February 17th, 2015


Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction Reminder

Auction 4

Hey, just wanted to drop a very quick reminder for my auction that's ending tonight! These three pink cuties are all being auctioned as well as a custom slot! All still include tush tag and custom painted hang tag! Follow the link below if you are interested. Thank you for taking a look! <3

Auction Post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18826673.html

Yetee Tshirts!

Some really adorable and unique designs are up on The Yetee today and I thought I'd give you guys a heads up, I try to whenever I notice a Pokemon design is up :)

Click the image to go!

Also going to stick my wants in here as usual just in case <3

Hi everyone! +some quick sales

Hey, so I know I haven't been doing much on the comm, though I still lurk it everyday lol.

Anyways, I've decided the things that I really want for my collection so I'm really taking out some of the stuff that I have that isn't. I already have planned out what I want in my Pokemon collection! Yeah also I'm collecting other things as well now so I need the space.

I'll probably do a collection update once I get another one of my grails (and you'll see how much smaller my collection was compared to my last collection update, whenver that was).

Hope there's something here you'd like :)

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Also, is anyone interested in buying bulk Pokemon cards? I think it'd be easier than selling my cards individually. I have lots of rares and ultra rares, English and Japanese (more english, mostly the newer cards though. Majority of the UR cards are from the sets Next Destinies to Plasma Freeze). If anyone wants to discuss it, please comment below. I'm not really actively collecting Pokemon cards anymore so I want to sell the ones I have off quickly :)

A couple quick Xatu wants!

Hi everybody! I haven't posted in so long and I will hopefully have a collection update by the end of the month, I am so excited to share how my lovelies have grown over the couple of years I have been here :D For now I just have a couple of quick wants! My birthday is on the 27th and I want to treat myself a little :)

I am looking for the Pokemon Time Xatu plush, as well as two Xatu kids! I recently decided that I wanted to have a side collection devoted to the Pokemon used by Will and Karen, who have been my favorite trainers since I was a kid. I have kids of all of their Pokemon on their way to me except for Xatu, who I haven't been able to find! And I need two of the cuties :D

I haven't gotten any plush to start their collection yet, and I wanted to mark it with the Pokemon Time Xatu who I think is absolutely precious! I spied some on eBay but I would much rather buy from a community member.

I won't be able to pay until Friday if that's okay, but I would be more than happy to offer a few dollars extra as thanks for holding. I just wanted to get this post out there so I could start looking for them now instead of waiting :D Thanks everyone!

Edit: Just looking for one more Xatu kid now :D

questions and sales plug

first, the questions.

its been a while since they've come out with any pokemon canvas plush.... do you think they'll ever revitalize the line, or are my dreams of a canvas skiddo just that? for you completionists, which pokemon do you need in canvas form to complete teams or collections? (what is with the lack of canvas sylveon, for instance?)

also, has anyone seen the tomy braixen plush in store? it was supposed to be released in december, I think... but ebay still has people listing it as a preorder. did it get bumped back or is it just illusive?

on another note, I'm selling my tiny handful of main series games without cases from gens 4/5 on my personal journal, where all my sales info and policies live. 

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Hey guess what came in today?!
Pictures, results, and prices are all below the cut!

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princess_snivy you got a gold, silver, and bronze Treecko! :D Your total is $14/$16PAID!

glitterzookas You got a gold and silver Jirachi! And the flip side of Jirachi is actually her crystal! Really cool! ^^ Your total is $10/$12 PAID!

thedaftlynx: You got a gold Spoink/Grumpig! (I accidentally pictured a silver, didn't know you had just claimed one!) Your total is $6/$8 PAID!

drzoidburger You got a silver Regirock! :D Your total is $6/$8

flammablelizard You got a bronze Treecko! :D Your total is $6/$8 PAID!

