March 12th, 2015


Good day to everyone. I've known Yahoo Auction Japan for quite a while now and even though I saw a lot of my wants through the years, I never did try buying until 3 weeks ago. I've always thought it was such a hassle to even try. 3 weeks ago I saw another one of my wants and it was priced fairly so I had to try before it was too late, it was an extremely rare one afterall. I used fromjapan as my middleman service. Of course there are other good middleman services like Noppin.

Yahoo Auction Japan Browser Screenshot

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If this post isn't allowed, just tell me and I'll bring this down. Thank you.

The ultimate pikachu grail (imo)

So I've finally found something grail worthy. But unfortunately I don't think it's something they sell, but this community has some pretty smart cookies so I'll give it a shot^_^

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These adorable suits! From all I could find out, there was a parade in Tokyo, Japan (no idea why) and about a thousand of these walked all over the place. googling up the words "1000 pikachu parade" gives a bunch of this and videos in case anyone else wants to see.

Main question, would someone *ever* be able to find these on sale?

Growlithe customs, Piplup plushes, and more... All up for Auction!

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I've posted here. Back when I was more active, I collected a ton of Piplups, Growlithes, and Sandiles. I have since sold almost all of my collection away (and I've seen a lot of them on people's collection posts which is always awesome), but I kept a few for myself as mementos.

After a little deliberation, I've decided to auction most of what I have left and keep only those that really have special meaning to me. Many of these are one of a kind custom plushes from really talented artists, so I hope they find good homes. There are also a few official items I'm auctioning off as well.

Here's a preview of just a few of the items I'm auctioning off to entice you...


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Alrighty, here we go!

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Thank you! Again, hopefully these guys will find great, new homes rather than sitting in a bin like they have been. :')

B> Subway Master merch!

I've posted here a couple of times before, but I haven't really gotten any results in the past...
So I'm trying again!

Now, I already own the partners figures, as well as the metal pokemon mate keychains, and two posters (the boxed crane prize(?) and the double-sided pokemon/prince of tennis poster from a magazine).. so I'm not looking for those! I'm hoping to expand my very small collection, since the two mean a whole lot to me. :>

The main things I'm after this time are listed under the cut!

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If anyone has any of these for sale, or has any information of their whereabouts, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you!
Charizard Y: Fierce
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Kids and more for sale!

Hey guys! Sorry for posting so often, but I have some sales for you all. Lots of kids ranging from Kanto to Sinnoh are up for sale. I also have some other random figures (such as Sandshrew/Sandslash and Cacnea/Cacturne Zukan) available.

Granted sales permission on April 13, 2012 by entirelycliched. See my feedback here.
I can ship worldwide~ Shipping starts at $3.00 within USA, $7.00 internationally.

Click on the picture or link to see the goods. Thanks, everyone!


All ‘Emerald Break’ Scans and Translations!

OMG I cannot wait for my pre-ordered deck boxes to come in. I need that articuno, zapdos, altaria, and half art articuno, altaria, and full art winona. Who's also in this party for FLYING pokemon?

All info, images, and translations credit to Poké

Edit: I have seen that some people are interested in this set, so I am listing the two ways I would recommend. I have bought things from both sites. They are trustworthy, ship fast, and have good packaging on your items.

The reason why I pre-ordered mine through this site is that I have a ton of package, like over 2000 cards shipped from japan; so I just combine my "small" two booster boxes with this order. The price is unbeatable if you look though all the webstores, and they offer free shipping over 1300 yen, I think? So, it is already included if you pre-order just one booster box.

If you don't feel confident enough or haven't had any previous experience using a middleman service. I would recommend this site. The price is a little bit up but you don't need to deal with those fees involved in using a middleman service.

Hope the info would help you get your Emerald Break booster boxes and I would like to hear from people what you will pull!


Looking for Xatu kid!

Hi everybody! I am just looking to purchase a Xatu kid figure :) I have one already and I just need one more to finish my team of Will's Pokemon! His other four Pokemon are very lonely without their second Xatu sister. Shipping would be to 73170 in the US. Thanks so much!

Edit: Found! Thanks so much :D

Quick sale! PokéCen 2009 Pikachu & Gizamimi Pichu Wallet with tag!

