February 26th, 2015

Calling all Painters -looking to commission artist

Hello everyone,

I am looking to hire a artist/artists that can complete some normal/shiny tomy figure repaints. I have a couple of projects in mind so I may hire two or more painters and I know they are going to cost me some money. I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me when it comes to a payment plan. Since I have a couple of projects I am looking for someone who has great panting skills and very good with details. If this is something you are interested please comment below with examples of your work.

*My feedback is located here so you can see I am trustworthy person.

bead sprite commissions!

Perler Bead Sprites

Sales perm granted Aug 2010 by denkimouse
Ships from MD, USA
Will ship anywhere
Domestic shipping is $4 for smalls and mediums, $8 for larges via first class
International shipping $6-9 for smalls to canada/mexico and other countries, $11+ for larges
Paypal only
Work time approx 1 day for smalls, 1-2 days for mediums and up to a week for larges

Smalls 3-5” (menu sprites) $5 flat
Mediums 5-8” $10-15 depending on color complexity
larges 10”-15” (battle encounters) $15-20 depending on actual size and color complexity
XLs 15"+ (biiiig pokemon/final evos) $25-30
will do more than just pokemon! Shinies ok as well. Comment to claim, taking 20 slots!

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Reminder for offers for the TCG

Hi, everyone. Wish everybody is enjoying their day right now. Coz I am going to embrace our spring break after half semester study.

This post sidely serves for the purpose as a reminder for offers for the tcg I obtained.

Tomorrow I will have my overweight box from Japan containing a bunch of rare Pokemon ex cards, flip coins, and a first edition Wargreymon D-arts figure. I feel like making another livestream video coz I am loving it and it will be more easy for me to videotape than to write down something. Also, my toploaders and penny sleeves will join me as well; so all cards I want to put up for offers will be ready to go tomorrow after the livestream. Plus, you can combine them with the items you won offers here.

Here are the cards I am offering
Zapdos 1996 Quick Starter Gift Set Holo No. 145
This one is different from the one from the Vending Machine because the latter is non-Holo and it has a rarity symbol on the lower right corner.

The card is in excellent condition (5/10 in my eyes based on PSA grading standard). It has some white borders and fraying on the upper and lower left corners; the major imperfection would be the wear for the lower left corner on the back of the card.

I am asking for $15 for the lowest offer including FREE shipping.

Also some cool cards for offers
Japanese Manaphy (Holo Rare) $3
Charizard (Legendary Treasures) (Holo Rare) $3
All Reverse's are $1 each
Florges is unavailable

Sales permission from 01/28/2011 by denkimouse
Here goes the feedbacks: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/

Will upload feedback in a minute coz I am typing on the phone right now.

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Sorry, Charizard is actually from the Mega Charizard X Collection Box. It is a promo card and has a different design of holographic from the other one from the Legendary Treasures (LT). Here is the comparison for the two cards.

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Artificial light's impact on figures ?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently setting my collection up for a big collection update post ! The problem is, my Eevee shelf is placed roughly 60 centimeters ( 23 inches ) under a source of bright artificial light. I was afraid it could do damage to them... Do you think it could ? Thank you.
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Help me replace my Vaporeon kids and figures!

So alas, tragedy has fallen upon my vaporeon collection. I have recently moved in with a friend of mine who has a dog...and said dog decided that since his toys were taken away, he was guna go after my vappies. The casualties were great...and many figures are still missing. Mainly just variants of the original tomy vaporeon figure.


I have found a few of these items on ebay still thankfully...but most of the kids are not listed anywhere. If anybody is willing to part with or have any that they don't mind selling to me please let me know! And how much. My lil heart is broken. ;;

I am also missing the flat colored version of this figure (on the right. This is a pkmncollectors photo, please let me know if you want it removed!)

As well as this precious tiny child...I assume it is in the dogs system now. :c

I appreciate any help at all. I must have my collection back to its full glory before the attack of the titan dog. Needless to say, my collection is now sitting at the HIGHEST shelf I have.

