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10 March 2015 @ 12:11 am
I just saw new Eevee items on Pokemoncenter.com :
Sweet new glasses!

This is the one I got ;)

Also lanyard, phone cases, notebook, and paper cube. I wonder if they will be adding any more eevees!
10 March 2015 @ 12:23 am
So I am looking for a possible website where I can find an archive of old Pokemon center ads. I really would like to find one that advertises the Natu pokedoll to make a print for my collection (Im sure a original print would be next to impossible to find)

This was from an eBay listing of an orignal print featuring some older pokedolls, incluing the elusive Smoochum Pokedoll from 2001-2002ish, to give you an idea of what I am looking for. Wait does this mean Jiggly has a 2001-2002 release? xD


Any help appreciated! Im sure if I cant find anything I can whip something up on Photoshop that looks similar. Thanks!

EDIT 2: I made one in Photoshop replacing little Grimer! Will post again in the future since no one will probably see this edit~

natu ad
I didnt do half bad! Getting the weird line look this ad had was difficult but I think it looks pretty legit !

EDIT: Trying to do some research myself here's a fun screenshot from 2002-

Plushplush keychains for 680 Yen!!! Dont you wish you could just go back and buy as many as possible lol

I had a very bad experience at the USPS today. To ship a clearfile and eraser, it cost me $12.75...the package was 4 ounces!! That is beyond insane! WHen I asked her why on earth it was that much (its usually $6.55) she said they raised the prices by ounces. So when it goes over so many it practically doubles...so because of this I am no longer offereing international shipping.
THIS IS NOT EFFECTIVE UNTIL APRIL 1ST! So if you want anything, buy now! I have a more detailed list in my sales rules under the cut. Sorry guys :(
Eevee  sprite from HeartGold & SoulSilver**NEW RULE UPDATE. I am no longer shipping internationally Effective 4/1/15.
To ship a 4 ounce package I had to pay $12.75. That is extortion. It is not fair to my buyers. So to boycott them on this, I am ending my international services. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I have some korean eraser set stickers for auction. Since these are elusive I want to make it fair for everyone! I only got these because I was sent the wrong item from what I ordered.
I have Sylveon, Noibat and Noivern. All are brand new!

They all start at $1 :)
I will accept offers until Friday at 5. Here is a countdown.
Sniper no sniping
Payment is due within 2 days of auctions end unless payment plan or other arrangements are made before hand.
I ship anywhere for now.
All community rules apply! No deleting bids, being mean or refusing to pay. This will get you banned and a negative feedback.



RULESCollapse )

UPDATED 3/9/15
Click the images for bigger photos

ITEMS HERECollapse )
(✿◠‿◠) Hello Everyone!
I've been meaning to make this post all week and just haven't had the time for it. x.x
Busy busy busy! Anyhoooooo, i hope everyone is excited for the oncoming Spring! It's finally getting warm, so hopefully there will be no more snowstorms, yay!

First today i bring you some sales! :D
Many figures and flats including lamincards, amada stickers, ulitimate stickers, action cards, and more! Almost everything is $2-$3 !!!
Please click this or the photo to see! A link within my post will also transport you to my Ebay sales as well, in case you're looking for more plush than figures/flats. Also, anything in my sales can be traded for anything in my wants list or any items i do not already have of swirlix/slurpuff or zigzagoon/linoone!

Next up are some more wants! Basically if you have anything zigzagoon/linoone or swirlix/slurpuff related, please offer it to me! If i don't have it already, i'll almost definitely buy it from you! Please let me know what you have! Plushes, figures, flats, anything relating to them! Here is a link to the rest of my wants as well!

Here is a link for anyone going to Anime Boston that would like to do a little meetup! It is coming on soon and i'd like for us to start planning a spot and time to meet! :D A few months ago we talked about it and it seemed like so many people were so interested in doing it, and now it seems like a lot of people have disappeared... x.x If you're still interested, please join this event page i made! It would be so fun to meet our fellow members in the area!

Now, without further ado, Giveaway time! Zigzagoon/Linoone collectors, please click this cut to continue!
Giveaway Ahoy!Collapse )

My Spring Secret Swap Gift will be ready and shipped out tomorrow! I'm so excited! Watch out, mystery person! ;D

ヾ(●・◇・●)ノ Thank you for looking!! :D
Good news! I finally had time/was well enough to ship off the coins yesterday~! I hope everyone gets them soon, super sorry they were so delayed! D:

Now I have kind of an odd question...I've been having very lucid dreams about the community lately XD Like about sales posts with rare items and whatnot...and the latest one I honestly can't tell if it was a dream or not! So I'd like to make sure...has anyone posted sales with a Pokemon Time/Pokemikke style tin with Milotic on it somewhere? I'd really like to know because I really wanted it but I can't tell if it was real XD

Also! I bought bunches of stuff for my SSS assignment and I really hope they like them! But I quickly realized I don't have the cutest stationary...unless you like college rule blank paper? Anyway! If anyone has super cute Pokemon stationary they'd be willing to send me let me know!! :D

Have a wonderful day everyone~!

EDIT: Also, I've caught Pikazard fever OTL I'm craving the drawstring pouch (black), handkerchief, and stickers. If anyone has these, throw them at me as well~!!
10 March 2015 @ 12:51 pm
Heya all so today I am selling some of my kid figures;
please note that these do have scuff/marks on them so they are not 100% perfect.

