March 13th, 2015


Room Meme!

About maybe a year ago, areica96 did something called a room meme. (did I get it right?) Anyway, what feels like a year ago, I thought it may be fun to do again since I'm sure a lot of our collections have grown since then~ Whoever makes fun of my small room gets power gem'd! So here is mine:

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Btw everyone I sold to, your orders are shipped ^_^

And if anyone is selling pokemon with bow ties or ribbons, can you show me?? I remember there being a pumpkaboo one! :D
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Good news! The PKMNC Pathtags have finally shipped~!
There was apparently a delay in production due to the Chinese New Year so I was getting a bit worried but I got notification this morning that they have been shipped. I'll be prepping the envelopes and such in the next couple days and be putting out notices as soon as they arrive; so those of you who pre-ordered plese keep an eye out for the notifcation.

Figured it would also be a good moment to post my quagy wants :P

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GET! and a rather unusual want

Hi all! Today one of my most anticipated parcel has arrived this morning and i am sure you can all tell why i'm so excited. :D '

here they are!
rsz_img_2656 (1)

shiny entei get! i got this little one for a rather low and reasonable price. it is the cheapest out of the shiny pokedolls i got

rsz_img_2657 (1)

shiny suicune! this little one cost me a boom and was a huge pain to my wallet :( it is the most expensive and the least perfect one :( it is missing its tag by the way, and here is the odd request? is there anyone in this community who offer services to replicate missing tags? please do let me know :(


some other stuff i got including metal charms, pikazard strap, charm case, charizard pokemon time figure and raikou ,entei monkore figures :D

rsz_img_2661 (1)
and the shiny beasts are finally reunited. i guess from now onwards my wallet will have time to recover from the traumatic experience it sustained D:
Jolteon pointing

Plush auction reminder - plus, sales!

Hi everyone! I'd like to remind you that my plush auctions are ending tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, (at 12 PM/Noon EST).

I have a wide variety of plush including canvas, talking plush, PokeCen plush, and more, up for auction on my journal. Some still have no bids, including talking Eevee, talking Sylveon, and standing PokeCen Eeveelution plush.

Also! I have some brand new sales to share as well, including Japanese Pokemon DVDs, several tins, a few ceramic and glass dishes, and more.

~Click here for sales~

Have a great day!

Collection, Possible Trades, and Quick Sales

First is an announcement:
For the TCG and Accessories GA, I have received the notification that the lot is in the hands of my middleman. I was originally thinking about combining this lot with my other purchase to cut off the international shipping for everyone. But, I totally forget about the release date of the Emerald Break I pre-ordered. I guess the whole order would be delayed based on the shipping speed of this specific part. So, I ask the middleman to ship the GA lot individually. With that being said, we have the last three cards claimed and I would use that amount of money to help cut down the cost anyhow. Please be prepared for the payment 2 most likely popping up early next week.

Now back to the main topic. I am really gone crazy for the AMZ cards, which stand for Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. I learnt this three-letter abbreviation from a person on Facebook and I think it really saves time whenever I refer to these three birds. I am zealous about AMZ starting from playing the Gen I game, but I did not dare to start a card collection until late last year. For anyone who had experience with card collection, it is always very costly to begin a collection of popular pokemon. For example, you could try keyword "japanese gold star espeon" and you would have got a heart attack seeing the prices. So, I decide to collect the rarest AMZ cards IMO. I do not have all the cards in my hands right now, and they won't arrive in a single package at the same day. I've bought people on eBay from Japan, Italy, US, and etc to dig every card I want. Now I am gonna show you the cards and the story behind every single of them.

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These are the cards I have in hands right now. The first row is from a starter deck released in Japan called Quick Starter Gift set (クイックスターターギフト). It was released back in December 4, 1998, and is well known for including 5 non-glossy holofoil cards of Scyther, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Master Ball. They are more valuable than the glossy non-holo version in original Vending Machine set. I would say a mint copy of the card is worth at least $30 (not sure about the Master Ball), and it varies for each Pokemon. I don't know why but Moltres typically has the lowest value while Zapdos is always the most expensive one.

The second row is from the Flight of Legends (伝説の飛翔) and is my favorite set in Japanese because you can tell from the picture that both Articuno and Moltres have holographic all over the card itself. Typical dot pattern on Pokemon and star pattern on the rest of the card. In addition, the artworks of the birds are my favorites, even better than the newer EX's IMHO. I would say a conservative pricing for each copy would be $30, but here comes the BIG GUY:
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Yea, the Zapdos ex. I paid 8000 Yen at the day the seller decided to lower the starting bid and made it a BIN price. Not only the Zapdos is the most costly among the trio, but also the 1ST ED mark in the lower left corner made this card such sought after and rare. Moreover, I won this card in a gem mint condition though I have not obtain the card; but I know it because I have bought some cards from the same seller before. They slightly overpriced cards, like this card was listed 10000 yen for the first time, but you would find the cards worth these values when they arrive. They are GEM MINT.

The Zapdos at the middle is the one from the expansion pack (拡張パック). If I said the Base set, you may get an idea how much this card is worth. In Japan, they also made the 1ST ED when the TCG first came out, but in a different way. A cheaper, less rare copy of the card would have the rarity symbol on the lower right corner. My copy, as you can tell, is a 1ST ED because it does not have that symbol. Guess what? This card is worth 4000 yen on suruga-ya, the site I always refer to and famous for best price used items, and it is only in excellent condition. If it is based on a scale from 0 to 10, it can only gain a score of 5. In other words, a GEM MINT copy of this card is the same value as the 1ST ED Zapdos from English Base set.

