward members for shopping with me! If this raffle is successful this month, I will be continuing it for next month as well. :)

UPDATE 2: So far this month, 13 orders!!! have been placed! Great job guys! Just another 7 left and everybody will be entered into a raffle for the Pokedoll! It seems like we might make it, so I will up the ante! :)

If I receive 30 ORDERS this month, I will raffle off TWO POKEDOLLS!!!   I feel that this is something that can be done since it half way through the month and we already have 13 :)

If you are looking for newer Pokemon kids figures, I added over 500 GEN 5 Pokemon Kids to the store 2 weeks ago, and there are a total of
OVER 3000 KIDS available at my shop! The link to my store is below :)

As always, here is my link to the store :
Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Click on the link above of the photo below to be transported <3

Next week I am confident I will have another suprise in store for you guys, and if everything goes smoothly (especially weather), I hope you'll all enjoy it!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off