March 21st, 2015

bead sprites now available!

Open for bead sprite commissions, examples here:

smalls $5
medium $10
Large $20
XL $30

ships from MD, USA
paypal only
sales perm in aug 2010

also may be selling my recently bought sleeping tepig plush for fiancial reasons, asking $100 shipped

as well as my froakie pokedoll, no handtag only tush, like new condition only been sitting on my shelf, $15 plus $4 to ship via first class, $9 for international

Quick Wants

Hello comm, I just wanted to make a quick wants post with a few things I'm looking for right now.

First off, the Tomy Weavile pose figure. I just purchased one but it's missing the base, and honestly I do want a complete one. Doesn't have to be NIP, as long as it has all its parts. If you have one or know of one listed somewhere, please do let me know. Price range preferably $10-25.

Next, absol netsuke strap. I had one hanging in my car, but it mysteriously disappeared without a trace. I'm thinking $7 shipped? That's what I've seen them go for on here.

I'm also looking for a Brazilian Middleman.

Also open to other Absol + Weavile items, especially on my wishlist. However, I'm trying to save money right now, so I may decline even if it's on my list. ....So, I'm mainly looking for cheapy cheap things except for the two items above.

Also, just got sales permission!! Yay! Be on the lookout for my first sales post in the next couple of days.

haunter morty library

Collection Pics & Collection Site Update - I need your help!

I took some time everyday this past week while I was on break to heavily update my collection site so that it might be as helpful as possible to those who might be collecting the same merch that I am. I know how it feels to struggle with identifying items and figuring out if something someone is selling looks anything like the one vague picture of an obscure item you're looking for, so I took pictures of my items at various angles and took some close up shots of the writing on tags in hopes that someone out there will find this information useful. I even took the liberty to write down the Japanese translation of Japanese imported items to help with searches on Y!Japan. Although this post doesn't really show it (because I'm really tired now), I'm really excited that I managed to get this done because I knew it was going to be a big project since I was determined to catalog my whole collection. (It took a whole week and at least 1000 pictures.)

But even though I've compiled a bit of information myself with the help of a few sites, I could still use the community's help in comfirming certain release dates that I'm still unsure of or identifying figures that I haven't found information on. If you know any informative collection sites that you use, I would appreciate it if you shared them too. (I have a few listed on my About page on the site. I will happily link to others if you have one to share.) Thanks for reading and I hope you get some use out of the site! ^_^

Click on this line to enter the collection site.

Before hopping over to the site, I have some preview pics of my updated collection since last year. (If you want to see close-ups of any of these items, feel free to check the collection site. All my collection items should be on there.)

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Sales Plug
rainbow tyranitar

Light up Pokeballs - A DIY

So since we are snowed in again XD lol, I decided to do something a little crafty.
Follow the cut to learn how to make your own...


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In other news, thanks to the super sleuthing of mewisme700 I have to add another grail to the list...

There is a long lost 6th plushplush keychain from the dawn of the pokedolls. It seems odd there was never a Pikachu....well that's cause there was!! :D
If anyone has ever seen anything regarding this plush, photos, your friend had one etc, please pm me.

Lastly, with kitzune's recent post about the new Mega Latias and Mega Latios Plush, we have hit another merch milestone! If you count the Primal Evolutions, there are 50 mega pokemon (also includes X and Y variations like Mewtwo). That makes a total of 26 Mega plushies have been released! We're past half way!! So what Mega Pokémon plush are you holding out for?? I personally can't wait for Tyranitar.
Have a nice weekend!

New Custom Pokemon Sculpt! This time it's a MEGA!

So due to work, I wasn't able to sculpt and paint in a while. I finished painting my latest custom Pokemon sculpt about 2 weeks ago. I've fell in love with sculpting miniatures. I've always loved everything small yet with fine details. From now on, I'll be practicing more on detailed miniatures. Here is my custom Mega Pokemon sculpt. It's really not much but I will continue to practice and learn :) More Pokemon coming soon so stay tuned! These are part of my collection. Who wants to see Cynthia sculpted? Comment epic ideas below and I'll see if I can make them :)

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Oooo sparkles!

Okay, I am on a hunt for the applause mini Pokemon that I believe came in "battle sets". They have certain features that are super sparkly on them. I was hoping that someone may be able to help me find a list of all of them that exist, as well as, anyone who may be selling them. I am a committed buyer if they are within the $5-8 range. If they are more I may increase my budget, especially on Zubat (:

Also, any Bulbasaur, the Oddish line and other Zubat items I may be interested in as well.

Thanks for reading!

Accepting Offers For Commissions and Pokefluff Figure Customs

Hello everyone I am accepting offers on my commissions and new Pokefluff figures. I ship from Florida, USA and within the USA shipping is $2.50 (including paypal fees)

The pokefluffs stand at about 1-1.5 inches tall.

Regular figures are around 2-3inchs tall

Pendants are around 1.5inches-2inches tall

The pokefluffs start at $5 for offers and BIN is $13

Pendants start at $15 and BIN is $30

Pancham pendant starts at $10 BIN at $20

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:

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Well then review on qaza plush

It is huge and big it does bend The side fabric feels awkward and looks weird with some seems showing I lovee this great product
it is a good shiny counterpart
Cheap right now 50$ for a bendable
size if you want small plush please note it is huge
sems show and the hanging parts make me feel ultra delicate.
score 9/10

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  • toxiee

5 months later...

