February 25th, 2015

Bellossom Lotad & Skitty
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Even more gets.~

Jeeze, everything is coming in the mail at once all in bulk. ;u;
It's so delightful yet aggravating.

I've managed to add most of it to Weebly, but it's been super laggy and won't let me load half of my pages. It keeps giving me an "error, the server is not connected to the internet" popup but everything else works perfectly fine.
Ugh, I just wanna update my collection before I get too many things in and it's overwhelming.

Small issues aside, my newest things are under the cut. :D


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Thanks for looking again.~
Hopefully Weebly stops being so difficult so I can add all of my new pretty things. :3
I haven't ordered very many other things, so you guys don't have to worry about my constant updates for awhile!
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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168 Cards Sale! Rares, Promos, E-Reader, VS Cards! From Base Set to Furious Fists!

✪ My seller feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/growly/
✪ Sales permission grandfathered in
✪ I ship from the USA. I’ll be shipping all cards in small bubble mailers with protection against bending and I’ll ship to any address. If you’d like me to ship them in a regular envelope to save money, I can at your own risk.
✪ First to commit to purchase gets it!
✪ There is a slim possibility I will be iced in this week... hopefully not, but if I am of course that will cause delays to shipping. If this happens, I'll let buyers know.

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hello bag

Plush Comparison + Gets + Question

Hey Guys, I Got The US Tomy plushes of Mudkip and Totodile and I took some pics of them with their Japanese counterparts. Also some cute gets.
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Also, A question I've been meaning to ask the plush collectors. What would be the dream official plush you wish would get made?
For me I really want Noibat and Noivern Pokemon Center plushes, I know they would be all kinds of amazing. I would also love to see New Tomy or Pokemon Center plush for Ivysaur Charmeleon and Wartortle, they always seem to get left out.

Thanks for looking at my post! Til next time.

It´s time for drawing commissions again! ^^

Hello everyone! ^^

So because spring is coming I`m into drawing again xD Love flower themes so much!!
Now I make drawings with black ink and also use a littlebit gold to make it more beautiful.
Of course I made a pic with my favourites - caterpie, metapod & butterfree! <333
It is made on normal paper (not really thick paper, but it could be framed in!).

I would love to draw more of them so I wanna open commissions for you!
Each commission would be basically 9$ total (incl. shipping and all fees).
I can make any pokemon(s) you want, but if theyre much complicated I will go higher with the price!

I will open 5 Slots for now.

1. partywooper
2. cupcakebullets
3. slowwwgirl
4. zorbo17

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013

- my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- PayPal only
- Shipping is without insurance and on your own risk. Please tell me before you buy if you want insurance!
- All prices are in USD
- no backing out of a commission please
- because theyre commissions, they can take more time (up to a week)!

Also, I have made a wantslist now^^ Please take a look!
You can see it in my Lj: http://pikabulbachu.livejournal.com/#post-pikabulbachu-5923

Thank you all for looking&have a nice day!
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Collection weeding sales and offers, plus an important question

Hello everyone,

First I need to ask something important to me. Two week ago I missed two huge kids lot on Yahoo!Japan which both contained a clear Aerodactyl Kid (one of them was a lot of 200 brand new clear kids + a shiny Salamence). It's actually my main Grail research so please if somebody from the community won one of these lot I'd like to buy the clear Aerodactyl from you!

Still in the need to make more space into my room I decided to put some items for sales (sometimes it really broke my heart). There's some things wich used to be from my sides collections and other things I got from buying lots.
I would like to see everything go so please take a look !

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Flann wit her buds.

wants post!

I'm still being a total lazy butt on creating a new collection post (even though it's been yeeears... my goodness), but I come here today with a wants post! not much more to say than that, but if anyone has any of these for sale, please let me know!

...ESPECIALLY THAT ENTEI LOTTERY PLUSH. It is the LAST Entei I need and I've just had no luck over the years finding him! Any help would be greatly appreciated (aka i'd love you forever...)

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 10.44.12 PM
Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 10.44.00 PM

thanks, guys!
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Sylveon/Eevee blanket for sale

I was driving through a different city for work and found an FYE. They had new Pokemon blankets that synysterxskittl posted about.


They are so pretty. And big! It covers my queen size bed. The blanket is more pastel colored, which is perfect!! So soft AHH!


They had 4 there. I bought one and thought I'd offer the other. It'd be $40 before shipping. (retail is $29 after tax, but the store is 45 minutes/60 miles from me. So I have to up it a bit) I have to drive back through tomorrow, so I can try to grab the others for you guys. There should be 2 left! Together we can all own da eevee goodness!! <3

You get a brand new/non opened one!

I also have an unpictured sleepy chespin and an umbreon and flareon mini puzzle for sale.
Other sales here: pokebox xharms, mega tomy, sylveon, etc!