March 11th, 2015

Introductory post?!

Hi!! I'm Lele, I became a part of the community a lil' while ago but I've been too nervous to post anything LOL...
I'm currently 18 (19 in July!) and studying at Uni to become a visdev artist! I've been thinking about collecting Pokemon merch for a few years now, n' decided I'll start now! Finally! Most of my pokemon stuff from when I was a kid is back at my parents house, and a lot of it got lost in moves and so on, so I only have a bunch of figures, a few cards and like 5 plushies RIP...
I really adore Johto pokemon!! It's my fave gen and I love the merch and stuff from like the early 2000s, although my favourite pokemon is definitely Zangoose >:'3 I really like Goomy too!!! (n' I adooooore Fire types, they're definitely my fav type.)
I'm really excited to be a part of this community- everyone's collections are AMAZING, I really hope one day I can have my very own pokemon room LOL.
I started making a list of WANTS - I'm not sure what pokemon I want to mainly collect atm, probably Goomy and Chikorita...
I really love household items and stuff, like cups and rugs and pillows and blankets and so on!
BUT YEAH!!! It's nice to meet all of you >:3 
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Few new gets! + Mirage Squritle! + TCG

Hello guys!

Lately I've got few packages with Pokemon goodies.
In few days I'm expecting to get a package from Japan with my Y!J goods... can't wait!

But for now here we go with little preview, you'll find the rest in cut!
Remember that you can click on pics to enlarge them ^_^


Let's start off with mirage Squirtle!
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Now let's move to plushies!
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TCG and flats now:
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Finally I started organizing my collection, update soon!
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Thanks for looking guys, hope you'll like it!
If you'll have any questions feel free to ask!

Plush question.

Hi everyone!
I haven't posted any updates to my collection in some time and I hope to do so soon. I am also planning to post a wants list within the next couple of weeks. Now on to my question, if anyone has one of the new mega rayquaza plush shiny or non-shiny could you do a size comparison to another plush (pokedoll maybe)? I have one coming in the mail and I'm really excited but I want to know just how big it is.If anyone can thanks so much!

Prices lowered! Free shipping promotion!

Hi there!

I'm afraid I spent a little too much money this month so I'm offering free shipping on orders above $25! I also lowered some prices.

I've also decided to start collecting all feline Pokémon, because I keep buying random Skitty merch and why not xD

I should really do a collection update, my collection has grown a lot and it's all thanks to you guys!

Gets Post! :D

School's been keeping me pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to post much, but I've got a little break now, so I thought I'd make a quick little post about a bunch of the fun stuff I've been getting :D


Click below to see larger images:
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Also, feel free to check out my wants list if you wanna trade :D

My Collection! First full update! o7o

Well, a week later and now I actually get around to a full collection update, haha. Thanks to everyone who gave me packing advice though on my last post! Oh and pocketmonstrmeg I was packing more the day I got your letter and forgot to take a picture of it before packing it, totally would include it otherwise!

This is my first real update since I have joined the site! I went from maybe having 6-7 plush and random things from my childhood to what I can proudly call a collection. I'm moving soon and everything is now packed up but time to show off what it looks like out and organized! I can't thank this awesome community enough for everything!

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While I am cutting down spending, I do have a single want I wanted to ask about and see if I get any responses.

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To make this post a little fun for everyone, I'm curious if anyone over time on here have changed what Pokemon they were collecting? When I joined I wanted to make Sandshrew and Articuno side collections but I've decided to put those off for a while. And Audino seriously was an accident. :'D I did start to build up a small Reshiram amount of things but I'm thinking I should just let go of the little things and focus on larger ones I like. How has everyone else's collecting changed?

Introduction post!

Hi everyone!
My name is Witch. I'm 20 years old, a college student, anime lover, and a new Pokemon Collector. I've only been seriously collecting for a little under a year now.
I've loved Pokemon since I was 4 years old. My favorite generation is Hoenn!

I mostly collect plushies, and my main interest are PokeDolls! My goal is to collect all the PokeDolls.
If anyone has the ones on my Wanted List in bold for sale, I would be seriously interested in purchasing them. :)

Small preview:

Collection pics under the cut!

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Hope you enjoy! I look forwards to being a part of this community. :)


introduction post!

hello everyone :)

well I wanted to introduce myself, because I still hadn't posted an introduction post. I've been a member since, I think, in the beginning of February. I never really took the time to post anything, like my collection or anything because I'm just too lazy. I liked Pokémon since I was like 5 years old, but never really bought something of it, because Pokémon things like cute plushes and stuff are pretty hard to get here where I live. :( I recently got into collecting Pokedolls because they're just too cute and too soft! I can't stop looking at my pokedolls and sometimes touch them hehe ^.^ My collection isn't really big, yet. :3 But I hope it will grow in a really big collection one day! Before collecting pokedolls I started a small TCG (black star) promos. Anyways, I also hope to get to know a lot of people from this great community and of course buy a lot of Pokédolls. And maybe, somewhere in the future sell some :)

Thank you all for reading hehe, have a great day <3