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted any of my collection (about 5 months). I also totally missed my 1 year aniversery which was in febuary. I didn't get a lot in those 5 months but I'm still happy with it. Everything was in boxes so I had to dig it all out. ;3; Sorry about the picture quality, I'm still using a really really old iPod.

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Also I'm still looking for the official lopunny stamp. :3

Collection anniversary!

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well! I, Once again, apologise for my lack of posts- I'm quite a slow collector and I have a terrible tendency to lurk, welp. The past few months have been a little hectic for me, so my collection website still isn't finished... I must get around to doing that!

Today turns out to be my collection anniversary! Well, the day I was accepted into the community. Admittedly, I posted this a day early... It's strange to think it's been a year already.

Follow Levi to see more! A warning, this will probably be quite heavy! (Hopefully the cut works!)

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Thanks for reading! ^^/

New York finds!

Greetings my fellow Poké-lovers!

Today me and my boyfriend took a trip into NYC. We didn't get a chance to pop by Nintendo World, unfortunately, but we hung out downtown and came across a lovely store called Toy Tokyo!

Some of you guys may have heard of it but I've never seen it before! We went in and I was super happy to see what I saw :D

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It was a pretty cool store for collectors of any sort! I encourage all my fellow New Yorkers and those who are planning to visit to go there! You may have some cool finds :)

That's all! xx

Quick Wants - cards too

Hello collectors~

How is everyone? Excited for that warmer weather? :'D

Sorry I don't post too often, but I wanted to make a post for a quick want. ^^ Hope that's okay.

My friend started an office job recently and I really wanted to get her something special for her desk since her birthday is coming up real soon.
I'm searching for a Pokemon ink pen specifically. If anyone has any or can post links to someone who is selling one, I'd be really grateful. No real particular Pokemon, but something on the affordable side would be great. Maybe something cute-ish? ^-^
I'm not having much luck searching on my own... and I'm an awful procrastinator. :x But help is appreciated!

Also interested in seeing what clear files are out there. No rare, expensive ones, though. ^^; Just something nifty, cute to keep stuff in.

On another note, I've really expanded on my TCG collection and I hope to do an appropriate update real soon for you guys. As always, I'm on the search for those adorable Pikachu cards and its evos and copycats.
Some that I'm missing are here --> Card Wants

And that about wraps it up for me. I hope you all have a great day~! I'm also loving seeing those awesome SSS posts in this community. Such amazingness!
lucario avatar

!!! Gets and an amazing find!

I was out shopping today, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this! I literally stopped in my tracks, not even kidding..

Pikachu Friends with Berries! In the US!?

There was only one eevee and two dedennes, but I bought just one. When I came back an hour and a half later, the other one was gone! I guess I got really lucky ^u^;;

They had the rest of the promotion out too!
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Im new to pkmncollectors

im a super new member to pkmncollectors and i thought i would start out with a post of my pokedoll collection.
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i have all the tags in a drawer (except Blaziken didn't have a tag) so they wont get damaged.

i also have some grails
2005 lucario
and my grail of grails corsola

i think getting lucario with both tags is doable but for corsola and sceptile it seems unlikely. of course i want to many more but these are the ones that have my heart right now

also im looking for any and all pokedoll metal charms excluding the ones from 2012 and after, i already have those coming in an order. if you know where i can buy these, or would like to sell them please message me!

Offers ending in 48 hours!!! MIB #2. Buneary and #3. Lucario Pokemon Fururin Collection Bobblehead

Both Buneary and Lucario MIB Bobbleheads are still at their starting price! There is only 48 hours left until the offers ends!!! Come drop in your offers, I might accept an offer before the end time.

Click on this picture to be transported:

or click on this link here:

Have a great night/day everyone! :)

Collection post

Hello! Despite joining this community in December, this is the first post I've ever made ^^" I wanted my first post to be a collection post and kept putting it off as I was waiting for more stuff to arrive in the mail. Finally decided to make this post anyway, I'll probably always be getting and waiting for more stuff.

I can't decide on a favourite (FYI: UK spelling) pokemon, it's a tie between Pikachu and Torchic for me. Other pokemon I'm fond of are Eevee, Lucario, the Swablu line and Spheal. And there's a bunch more, as seen in the pictures below.

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Looking for Cynthia related goods for the Pokémon Trading Card Game

Hello everyone!

As the tile suggests, I am mainly looking for a few specific Cynthia related items for the Pokémon trading card game. The first item would be the large deck box as seen below (credit for the original picture goes to wutastic in his original thread:

and the paper version of the Cynthia playmat

If any of you one of these items please let me know!

I just forget to show the dreaming binder I got yesterday

Just as said in the title, I was busy with showing off the collection, pulls from emerald break and some other odds yesterday; and I just forget to show this dreaming binder I got for holding my current and future card collection. So here you go.

Here is my current card collection.

I am looking for trades for any articuno, moltres, and zapdos cards I don't have, preferably different artworks but can be in any languages. Also, my high priority right now is the SR Empoleon from Plasma Freeze or Spiral Force in japanese; and the same for Dusknoir, and Exeggcute. Edit: and a FA Gardevoir EX
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Finally, this is a reminder for the offers of the group auction extras. The offer on the Celebi charm necklace is only $1. Throw your offer in till it ends in 24 hours.
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I have sort out and take a picture for the whole lot of Emerald Break C/UC I have. I am asking for $15 shipped for this lot or trade for $17 equal value due to the higher shipping. Click the image to see the original post with the detailed list, scan, and translation of each card.