March 19th, 2015


Goomy Gashaphon Figures for sale!

hi all, I have some Goomy gashaphons for sale!

(Photo borrowed from the internet, I forgot to take photos of mine yesterday but aren't home right now x_x;;)

Each one is $10 SHIPPED ANYWHERE via airmail (no tracking), + $9.5 for additional ones. The insert sheet will be included (:
Please state which one you want using the Number in the sheet, that would make it easier for me to keep record.

No.1 x 2
No.2 x 2
No.3 x 2
No.4 x 3 2
No. 5 x 2

I might have 1 or 2 more of each available but I need to wait for reply from my friend first. Feel free to request even if the ones I have are sold, and I will get back to you once I hear back from my friend (:

Again, please note that all my other sales rules apply. If you need tracking/ registered mail, let me know. I will be able to ship them this Saturday/ coming Monday.

fab, fabliau, fleischauer

Looking for hooded eevee blanket!

Hello everyone! I know i probably waited a bit too long to get one of these, but Im going to a con at the end of April and I'd like to get one to wear one of the days I'm there!

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The ones on ebay are a bit too pricey to me. I'm looking to pay no more than $60.   EDIT:  $80 shipped (perhaps with a split payment! If thats reasonable?) Let me know if youd like to sell one or if you can show me one for sale!


Grand opening of the Emerald Break + I hope no one is tired of another SSS package

Good afternoon. I have received a large box which containing the emerald break boxes. Let's get started to unpack the cards.

Here is a link to the site called Bambuser I am gonna livestream. You can always watch the video again even if the livestreaming is ended.

Edit: I am experiencing a slow internet connection coz we are having another heavy snowstorm here. The new link to the video is:

Good night, comrades. This post is actually supposed to be done yesterday but I have a homework due today so I only make the post about the group auction. This is my first time to join the SSS event, and I find the idea so awesome. You'll never know what you will receive your package until it appears at your front door. It will be more like pull out an EX or nothing peculiar from the booster packs but you never what will be there until unpacking. My SSS sender is jessyistired, who is also a card collector. In addition, we have just done a trade very recently. I immediately recognize her when I see the name and address on the package...alright, I lied :p I know it is the SSS package because there is no more package supposed to be delivered to me yesterday. Besides, the box is so big that I instantly know it's my SSS gift. Another great part of SSS is that I think the sender and receiver can recognize each other and have a deeper understanding with each other, which I think is one of the most important meanings in this event. I really like how my sender writes the letter, packages everything, and make drawings on the outer side of the box. I think I am gonna do it more seriously next year if time allowed. This is how a gift differs from goods being sold and purchased.

... Okay, a picture is worth a thousand words. So let's get started and unpack the gifts.

Such a friendly letter and I actually forget to take the photo of a scrap of paper with the puzzle. "Can you guess what is inside? Hint: it's not a card." Ha ha, I think it is really hard for me to guess because jessyistired already knows I am a stubborn card collector, and I do not know what she collects besides the cards. Can you guess what are inside?

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They are articuno and moltres swing keychain! I don't think I will be troubled with the missing zapdos coz I am gonna find the lost him one day. lol But yeah I really like the keychains. Actually I am more like a flat and daily use pokemon goods collector right now. I would be super happy to put them with my Digimon Adventure Hikari & Gatomon rubber keychain together. Now, the decorations on my key-ring will look more variant.

I was also wondering why the package would be so large but the second gift answers my question in a second - A trading cards binder! And it's more than what it appears at the front...
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WOW, SO MANY LEGENDART POKEMON! Can you believe that? I am so happy because personally I really like these legendary pokemon before Gen 3 especially rayquaza, ho-oh, and lugia which are flying type. I don't know why tauros is there but anyway. lol I think I have heard the complaint from tauros' collectors. XD It just looks so amazing!
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Now let's head onto the main dish - the AMZ cards (coined abbreviation for Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos). Originally in my wishlist I said I prefer not a card that is $20 but I did not expect so many cards in one package. There are 7 cards in the gift as well as a XY milotic. With the legenary binder as the background, which I find such a good fit with my card collection, now my collection of AMZ cards has made a big leap in the progress. I take a picture of the last page to show how the binder will look like if a couple of cards are missed. Frankly speaking, I would let those slots to be blank so I can see the artwork of the legendary binder. So amazing!
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You know what? That is not the end of this long photostory of the SSS package. Can you guess what is under the cut?
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KYOGRE EX, AND NOT JUST THAT, THERE IS A MEGA GARDEVOIR EX! She also included a one-pack blister and a three-pack blister. AND HERE THEY ARE. Two EX's, two reverse holo wide illustrations, and a playable reverse holo Rare Candy! Can I ask more from this package? NO!

Thank you so much, jessyistired. This is the best gift I have ever received. Keep flipping the pages of the binder right now. lol

And thank you for everyone who stopped by and read my wordy photostory. Have a good night!


Hello everyone, I'm not supper good at introductions, but here goes nothing.
I've loved Pokemon for a long time, it started when I was really little with the cartoon, then figures, then cards, and then with the games when I finely convinced my parents one Christmas to get me a DS light.
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