March 23rd, 2015



Sorry for the dramatic bold title,but I need everyones help here. If you purchased from me in the month of March PLEASE comment here if you received your item or not. (or just leave me feedback)
If you have not received your item yet, then please comment with what you bought and your zip. If you are international then you are still ok.
Reason for all of this? My last ship day was on the 13th at 8:30am. I've had a few members come to me and say their items have not arrived yet. The ones who have were all in the same batch. So in order to get the post office to listen (maybe) I want to get as many who haven't received their items as possible to let me know so we can find them. I feel like if I go in there with 5+ who haven't received their items it will get them to look more than if only 1 or 2 have an issue. That way they won't say wait longer, they may find the issue. (Like they left a crate full of them somewhere, etc)
I am in a bit of panic mode right now. I want to make sure EVERYONES stuff has arrived or else I need to go find out why/find a new post office. This has never happened before so I cannot rest until all of my customers are happy. I am hoping they made an error and sent them to me by mistake so I can ship them again.

I apologize to those not affected. I know this is taking up space and boring/annoying. I am just really nervous right now, so please understand <3 Thanks guys!!!

To make this less dramatic and more pokemon themed, here is a quick wants post.

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Miroku and Sango

Stamp GA Totals - Final Payment. Also selling Metal Swing Jolteon Keychain + Collection Updates!

The stampers are in! Time to pay shipping. All participants' shipping costs were discounted by $1 to accomodate the sales of the extra stampers. (We didn't quite sell enough to warrent a whole dollar off, but it's the easiest way and there's still several extras leftover for me to deal with, so I don't mind. XD;)


This post concerns: o_0digitizdx_x pkmnexcavation icyshadowblades iaibou nicolarbear namelessfate1 rainarie ssjvap moonlightpkmn syminka viaticvenusaur.

If you already paid shipping (which I think is only nicolarbear) you don't have to do anything. If you have not paid shipping, please send $2.50 in the US, or $7 if international.

If you bought extras, your specific totals are below:

baconscreation Rydon and Paras - $2.37 + $3.50 shipping = $5.87
icyshadowblades Happy Pikachu, Staryu, Golduck, Pidgey - $4.43 + shipping ($2.50 in the US or $7 if international. GA participant price) = $6.93 OR $11.43
elcardenal12 Spearow - $1.34 + $3.50 shipping in the US, $8 if international = $4.84 OR $9.34
syminka Rapidash and Ponyta - $2.37 + shipping ($2.50 in the US or $7 if international. GA participant price) = $4.87 OR $9.37

Please list ALL stampers purchased in the note and send payments to If you haven't paid Payment 1 for some reason, here's the post for that.

Thank you!

Second order of business! I discovered an extra item that was not pictured in our metal swing GA - a Jolteon swing! I'm selling it off for $15 + shipping, with the proceeds going back to the participants. (I will refund $1 each in the case of the sale.) The one I'm selling is NIP, but here's a reference picture below from another community post. Just comment here if you'd like to purchase the Jolteon! (Sales permission granted by lineaalba in 2009, feedback is here.)

Third order of business! I wanted to show off a few of my recent gets. :)

Flareon and Vulpix bell plush, mint in box! :D I already had a Vulpix, but I jumped at the chance to get one in the box. The same seller also had Flareon, so I bid on her as well. I paid a pretty penny for each, but it's nice to have some of the oldest and rarest plush for both of these awesome fire Pokemon in my collection.

And ta-da! Can anyone spot the new addition? It's the shimmery dark green one on the right. :D A lovely community member pointed out this lot to me, and I promptly snapped it up! Consequently, I have a ton of extra mini models now. @_@ If anyone is looking for a particular color or Pokemon, let me know. Because I'm probably just going to eBay them otherwise.

Thanks for reading, all!


New kids figure and candy figure sets!

Hi folks! Today I arrive bearing some new merchandise to share with you all. I found these on a eBay listing from a seller I have bought from before so I can most certainly say that these are legit. :3
I have also included a text list of these figure sets for mobile users, becase for some reasons my mobile version of LJ doesn't always show pictures for some strage reason.

New kids figure set from Bandai! Includes Mega evolutions of Heracross, Scizor, Rayquaza, Salamence and Latios, along with Trevenant, Wartortle, Aromatisse, Braixen, Sliggoo, RAICHU AND GOODRA. o3o
I might be wrong, but i think that Raichu has a new pose? Releases next month, excat date was not given.

(Can I plz have Sliggoo, Goodra and Raichu liek, right now?)

For the second one, I'm not so sure if this has been posted yet but,  there's also a new candy figure set from Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Seems to be very ORAS-focused. Includes Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Megas of Metagross, Sableye, Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile and Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. Releases on 30:th of this month.

That's it folks! Are you exited for these figures? :)

Commission Time!

Hello my lovely fellow collectors!
In celebration of being granted sales permission on Saturday (and being on break from school for a week WOOHOO) I've decided to open up 3 slots for glass commissions!

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96.
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Thanks for reading this far! I'm so excited to have sales permission in our wonderful community. :)
I'm ecstatic about finally being able to see more of my art in the wild, and I hope you are all equally excited about being able to add something different to your collection.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

HUGE get & collection preview

Ive finally got my hands on the biggest Bulbasaur want of mine! He's minty with tag, just perfect ^^

Ive been searching for this little guy FOREVER and he finally popped up on Noppin! So glad he didn't get away!

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Now, this is just a small preview of my collection. To be more detailed, this is just the Bulbasaur part of my collection. I've recently moved so everything is not displayed properly but one day I will have photos to share.

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And there you have it! More collection photos will be in the future. I also have Walky Bulbasaur on the way. He just shipped yesterday, can't wait!!

Litleo gets!

Finally got some new leos!