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I've been MIA from the collecting hobby as I've been moving around a lot and have no time to properly maintain my collection. I'm doing some weeding and I figured that some of you might be interested in this little piece!
It's a brand new Pikachu and Gizamimi Pichu wallet. It's super cute, I bought it for personal use but never got around to using it because I didn't want to damage it -___-
The slots fit credit cards, but I don't think you can fit more than 2-3 in each slot. And the closed wallet measures 5 inches by 4 inches approximately, open it measures 5 inches by 8 inches approximately.
Anyway it should go to a better home. I am asking for $30 + shipping which is the price I got it for a loooong time ago.
If you really want it I might be willing to haggle though ^^

TODAY ONLY: Free shipping within the U.S.!


Sales permission was granted to me on April 11, 2013 by entirelycliched.
Feedback here.

Warning: Bootlegs Steadily Appearing on Yahoo! Japan + Taobao/Aliexpress

Hello, everyone! I've been browsing Yahoo! Japan a lot recently, and have noticed a large number of bootlegs compared to this time a year ago. I used to assume that if it was on Yahoo! Japan, it was definitely legit, but now that's no longer the case. I know that a lot of you consult this guide to identifying bootlegs, but I just wanted to add to that by making a list of user IDs who sell bootlegs on Yahoo Japan. The list is fairly short (and I hope it will stay that way!) since bootlegs are new to Yahoo! Japan. The list can be found HERE. I browse Yahoo! Japan daily so I will update this list whenever I find anything! If you find any bootlegs on Yahoo, Japan, then please let me know by providing a link and/or screenshot, and I will gladly add it to the list. Regular bootlegs and the "original" bootlegs are fair game. Aka if they aren't official or mirage goods, let me know so I can add them to the list!

Secondly, I want to talk about Taobao and Aliexpress. To put things simply, Taobao is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon. It's a huge marketplace with lots of sellers, and they have all kinds of goods. They only ship within China and you generally need a deputy/shopping service to buy from them. Aliexpress has been described as "the western front" for Taobao, and they charge a small premium to deliver to the USA and other countries. It's great for getting a good deal on clothes and crafting supplies for cheap, but unfortunately, Taobao and aliexpress are the hubs for bootleg Pokemon goods, which I'm sure you're all aware may contain needles, lead paint, and other dangerous materials, so they should not be purchased. I just wanted to let everyone know that Taobao and aliexpress are really bad for buying Pokemon goods from, as most of them are bootlegs. Do not buy Pokemon goods on Taobao or Aliexpress, because I will bet you good money that they will be bootleg goods. Plush will be poorly made. Figures will have poor paintjobs and may contain lead paint.

That's it for me! I just really don't like booties and want to protect people from them if I can. <3 I hope that you'll all help me in expanding this list so that we can help protect other members. Thank you! 

Gets and Question about a want

Hello all~ How has everyone been?

I have gotten a few things recently that I would like to show off :) First off is my Buizel Pokedoll! Isn't he adorable! I want to thank everyone who bombarded my wants post when he was put up for sale :) Everytime I found a Buizel pokedoll it slipped through my fingers and now that I have one I see them everywhere XD I'm happy to have one of my own though :)


I noticed my Buizel has unsymmetrical butt circles x.x Is that the case for all Buizel Pokedolls or is mine just cursed to be named Death the Kid?

I also received my Zoroark Pokedoll from happyjolteon's Pokedoll auction. My first Zoroark Pokedoll was American and hangtagless, and I really like the JP hangtag for this Pokedoll so I'm very happy to have one :) (there's my recently received White Kyurem Pokedoll as well!)


Here's his tag! I usually clip off hangtags for storage purposes, but I decided to display my two favorites! Which leads me to my first question, what's the best way to protect these?


More questions under the cut!

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Now onto a random discussion question! What is your favorite Shiny Pokemon? Is it also your absolute favorite Pokemon? My favorite Shiny is neither Zoroark nor Reshiram, rather it is Latias! I love Latias and Latios, but I especially love Shiny Latias. I have been trying for one for many years but I have the worst Shiny luck ever. I first fell in love with Shiny Latias when I was a small child and used the last of my gift money to buy a pack of cards and pulled this beauty!


She is now my most prized card and one day I hope to have a Shiny Latias collection :)

Secret Swap time!!

Hello everyone! Guess who got her Secret Swap gift today?!

