March 9th, 2015

Introduction and My Very First Wants Post

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad to have been accepted into the community and to be a part of this great big bunch of Pokemon lovers. I've observed the community over the past few months and really love what I've seen so far, and I'm so excited to have become a member! Most of my collection is varied from plush and figures, to the games and a ton of cards, but most of it is in boxes due to lack of space :(. However I am always looking to expand my collection and score some sweet Pokemon merch, and it looks like this community is a great place to do just that. I'd have to say I'm the most proud of my pokedoll collection, and I'm looking to add a bunch more. So I thought I'd ask the community and see if they can help me track down a few of my wants. I'm currently looking for the following Pokedolls,
- Raichu MWT
- Espeon MWT if possible
- Latias MWT
- Magby MWT if possible

So I guess that's it for now, any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I'm so glad I could finally join Pkmncollectors!

Late Introduction Post

Hi everyone, so I recently joined this community about a week or so ago and I'm just now finally getting around to making an introduction post. It took me a while mostly because I'm kind of nervous/awkward and pretty bad with introductions haha.
I guess I'll just start off by saying my name is Justine. I'm really glad that I have joined this community so far and have already purchased a few items that I'm very happy with. I'm looking forward to buying more, especially Bulbasaur (love Bulbasaur!) and Eeveelution merchandise (Leafeon and Sylveon are probably my favorites of the eeveelutions). I also really like Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume/Bellossom, as well as many other Grass types in general, since Grass types have always been my favorite from the beginning.
I'll probably post a collection post eventually, but I'd rather wait until I accumulate more items, because right now it's pretty small, so kiiiind of embarrassing.

Anyways, this is all I can think of to say right now, so I guess I'll just end it by saying thank you for letting me join ^__^



I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from They have an item I'm looking for, but I've never heard of the site so I'm a bit hesitant to order.

Thank you,

Hello everyone

My Name is laleigh or irl Jessi and I'm a new member here, I'm 24 (25 in May) and I live in Kentucky usa. I have loved pokemon since I was 8 or 9 but only started collecting in November. My main collection wants are ralts, eevee, mawile and jirachi stuff :) but I love some others as well! Always love looking at collections!
Flann wit her buds.

re-introduction post + room tour

So, it's finally here! A collection and introduction post! Even when I joined pkmncollectors back in 2010, I never actually made an introduction post, so here goes...

the name's Kristen (or Kris)! I'm 22 (going to be 23 on the 23rd... MAGIC BIRTHDAY), a recent graduate, collector, horseback-rider, amatuer artist, and animal obsessed. I own a dog (Windie), two gerbils (Brussel and Haize), three mice (Harper, Stella, and Mei), and a blue-tongued skink (Dexter); they are the most important critters in my life! I currently work in the bird division at the University of Michigan's Museum of Natural History, and volunteer at an amazing place called the Creature Conservancy. My goal is to continue working with animals, and hopefully have my future revolve around them one day.

I've loved Pokemon since the day my babysitter awarded me with a Persian card for cleaning the basement. At that time, I was all about playing the games, collecting the cards, watching the tv show, and running around pretending I was a real Pokemon... but, nowadays, it's just about the games and collecting merchandise, but it's still a huge part of my life! When life hits the fan, Pokemon is always there.

My focus is fire Pokemon (can you tell?), especially the canids of the fire Pokemon world. My original goal was similar to denkimouse, to collect all plush of each and every fire type, zukans, tomys, etc... but then Fennekin was released, so it has since changed. My favorites had always been the fire dogs to begin with, so it seemed like the best way to ensure I could continue collecting without too much stress (and then have a little more space!)

Here's a list of what this collection consists of :

  • main collection is Growlithe and Arcanine

  • all the fire-type canine plush and zukan

  • all the fire-type TOMY figures

  • all the fire-type Pokedolls

  • side collection is Girafarig

  • new collection is Litleo and Pyroar

  • ...and then there are a few random things I couldn't let go or couldn't help purchasing!

This is what it looks like when approaching the door of my room, so LET'S ENTER IT!


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Selfies - Pkmncollectors Rule Update


Attention Pkmncollectors Community:

Due to the overwhelming opinions generated from our latest mod post, we are listening to you, our members and have reworked the following rule:

This is a community about Pokemon merchandise
This is very important for photos. If Pokemon merchandise isn't the central focus of your photos, your post will be considered off topic and will be deleted. "Selfies" -- aren't appropriate for this community -- save them for your other social media sites.


This is a community about Pokemon merchandise
This is very important for photos. If Pokemon merchandise isn't the central focus of your photos, your post will be considered off topic and will be deleted. "Selfies" -- For consideration of other community members please place all photos of yourself with your collection underneath a cut. Some members prefer to only look at Pokemon-related merchandise and not unrelated content. If you have a photo with yourself, please indicate so in the comments or cuts to alert any individuals who may find photos uncomfortable.