The color ones are really rare, only pulled 2 out of all 36 @ -@
And now those who have participated have a chance to claim some extras! ^^ Here they are! :D
Deoxys Normal/Speed Form:
The color Deoxys will be put up for auction due to its extreme rarity, stay tuned for a future post!
Silver: $9
Bronze (2): $6
Gold(2): $8
Silver: $6
Bronze: $4
Gold: $8
Silver: $6
Bronze: $4
Gold: $15
Silver (2): $7
Bronze (2): $5

Thanks bunches to everyone who participated! Extras will be open for public sale once I hear back from all the participants! :D If you're interested, feel free to ask for a quote, just know that they aren't open for public sale yet and participants have priority ^^~! Also, this package included a grail for me and it is more beautiful than I thought!!!
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It has a really pretty metallic sheen too, and the top has a little Milotic silhouette! :D
EDIT: So LJ cuts are being annoying and are refusing to keep some things in the cut...I just made the pictures smaller, hope it doesn't make my post too annoying! ^^;;
EDIT 2: Since sending money to family doesn't have a way to include your address, please PM it to me! ^^ I'm choosing this method as I am splitting profits with methuselah - who bought two of the lots, and would like to get her her money as soon as possible! ^^ If you aren't comfortable with this though, feel free to send payment for goods/service! ^^

Great sales update! Plus a clear dedenne

Hello everyone, it has been a while but I've finally updated my sales post with tons of kids, pokemon time stickers a plush and some random figures. You can click on the preview or here to visit my sales post

Also, I have a clear dedenne kid up for auction. You can see the picture here and more info under the cut. It starts at 10$. The auction will finish february 22nd at 21 UK Time. Countdown HERE
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And that's all. Thanks for reading!

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Some Wants

Hey guys :)

I have some possible wants!
I am looking for someone who is in Europe if possible or somewhere that has cheap shipping to Germany (under $10 if possible)!

Please look under the cut:

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Having Trouble with Customs + Looking to Commission Plush!

Hey guys!
First off, I bought two plushies over etsy this week from a shop called Renchan or Rentwins (can't remember the exact one). I'm super excited to have found that shop because they have super great prices and the customs I ordered are in the grail category (one was a huge poseable Noibat and the other an adorable sitting Ninetales <3). However, as I looked into the artist a little more I found out that people are having a huge amount of trouble getting in contact with them, and now I'm a little worried about whether or not my plush will even be shipped. Has anyone had recent experiences with this person? I understand that communication can be slow, but it seems that it has been simply nonexistent for weeks, maybe months now. I just really hope my plush will be shipped and I won't need to worry about getting my money back.

Second, I'm looking to commission one or two plush artists since I have some extra cash laying around :) I'm looking for plush made from minky or fleece that are high quality and fairly large (1 or 2 feet), or at least not smaller than a pokedoll. If you are taking commissions right now, please let me know! I'd love to spend no more than 120 for two plush that are more pokedoll sized, or 150 for one pokedoll sized one and one larger one. If I really really like your work, I may consider just one large plush for 150ish. And those prices are for minky, I would pay less for fleece. I'd be interested in Furret, Zigzagoon, Phantump, Houndoom, Mightyena, Pidgey, and possibly one or two others if I can think of them.
And if you are interested in trades for perler sprites, that'd be awesome! In fact, I'd love to trade more of these for official plush, figures, and custom figures too xD

Also, I'm currently out of town with no access to my debit card, so if you could take a down payment and get the rest in a week or two that'd be awesome :)

Edit: anyone want a free Servine tretta? I got it as an extra in a package and have no need for it, so if you'd like it just comment here :) (you will have to pay shipping though)
Pokémon Center Baltimore

Pokémon Center Baltimore reopens its doors, and there's auctions, too!

meowthcollector lives, and Pokémon Center Baltimore is back! I've got a plush sale going with items priced to sell. Check out the revived Center by clicking the logo!

I also have a few plush items up for auction, including an exceptionally rare Bug/Flying type! Click the cut to check 'em out...

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Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Small want and quick question.~

Hi guys.~
First, do Lunatone and Solrock even have Tomy figures? .-.
I've only found Dex Figures, a Zukan set, and two kids (the same kid, just a solid and clear variant.) Are there anymore figures for these two? Or did they just get no love? D:

And onto my small want,
I bought a Lunatone Trozei Magnet today, so I was wondering if anyone had the Solrock one for sale? c:
I got Lunatone for under $1, so I was looking to get the Solrock one for about $3-6 shipped to the US.~

I'm also looking for a few other things, which can be found here..
However, I'm kinda broke at the moment so the magnet is my top priority right now.