February 27th, 2015

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Pokedoll Auction Reminder

Hi everyone! Just posting a quick reminder that my Pokedoll auctions end today, in less than 8 hours (at 5 PM EST).

If you didn't see the original post, I have auctions running for 52 different Pokedolls on my journal! There's also an Emboar PC plush that snuck in before I realized I had enough Pokedolls for a whole post. Most of them are made of minky and have Japanese tags. Many are still at or close to the start price of $10.

Pokedoll Pokemon Plush

Click here to go see!

Have a great day!


The Grail Box Arrived! Streaming on Bambuser

Hello, everyone! Hope you have warmer weather today coz we just have a little bit of snow AGAIN in Philadelphia area. After a morning mock interview, I header to the post office to pick up my HOLY GRAIL box containing all the japanese trading cards I purchased over the last month as well as a first edition Wargreymon D-arts figure (off-topic warning!)

In the video I am gonna show you guys the opening of the box as well as the fabulous 45-card lot. Feel free to drop by and comment during the streaming. I am gonna list the cards for sale later today.

So...Let's get started!

Here is a link to the streaming!

STREAMING IS OVER! But you can still go to the link above to see the video again if you don't hate me. lol

Thank you for anyone who got a chance to stop by and watched the streaming!

Now I am gonna show you the pictures I just took after sorting out the ones with near mint taste (cannot stop laughing at this joke posted on the facebook group) and the ones that have seen better days.

I am not sure about what cards I am gonna offer at this moment so any pieces of info or comment will be greatly appreciated. For this time, they are only for collection. Yes, for this time... haha!



Looking to buy two sets of figures: pikachu ippai 1 and eeveelution ippai with both sylveons (or at least the laying down version). Figures must be mint, and I would prefer that they have their paper inserts but may buy them without. I'm located in the US (44313) so if you have a set available please let me know a shipped total ^^
I'm also on yja, but haven't had any luck finding either - only the set two pikas seem to be up for auction, and only one set of eevees, which is blocked by my deputy. So either links or sales would be much appreciated :D

and I guess I'll add: wouldn't mind picking up the set of 5 goomy promo figures if anyone happens to have them..
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Offers and sales reminder!

Hello there guys!
I just wanted to post a reminder of my weeding collections, I have a lot of rare items up for offers, like mirage plush, Raichu line zukan, Canvas plushies, Pikachu furin bells and tons of other things! I also have a lot of things up for sale from my own Charmander collection!

Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the offers and sales thread!

Thank you so much!

my mom's collection?! + japan/other stuff questions

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a nice winter holiday. ^-^

All the stuff's under the cuts as usual, to prevent unnecessary clutter ><

I am also putting together a gets post, but I kind of want to wait until everything that I ordered has arrived ^^;

Also, these pictures are a little outdated (they don't have the stuff that I recently got from the comm in them, but please bear with me!

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Thanks for reading ^-^

- Ninfia
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Life Size Goomy Plush on Sunyshore?

Hey all!

The Life Size Goomy has been out of stock for quite a while now. Almost a month.

I'm just wondering when they will be restocked as I badly need one! It's just so adorable (^o^)

They are ridiculously overpriced on ebay and pokevault. Sunyshore is the only place which has them for a good price.

I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not, so I apologize if it is, and I will understand if this post gets deleted.
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Umbreon & Espeon Collection + Sales Reminder

Hi all! I haven't posted a collection update in a while, but I realized I haven't had a chance to show off a few of my Umbreon/Espeon pair items, so I decided to feature all of them here and save the big collection post for next time. :D Below is a preview pic, but you can cut to the close-up pictures and the story if you're interested. ^^ Of course, I can't help but advertise my sales post on the bottom as well!

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Possible mirages? or NOT? :>

Hello there!

EDIT: Thank you all for responses! The're really helpful, now we know that:
#1 - Charmander - (probably) he's mirage
#2 - Charmander - (probably) he's mirage
#3 - Charmander - Official (!!!) plush made by Play by Play

#4 - Pikachu - probably just bootleg

#5 - Squritle - (probably) he's mirage - I just bought him - I will post better pics in my gets post soon ^-^

#6 - Magmar - Official plush made by Play by Play

Few days ago I've been reading the PKMNcollectors' article about mirage plushies and I thought that I might
check polish auction service and see if I can find any of those.

So after few minutes I found few plushies that are looking... ehm... really weird ^-^
I thought that I will share my finds with you*! And also I wanted to ask you if you think that these are mirages or just bootlegs?
*If that type of post is not allowed - I'm sorry! I didn't find any information about it u_u

Here's a little sneak-peak (:D):

You'll find pictures here! (click on pictures to enlarge them)
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Let me know what do you think guys!
Best wishes!

Custom Ninetales sale + Want

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I made this plush the other day to use up some small scraps of fabric I had and thought I'd see if anyone here would like to give it a home!
This Shiny Ninetales is only about 4 inches tall, and is entirely hand sewn/embroidered. It is made from white minky fabric, with a faux fur mane~

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I also have one quick want for the moment, the Natu and Xatu pokedex charms

(pic is not mine, if it belongs to you and you would like it removed, just let me know!)

Wants - help me out please!

Hey everyone. I've been lurking for a while now and figured I'd make a quick wants post. I am looking for japanese tcg coins. Pretty much all of the older ones as I only have 2 as of now.

My TOP priority coin is the Imakuni ' s doduo coin which I am offering up to $75(depending on condition) with immediate payment.

Let me know if you guys have any coins, thanks and have a nice weekend!!

Recent gets and mini-grail get!

Hey guys I am sorry for posting so soon but I am so excited about these gets that I simply had to post them!Collapse )

Phew that is alot... I leave you with a want. I am after the Flygon evolution line from Primal clash. ( I got Primal Groudon EX and Kyogre EX bur NO FLYGON! If anyone has one to trade can you give me a bell. In exchange, if you want any cards for your collection I will see what I can find. I have quite a few ones that I don't want.
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Mini Bulbasaur Pokedoll? Second-Hand Finds!

I do a lot of thrift shopping, and typically do find a pokemon item or two every once in a while, but usually nothing spectacular. I did find something a little above average today, though...

A hasbro ivysaur and what appears to be a mini bulbasaur pokedoll!
It's a little too small to be a regular 'doll. The tush tag says it's from 2004. He's about 5" tall and 4.5" wide.
It still crossed my mind that it could be a bootleg, though.. what do you guys think?


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What's the best pokemon thing you've found while thrifting?