Sales/RulesCollapse )
10 March 2015 @ 03:02 pm
Yesterday was a good mailday~ I couldn't wait for these guys to get here.
Here's all my march gets together c: check out the cut below to get a closer look and some info~ (warning: Image Heavy)

Giratina laughs at your pathetic cut and rips a hole in the space-time continuumCollapse )
I Really need to do another full collection shot since my collection has really expanded in the last few months >w>
Thanks for reading :D
10 March 2015 @ 03:22 pm

(I hope it's okay to post this here since I am trying to buy a plush from ebay ;>> if it's not allowed I'll delete it )
Okay so I'm trying to purchase this shaymin plush with an ebay giftcard but it's giving me an error of sorts?
"This coupon is not ready for use"
Can anybody explain to me why the card wouldn't go through? Or if you have ever experienced this problem

(and I've waited about an hour but having to wait at all is sort of eerie to me)

Problem solved! I got my plushy baby and can't wait to make a post when I get him!

10 March 2015 @ 04:38 pm
Hey everyone, I have a question regarding a Pokedoll I purchase awhile ago. More info under the cut.on to the pokedollCollapse )
10 March 2015 @ 05:04 pm
Next time a collection update. Promise!
Pff I haven't posted in so long. I have been a member for over 5 years now! I feel like I should get a badge or something XD
And not posting doesn't equal not lurking. I visit every day =) <3

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Laleigh Alexandrea
10 March 2015 @ 06:28 pm
So yesterday because of a chance of rain, my thoughtful mail lady hid all the packages in my dad's truck. Not to mention, I hadn't been home for a few days so I had a few still at home.

Todays PictureCollapse )
Click for picsCollapse )
Hello !

I just saw that picture of new Eeveelution merch - Sylveon, yay ! - but when I tried to get more information about them, and a bigger image too, I couldn't. They don't seem to be referenced on Banpresto's website... Does anybody know something ?

Thank you.
10 March 2015 @ 07:01 pm
Edit because I'm dumb again
If you won something, PM me your address and whatcha won
( ・ω・)

Okay wow! Over 2000 entries? You guys are amazing! I just can't wait to hold another one of these!!

But I know what you guys want the most, to see if you've won! To make things easy, I'm inserting the user name of the winners, so don'tcha worry about digging through all those entries!

Coin Winners!!!!!Collapse )

Alright, that was the easy part! Now, time for those cards!

Aces!Collapse )

Jokers!Collapse )

Number 10 Cards!Collapse )

Number 9 Cards!Collapse )

Number 8 Cards!Collapse )

Number 7 Cards!Collapse )

Number 6 Cards!Collapse )

Number 5 Cards!Collapse )

Number 4 Cards!Collapse )

Number 3 Cards!Collapse )

Number 2 Cards!Collapse )

Kings!Collapse )

Queens!Collapse )

Jacks!Collapse )

Whew! Now to the Tarot Cards!

So... Many... Cards...Collapse )


WheeeeeeCollapse )

Suggestions for future giveaways are always welcome!

Okay its complete now
10 March 2015 @ 08:32 pm
i am sorry if this has been asked a 100 times or if i am missing a link somewhere but i wanted to ask just incase i just missed it so i could be pointed in the right direction. i hope this is okay!

i wanted to ask some questions about pokemon plush. i am very new at this so please excuse me if i say anything stupid. i just want to be sure i am smart about purchases before i slam 50$ or more on something. i see lots of brand names tossed around for various plush from play by play, banpresto, UFO ( is this a brand? ), takaratomy and the official plush from the pokemon center.

i wanted to ask if there is some sort of list or guide that has an example of each kind/brand? or a list of all the different kinds of brands that sell official merch? so i ( and others) know what to look for? also what to avoid. ive seen the " how to tell if a plush is a bootleg" but i mean more like " this is what a Tomy plush normally looks like, look for these key features etc" like i noticed from the two takaratomy plush i have tend to be a really rough fabric not a soft minky. is this common with all Tomy plush?

id like to know things by brand so i know what to look for! to help this journal not be so boring here is a new get who just arrived today!Read more...Collapse )
Hey guys, I saw the Japanese Nintendo tweet that there's going to be 3DS themes for Pokemon Mate, Pokemon Hanafuda (ポケモン花札), and Rayquaza! Source

EDIT: Now available in the USA!

Bigger image

Bigger image

Bigger image

There's also a video here!


I really hope this will be released worldwide! ;____;

(I hope this counts as merch news since they're merch themes but if not mods feel free to delete.)
10 March 2015 @ 09:22 pm

Hello everyone! I have updates my sales post recently. I've lowered prices, and added more to the unused TCG code card lot, but it's still at the same price!

Take a look if you can!

Note: I currently ship to USA only at this time, but it will be changing internationally real soon!

My next shipping date is Thursday :D

sale banner

Sales Post: http://yellowmudkip.livejournal.com/30481.html

10 March 2015 @ 10:43 pm
Hey everyone, how's it going? :) Sadly not much going on merchandise wise at the moment, but who knows when that will change. :3 Probably once the new movie rolls in at its latest. <3 Anyways, I've added a few items to my shop so please make sure to take a look!

(Click the picture to be transported.^^)

Got my sales permission back in 2011 by dakajojo and my feedback can be found here:

Also I was wondering: What do Klefki Keyrings go for these days? I sold mine a while ago and I'm thinking about getting a new one. :U Thanks for your help in advance!
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I went to the Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) today.

I want to share with you, what is so far away and I know, we all want it.

It's just so...wow.

I hope these aren't too many pictures under the cut..I hope it's allowed. ><

Edit: Because the pictures are really small, I uploaded them on mediafire (don't worry, I don't have a virus ><)

So if you are interested, you can download them and watch them much more bigger.
DL size is around 638MB.
...step inCollapse )