February 28th, 2015

  • giantha

Wants list!

Hello there. I would like to post about some of my wants, and see if anyone has seen any of them around lately!

The first one is this Charizard Y poncho thing!

The second would be a Velboa Charizard Plush that I unfortunately have had a lot of trouble finding a picture of. I think this might be it!

And the third would be this Charizard Charcoal mug that they used to sell at the pokemoncenter.com website!

Thank you if you have any information on any of these~

Wants and a look at my larviline :O

Hello everyone :O Today i am asking if anyone has the Tyranitar Chuppas up for sale, They are my absolute favorite of the tyranitar figures and i would really love to have them in my collection!! i am also after larvitar Metal figures and any other figures that arent pictured bellow in my collection!!
Also after larvitar post cards, clear files featuring the line (main priority is the 2011 sugimori set clear file) any flats, and Dice featuring Mega tyranitar!

**Also looking for MWT PC Tyrunt Plush and Japanese Tomy Tyrunt plush, and any tyrunt figures, would prefer to buy figures in a lot**

Please let me know if you are selling any of these or anything i dont have! but non-flat items are priority :D
Now onto the more interesting part (:

My Larviline <3
Super Image Heavy!!
Has pics of my figures, plush, flats and Display (:
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Sylveon Puzzle and Alphabet Cards AUCTION + NEW SUPER SALES!

Hello everyone!
I come here today with very very special items to auction and sell!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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The auction for the items below will end on 03/05/15 @ 10:00 PM (Pacific Time)

I have a MIP 60 Pieces Sylveon Puzzle
Starting @ 12


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Straight Sales!

Sylveon TCG - $3.5
Fennekin TCG Coin - $3
Pencil featuring Sylveon, Gogoat, Dedenne - $3 each
other pencil - $1 each


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Please do not bid/comment until this statement is crossed off!!!
You may bid/ buy now!!

Thank you so much for reading!
  • charelp

New Gets and finished Groudon Tattoo :)

Hello there :)

I got some cool new figures and an awesome Groudon Artwork. In addition, my Groudon Tattoo is finished ;D

Let´s start of course with the Groudon stuff.

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I hope you like what you saw. If you have any questions or whatsoever, feel free to comment. :)

Have a nice day

Rare item giveaways, offers, and auctions!!

UPDATE 3/14/15: All items that have been paid for will be shipped out on Monday! Everything is packed and ready; just need to wait for the post office to open! Sorry for the wait!
UPDATE 3/18/15: All items were shipped out Monday! Unless it was shipped as a flat, the tracking info should be in Paypal! :)


With Nintendo getting into the merch game in a bigger and bigger fashion each year I had to really sit down and try to weed down my Pokemon collection a little because I have no space to put everything :( And though it was kind of tough to let some of these go, today I bring you a big post with a bunch of free things and close to free things! As well as some Pokemon Time strap auctions including Slowpoke, Misdreavus, and Politoed straps! There's a lot more than what's in the preview pic so click the cuts to find out! :)

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Also shameless plug for sales! Still have an anime song CD and a couple of cheap zukan for sale!

Please no comments until this line is crossed out! All done!
  • miss10

Happy (belated) Birthday to me and Pokemon! + Small Quick Sales!

Hello peeps! I hope you all are doing well!

I definitely am and yesterday too because it was both my birthday AND Pokemon's! 83

And to have fun, I have some pics and a general Pokemon question. The question is "How long has Pokemon stuck with you throughout the years?" And here are the bday pics I took XD

"Yum yum, free birthday coffee! <3"

"Hello #001, I'm #151, nice to meet ya! =3"

How fun yesterday was! Also, I have some small sales =P

-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.
-I ship from Florida, USA. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US, obviously ^^;
-I am not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped and out of my hands.
-I live in a smoke-free, cat-friendly home. My cat does not go near my collection but if you have allergies, please be wary about purchasing.
-Not interested in trades at the moment, sorry. ^^;

Pilowswine, Geodude, and Rhyperior are all clear Kids. Each are $3 + shipping.

The Pichu in the box is a Tomy electronic talking figure. I'm asking $25 shipped OBO in the USA (more if international) for it as it's still in the original box, but not mint as it has been opened (not by me). It will also have to be shipped in a box.

And that's it! Thanks for looking! =3
Shinx pmd

update thing

Hello there. It is I, PurpleShinx. I haven't been very active on here. Sorry about that.
So... I collect a lot of Pokémon (11? I think?) but most of my collections are pretty small. Still, here they are. I've been in this community for two years now, which is pretty hard to believe. Time sure does fly.Collapse )

I really hope to be more active on this fantastic community soon! However, I can't promise anything. :c
  • jr890

Sales Post

Hi guys I have some stuff I am trying to get rid of, so I have lowered down the prices on most of the items. Shipping and Sales Permission info located in that post. Feel free to browse and let me know if you are interested.  :)

You can click here, or on the picture to go to the sales page.

jaydee's Kids Store February End Update

Hey Everybody!