The Pkmncollectors Moderation Team maintains this community and is catering to many individual's unique perspectives and viewpoints. We realize that the first rule was strict and made the adjustments as swiftly as possible. However, we would like to emphasize that we are a community of over 5000 and there are many younger members here. Please be respectful with your selfies, as there are younger individuals present. While your definition of modesty might be different than this, this is courtesy to those who have other varying opinions.

The rules are in place to allow everyone the opportunity to have fun, enjoy their collections and keep everyone content. We aspire to keep you all happy and hope that this adjustment can be the best of both worlds :)

Any feedback regarding the change may be discussed below, however all posts will be screened, so only the moderation staff and you can see your responses.

Gets Post! FromJapan package + Spring Swap!!

Hey guys! I've been waiting to make this gets post because of a few things still on their way to me, but everything arrived on my porch today. I received my first FromJapan package, some customs, and to my surprise, my spring swap gift! Come take a look :>
Text and picture heavy!


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Thanks so much if you managed to make it through all that haha. One LAST thing before I go - I made a collection site! It will be updated with the new customs and swap gifts soon. Click the button to be transported. If you have a site you'd like me to link, let me know and I'll add your button :D (and if you could do the same for me that'd be swell!)

Also, my spring swap gift has been mailed out and supposedly devlivered last week... if you're my partner please let me know you got it safely!!

That's all for now! Thank you everyone!

US customs limit

Thank you splash and 3kame for stopping by and I think I am gonna ask my middleman to combine the packages and ship them in a large box. However, paying a 9600 yen international shipping bill is really horrible.

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By the way, how many of you guys have already received your SSS gifts? Spring comes rightly after the spring break at this place so I am looking forward to seeing my gifts.

At the end of this post, I want to put a text reminder that I am still taking offers for some old school Pokemon ex TCG, including an super rare Holo Scyther from Quick Starter Gift set. About half of the cards are in near mint condition (7/10), and the other half are in very good condition (3/10). Offers start as low as $3, and I give discounts if you buy more than 2 cards. Below is a link to the original post:

Secret Spring Swap Gift Gets!!!!

My gift arrived earlier today and I couldn't happier :D I was a little worried that my gifter wouldn't know what to get for me since I felt like I was a tad vague on what I wanted. In all honesty when it comes to Pokemon gifts I'm open to just about anything, but I know it's easier to get a gift for a person when you know exactly what they want. Thank you so much skdarkdragon :D

Sorry if the pics are a tad small or blurry. I can only take pictures with my phone ^^;

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New Tretta Set!

So I just happened to see a new Tretta set is coming out, and on my regular hunt for Mega Pidgeot merchandise, I glance at the pictures of some of the upcoming Tretta, and then move on because there's no -- WAIT! Can it be?! It's... IT'S...



SO! I have a quick question for you guys. Where is the best place to buy Tretta discs? Anyone here in the community live in Japan and are able to pick up specific ones? Because I'll tell ya, I'm gonna want this one. XD

Here's the link to the site which has a few other new Tretta pics:

In the mood to make bean pokemon

I have a ton of beans when I use to make pokemon and stuff and I am going back into the craft I would like ten pokemon to do
1. Shiny Dunsparce This one is going to be fun =D week 1
2 taken by the mega request week 1 did
3 Duskull this one will take 2-3 cause no one know the shades of black beans we have. week1 did
4 Zigzagoon week 2 did
5 Slurpuff week 2 did
6 Poochyena and Haunter week 2 did
7 Pansear week 3
8 Mega Audino week 3
9 Zangoose week 3
10 Masquerain week 3
doing Pikazard
BOnus round X) I might do if I am in the mood or good practice I haven't done it in two years
well bad news i found the small square one so it will be there faces of the pokemon =( but i might add some cool bits ;)
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Auctions (Eevee movie book, Lucario fig, Vulpix & Raichu pencils) & Sales

I've got a few more auctions and a bunch of sales.
Auctions will end on Sunday 15 March at 18:00 EST. Countdown here: CLICK

Auction items include a rare Eevee Friends movie promo book (w/ lots of adorable Sylveon), vintage pencil sets w/ Raichu, Vulpix & Rapidash, and a hard to find Lucario figure from the Pokecen. Sales include Pokedoll charm keychains, lottery items, figures, the Palkia Kaiyodo figure & more.

Community auction rules apply. No sniping. Bid in increments of $1. Wait until I make a comment for the item to bid on it.

