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22 March 2015 @ 01:12 am

Hello everyone! I'm making another specific wants post since my last one was quite sucessful.
I currently want Giratina Land Form, Giratina Origin Form, Cresselia, and Regigigas Pokedolls MWT or NWT.
My main wants are the Giratinas; but if you have Regigigas or Cresselia I would love to work out a bigger sale to save on shipping in the long run.
Thanks to anyone who replies!
I await your offerings :3
22 March 2015 @ 09:40 am
Hi guys! Mega Mightyena Viviaren here!
It's been ages since I last posted here (which was my itroduction post), and I'm really sorry for being so inactive and all :(
Anyways yesterday I got my first plushies for 2015 (not counting the sleepy starters- which were for my B-Day). They're under the cut.

The Gets!Collapse )

I also found some figures not to long ago. They are under this cut.

The FindsCollapse )

Sorry if this post has been long!
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Hey everyone! Ninfia here, typing from Tokyo! :D

I went to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo for the 2nd time this trip (I went 2 days ago and bought tons of stuff that I'll share another post). I'll be sharing my 2 grails that I got yesterday as well!

I wanted to share and review the new Mega Evolution plush that came out yesterday. I bought all three and took a ton of pictures ^-^

Without further ado, here are they are!

Mega Evolve! Gallade!Collapse )

Mega Evolve! Mawile!Collapse )

Mega Evolve! Gardevoir!Collapse )

And finally (ohhhhhhhhh so excited :DDDDDDD )

OMG OMG OMG OMG (say it with me while you click this cut ^-^ )Collapse )

Size Ref Shots! (Amber)Collapse )

Size ref shots! (Belissa)Collapse )

Oops! Almost forgot! (Box size ref pics)Collapse )

Group Shots! (size ref)Collapse )

Smaller gets!Collapse )

Quick Questions!Collapse )
That's all, folks!

TL;DR - got more stuff. Open the cuts, I dare you :P XD

Thank you guys so much for reading! Look forward to my huuuuuuuuge gets post when I get back!

Ninfia ^-^
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Hello there guys!
postcard 9
unnamed (2)

Today, I would like to come to you with something very simple. I have over 2000 flats in store with lots of various Pokemon that would be otherwise somewhat of a pain to scan and edit all, so instead of scanning so many:

- I would like you to comment what Pokemon you are interested in and I will search through all flats I have!
- Depending on the ones you would be interested in, you will name your price!

I have all kinds of flats! Amada stickers, postcards, cards, pan stickers, TCG and others! If you are a specific flats collector, do not hesitate to ask me about a specific group as well!

Obligatory sales rules!Collapse )

Thank you guys! :)
22 March 2015 @ 11:58 am
Hey guys, like I said yesterday, I've just been granted sales permission! I've been saving a big box of stuff to sell for quite some time now so I'm glad I can finally offer it to the community. Nothing too huge or exciting, but I hope there are a few things here that will benefit some of your collections.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Here is my PKMNCollectors feedback.

My sales post is located on my personal journal and can be access by clicking here or on the image below! It's Ctrl +F friendly by the way!

vvvv -- I'm also still looking for the things in this post and am open to trades for absol/weavile items at the moment. (Will probably buy any cheap items you offer me atm as well) -- vvvv

22 March 2015 @ 12:02 pm
Hello everyone! I feel like I haven't been on this site in forever, even though I've only been busy for a month or so, I think?
Anyways, here are my gets I've acquired in the past few months! Also, I'm looking to trade some cards. Everything is under the cut!

Gets! These have been out for a while though...Collapse )

Card trades!Collapse )

Thank you for looking!

22 March 2015 @ 01:16 pm

My DX Emolga pokedoll and Shiny DX Emolga pokedoll auctions end tomorrow at 8 PM CST. There are no bids yet! I am now offering free shipping to USA/Canada whether they're BINed or not since I really need the money for the next to months. Click the picture to be transported.

I'll have another pokedoll auction posted on Monday as well!
Laleigh Alexandrea
22 March 2015 @ 02:35 pm
I made a picture with some of the stuff I am wanting. Looking to get some of these friday.

So just comment or whatever :D
22 March 2015 @ 05:25 pm
I was so happy to get Business Suit Pikachu, it made my day to see the older Kagoshima Station Pikachu and KIX Pilot Pikachu too! They're not the full sized versions though so I guess I'm going to have to search for those as well as Okinawa Pikachu :(

I suppose, buyer beware: the glasses get disfigured pretty easily.
22 March 2015 @ 05:41 pm
Hello everyone! :D I have obtained sales permission! Yay! I wanted to start off with things that I wasn't too sure how to sell other than through an offers post.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
Da RulesCollapse )

I think that's all ^^; If you have any further questions, please ask! Onto the items up for offers! Sorry if the pictures are a bit small, I only have a phone to take pictures with.

This monster of a Tepig is a whopping 28" tall and 32" long. He is a Toy Factory plush that is stuffed with a hard, foam, bead like stuffing. I've only ever seen these monsters at amusement parks so I'm not sure how much they sell for. Tepig starts at $5, but know that shipping may be horrendous. I guess I could pop the seam down his body and unstuff him if the buyer asks me too, but I've never unstuffed something that's stuffed with this odd foam, bead like material.
More pictures of Tepig! :DCollapse )

Next up is this monster of a Zorua! He stands at about 38" tall and 42" long and stuffed with the same material as Tepig! He will also start at $5

More pictures of Zorua! :DCollapse )

I also have this Pokemon Letterman jacket. It was worn a couple of times then washed and never worn again. It is a SMALL. It, too, will start at $5!

Pictures of the back and close-ups! :DCollapse )

I will accept an offer when I feel it is time to.
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22 March 2015 @ 07:18 pm
Hi, I'm looking for the following figures. If you have one for sale, please let me know :)
I haven't listed all figures I need, because there are still to many.

PikachuuuuCollapse )
More wantedCollapse )

I also really want this clear Latios Tomy with it's base. This one has the highest priority for me. I'm willing to pay $50 (or more) for one that is in good condition.

I'm also looking for the shiny Sinnoh starters, so if you have any of them, please let me know :)

I also have a lot of Tomy figures left in my sales, so click here to take a look :D

The credit for the pictures goes to James. Click here to be transported to his amazing collection site :D
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22 March 2015 @ 10:41 pm
Does anybody have a Mewtwo pokedoll for sale? I just realized how excited I am for him coming back to Super Smash Bros. and I really want one!!! I don't want to pay more than $25 if possible. I also don't care if it has its tag or not
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'
22 March 2015 @ 10:56 pm
Hello everyone!

Today it's not mod business, or FFAF or Group Buys.. No, today I'm finally doing a re-introduction! I've been part of this community since July, 2010 and it's been one heck of a ride. Who would have thought Pokemon could be so much fun? Anyway, click the cut to read more.

This post is VERY image heavy! I have done my best to reduce the lag on those who have a slower connection by re-sizing everything and making the bigger versions open in a new window. There are 70 collection images in here so if you have a slower running internet please click at your own risk.

Too much fluff! Image heavy!Collapse )
22 March 2015 @ 11:05 pm
I recently stumbled upon and purchased a plush I've wanted for a very long time on Yahoo!Japan and in my excitement I just had to share it with everybody! It's a 2005 Yawarakai Banpresto Mew:

(Hi there!)

More pictures below the cut.Collapse )

With this plush, that makes five in my meager collection. I think it'll fit right in.