I did! aarux sent all of those things for me and I certainly couldn't be happier!! I got lots of Kid figures I needed, the Lucario MPC, and an adorable Steven drawing with the sweetest face <3

I wasn't expecting anything to arrive during this week, so I was a bit confused when I got it handed to me. But then I saw lots of Aerodactyl stamps on the package and I realized what it was, and got super excited. I opened it and the figures never stopped coming out of it, and then the MIB Kids, and the plush! I looked like a kid opening up his Christmas presents (which is actually pretty close to what I was doing xD)

With those figures I got three of my favourite Pokémon in figure form (Hawlucha, Cranidos and Salamence) and got a couple of Kid side-collections I wanted to complete finished: Steven Stone's team (minus the pre-evos), and all of the eeveelutions! (and gosh, Espeon and Sylveon look so cool in person)

(behold the Meta-tower)

And also the Lucario I wanted to complement my Blaziken! I hope Grumpig gets his own MPC soon so that I can have my Top-3 Pokémon in MPC form :D

Thanks again to Aarux for your amazing gift, and to everyone who organized and participated in the Swap <3  My part will be sent out very soon~

✿ Name Change And A Small Want! ✿

Hello everyone!
This is just a quick little post to let everyone know that i have changed my username!

I was pocketmonstrmeg and now i am zigguppafu!

I came up with the name a while ago to reflect my two main collections of zigzagoon/linoone and swirlix/slurpuff! (ppafu comes from swirlix's jap name- peroppafu)

Hopefully i won't confuse too many people!

Also i have a sudden urgent need to have this spritzee pokemon center plush:


There is one for $20 and free shipping on Ebay, but i thought i'd take a look and see if any of my friends here had one first! I'd prefer a Japanese one if possible please! :D

Also, i still have a ton of kid figures, lamincards, action cards, ultimate and amada stickers in my sales post over here! I know my last post got buried in other posts very quickly so not many people probably saw it. :3

Thank you everyone! Have a happy and warm weekend! :D
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Gets and Looking for TCG!

First off, onwards to the gets!
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Short and simple gets, mostly because I really want to know this!

I've recently gone card crazy. My first primal clash pack pulled an EX primal kyogre and EX kyogre, so I fell in love.
Is anyone selling entire boxes (36 packs for English, 10 for Japanese) of any of the XY series? (XY, Furious Fist, Flashfire, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, and Roaring Skies *pre-order*)

They can be loose or boxed, just please not weighed or searched! English or Japanese ^^

I'm also interested in ANY loose packs, or single TCG (reverse holo, holo, full art or ex)

Ah, it feels nice giving into my inner child for cards.

Also, I've shipped out a lot of the giveaway stuff! Pins and coins will be last, but some cards have been shipped. I got international shipping down flat as well! Yay!

Some troubles with Aliexpress

Hello my friends! As a title I have a little problem with Aliexpress.
Some days ago I ordered a Pokemon TFG from "Unnamed Third set", After 3 days the seller sent me the tracking number saying that the item was shipped and today I recieved this message:

"Very sorry,friend.we have not shipped the items to you until now.
We are so sorry to tell you that the color you chose is not available any more(We have contact the supplier two times and they said they will not produce the color any more).Could you plz change to the other item?
IF not,plz cancel the item after 4 days.Reason can be "not received" thanks!!Really sorry to bring you inconvenience and we will very appreciate your understanding!
Have a nice day!
Best Regards"

What I have to do know? Did someone had similar experiences? Also this means that he sent me a FAKE tracking code >_>
I need some help, thank you so much!
Shiny Amphy

Spring Secret Swap~

I got my lovely package on Monday but due to some things keeping me away from posting, I bring you it today =D All I can say is that I've never been so excited whilst opening up a package bit by bit! Everything was just so lovely and I certainly wasn't expecting who my main gift was ;w;

Come and see what this lovely box contains and why does it jingle....
Photo 259
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I'm really glad I joined this year as I got spoilt! I can't wait to send out mine to my partner, which shall be soon! I really hope they like it =D

Thank you again ;w;
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big box of gets!

I started using noppin a little while ago, and since I bought all my secret swap gifts from there, I had to get my box shipped to me quickly! It was probably for the better - my wallet will cry a little less since I can't really get myself up to starting another box of shipments, haha...

Look at how big it is! Pikazard was raring to tear into it!

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