March 24th, 2015

Vs Pack Opening + Latest Gets + Little Collection Preview

Hi lovely pkmncollectors!

I finally had some spare time to dedicate to Pokémon TCG...

And i opened my Vs Era Fighting/Psychic Pack I got recently.

pegasus2010,wobbuwhit i think you may be interested.

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My holo pulls were a Rocket's Wobbuffet and a Rainbow Energy. I really wanted Rocket's Raikou but i got Rocket's Wobbuffet instead. I'm obessesed with pokéballs artworks so imagine my joy when i found a Masterball! Pretty cool uh?

Let's get to latest gets. I scored a XY Hyper metal chain deck for a really good price, a Mint/NMint secret rare Rocket's Tyranitar card from Vs Era and the last card i needed to complete my 1st ED Japanese DP4 Moonlit Pursuit set, a Lv. X Honchkrow!

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This is only a little "preview" of my collection... I just have to find some spare time to make some shot to all the stuff...
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Not So New De-Lurking Introduction :)

Hi there!! My name is absintheslady (named for my husband's general online persona abstinthe :3 ). I've lurked on this comm for AT LEAST a year, probably longer, but I've never posted or introduced myself before now. I've always been a bit shy about posting online. I am 24 from California and I LOOOOOVE collecting. I have many things that I collect, but I'm trying to make Pokemon my main collection.

I've loved Pokemon since the olden days of yore, but my mom thought it was too violent and never let my brother and I really collect anything. Plus, I went through that awful 'Pokemon isn't cool anymore' phase and got rid of all of my old merchandise T-T. My favorite generation is gen 2; I started out with Silver version and it was the first video game I had ever beaten on my own. At the moment, I'm in an odd transitional student phase of my life, so I don't have much money for building my collection, but when I have it I SPEND IT ON COLLECTION STUFF WOO!

It's my dream to have a vast, color-coordinated collection room someday, but for now my husband and I have all my stuff in our little room at his dad's house. My husband sort of collects too, and by that I really mean that he just collects all the stuff I buy for him. He's a huuuge Charmander line fan (he started with Red version) and he's basically a human version of Gengar (his other favorite) in both appearance and demeanor :)

I have a TON of favorite pokemon, but my top five would hands down be: Sylveon, Fennekin, Ponyta, Diancie, and Kyogre. I love pink and cute things, so most of my faves are on the cutesy side. I'm interested in collecting plush, kids, pins, and household goods for the most part, plus whatever other stuff catches my eye (which is how most of my collection happened).

Thanks for reading and as an added thanks, here is my collection!


My cute little perched Lati invites you in...
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Room meme~!

I finally got time to organize my room (its still so messy though sob sob) and figured, why not a room meme!

What's behind the door?
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Also! Second set of giveaway prizes will hopefully be sent out tomorrow, prepared today!

Also, is the preview button not working for anyone else, or is it just me?

Looking to buy various tcg cards and game antiques

I am looking to buy these TCG cards given it is in nm/m condition for a reasonable price

M rayquaza EX fullart (86/78)
P groudon EX fullart
P kyogre EX fullart
groudon EX fullart (XY5)
kyogre EX fullart (XY5)

And these games:

-nm/m pokemon soulsilver outer box. no to very minimal creases, bends and dents on its surface and flaps. edges should be crisp to minimal signs of shelf wear.

-mint pokemon emerald box with inserts. box surface must be flawless; no damage to all of its surfaces and flaps, inside and outside. corners must be crisp. considerably VG quality. new or used does not matter, just its condition.

The mint pokemon emerald box that meets those requirements is my sought after item. If you are considering in selling one, offer up a price. I am sure we can find a price we will both come in terms with!

Offers ending soon! wants and a get too~

Hello again guys :)

I'm in need of some cash, so I will be taking offers until tomorrow at 11 AM EST. I will also be making a sales post soon :D A 1:1 Mudkip will be included among other cool things~

Mah offers post:

I'm also looking for something specific from my wants list, the Slowpoke Pokedoll <3 I have loved Slowbro for a very long time, and I would love this Pokedoll for that very reason :) I know there are one or two on eBay, but I feel like he's not worth quite that much and I don't really have that kind of money right now either so let me know :D

Also, as most people know, jheila hosted a giveaway recently and I got the thing I wanted most :)

The Zoroark Joker!!! He looks so awesome :D Here are all my Zoroark cards with him :)

and then absolute favorites of mine (especially the Latias <3)

I pulled this bad boy not too long ago. not sure if I'm going to keep him or sell him though.

Thanks for looking guys :D
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Big post - Holy Grail gets and more

I'm probably going to be writting this post throughout the day because of how big this update is going to be xD but it's with good reason.

So lets see these Grails and gets...
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Another major update is I got a wall unit for displaying some of my plushies :)  There was no way I could fit all my plushies on here but this really made it soooo much easier to display them. Under the cut are some close ups of the shelves. (Click to enlarge!)

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no titleWanna see some cute pokemon art by me?
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Thanks for reading :D
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Nintendo Worldddd :D


So for my 19th Birthday my Mom and I spontaneously decided to go to New York City for the day. A 7 hour bus ride from VA haha.
So this means Nintendo World fun! Picture Heavy under le cut!

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Also heres the link to my "The Horrors of Completed Listings Saga" It has been updated with a few more since. If you have sceenshots for me to add, feel free to PM me!