March 5th, 2015

translator needed

Hello All,

Sorry for posting to soon but I have the following items pre ordered from HLJ and I want to make sure I don't waste money on theses box sets if there is no figure included. Since I can read Chinese or Japanese can someone translate the photos for me?

alt="tkt49306box" title="tkt49306box">
Are the three figures shown pearly???

Is this a new pose of pikachu?

alt="tkt49309box" title="tkt49309box">
Is this a normal hypersize arceus?

About International Shipping + Wanted + Collector Chest Packs Opening + Quick Collection Update

I don't know if everyone knows this trick from the beginning, but I can track an international package for just paying for first class mail rate in my situation. If you have purchased the international postage online at which you cannot do at paypal, you would find a label number that usually starts with capital letter "L". Then, if you enter that label number a couple of days after the mail is handed over to the mailing buddy, you will find the package is enroute and a detailed scan history will appear. Here are two screenshots for the packages I sent to Austria and Finland respectively. So, why bother yourself with worriedness if your package will arrive at the buyer's place? Go tracked online today!



I just emailed Collector's Cache and told me that the listing on their website is a misplacement and they cannot locate it in the inventory. Oh, well so they really do this quite often based on the reviews I get from Virbank. So, I want this card so badly to complete my collection for the Legendary Bird Trio. I know there is a mint one on y!j but the price is 10,000 yen, and I wish to get a mint or near mint-mint with 1ED symbol (lower-left) under $80. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Many thanks!

What I just said? No live streaming? IMPOSSIBLE!
I just arrived home after shopping with my roommate, and I saw this lying at the front door. So, it is again the time for slashing some packs open!

Thank you, glitterzookas!
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Here is the link to the live streaming:

But you can still visit the webpage to see the video.

Here are the RH, Holo, and a Hawlucha EX I just pulled from these five packs:
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Hello, comrades. I am not gonna make a live streaming for these gets so I am just showing you the pictures.

First, I got this Espeon Pokebox Coin during the first giveaway by jheila. It is heavier than I expect it to be and the cravings are so well-made that it has a very strong stereoscopic effect. Thank you for your generosity!
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Second are the cards I trade for from jessyistired. Perhaps it is due to my misunderstanding but I thought it was a trade of my japanese manaphy card for the noivern only, but she just sent me both dragons. I like dragon types due to the influence of the Elite Four, Wataru in Pokemon Manga Special Series, and is always a big fan of the flying types; though you may argue that flygon is dragon + ground. lol

More than that, she also sent me a bunch of online codes which I have already out of the game. So anyone who is interested in these codes, comment below and I can either type or send you in a mail. I think I have 13 Furious Fists, 5 Phantom Forces, and 1 Primal Clash for $6 before shipping

I got my sales permission on 01/28/2011 by denkimouse
My feedback is:
I ship from Philadelphia, PA
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At the end of this post is a shameless bump for my offering on the old school Pokemon ex cards in Japanese. There are still plenty of leftovers and I am open to haggles at this time if you buy more than 1 card from me. Here is a quick preview of the cards and you can click on any of them to be transferred to the original post.
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Thank you for your reading and have a nice day!

Huge number of gets!

Sooo I took pics for a collection update, but then I realized I also wanted to show some awesome gets I got recently. As my post grew longer and longer and longer I realized I should just post my collection update tomorrow and do the gets today. :'D I am very excited for the update though, it will be my first whole collection update aside from when I joined!

My phone's autofocus doesn't really work right so sorry that 90% of these photos are blurry, ugh.

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Oh but I have a small question for everyone also - we're going to be moving soon (hence why I'm doing the collection update soon, it won't look like that soon as I start to pack up and make the house look nice), but I'm a bit worried about my figures. Especially my Kids collection since they get marked up so easily. Is there an ideal way to pack them up other than putting bubble wrap everywhere?

Oh and plush advice as well, everything has to be put away today now. My shelves are going to be so empty, sigh.

giveaways and auctions reminder!

Just a quick reminder that my giveaways and auctions end on Saturday!

There are quite a few free items that are still unclaimed and a bunch of the Pokemon Time straps and Pokepark Taiwan flats are still without bids or at starting price! And that's including rare items like the Misdreavus and Politoed Pokemon Time straps!

Click the picture to go!


shiny mega rayquaza

hewwo i know it comes out soon and im about to order from sunnyshore since its cheaper than my ebay person. but i gots question

1. how long should it take i know its only her doing the pick ups and i feel like this plush will be cracray wanted

also if i dont buy from there does anyone know ebay or someone here i could get one from?
another also, im still looking to get the 60 cm subby plush to complete the family. if anyone has anyway to help me get one please feel free to pm me
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Shiny Kids Auctions and Sales

Hey Everybody!



The following kids figures will be up for auction:

photo 1 (3)
photo 2 (2)

That's right everybody, Shiny Kids are here! <3 These are the first I've been able to bring to the community, but as usual I will look for more if they ever come up. I've found that it is incredibly hard to find these guys in lots, so I;m glad to finally be able to get some duplicates to offer to all of you :)

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And also here is a link to my store, where many more kids can be found a great prices :)

Growlithe Plush Collection!! <3

'Sup, poke-nerds? :P
Not sure how many of you know this, but Growlithe is my all-time favorite Pokemon! It recently got its third official plush released (fourth if you count the Mirage plush), and because of that, I've become inspired to make a post showing off all of my Growlithe plushies! :3

Here is a group shot:
2015-03-05 16.57.51
All of my Growlithe plushies wear a blue "collar" of sorts, even if that "collar" is just a ribbon. Each one has a different collar!
I like to think of them as different versions of my in-game Growlithe from Fire Red named "Penny." She's the one who started my love for Growlithe. <3

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Swirlix love

Tracking Not Found?

Hi! I'm posting on behalf of my sister, cause she's really worried about this but doesn't want to post two days in a row.

She mailed her package over a week ago, and the tracking number she got for it is still saying "NOT FOUND" on the usps website. This was a pretty important package (secret swap gifts) so she's slightly terrified something bad happened to it. Can anyone help and give confirmation that packages still arrive after this, and this happens from time to time?
Another thing is that it was supposed to be delivered about a week ago, and now we don't have any way of knowing whether or not it arrived. Given the fact that she didn't get any messages about it and didn't see a post, she's assuming it never made it to her partner :o

Aside from that, I just ordered a follylolly Mew plush with birthday money :D I can't wait to finally have a beanie Mew <3

pokemon: mamo!

Monthly Pikachu Plushies are back!

Just as the title says, the Pokemon Center is doing Monthly Pikachu plush again! From March 2015 to March 2016, a new Pikachu plush will be released!

April is Freshman Pikachu! The literal Japanese term they used was 'Freshers', which they describe not only as freshmen in college, but also people new to companies and so on and so forth.

Either way he's ADORABLE!!

We stocked him here!