I'm so glad to add the zucan and MPC to my collection
I'm one step closer to completeing the collection!

All that I am waiting on now is my skymin pokedoll which should come soon hopefully!


Card Trades and Sales!

Heya :D I finally put together all my card doubles, and now they're up for trade! Please comment with the cards you're interested in and a link to the pic, and leave some pics of cards you have for trade ^^ I will trade for any card I do not have. Condition varies from good-mint, please ask for condition of your specific card(s) if you're very concerned about this :) Some of these have been traded, but most are available!

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And for sale, I have a huuuge Gallade EX card. Why does this even exist?? My new retainer case is for size ref xD I'm asking 10 shipped OBO~

And the regular links (sales terms on the feb page)

no titleno title
Feb Perler Sprite Commissions:
Perler Sprite GIVEAWAY:
Zukan Wants:

Members are now allowed 4 guesses for the giveaway XD
And as always I'm looking for customs of dark doggies and Furret!

March Art Commissions

Hi guys, I'm back with some new art commissions! I have finished my subjects and I'm only missing my final project (a Doctor Who children book!) and my practicum, so it's time to open some art commissions. Not only bookmarks this time since I have been doing printed A4 full drawings too starting at 10$! Just check any option you prefer ^^
And I'm always open for haggling a but or trades, not only with other art but with plushies and figures too :D
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I can also do little drawings, you can see them on my post HERE
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DH: the monster by Agui-chan

You can see other drawings and styles on my DeviantART , INSTAGRAM , BEHANCE and some T-Shirts on RedBubble
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Gets: Umbreon, Mega Raquaza, Pikazard, and more! Also, Possible Trade?

Apparently livejournal updated their interface and it is making the editor act funny, and I can't preview my post |:( So I hope this post isn't jumbled.

First, I've got a lot of stuff saved up for a great gets post! Click the cut below the preview for more pictures!

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Also, I am looking to trade this sylveon and eevee glass:
for This Umbreon and Espeon glass:

I ordered the Espeon and Umbreon glass from, but they sent the wrong one. They provided excellent customer service when I wrote to them, but nevertheless, they were unable to send the right one because they were out of stock. I'm wondering if someone else who may have experienced a similar issue and received the umbreon and Espeon glass by mistake would like to trade? Pictures and rules Under The cut.

Sales Permission given by entirelycliched on December 1 2013
My feedback:

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Thank you all for looking!

Quick Zukan sales

Hey guys. Being as my luck getting a Goomy zukan was tricky ( I kept missing them) I bought a set. I bring you the two I don't need.. Mega Blastoise and Primal Groudon.

Terms and conditions
I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 Bydakajojo
I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters
All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.
I ship from the UK
I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

My feedback is here

Both are $10 each. 


So here are my most recent kid figures~ ^-^
Houndoom and a spikey ear Pichu kid.

The cutest thing though is that my old Houndour kid which I got awhile back has a mole, but look! This Houndoom has one too, but on a different side. Eeehhh the cuteness! <3

Hello all so here is a sales post!

Just click the picture above to be transported to my sales post. (:
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

Emergency Mod Post

Hello community!

It has come to our attention that  synysterxskittl is currently hospitalized and is unable to make any payments. We are unsure when they'll be returning to the community, so if they are part of a GA, auction off their portions to other members, if they were asking for quotes, pass to the next individual etc.

If they are involved in an ongoing payment plan, please take the following action:

1.) If the item has already been shipped to them, keep payment that you have and contact the mod team.
2.) If the item has NOT shipped, please refund all payments and cancel the plan.

If you have any question or concerns, please comment here (all comments will be screened) or contact a mod directly.

We wish her all the best with her recovery and hope to see her back on the community soon!

If you would like to send a card, please contact areica96, who is organizing an effort.

Thank you!

Mod Team
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auction + sales reminder

The community,
the auction will end tomorrow at 23:49 european time. There is one day left :)
So don't miss the chance do get the rare bell keychains!

Also my sales are updated with bell keychains.

Auction link:

Sales link:

Also im still looking for the following items:

Let me know if you have these merch for sale <3

my wants
collection site


Hello community! I havent been here in... jeez, it feels like over a year? BUT I'M BACK NOW.
It's been a hectic year away from the community but I think I'm in a comfy enough spot in life to get back in the swing of things! But, with all the time lost that means... I am so behind in merchandise news. OTL
A quick little intro since I'm bad at introductions!
Hey there! I'm Kou. :) I'm a dedicated college student in my early twenties who works too hard and sleeps too little and has too many expensive hobbies. Back when I started in this comm YEARS ago, I collected a little bit of everything. But my main collections are my lovely TEAM HAZARD

I'm fairly behind on keeping up with merch of these guys. So, if you have something fairly unique of any of them, link me up! I'd love to see if I have it or not <3 The rest of my collections are slowly going to be weeded away because lack of space mainly.
ANYWAY HELLO. I'm looking forward to being a part of this great community again! (Also, I read through the modposts since I was here last but if I missed a rule, please gently nudge me in the right direction. ;o; )

And since I'm here, here's a link to my updated sales! My prices from BACK IN THE DAY were pretty meh so I cut nearly all the prices in half since I last posted this stuff. Click the banner to check it out!

Thanks for reading, my loves! <3

My Last 251 Monster Collection Figures (Re-Introduction and a WANTS POST!)

Hello friends, I have been collecting seriously since April 2014, but I got my first figure in 2006-2007. Since I joined this website 11 months ago, my collection has grown magnificently, and counting pending transactions and packages in transit, I only need six more figures to have all 251 original Monster Collection TOMY figures.

I would like to purchase these:

Staryu (this has been harder to find at a decent price than it should)
Stantler (mine's antler broke off)