March 6th, 2015


Sorry for the delay!! Winners have been chosen~

This is my first givaway and I hope to do more in the future so thanks for letting me test this out~ I was a little nervous but now I'm glad I did this even if the prizes are small~ under the cut are the winners~

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So after today's episode, I really, REALLY want to see what wobbuffet merch is out there, would anyone mind sharing photos of theirs? Wobba~ >~<7

I remember there being like a wobbuffet hooded towel or something like that as a game center prize :D

Edit: new banpresto merch!
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Wants Post! (I have a new grail now)

Hey guys, right now I am on the hunt for a few items, most of which being reversible pokemon plush. The ones I am looking for are older and stand about three inches tall. I believe they are from the hasbro quick release line. Below the cut are some sample picks. I wound love to have raichu and gengar but am looking for pretty much anything from this line.
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I would also love to have this charm. I have no idea what the price would be and don't want to spend a ton, so if you have a used one without tags I would be fine buying that.

Now to my question. I have distinct memories of having a toy plush that was a pikachu that could be reversed into a raichu it was like of the earlier pikachu to pokeball plushies, but instead of a pokeball it was a raichu. I've tried to find information on it but came up empty. Does anyone remember this? Or, are you selling one. If you know where I could buy one, I would love to purchase it.

So apparently, the pikachu reversible plush that turns into raichu does exist. It's a KFC toy released in English speaking Asian countries in 1999. It is now officially at grail status. Please let me know if anyone is selling one!

And finally, as always, I am looking for the feraligatr minicot figure, as well as typhlosion and blastoise

Thanks! (I got all of these pics off of Google, if they are yours and want them taken down just let me know)

Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction Reminder

Auction 5

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder for my auction that's ends in a couple hours! These three goo dragons are all up for auction and looking for new homes. Along with these three I also have a custom slot available! Each are made with tush tag and custom painted  hang tag! Follow the link below to take a look. <3

Auction Post:

Some gets and wants

Hi guys! I recently received some figures that I'd like to show you.
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This Charmander Tomy. I am looking for one for AGES but I have no luck. I hope there's someone here that has one for sale.
I am willing to pay $5-$20 for one.

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If you have any of these figures, please let me know. I'd like to see a picture and let me know what you ask for it.

Trading would also be possible. Click here for my latest sales.

I will update my sales soon, because I got a lot more figures.
Thanks for looking :)

So... I just discovered something rather helpful!

Hellloooo fellers and fellerettes!

It seems ages ago since I last posted something here =< Was it just after Christmas...? *shrug* Either way, it seems strange not to have posted so much when I've been buying -so many- bits and pieces of Pokémerch since the start of the new year! I'm expecting a few more parcels to come through from Japan and even good ol' Blighty herself and hopefully that will be the time to post a huuuge new gets post from yours truly and since I've been a lot more active on the comm purchasing front, expect a lot of love heading your way in the up and coming gets post if I've purchased from you! <3 Yooou know who you are! >3

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Happy collecting guys and thank you so much for being the awesome comm that you are!! You're all awesome =D
Robin and Batgirl

HUGE Vulpix/General Collection Update Photos Post

 Hello everyone! I come bearing a VERY image-heavy Vulpix and others collection update. :D I have also moved my "official" collection pictures to THIS POST on my personal journal, so anyone looking for a good reference for Vulpix items can feel free to browse and/or use my pictures for their wants list.

Here's a very small preview of what this post entails, including some very unique film pieces from a Pokemon movie!

2015-03-04 19.15.432015-03-06 14.12.16

2015-03-06 14.59.002015-03-06 14.15.01

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first post: recent gets & tomy question

Hey fellow collectors, it's my first time posting to the community! I joined over a year ago and I've really enjoyed reading everybody's posts here, but I've never had the courage to post myself for some reason... I'm very, very happy I joined when I did, my collection has grown sooo much in just a year! I'm quite excited (and still a little anxious (꒪⌓꒪)'') to share my collection with you, but first I'd like to post some of my recent gets and ask a question from collectors with more experience than I have!

Here's a small preview!

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Also, I've really been wondering about this tiny guy, could somebody enlighten me about his origin?

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That should be all for now :'D If I've forgotten to leave you feedback or reply you, please let me know. I forget that kind of things too easily ; - ; Thanks so much for reading! <3
Shiny Amphy

February Gets And More!~

I've really enjoyed coming back to the community and have managed to get lots of new things for my collections doing so. Including some items that I thought hard to get back when I first joined the community!

So I thought I'd try to do some regular updates with you guys so you can see what I've gotten so far =)
Included inside are the beginnings of my Carbink, Delphox and Aurorus collections too!
Here's a preview of them:
Photo 194

*Warning* Lots of photo's inside =D
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I'm loving collecting again and being able to share with you all once again. Thank you so much to everyone I've bought from and I excitedly wait for everything else to come in the post! =D

Thank you for reading too <3
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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SOLD: OOAK Dragalge & Shiny Dragalge Plushies!

ETA: Sold! Thanks for looking :)

Hiya! I'm happy to finally auction my latest pair of custom plushies and one of my favorite projects ever: Dragalges! I embarked on this project in January and had to take an unexpected hiatus from sewing during February, but now they're both complete and ready to swim off to a new home. :D

More information and bidding threads can be found over on my craft sales journal; click the image below to be transferred there!

My sales permission was grandfathered in at the time the rule was created. My feedback can be found here:

Looking for a Chinese Middleman

I found some Pokemon items on a Chinese auction site I'd like to purchase, so yeah - if anyone would be willing to middleman for me, that'd be great.
I thought I might try asking here before I dive into a bunch of random middleman sites that I know nothing about... I would be quicker to trust a fellow member. But if any of you have used any trustworthy middleman sites for China, please do post anyway!

I would pay for everything (including paypal fees when routing money to you) and would also be willing to pay you a commission fee for your time.
If this type of post isn't allowed, I'll delete this promptly. But I think it's okay.

I choose you, Bulbasaur!

New member alert! Im so very excited to be a part of this community. Im going to go ahead and get my first post out there for some wants that Ive been seeking for quite some time now.

1. Squirtle riding Bulbasaur
I dont have any information on this what so ever. I just stumbled upon it and knew that I must own this one day.

2. Patchwork Bulbasaur
Ive never had the luck of finding this guy. Ive only found the keychain available.

3. Time Bulbasaur
He is just too cute to not have in my collection.

4. Walky Bulbasaur
Ive recently discovered this one, another must have!

5. ???
Im hoping someone can tell me a little more about this guy.

For now, these are my highly saught afters. Aside from Bulbasaur, I collect Pokedolls and also any life size/larger size Pokemon plushes. I will hopefully do a later post of my collection but if anyone has any Bulbasaur items or life size plushes for sale Id love to know about them. Im not focusing on Pokedolls at this moment unless they are the original PlushPlush ones.

On a side note, when I use the CUT function it doesn't appear to be working for me. I've followed all of the tutorials and place everything between the scissor lines. For some reason when I preview the post, it doesn't work but the SPOILER function works just fine. Help?

Anyways, thanks for reading!