March 1st, 2015


Peru cereal figure auctions, sales and reminder

Oh my goodness I have so much to catch up on. I got so many items in the mail lately. So that means I have a lot to sell as well!
First things first...reminder for the Sylveon/Eevee blanket and Vulpix peru figure.

I also have all new sales with tons added!! I ship fast so if you still need to get something for your spring swap partner I can ship Monday!!
I am so broke right now


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UPDATED 2/27/15
Click the images for bigger photos

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Peru cereal figures auctions. Very rare!

I bought this giant set for one thing...ONE! Wanna see it?
Meowth that's right! An eevee! I still need the other pose ;_____; I now have almost 40 to sell.
I have no idea the value of these guys. So all start at $10. Except for the lesser popular ones (like that pink squating Ash...what in the world?! You are embarrassing me!) they will start at $2. Feel free to make offers on these since I do not know the worth and don't want to rip anyone off or get shafted myself. I spent more than I will ever make back or care to admit. I just want them out of my room xD
Click the image for a full size image.



I will accept offers until Friday at 5. Here is a countdown.
Sniper no sniping
Payment is due within 3 days of auctions end unless payment plan or other arrangements are made before hand.
I ship anywhere.
All community rules apply! No deleting bids, being mean or refusing to pay. This will get you banned and a negative feedback.

Randommmmm (=゚ω゚)ノ

hey guys... So yeah I was wondering do you clean your Pokedolls and if so how?

Wants list:
Froakie (tomy figure) I feel so uncomplete not having it lol
Fletchling (tomy figure) it's so cute and one of my fav flying types..
Vivillion (tomy figure) so pretty
Mawile (ippai figure) soooo adorable
Whimscott (ippai figure) soooo cute
New torchic (sleeping figure) I really want one so bad
Buterfree (tomy figure)
Pidgeotto (tomy figure)
Inkay (tomy figure)

Does pumpkaboo have a tomy figure? :o

Also this may sound dumb but I forgot how to post pics on here :p and to use the cut thing correctly how do you do it again? (≧∇≦)

What pokemon have not received a tomy figure? :o

US buyer looking for a UK middleman!

Hello! I hope these posts are allowed. I've seen them before so I think they are. If not, I'm sorry! ^^;

Anyway, I live in the US but am really wanting to purchase something from a seller in the UK, but they only ship to the UK. So I was wondering of anyone here would be willing to be the middleman and have the package shipped to them, and then ship it to me? I would of course pay for shipping and I'd even be willing to give ya a few extra dollars for your help. :)

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll message you the details! Or if you know of a website that offers this kind of service in the UK to the US! Thanks a ton! ^_^

Shiny Shiny GA Payment 2

Hey everyone! The Shiny Shiny Keychain lot is in, so Payment 2 time.

We raied about $16 in extra sales, so rather than trying to figure out how to apply that to cover the domestic shipping in Japan I had mentioned, I decided to just cover that myself and split the raised money amongst the participants for discounted shipping from me to you! (There were 15 participants, so everyone gets a dollar off, except myself. I will keep $2 since I covered the shipping charges in Japan rather than add that amount onto your Payment 2.)

What to Pay if you were a GA participant:

Please send $2.50 if you are in the US, otherwise send $7 if you are International to colette.wheeless[@] and LIST ALL THE KEYCHAINS YOU WON.

mcmc11 sarynplasmagalepeeche00 pepperzark o_0digitizdx_x viaticvenusaurmewisme700loveespeonhollyasevenx feraligroggles yellow_fr3ak chespintortoises salamence646

If you purchased extras, here are your totals.

(Shipping is $3.50 in the US, $8 if internatioal. EXAMPLE - if your keychains were $4.43 and you're in the US, please add $3.50 to your total and send $7.93):

Shipping = $3.50 in the US, $8 International

Meowth, Sentret - nadoki65 ($4.43 + Shipping)
Delibird 2 - chespin ($2.37 + Shipping)
Skiploom 1, Jumpluff 1, Quilfish, Mantine - kittay752 ($8.55 + Shipping)
Metapod - pikabulbachu ($2.37 + Shipping)

Link to Payment 1, if for some reason you need to reference that.


Thank you all for participating! :)

Old school ex cards up for offers

Hello, comrades. Today I am back and finally decide to sell all of the cards I got because the cards I want turn out to be in a not great condition. These are up for offers and I also list them on three Facebook groups that buy and sell cards. So, I would update any cards with competitive offers as soon as I can. The cards in the first two pictures are in near mint conditions, and the ones in the last two pictures are below excellent. For card condition, you can check this webpage:

Sales permission from01/28/2011 bydenkimouse

  • I ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Shipping for a couple of cards will be $2 flat and include pp fees

  • I can ship worldwide but shipping will cost more. Comment and I can check the current rate for you

  • Serious buyer only. Commited and retracting offer later will be banned from my future sales and negative feedback will be left.