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This next set is from the Pokemon Web set (ポケモンカード★web). They are released on October 20, 2001 and are available online exclusively. Buyers can order packs of ten online and have their cards sent to them. The 1ST ED symbols are on the lower right corner this time for these barcoded cards. I would price at least $20 per card and I think I don't see the copy of Moltres in this set very often so I would credit it the rarest among this set.

Collapse )At the very end of this talk, I would like to show the deck box from the Flight of Legends I obtained from a recent GA hosted by myself. It was a very wonderful auction and we won the lot containing a lot of rare deck boxes from 2003 to 2006. I think that summarizes my introduction to the Japanese card collection for AMZ. I wish this discussion is helpful for all card collectors, especially for potential AMZ collectors. You should see from the prices I listed that I have already spent quite a lot for these cards over the past couple of months.

Below are the remaining cards I put up for offers and some other pulls I did from the intermittent loose packs I got. They are still up for offers, but at this time I am also open for trades if you have any AMZ cards from any language, except for Japanese ones; because they may be duplicates for my SSS gift though I am not 100% sure what gift I would receive, which is the fun part I like the idea of this swap. So, if you have any cool AMZ cards, comment below or hook me up to your sales post. I believe we can work something out for a smooth trade which satisfies both of us. Condition varies but not very good starting from Ho-oh and ending with Darkrai. Will's Espeon is not available since it is part of my collection.

For offers, please use this link:
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The following two lots are for quick sales.

I got my sales permission from denkimouse on 01/28/2011
I ship from Pennsylvania, United States
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Just a quick Question about Hobby_Japan

Hello there everyone!
Today, I simply have a question about Hobby_Japan.
In February, specifically on February 15th, I ordered two Petit plushies from hobby_japan, an Altaria and a Wailord; but, sadly, I still have not received them. :'(
The window for there arrival was between February 25th-March 10th.
I'm quite worried since I've had packages from Japan ordered after that date already arrive, and I'm concerned that something bad might have happened to the package.
I'm thinking of waiting just one more week before contacting the seller...
So my question basically is, what should I do, and is this a normal situation for people who have ordered from hobby_japan recently or in the past?
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Anniversary :D And of course, repaints!

As of tomorrow, I've been part of this community for one whole year! (I knew figure collecting wouldn't just be a fad I was going through XD).

My collections expanded a lot, by my stingy-with-money standards. And it'll grow a lot more, I'm sure, with packages expected even as I type this! :D I need to figure out my display again...!

Anyway, the before and after shots:


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"To Be Gets"

Okay, small post today, but I just had to share these!

Viistar finished my dedennes! They're based off my dedes in my current game, named (respectfully) Xerxes and Houri

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Ah, so I just had to share! I haven't gotten them yet, because I have 2 sylveons, a mega diancie, and a mega gardevoir + gardevoir zukan line coming up!

Can't wait!!

A Swag get, Wants, Sales! ^__~

HEY comm!
I just received really good news, that I got another A on a midterm! (Weeeeeeee! ^__^)
This time I got almost a perfect score so I'd like to treat mahself.
THE WANTED 'MON: I'm looking for a LATIAS Pokedoll to go with the handsome Latios classypersian gifted me. <3
I'd prefer an American one to go with my American Latios but honestly whatever's cheapest!


Also I got a COOL get! I FINALLY opted to buy this amazing Inkster Inc t-shirt. They have it in both shiny and non shiny, and generally have some of the BEST t-shirt designs I've ever seen!
They are artist/fan designed, and on Etsy for $20.

(I got shiny!!)

EDIT: Here's a link to their Etsy for anyone interested! :D


Lastly I still have a lot of little things for sale. I have more stuff coming in the next few weeks but here are the items from prior.

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All above $2 except for Machop $1 and Clefairy and Wartortle $3
Parasect - brass/bronze SOLD, Clefairy copper, Machamp brass/bronze, Wartortle brass/bonze SOLD, Onix - gunmetal SOLD, Marowak oxidized brass/bonze, Staryu Copper-ish, Machop pink SOLD.


All above $2 each except Drozee (scuffs on the back) $1, and Venusaur $4
SOLD: Arbok

Wants Post - DSi skin

Hey all! Long time, no see. I am in need of your awesome help :)

I am looking for a nice non-Pikachu themed licensed Pokemon skin for my secondhand DSi to cover up some ugly marks.

Here's an example (not necessarily the skin I'm after, but I like this one):

If anyone has some collecting dust or part of their collection that they no longer want, please leave me an image of your skin and your price offer in the comments.

A Green Get in Spring.

A while back I made this post.
Looking for this cutie:

Well our 3rd set of eyes kephisos happened upon an auction or 4

And I now present, the gang! :D
2015-03-12 21.19.07

Here is a youtube video of their shiny glory!

Finally, I am still selling an extra chimchar we ended up with, and I have cut the price nearly in half.
These retailed at 10,000 yen and EMS shipping to get them here isn't cheap, don't miss this deal!

PokemonTrader:// XY6 Emerald Break - Claims Post // ◕‿◕

Hey Pkmncollectors!

XY6 released today in Japan and as such I'm opening up my usual claims post!
My shipment is already enroute and I am expecting it by mid-next week! (:
There are a ton of awesome looking cards in this set and I highly suggest checking it out!
This set is also featuring tons of Ancient Trait cards with epic designs!
There are also flocks of flying and dragon pokemon in this set!

Take to the skies and check it out!

Thanks for being awesome! :D

Just a forewarning, there are lots of images behind these cuts.

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As always, thanks for looking! If you have any questions/concerns please let me know :D

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want post!

Hi everyone was wondering if anyone here has latias pokedoll with tag released in 2009? i've been searching for her for quite sometime but those on yahoo japan are usually without tags. if anyone so happens to have one to let go for a reasonable price please do let me know. i'm looking to pay between 30 to 40 dollars for her. thanks and have a good day :D