Other important rules are here:
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Preview of auctions:
Preview of some of the sales:
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

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Quick Sale + Store Finds

I got some pokemon cards yesterday (pulled a Hawlucha EX, woo) and the box came with this mega Gengar pin. I don't collect pins unless they're customs, so if you're interested, comment below! I'm looking for 4 shipped in the US, obo.


Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

Aside from that, I have some merch related news. I don't know if you guys know about the store Spencer's or not, but my friends and I were hanging out in the mall because where else can you go during a snowstorm and we walked in. There was pokemerch EVERYWHERE. Including some really cool Charizard/Pikachu hats and sweaters splattered with the original 151. Of course there was some really really strange 18+ stuff mixed in with the pokemon, so that was a weird experience >.> But yeah, you should check it out of you get a chance!

And also, welcome to all the new members :D I don't know where all of you came from all of a sudden, but the intro's were fun to read lol

To spice this post up a bit, what's the strangest thing you've done in order to be able to buy more merch? A few years ago we had a class trip to DC, and we got a crapload of cash to spend on food from our teachers. All three days of the trip I ate nothing but ice cream twice a day, and made a profit of almost a hundred dollars, which was promptly spent on plush XD

(Here are some reminders btw, there is still one pokemon left to guess in my giveaway!

Discounted perler sales:
Super discounted perler sales:

Edit: I forgot to mention, to anyone wondering about the NOT FOUND tracking that my secret santa gift is currently experiencing, it says the exact same thing for all the packages I mailed a few days ago. So that's definitely a good sign, I suppose it's just the website being insane ;w;
pokemon:gloom pokedoll
  • emurii

Home goods wants!

Hello again!

Long time no post, guys. I'm going to guess that not a lot of the active members are familiar with me anymore, so a little reintroduction is in order -- I'm Emurii, I'm 26, I live in Boston, my favorite type is poison and I collect Gloom. Nice to meet you!

My husband and I just moved into a much nicer apartment, and I got my tax refund at the same time, so I thought I would go for it and post a want:

I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has this and is willing to sell, please let me know what you're looking for for it!

I'm also generally looking for Pokemon home goods (not glassware, I have too many glasses, we can't fit them all haha), so feel free to direct me to your sales if you have anything fitting that description. Also, my husband collects Sableye -- he has the new plush and the Mega charms but not much else, so if you have kids figures etc., please let me know about those as well!

Now that we're in our new apartment, we have a game room, which will also be a place to display collections. Once we get our display case(s) and I can finally display my Glooms again, I'll do a collection update!
  • jheila

Back from the hospital gets!

Wahoo! The only thing better than being released from the hospital is coming home to tons of goods!
Just one word of whats to come
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Small gets today, kinda, but it seemed to be a lot to me!

Also! Winners for the giveaway will be picked soon! I'll be preparing a post hopefully tonight, and I'll have it up hopefully tomorrow! (ノ*゜▽゜*)
Adorable Growlithe

Amazing Secret Spring Swap Gets~

Hi PKMNCollectors!!

Around 2 hours ago, I opened a package that made me scream and cry. Sounds fun, right?
Well I'm about to explain this story, warning IMAGE HEAVY and full of fire pup and eeveelu AWESOMENESS!



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Now, that was ride... If you've read up to here, have a virtual cookie because this was a LONG freaking post of me basically screaming SO let's end this on an easy note :D

First of all, I hope everyone who has received their gift loved it and I hope everyone who hasn't received their gift yet will love it! <3

Also, if you look at the bottom of my post you'll notice the new Secret Spring Swap tag! This is (from popular demand XD) to keep all of the SSS posts organised and easily accessed! ^-^

Thank you all for reading! I hope to do a LONG OVERDUE collection update soon, especially with all these goodies to add!

Also, to my SSS person, your package has been shipped (last week) and you'll probably receive it tomorrow actually! I really hope you like it! ;D

Love and poke balls,

Pupstergirl ~

I'm broke sales!

For this post only im offering shipping half off :)

Sales permission granted by allina 6-11-14
I only ship within the U.S.
I have 3 cats
My home is smoke free!!

Btw, would anyone recomend the pokemon curry or soy ramen? I'm a little scared but it could also make a funny video for YouTube XP

I've had the 30 cents kind of ramen... took one bite and threw it out, is this better quality?
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Slow Collection Weeding~

Sadly, I've come to terms that I just won't ever have the room to properly store my Poke collection as a whole, so I've decided to slowly sort through them and offer them up to new and loving owners! I'm starting out with my Canvas Plush collection, which I have posted individually on Ebay.

A few Canvas that I have available are Dragonite, Growlithe, Ampharos, Raichu - as well as the more recent releases.

My sales permission was granted 7/11 by dakajojo
My feedback :

Thank you for looking.