February 18th, 2015


kecleon plush

is there one cause i am buying. kecleon is my fav pokemon since pokemon md and he is still good in the tcg X) also i am willing to pay
10-25 for him Ufo or pokedoll or i think plush please help me get my love X)

New get and want

Hi guys! I just got the talking syvleon plush yesturday! She is adorable! Very fuzzy and her voice is really cute. She also sits on her own which is a nice touch. I was also wondering if anyone had a golden magikarp for sale? I've been looking for one but the real ones are really expensive for me. Thanks! I am also new to cuts. <Collapse )

new gets :D

HI my mail finally decided to show up :D I got some tcg promos and sleeves! <3
Also got a ton of new figures and limited edition things i have no idea about lol :3 I believe the ash and pikachu are limited edition. Dont know anything about the other 2 pikas!


(not sure if video is ok)

Primal Clash Trade?

Hey community! I've spent too much money on Primal clash to get two cards I can't live without, and ended up with a second rare I don't need!

Picture from google/pokebeach. I have an extra of Prof Birch's Observations full art card.

I'm looking for:

Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick FA and Archie's Ace in the Hole FA!

I see Birch used to be worth a bit more earlier and isn't much more than these two so I can add a couple assorted rares/others if someone would like to do the swap.

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 22 SEP 2014

So happy!!!

It's my best friends birthday and I'm getting her into pokemon so idk what to get her tomorrow pokemon related at nintendo world lol I also want something from there but what do they have in stock atm?

Wants : still looking for a torchic sleeping figure omggggggggg and pokemon strap thingy for my phone :) and other sleeping pokemon figures that I dont have like espeon,fennekin,froakie,chespin,dedenne, and goomy

Trading for a Buizel Pokedoll

So I recently lost on a lot that contained a Buizel Pokedoll and I'd really like to have one. I have some plushes I'd be willing to trade for one as I don't really have the finances to buy one (I was going to split the lot with my bf and sell off things we didn't want which made it more affordable).

Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

Poseable Mewtwo Plush

Primal Groudon Plush

I also have a Altered Giratina Pokedoll but I won't be able to trade him if he sells elsewhere.

Thanks guys :D
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Awesome custom gets-umbreon edition

Some items I had custom ordered arrived yesterday from LCmetalart! Which was surprising since my state is in a state of emergency with all the ice and power outages. The mail doesn't play! (After this I am gonna go through my email. I know I owe some people money. Just got my power back so will do that shortly!)
I had to share. They are so cool <3 Everything you see is made of metal. It was all cut and spray painted or transferred. Talented people everywhere!


This was my free gift. eeeeeeee LOVE IT OMG. The detail is amazing. It is metal as well.

They are about 7in in height. The also have a little hook on the back to hang them.
The first one I ordered was black since Umbreon is black. After thinking about it I thought well...I'd like to put it against black. So let me order one red like his eyes. (Please enlarge to see all the awesome detail she put into it!)

This is hands down my favorite one. This is so awesome. I'm so happy to have this unique item in my collection!
I also have some new sales coming up. So stayed tuned.
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Newest (Pika)gets! *o*

Hello everyone!
It's my second post here and I would like to share my newest gets with you, hope you'll like them as much as I do!
Let's get it started! \(・`(ェ)・)/

Here's a little preview...
WP_20150218_011 (2)

*** TCG GETS! ***
Collapse )

*** OTHER GETS! ***
Collapse )

So - that's all for now. I'm still waiting for my package from hobby_japan - I don't know if it'll arrive at all, it's been 3 weeks already since I ordered it u_u

Hope you'll like that stuff I showed you. Thanks for looking!
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Finally made a WANTS post and sales update

Hey Everyone,
I finally, after 1 year in this community, made a permanent wants post!! :)
A part of the reason is for my Spring Swap Partner to know what I am searching for :)
and I want to expand my collection

Please click on the banner or link to be transported to my wants post!

Link: http://haepbrosonearth.livejournal.com/1202.html

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.11.01 PM

Also I updated some of the prices on my sales post!

you can check it out on : http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18492955.html

Or click on the banner :)

Thanks guys, hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!

Just a little question?

So, you remember the necklaces they sold some time ago? They were made of gold or silver and there was pikachu, umbreon and espeon, and a couple others. WHat were they called again? Also is the a site where I could buy themoff of? Nothing that needs a middleman to the us though

And to make this post less boring, who's your favorite human pokemon character? and why? (top 5)

1. steven stone (big sucker for gentlemen...and hot guys...-.-')
2. brendan (sucker for friends to romance too)
3. barry (same as brendan, but because of oras, I ended up liking 2 better than 3)
4. hugh (badass and attractive too)
5. misty (haha, the only girl here, I just adore her character)

yeah, I like a lot of the guy characters on pokemon....oops?