March 16th, 2015

jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store Closing Indefinitely

Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to pop in and give a little update to everybody. I have been selling Kids figures here on the community since December, and it's been great fun! I've loved selling to all of you and I don't ever want to stop. Unfortunately, I am going to have to shut down the store at the moment due to a larger life project that needs my immediate attention. As such, I will be closing down the store indefinitely so that I do not negatively affect any members with long waiting times. That said, I will still be accepting orders until the end of the month as regularly as I have been, and will gladly answer any questions as usual about Kids figures and collecting them!

Everybody who puts in an order by the 30th will not be affected! So get them in as early as possible.

Click the banner below to be transported. There are thousands of Kids available, so get them while you can :)

This does not mean I am going to stop providing Kids to the comm forever, in fact, if all goes well it shouldn't be too long until I can re-open shop. Just wanted to make sure everybody can get their collection additions before the hiatus!

Also, by no means am I leaving the community, as I will be constantly active as always! :D

Untill the big update,
Jaydee here,
Signing off <3

Introduction post! + Grail get already?!

Hey guys! This is my introduction post, thought I'd post now since it's as good a time as any :) I'm new here, I've looked around on occasion in the past but never really clicked that it would benefit my collecting like it has Already by joining. I love steel type Pokemon and love Pokemon zukan. I've already made a few purchases here and even am committed to another item or two on here, If I ever express interest in an item I am a man of my word and will follow through, but sometimes having responsibilities like rent and paying bills is priority so that goes to the forefront LOL, but so far everyone I've interacted with has been super friendly and willing to hold the item for me. Awesome news, I was just surprised by my amazing wife that she had tracked down my Grail and she had won it for me!!!! A metagross zukan :O holy crap it's 6:30 am and now I have the major piece I've wanted won for me!! Anyways sorry for the longer post, just wanted to combine my intro with me getting the zukan. image
Miroku and Sango

Stampers Extras Available

 Hi all! I've listed out the extras for the stamper GA on this post. You can claim them for $1 each plus PP fees. All stampers claimed before the lot arrives will go toward reducing the shipping cost of participants from me to them. EVERYONE is open to claim the extras, not just participants. I don't anticipate much of a demand for these extras, but I have listed them anyway.


If you have not yet paid for Payment 1, please do that! The stampers will arrive at the end of this week. You can find Payment 1 information on the post with the extras.

Extras Available ($1 each plus PP fees). Extras claimed before the lot arrives will go toward reducing the shipping cost of participants from me to them.

Pikachu Green Base Pink Stamp
Pikachu Happy (pink)
Arms Out Pikachu
Pikachu (green base, green stamp)



Mega packs question

As a Tomy collector I have a question about hoenn starters mega pack:




Does the hyper size tomy of Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert will be released separately? Because hyper size of Kanto starters will be also released separately.

Special Gift Search

Afternoon All! Long time no post - it has been super busy with work and wedding prepping - I'll have to get an up to date collection photo of my fiancee and i's collection for you to see - in the meantime - i need your help! Not only is my fiancee's birthday next month but we are also getting married next month - was hoping to surprise him with a few things he has been pining after. I can pay promptly via paypal invoicing (if you invoice my email) and i would love spot with tracking - any help is super appreciated as it love to get him a few small tokens of Pokémon love <3

Lookinh for (NMWT):
- PIKAZARD PLUSH {either expression though he for like the determined face better i think)

Thanks all!

Ancient Cards GETS!

So my aunt from the US just sent us boxes of goodies. Her son used to be a Pokemon Trading Cards collector, and now my aunt just gave every single card he has to me. It’s a whole album of it and some of them are pretty ancient. I have combined them with the cards I bought before. I have a couple of shadowless cards and some holos. I’m so happy and thankful for this! This is it for now! I just took photos of the ones that are rare, well at least I think they're rare, lol. They should be a great addition to my collection!

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I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.
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Casual Shoto

A new collection + small sale update :)

Hi everyone! ^^

For those who doesn't know me, I am a pokedoll collector and my goal is to have at least one pokedoll of each pokemon that was made. My other goal is to have them in the Japanese version :) I do have some US version, but I am replacing them when I can little by little. Right now I have a total of 120 pokedolls with no doubles :D 91 are Japanese and 29 are the US version. They ALL have their hand tag still attach to them ^^

I LOVE to do comparison pictures when I can replace one of my US version for a Japanese version ;D I'll do a post about them sometime soon c:

I also collect "full size" PokeCenter plush of my most favorite Pokemon :) I do try to keep this collection small tho ^^' Pokemon Center have made a LOT of super cute plushies of pokemon that I like and I need to control myself hahaha

Lattely I've been thinking and I made the decision to also collect the Petit Mascot plushies :D they are so cute!!! and so well made for their size ^^ I also love them because they did Pokemon that never got a Pokedoll ^^ like Arcanine for example!
I only have 9 at the moment, but I do plan on getting them all ^^