✿ Zigzagoon/Linoone Collection Help! And Anime Boston PKMNCollectors Meetup? ✿

Hello Everyone! >w<

I come to you today needing some ziggy and noony help!
I know that this line is a challenging one to collect due to the rare-ness of most items, but i am dead set on knowing about all of the different items for this line! I want to know if there is anything that i do not have either already, or listed in my wants post! I plan to collect as much as i can for this line!
Please if you have any information on zig line items, tell me all! If you have any collection photos or websites you'd like to share, i would like that a lot! :D
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Please click on this photo of my grail to see the items i already know about in my wants list!(Or if you'd like to sell them to me haha) Also, as if i need to even say it, i am still hunting for my dear ziggy grail and would very much appreciate any help in finding it!! <3
Precious little raccoon friend. Someday i may have you! <3

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Also, i still have a lot of lamincards for sale here, and other items still in my Ebay sales! I'll be listing more stickers and things next week sometime. c:

Thank you all for looking! :D <3 Let me know if you have any information for me!

CLEARANCE SALES! Most items 50% off! 50 cent Tomys! Free Pokemon Kids with Purchase!

Hey guys! Long story short, I posted these items a week ago and sold off quite a few things. However, I really, really want this stuff gone. It is taking up a ton of space in my cramped house (that I share with four other people) and I really need the money. So, I have reduced all of the prices by a large amount. ANY REASONABLE OFFER WILL NOT BE REFUSED!!!

I also feel like I owe an apology. This week was the week that technology died. My phone broke and my computer got a virus, so I realize that communicating with me was very difficult. If you commented on my post and I never responded, this is why. I only had access to a computer when I was on campus, which was at very bizarre hours. So, in order to make it up to you, I offer you discounted pokemon items. :)
I received sales permission on November 6, 2014 from Entirelycliched. My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/a_flockofmarins/

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Are these Lugia and Ho Oh Pokedoll Plushies bootlegs?

Hello everyone!
Today I am here to ask a question about two plushies I recently found online, though I'm really worried that they might be bootlegs. :'(

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I have been trying to find a Ho Oh and Lugia pokedoll at a good price for a while now, so if anyone can help me with this situation, I would really appreciate it!!! :D

Thanks a ton, and I hope you have a great day/evening! :D

Custom Plushie Tips?

Hi! I don't post here much (busy with college), but I am starting to make a custom plushie as a side project. I was wondering to any of you who have experience making plushies what kind of material you guys use?

I'm using minky to make my first one, but I'm wanting to know what is a good material for inner stuffing and stiff material for ears, tails, smaller joints that need to perk up. I'd greatly appreciate the tips! :)
PitaPoke train

Custom cookie charm auctions!


I've been entertaining new ideas for my clay charms, and today I bring you Pokémon cookie charms! Each charm has a textured and tonal 'biscuit' base, topped with layers of 'icing' to make up the Pokémon's face (the art I used is based on Battle Trozei official art), which are then varnished - leaving the cookie base matte. Each cookie also has beads in selected areas to mimic edible ones!

The auction will be for two pre-made charms, as well as one custom slot. Take a look under the cut for pictures, and closeups of the detail.



★ I ship from a pet friendly home in the UK to anywhere in the world!
★ PKMNCollectors sales permission granted 15/3/2013 by allinia.
★ Feedback can be found here.
★ No sniping! Bid in incements of at least $1.
★ I accept PayPal as preferred payment method.
★ Currently accepting trades/partial trades - my wishlist can be found here!
★ Auctions end Friday 6th March, 11:00pm GMT (UK time, if the time zone is wrong please correct me!)
★ Cookies are approximately 1-2 inches in size.
★ Heliolisk cookie serves as an additional example and is not up for auction.
★ Pre-made cookies start at $10 each, and the custom slot begins at $15.

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This isn't my usual style of charms, so get them while you can! Thanks for looking, and good luck if you decide to bid!
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