So today is the final day of February and as such I just wanted to leave a quick reminder to everybody about the promotions going on for the final day of the month.

There are still 2 FREE SHIPPING slots available on orders over 50$. As a little bonus, any order over 50$ commented by the end of today will also receive FREE SHIPPING. I probably won't be offering the same next month, so put your orders in today before its over :)

There have been 18 orders placed this month, and as such I will be posting later in the week the winner of the Pokedoll raffle. If another 12 orders are put in tonight, I will be raffling off TWO Pokedolls, one of which is a Charizard Pokedoll <3


These are the newest kids that were added last week to the store, there are still a few left so get them while you can! Also have a large selection or over 5000 Kids available, so please come on over and take a look :D

As always click below or on this link to go there: Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Feel free to ask away, questions are always welcome!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off
pokemon, innerlines

Just a quick question about Yahoo! Japan

Hello again everyone!

I'm still quite new to the community, so I'm really inexperienced when it comes to how sites like Yahoo! Japan work.
I have read the extremely helpful post that someone in the community made about Yahoo! Japan, but it didn't answer one very important question that I have.

So the question is, if I were to buy something from Yahoo! Japan, would the seller ship internationally? And if not, what would be my next step/plan of action?

But...yes! If anyone can help me on this matter I would extremely appreciate it!
Thank you very much and have a good day/evening~

Small Weather Gets!

Hello! I've recently aquired a box from SMJ with several pokedoll related stuff, and more that i'd love to share with you all!


What is that, I spy?

SALES ARE HERE: http://yellowmudkip.livejournal.com/27901.html

Next shipping date is Tuesday!

Recently Updated: http://mypokedolls.weebly.com/index.html

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Charizard: Oriental flare
  • aarux

Some quick and small sales

Hello, everyone! I'm here with some quick, super small sales. These are leftover TOMY figures I recently got from Japan. All prices are negotiable.

Anything you order here may be combined with items from *my last sales post* or *sketch commissions post*, too! Just click on the text to see the posts.
(I'm currently working on sketch orders, by the way, for any of you commissioners that read this! I hope to finish them this weekend <3)

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  • kmw13

Re-Introduction + Want

Hey guys! I joined here about a year and a half ago, but due to school and other issues I haven't been able to be active on here. My name is Kaylee, and I've been a part of the Pokemon fandom for as long as I can remember. My first ever Pokemon game was Gold version, and my favorite pokemon are Absol, Lucario, Eevee, Meowstic, Keldeo, Pikachu, Metagross, Sylveon, and Rayquaza. Currently I don't collect any particular Pokemon due to money restraints, so I usually just buy merch of random Pokemon I like whenever I see something that catches my eye. Normally I would post pics of my collection, but we recently had our floor redone so all my stuff had to be taken out of my room for the time being and is in boxes right now. I should be able to get everything set back up soon, hopefully.

And also I've been looking to buy the Pokemon Center Resolute Form Keldeo plush. I would prefer it with tags if possible, but if it at least has its tush tag I suppose i'd be fine with that. :)
(Picture is not mine, found through google)

I suppose thats all for now, thanks. :)
  • vsern


Hi fellow pokemon merchandise enthusiasts , i'm new here and was just granted permission to join this community. I'm from kuala lumpur, Malaysia but have recently moved to the United States for studies. i would like to share some of my collection back home , which i was reluctant to leave behind when i came to USA :(

The focus of my collection is charizard, the legendary beasts, arcanine/ growlithe and most legendaries. my collection ranges from figures, to plushies , keychain , pins and daily use items like bags , pens and clothes etc. here are photos of some of my collection. it's not much but i am very proud happy with them. hopefully one day i will be able to own some really rare grails like some lucky people in this community. cheers :)
above is my pikazard collection. i absolutely adore pikazards!

rsz_1img_2602 (1)

And above is my most recent and first arrival to the US from japan. i'm very happy to finally be able to own the 2013 takaratomy best wishes charizard plush. even though it is without its tag, it is nevertheless in very good condition. together with it is the pikazard poncho, the pikazard gashapon figure set, the kyogre edition new 3ds and a few other small things.
looking forward to the next parcel arrival which contains one of my most anticipated items yet. stay tuned and nice to meet you all :D

Lucario Pokedoll charm

Well car needed $365 in work done so parting with my Lucario Pokedoll charm because I'm now broke. I do not even want to think about parting with any of my Pokedolls. Someone would have to be dying lol. I don't know how some of you guys do it.

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012

$40 OBO shipped in the US. He also comes with the metal loop.


I also made these cute felty kanto buddies. The person I made them for could no longer pay. $18 each shipped in US. And for those interested in commissions, I'm waiting on my felt order from China to come (so it'll be a wait) but I will be taking commissions in the future.