March 18th, 2015

Updated collection!

Here's an updated more recent image of my collection :) I know it's not much but still proud of it nonetheless!! My old collection from my childhood was lost. But sooner or later my collection will grow strong again!! The jigglypuff and wigglytuff and jirachi are my wife's :) image

Getty Gets That Feel Getty!!

Helloooo you lovely lot! =D It's starting to warm up a little here in the UK now...Spring is springing!! And...since most people decide to do some Spring -cleaning- during this time...I'm going to do the complete opposite and clutter up both my house and the comm with a few months worth of gets xD

Warning!: This post is not recommended for those with a fear of a ridiculous amount of photographs! (Roughly translated, this post is very pic heavy xD You have been warned!!)

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I never know what to make the titles.

Hey guys, I've been trying to be more active lately and I've seen a lot of new faces around the community which is cool~

For anyone who doesn't know I'm acidmimi and I've been a part of this community for about 5 years? I don't really know xD

I'm kind of spacey and silly and I love to collect pokemon merchandise! I've been doing that for about 5 years as well! (atleast seriously, I've loved pokemon ever since the release of Gold and Silver and have bought stuff when I could!)

My favorite pokemon are Sylveon Cyndaquil (and it's evos) Fennekin (and its evos) Latias absol Goodra goomy lopunny and just so many! I collect Sylveon the most seriously though and I collect plushies and whatever else tickles my fancy :)

Anyway enough of my re-introduction! Heres some stuff I've gotten semi-recently!

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21 plush update ^_^ wants!!!!

Untitled1. ho-oh pokedoll
3. Kelcean ufo
4. Reshram pokedoll
5. Emoga
8. stirttomb
9. volcarona
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13. Rayquaza mega shiny obdered
14 shoomish
16. one of the teos pokedolls like the birds or weather teo extra

11 left also I have no clue about price! once I hit 8-7 left pic updates I know some people have bad internet!

off topic
22. shiny kelcean in my game X)

Looking for Giant Goomy

Hey everyone! I am just wondering when the Giant Goomy is coming to come back in stock at the Pokemon Center (if anyone knows). I keep checking Sunyshore but they are still not available. I need ma Goomy fix! If anyone has any info I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

- R

GA Arrival!

This is a quick update for the TCG and Accessories GA. I have all the items with me, and wait ...

What is that?

There are three postcards and a mysterious celebi (?) in the package. Sorry I am not familiar with jewelry but I think it is sort of a pendant? I don't know how to deal with these extras because the seller didn't mention them at all in his/her original description of the items.

Anyway, here is the payment for final shipping, in green solid fill, for everyone. You can scroll up and down or left and right to check the calculation for every single column.

Itty bitty introductory post~

Hey yall, fellow Pokemon collectors. :) First of all, I am SO SO happy to join this community!! It really warms my heart to see your collections, gets, wants, and let's not forget dem sales. ;) Anyway, I am skittybits but you can call me Olivia! Or skitty, or bits, whatever! I'm 18 years old, studying for my high school equivalency thingy, ehehehe. Then I plan on going to cosmetology school! My favorite thing in the world, though, is Pokemon. I started playing red, blue, and yellow when I 6 years old? From then on, my life was Pokemon and Pokemon was my life. And it always will be. 4ever!

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So that's all for now. Can't wait to make new poke pals & expand my lil collection. Thanks for having me. :)

plush pumpkin

A wants post :)

Hi guys! So, my boyfriend's little brother is having a birthday coming up! And he loooooves rayquaza, like reaally loves rayquaza. So I wanted to ask the community if there is a non-shiny mega rayquaza plush that they're willing to sell for less than $50 shipped!

Thanks all! :)
  • miss10

Small sales!

Hello peoples! How are you? Hope you all are nice and dandy =3

I just have some stuff for sale. Not a lot, but I think they would be better in someone else's abode XD

-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.
-I ship from Florida, USA. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US, obviously ^^;
-I am not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped and out of my hands.
-I live in a smoke-free, cat-friendly home. My cat does not go near my collection but if you have allergies, please be wary about purchasing.
-Not interested in trades at the moment, sorry. ^^;

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And that's it! Thanks for looking! ^__^

Super Secret Swap Post!