In other word, I try to stick with the Pokemon Center brand ;D

I really love the petit plush because of their size :) they are small and unlike the very small pokedolls, they are made of minky ^^ they also have a super cute design, and lets not talk about the art tag <3

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Any other Petit collector here? Feel free to share your collection here and to give more info about it (how many you have, which one you are planing to get, when and why, etc.) :D

Also, am I the only one who doesn't only collect one (or more) particular Pokemon? I often see (if not, all the time haha) collections about 1, 2 or 3 pokemon, but I don't think I ever saw someone collecting a certain "brand" like me :)

To make more place for my Pokedoll collection and my newly Petit collection I have decided to sell more of my "out of place" poke plush ^^' as much as I love them, I really want to focus on Pokedolls and Petit plush :)

Thanks for reading!
Wartortle Pokedoll

Long overdue re-intro post!

Hello everyone!!

It's been FOREVER since I've made any gets/collection post, like seriously maybe over a year or so??? I'm more of a lurker type, and my collection has grown so much that the thought of a whole collection post seems daunting haha. I just reorganized my collection last night and ended up sorting everything into six plastic storage bins!!! the 66 quart ones @_@ I don't have much space in my room, especially since I collect other things too, so all I can do is periodically rotate out the plush that I display on my dresser T_T

I figured that I may as well make a re-intro and at least show some pictures of my most recent gets!

Anyway, my name is Andrea. I'm 26 and I live in the Bay Area of California. I have been a collector for a few years now, and even though I don't talk much I have been very glad to be a part of this community and other groups that share my love for Pokemon collecting. I mainly focus on plush and clearfiles that I really like, though I also have a weakness for cute drinkware~

Wartortle is my all time favorite Pokemon, obviously <3 I wish they made more merchandise for him *sigh* someday I hope to get a commission for a custom Wartortle Pokedoll. But I also really love Hawlucha and Croagunk! My grail is the Croagunk wooden statue (w/ matching strap). I dunno how I keep missing this thing! I always get outbid or it comes around when I happen to forget to look or don't have any money since it can go for like $200 or so on y!j D:

uuuum... I'm bad at talking about myself so onto the gets!! xD


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Thanks for reading! I'll try not to be so lazy and remember to post more of my collection, haha :D

A mega worrie

I bought a mega requiza and haven't gotten it I don't about the shipper but i payed Where is it or Is it me just worrying. also update
what I am waiting for
Grass rotom Won him for 7yen
shiny mega quaza
Snivie X)
Also still looking for Kecleon UFO!

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Offers for MIB #2. Buneary and #3. Lucario Pokemon Fururin Collection Bobblehead Figures

Today I bring you guys 2 rare items, Mint in Box: Buneary and Lucario Bobblehead figures made in 2009!!!

Here's a preview:

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HERE IS THE COUNTDOWN TIMER: Offers ends on March 23rd, Monday at 10pm EST (Toronto).

Since this is an Offers Thread:
*I may accept an offer before the countdown time ends.
*I have the right to refuse to sell at the price offered.

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Thanks for looking! :D

Pokemon pendant and figure commissions

Hello everyone! I am in need of funds and am selling commissions for pendants or figures.

Most pendants and figures are $25 shipped within the USA except intricate Pokemon like groudon which are $35 shipped.

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:

I have some for sale and more on my etsy and welcome commissions

Feel free to ask me any questions!

A bigger version of this picture is after the cut

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Aegislash cosplay

Hey people, introducing a special item from my collection, This past August for Chicago comic con I went as a Pokemon trainer and wanted to make my own pokemon rather then just bring a plush. So I made a shiny Aegislash (like one I have in the game) and even made a shield too! Let me know your opinions. It took a month or so to make and it was my first attempt at working with different types of foam with paint, I had a great time making it and I'm super proud of it, learned a lot too. If I made another one it would be even better :) image
  • jheila

Gets and Sprukits! HUGE WANTS

Lets start this off with some amazing gets!

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And with the amazing gets done, I bring to you, SPRUKITS!

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Lastly! This is a long stretch but~

Grand prize: Suitcase
1st place prize: 20cm/7.8 inch ceramic dish (chose from 2 versions)
2nd place prize: Porcelain mug (chose from 2 versions) Found it!
3rd place prize: Notepad (chose from 8 versions) Found them!

Looking for any and all versions! Willing to pay whatever it takes!

Lugia and mega rayquaza plush!

i got my sunyshore package today! man was i so excited to get it! i couldn't believe how fast the package got to me! shipped from Japan friday the 13th and arrived in Maryland today! okay EMS shipping you convinced me to always use you haha!

anyway here are the plush! sorry the photos arnt great i took them in the car with my phone. i might ramble a bit sorry! feel free to skim over it. i am kind of a plush snob. Collapse )