February 21st, 2015

Wants post!

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend :3
I've received my tax return so that means it's time to be a little irresponsible with my money. I have 4 grail wants:

They obviously include Reshiram, Zekrom, and the Black/White Kyurem pokedolls.
I only purchase pokedolls with both tush and hang tags.
If you have any of these babies for sale for a decent price let me know; I'd love to take them off your hands!

Also, sometime next week I'll make a post of my tcg collection!
UPDATE: I only need Black Kyurem now, if you have one for sale please let me know!

urgent ask

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are doing fine.

I'm wondering if there is any storenvy user??
I want to ask about something. (i'm sorry if this is a bit OOT :()

I have a trouble to set up Stripe for my storenvy account, because it is not available in my country..
I plan to have a transaction (of my Holy Grail) of certain amount via Stripe. But yeah, I'm unable to pay via stripe because of that country restriction. :((
I'm wondering if anyone could help me with this?
In return, I will pay the same amount to you via paypa|. (of course we can discuss about the fee!)

I'm just a milisecond away from my grail and this 'barrier' is blocking me. :(

Please let me know.
Thanks so much. :)

EDIT: All are settled! Thanks to namelessfate1 :D

pokemon substitute plush 60cm wanted

So this is probably a long shot...but I didn't think it would hurt to ask. Is there anyone on here who is located in Japan that could help me get the 60cm pokemon substitute plush? I know it wont be cheap but I want one so bad. x.x I am going to call it a grail even! I would be so grateful is someone who doesn't want one and who is located in Japan could help me obtain this beautiful creature! : D

✿ Trade Request, Sales, And Super Ziggy Wants! ✿

(✿◠‿◠) Hello everyone!
Today i bring to you all a trade request, some sales, and some super wants!

Firstly, i am looking for this Italian linoone lamincard:
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After missing out on one in 3kame's sale's post, i went and bought like 9 packs of them and pulled a ziggy, but no noonie. :c I have the leftovers over in my sales posted below! I'd really appreciate it if someone could trade(or just sell me) a linoone for something in my sales! Please let me know if you have one! c:

Here is the link to my sales/trades for an Italian Linoone Lamincard! (There is a link to my ebay sales in this sales post as well!)

✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My PKMNcollectors feedback is here: Clickity Click!
✿ My Ebay feedback is here: Clickity Click!
✿ The rest of the rules are in the sales post linked above.

Next, a link to my wants post! I am mostly here looking for items in the zigzagoon/linoone section right now! Everything else listed is stuff i can easily get myself, so please just ignore the rest! I just want to focus on the ziggy line items right now! If there is anything relating ziggy/noonie that you know of or have for sale that is not on this list, please please let me know!

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I also have a ton of new gets to show you next time! I'm waiting on a few things, and i'm finally learning how to use Y!J and SMJ! I've already won an item! So excited! :D

Thank you all for looking! :D ✿ <3
Robin and Batgirl

Last Call for Extras Keychain GA Claims

All sales items have been mailed, with the exception of one international order which will go out this week. Apologies for the delay!

The Shiny Shiny Keychain lot will arrive next week sometime. So last call for extras claims! Remember, all proceeds from the claims go to help bank/domestic costs that FromJapan will charge us from the seller, and a discount off shipping from me to you! (And if you haven't sent Payment 1, you need to do that!!) There's still a lot of keychains left and I'd love to get more discounts for everyone.

  • jheila

Woah! New Set Up for Giveaway! Edit: All threads Up!

Thank you lotad for telling me of this!

So, my mom threw away the sheet I was using to keep track of entries... (」゜ロ゜)」

So, in light of that, as well as the idea both me and synster agreed on, we're going to make this a lot easier! well, easier on me and on winner day that is

I'm going to be putting in all possible entries, and you simply resond with the number that came before it! (Aka, if there are no replys, you put entry 1, or just 1, if its on reply 5, put 6 (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶)

Link to Giveaway here!

Just to recap, we have Pokebox Coins, Playing Cards, and Tarot Cards offered!

Disregard entries I've already given you ^^; We're just going to redo this so its much easier and faster! (I've backlogged A LOT on the entries)

You can enter your entry in as soon as I have the comment thread up!

Edit: If youfr comment happened to be right at the same time as someone else, just comment right after them, or join the continued thread! Comments out of line will not be counted >:
Also, Winners will be picked as soon as I get enough packages! That may be in a week or so, and I'll be posting daily reminders! (if thats okay with the mods of course!)
Jolteon/Dialga Pokedolls

Auctions, sales, and more!

Hello there, pkmncollectors! I've got three things to share with you today.

First, I have auctions running for 52 different Pokedolls on my journal! There's also an Emboar PC plush that snuck in before I realized I had enough Pokedolls for a whole post. Almost all of them start at only the original retail cost of $10, are made of minky, and have Japanese tags.

Pokedoll Pokemon Plush

Click here to go see!

Last week, I posted my sales in the middle of the week and didn't get many comments, so I don't know if people didn't see or just weren't interested...so, I added some more items to it. Click the link below to check that out!

Sales post here!

And last but not least, I have some more eBay lots to share, under the cut.

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

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  • ku_bek

New gets, again! + packs results preview ^-^

Hello guys!

Few days ago I posted my newest gets and one day later I received notification from my post office that they got a package for me. At post office it turned out that there're three packages for me... and I was like whaaaat?! So was Pikachu:

Here's a little preview - you'll find more pictures in CUT - as always!

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In few days I'll post my Pokemon Advanced Action Packs openings results, so stay tuned!
WP_20150220_020 kopia

That's all for now, let me know guys if you like the photos style ^-^
Thank you for looking, stay awesome!
Best wishes!