Oh my! My Super Secret Swap package came today! :D

2015-03-18 18.16.05

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Thank you so much again, hebilea! ^__^ I'd had a rough day, and this package really brightened things up! This is my first time participating in the swap, and I've had a great experience, both hunting down items and preparing the package for my partner and now receiving a package myself! :D I'd like to give a big shout-out of thanks to the hosts for all of their work to organize and make this such a great experience for us all.
Espeon, Love

Identify help - Abra figure

Hello pkmn-members! ^_^

I got a secret Abra figure in the mail today. I have no clue what is it. On the y!j pic looked it like a mini metal figure but it is a golden plastic figure.
Can anyone tell me more about the figure? Is it a bootleg or an unofficial item? And who made it?


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✿ First Ever Y!J Gets!!! Questions About Tomy Figures, Custom Kid Figure Painting, and Laminating! ✿

(✿◠‿◠) Hello everyone!

I've been waiting ages to make a new gets post, and when i do it's going to be enormous. However i couldn't help but share the excitement of my first ever box from SMJ! :D I'm so happy to finally know how to use Y!J! Here are my first gets!
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Next! I have a question about Tomy figures. I don't usually collect them, but i am wondering if there are linoone, swirlix, or slurpuff ones. I thought Tomy made figures of every pokemon, but i think i might be wrong. Please let me know if you have any idea!

Question number 2 is about custom painting kid figures! I would like to buy doubles of my zig line and ppafu line kids and paint them as shinies! I'm wondering what kind of paint is the best to use for this?

Last question is about laminating flat items! I have many many stickers and cards, and i would love to have them professionally laminated so that i can preserve them. Has anyone else ever done this? I don't have any idea where i could go to take my items and have this done. If i did it myself i know it would ruin the items and get all bubbly/wrinkly and start peeling at the edges over time. :c

That's about it for today's post!

As always i am still looking for zigzagoon/linoone and swirlix/slurpuff items here in my wants list! Please let me know if you have any to sell! <3

Thank you everyone for looking! <3 :D

Collection Update+New Gets+ Yet Another Metal question

Hey all, so I realized that, while ive been begging everyone else for Metal figures, I haven't shown mine in a bit. My collection has grown quite a bit.. just this week i got in Copper Wartortle, Gold Rattata(so excited), Bronze old arms up style Pikachu, Tiny Angry Silver Pikachu (the clenched fists angry, not the arms crossed angry), Blue Sandshrew, Bronze Clefairy, Bronze Jigglypuff, Copper Parasect (again soo excited), Blue Mankey, Blue Abra (death by excitement), Bronze Machop, Gold Machoke, Blue Machamp, Blue Dratini (most paint lost), Gold Geodude, Bronze Farfetch'd (so cute!), Blue Grimer, Blue Onix, Gunmetal Onix, Bronze Lickitung, Gold Lickitung, Bronze Starmie, Bronze Weepinbell, annnd Silver Treecko!

Next is my metal figure question.. I recently saw a Litwick metal figure (which i reeeeeeally want) and i was wondering if anyone has seen any of my other favorites in metal.. a few main ones being Quilava, Furret, Flaaffy, any of the Eevelutions after gen 1, Teddyursa, Corsola, Entei, Spoink, Grumpig, Altaria, Milotic, Spheal, Serperior, Liepard, Sewaddle, Lilligant, Dwebble, Sawsbuck, Joltik, Meloetta Aria Form (ive seen the Pirouette form), Pyroar, Flabebe(and evolved forms), Skiddo, Gogoat, Amaura, Aurorus, Carbink, Phantump, and Noibat?

Now as always I have to say.. Im still looking to collect metal figures.. im about half way through gen 1 and I have almost nothing of any of the other gens.. so any you have for sale please let me know.. also im working on a chart that shows all of the metal figures made, so that other collectors and reference it.. so if you have any metal figure pictures you would like to contribute that would be helpful :)

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Goomy shoes!

I always miss out on the good things. I mean to get the goomy slippers but it slipped (pun intended!) off my mind. Is anyone selling one? Preferably unused since my feet are somehow prone to all sorts of crap. Or are the restocking it? I was going to get one off ebay (I know bad idea, but I was desperate) and it's 53 dollars! So definately looking for something below that!

a cookie (tin) quest, and a big box!

edit: well, that was a short-lived quest! soon, little tin, soooon! \o/ (im stupidly excited for this ahah)

since I figured it'd be dull to just post a single want, I thought I'd make this post about an amazing package I got from FJ a while back. I took pictures of the whole opening process and I've been sitting on them this whole time without a real chance to put the post together. now it's time to share them! \o\ (oh god, I hope it posts okay, I previewed it on my own blog first orz)


this is a box. it is a very big box.

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