  • Please ask questions before committing

If you think I have missed something important, please let me know.

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Wants post!

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, just haven't had time XD This is a work in progress so these aren't all the things I want ^_^ If you have any other Buizel/ Lucario/ Riolu / Shinx / Emolga / Minccino items, let me know!

If any of these pictures are yours, and you want me to take them down / give you credit, just let me know, I'm more than happy to do so!

Also, for these, name your price. I may have put a price on one or two items for I have seen them at that price. Feel free to correct me! Shipping is to London, UK. I'd prefer to buy a lot of items from the same person, but I don't mind!

Onto the stuffs! :D

Warning, Image heavy!

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Thank you everybody!! :D

A room full of plushies!

Hello all!

So I recently moved out of my mom's and into my own apartment! *pats back*
Obviously, I couldn't leave ONE piece of my collection at home, so I took them all with me xD I actually had some time to get all my babies out of their boxes and bags and set them up properly. My new place has this small alcove room that's super cute and I thought I could make it into my little office space/pokemon plushy paradise :3 Since I'm still waiting on shelves (and a whole bunch of other pieces of furnature at that) , They're all chillin' on the floor right now.

But I figured since I'm so obsessed with this new room, I would share some pics with you guys! Sorry for the small pictures, for some reason my camera hates me today ><

Let's go inside, shall we ;3


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In other news, I'm kinda in a buying mood xP so let me know if you have any of the lovelies on my wants list:

Thanks for viewing!! xx

Desperately Seeking Slurpuff!

I've been waiting since the release of X and Y for a Slurpuff Plush to appear, and I've heard on this very comm that that plush finally exists:

I might be being impatient, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Animeraro has it in their preorders section, but their site doesn't seem to have updated in quite a while. If anyone here has one they are willing to sell, please give me a heads-up!  Thank you!

Wanted! Espurr Wanted Goods and Shiny Chikorita

Hello, everyone! I'm seeking a couple of items today. I'm not too sure how much I should expect to pay for these, as I've only really seen them on eBay where the prices are very inflated. Anyways, here are the items that I'm seeking today! Thank you!

Pokemon Center WANTED Beret
Shiny Hasbro Chikorita figure
Espurr WANTED 2 way bag
By the way, sorry if the Chikorita picture belongs to you. It was the best one I could find. If you'd like it removed, then please let me know and I'll remove it immediately. Thanks!

21 plush i want b4 i turn 21

I have 21 plushie that I have on this list I got most of them X) thanks o you guys now what's left =D
1. ho-oh pokedoll
2. obtained
3. Kelcean ufo
4. Reshram pokedoll
5. Emoga
6. snivy
7. grass rotom
8. stirttomb
9. volcarona
10. Kangaskhan plush
11. Kangaskhan mega plush
12 obtained
13. Rayquaza mega shiny obdered
14 shoomish
16. one of the teos pokedolls like the birds or weather teo extra
17-21 obtained
22. shiny kelcean in my game X)

custom nendoroid slot!!!! -close!

I had stated in an earlier post that I would be opening slots for a custom nendoroid. Well its that time! This is my WIP of my Steven Stone nendoroid. (He may be up for sale, but only when I am finished. I am doing this when I feel like it, and I do not want to be rushed. It still needs to be finished sculpting and the painted over. Though you may express interest in buying him if you want to, but this will no way be considered a commitment.)

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You can see how the nendoroid is almost exactly like the real thing, it is the same size too! This time it will be one slot and will be started being made next week. (I have a sculpt and a plush to finish in the mean time)

You may ask for quotes too! I l'd love to give quotes (without shipping) to see what people are interested in! It is not a commitment until you say, "committed" (or any other form of the word) I may also choose not to accept it if it is too complicated. (I'm looking to finish this in about a week, so anything wacky or gravity defying isn't something I'll do).

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All nendoroids will be ooak (I will not make the same character again. So if you want multiple heads, you have to get them in the same order.)
*there may be a few that won't be, but the extras would be for me and not for sale.

these take about 2 weeks to make!

I am doing pokemon trainers or oc characters only thanks!

Sick + Weather = Late shipping

Hello everyone! This post concerns everyone with coins. I recently contracted acute bronchitis and have been mostly bedridden for the past week D: I've been slowly getting better but with my sick and the weather I haven't been able to make it to the PO ; -; I hope to get them out as soon as possible and I will let everyone know when I do! Super sorry for this delay ; -;
Also...I attained my holy grail and I cannot believe that it will soon be on its way!! Many pictures and a story shall ensue when it is finally in my hands! :D
Have a wonderful day!