Shaymin hates winter + questions about charm and figure!

Hey guys! So since I've rejoined the community (and hopefully I'll stay active this time), I've been thinking about my collections.  I definitely want to collect my favorite Pokemon; Swablu, Altaria, Dragonite, and the Torchic line! (and maybe some Eeveelutions along the way :D), as well as just anything that interests me.  But first...I've got some questions about some items I have!
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If anyone can help identify these guys that would be awesome! Thanks for looking!

Also...Skymin isn't a fan of this crazy weather we've been having.  First a lot of snow, then record low temperatures, then sleet and freezing rain!!

"Spring...where are you?!"
Noivern time

Back from the dead sales!

Hello~ I'm back :3 I've been MIA the past couple months trying to tone down on the collecting, plus life gives me no time now for anything besides work/gym/sleep (1.5 hour commute one way to work ;_;). I've been collecting some things here and there (mostly pikazards and my tiny zelda collection has new friends!) and i have a couple commissions i'm waiting on. Will Noivern ever get an official plush?!?!?!

In the meantime I bring you some sales during my collecting lull :> Please note: I live on the east coast and the sky decided to diarhhea snow on us non stop (along with my super long work/gym/commute days) my main shipping day will be Saturday.

I have up for auction an Angry Pikazard plush and Pikazard Poncho! They will both be starting at the price I paid for them :> Also up for sale is a custom shiny Mega Charizard X by lrk_creations/lyndsaygorawr :3

Edit: Oops! It would help to have an end date for the Auction. Auctions end Friday the 27th at midnight (so 12am on the 28th) Countdown timer found here



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I hope everyone's keeping warm! It's blizzarding outside my window right now --;
  • herar

metal thingies sales

some quick sales cause i got some extra metal figures and whatnot~

I am STILL in need of the gold primal Groudon coin - if anyone has it and is willing to trade or sell please let me know! I managed to get the other 3 so i am desperate to complete these.

i also need bronze chesnaught coin too!

got em! thanks.

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
* I accept trades.
* Shipping + fees starts at $2.50 in the US, $7.00 outside the US.
* FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. HOWEVER, I only give a 3 hour grace period. If you do not respond to my payment total in this time, your item will be passed on with no warning!
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

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that's all for today~! tomorrow is my birthday so expect omega collection update part 3 (finally!)

Want! Buizel Pokedoll :D


Do you see this adorableness! I know I just recently offered to trade some plushes of mine for one, but I'm here in hopes of finding one I can buy (unless someone is interested in trading one :D My Primal Groudon plush and Poseable Mewtwo are still available for trading, and I'd consider trading my Angry Pikazard). skdarkdragon recently had one in their sales thread for 30, so that's how much I'm willing to spend on this cutie :) Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated! There are other Pokedolls and figures I'm searching for but alas! I do not want to risk buying anything my secret spring swap person may have gotten for me so I'll hold off on linking my wants post for now :)

To make this post less boring, tell me your absolute favorite Pokemon and why :D Mine is Zoroark and I have no clue why! I had favorites before gen 5, but not an absolute favorite until I saw Zoroark. It was like love at first sight, I had to have one on my team. I was a bit bummed that Zoroark started off as an event Pokemon of sorts, but once I got one I immediately leveled him to 100, gave him an awesome move set, and he became my go to Pokemon. Reshiram is another big favorite of mine as well :) When I saw Reshiram in the game for the first time, I fell in love. I thought he was profoundly beautiful! Gorgeous! Words cannot even begin to describe! So who is your absolute favorite(s) and why!?

Cookie cutter group buy~

I came across these on pokemon center.com but only want the pikachu one, so I thought why not group buy these?? Each cookie cuter will be 7.50 shipped for payment one, and 2.33 shipped for payment 2 which is from me to you for US members! if anyone wants to combine lemme know so I can give you a new total~

since these seem small im willing to try international if you don't mind me shipping it first and then give you the total then ^^ all slots need to be filled if we are going to see this through ^_^ you can also cut your sandwiches with them :D rice even? The possibilities are endless :0 once these hopefully get filled, I'll pm you my paypal address :)

Granted sales permission by allnia 6-11-14

Chespin: sushirisu paid~
Froakie: nasija
Fenniken: kuro_kage_kun-paid~
Did I spell these right?

All claimed thanks guys :D
nasija and squeakaree I sent you both a pm with payment details ^_^

Change of topic! Would this raichu plush be classified as a rolly polly plush? To me he fits that category but am just wondering if I'm right or not

Seeking info: Calling for Japanese TCG collectors

Good evening, guys. I have to confess that I am going like crazy for japanese cards right now. About a week ago I won a lot containing 45 pokemon cards containing a majority of old ex's. I know the worth for some of the cards like gold star's, charizard ex, and articuno, moltres and zapdos ex; but for the others, I do not have an idea how they are typically sold for. I have done my research on eBay but there are not enough cards sold in their archives. I know some of them could be pricey as well but truly I cannot tell because I do not collect them. I am thinking about selling most of the cards I don't collect if they turn out to be relatively cheap. Please, any info would be greatly appreciated since I cannot think of other places turn to for help. I hope this post is not a simple price checking but also for some interesting info to be shared with. So, I can write some stuffs about the cards when they arrive. If you are interested in the price I paid for, please message me in pm. Thank you and wish you a good night!

Pokémon Center Baltimore

Rare plush auctions ending soon!

24 hours remain for my auctions, featuring plush ranging from rare to impossibly rare! Get those bids in while you can!

Feel free to visit my shop, as well--items from the shop and the auctions can be shipped together!

Click each logo to be teleported!

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you're comfortable and warm (or cool if that better suits you)!