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Be Proud Of Yourself- Variety Is The Spice Of Life
25 March 2015 @ 12:36 am
Hello guys!

I remember seeing all those happy people and wonderful items last year, all the love in the air, and I'm proud to be able to participate this time! :)

So my SSS-package came in today, whoop whoop!! :D
What a story, actually... :D
Tell me everything!Collapse )
And now you want to know what I found inside the package, right? :)
The goodies ^_^Collapse )
Thank you, chain, for this great SSS experience. :)

(Err... I'm not sure, but am I allowed to leave feedback for this? :D I'd love to!)
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25 March 2015 @ 05:54 am
Hello again! :D
I just finished another custom and I wanted to show him off and see what you guys think~

Its a Koffing pokedoll! :D I tried to base it off of the official art. Overall I'm really happy with how he came out and can't wait to make more! The camera makes him look a tad darker than he really is @-@
more pics!Collapse )

What do you guys think? ^^
Thanks for reading and prepare for a huge gets post soon :D
25 March 2015 @ 09:11 am
So I'm spoiled with my new job and have been able to successfully put away 4k already towards loans and still have much leftover! :D So I want! *WARNING* VERY image heavy :P I want a lot

Sylveon Keshipoke
WhalesCollapse )
EnteisCollapse )

and lastly, tomy wants can be found here: http://doryphish333.livejournal.com/2357.html
25 March 2015 @ 10:45 am
Hello guys!
Just wanted to remind you that I am still taking my "Flats sale, tell me your Pokemon and name the price yourself!" requests, and I will be closing off these requests by tomorrow, Thursday evening!

postcard 9
unnamed (2)

I still have thousands of flats, so please ask away! <3
Please CLICK HERE to go to the post or click on any of the pictures above!

That's it for now, thank you!
25 March 2015 @ 11:21 am
One of my packages from Y! Japan just arrived this morning and it contained something that I've been after for a long time! I actually bought this item from the comm before, but it got swiped in the mail the last time. ;-; Thankfully this time around it had a safer journey from Japan.

Now what could be inside?

Cut carefully to see what's inside!Collapse )

no title
25 March 2015 @ 12:29 pm
Good afternoon, comrades. I come with a quick cards gets. I just get the cards in the middle row plus $35 cash in a trade my gold star jolteon with my friend. I know the gold stars are very rare, but the condition is not so great worth for grading and I am not a collector for these cards.

Right now I am still looking for Secret Rare Empoleon and Unlimited Shadowless Zapdos. I am also looking for any random Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Gardevoir, Espeon cards I do not have. You can find my binder in the following link:

Also, I have decided to auction my 2500 bulk Japanese cards starting from $0.99. Please come in and take a look if you are interested.

Sales permission from denkimouse on 01/28/2011
25 March 2015 @ 12:49 pm
Hi everybody. I just googled Mew figures and I came across this figure. If anybody wants this taken down, please do say so.

I've searched the internet for this Mew figure but I never found a single info on this. What figure is this? Is this official? Thank you very much. I like this because I think it's very small and detailed, and I have a thing for small detailed things!
25 March 2015 @ 01:34 pm

Just a reminder my DX Lucario auction ends tonight at 8 PM CST! Click here to be transported~ I also have a couple things up for straight sales including a sleepy Growlithe plush.
25 March 2015 @ 05:11 pm
Hi everybody! I'm so excited to be making this post, and it couldn't have had better timing! I'm actually home sick right now and when several packages came in the mail, I didn't think anything of it... until I opened up the package and saw some surprises sticking out!

What was inside?? Clicky
hereCollapse )
For my own dear SSS partner, I'm sorry getting sick has delayed me getting your package finished up and shipped out! It should be by this weekend <3 I hope it will be worth the wait!
25 March 2015 @ 05:14 pm
Some quick sales here because I need moolah! Will ship tomorrow! :)

Any questions, please ask!

Mega Blastoise Zukan - $3.50
Primal Grouon Zukan - $4.00

- PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT MY FEEDBACK-http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/cardwhale/
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10

-I ship from California, USA-I do ship internationally
-ASKING FOR  A QUOTE DOES NOT COUNT AS A HOLD. Priority given to people wanting to buy the item first.
-I will hold an item for up to 48 hours if committed! None after that please...

- I work full time so I will try to ship packages during the week. If not, then the weekends
-Because of new postal rates, most shipping starts at $2.85 to cover cost of
shipping supplies and shipping itself. Of course, flats like TCGs and
the like will vary and can be shipped in an envelope! SO PLEASE ASK.
-I would ship internationally but please be aware of the outrageous price hike. Ask only if you really want the item...
- Following community rules. People who COMMIT to buy the item has priority.
-If you want delivery confirmation, insurance, signature confirmation, let me know at the time of purchase
-PayPal only
-PLEASE ask if you are serious. If you just want a quote, you can calculate it the way I do which is starting at 2.65 for shipping and then add the cost of the item and then the fees. ;) Simple for small items... xD!
-I am NOT responsible for lost mail. Proof of shipping will be provided upon request
- I TOOK BIG PICTURES. So please click on it to get more details
25 March 2015 @ 05:23 pm
Whoa! Oh hi! Been a little since I posted. I've honestly been more of a lurker as of late, haha ^^
Anyway! I've updated my sales, lowered some prices, added a few plush and on many plushies I'm flexible with the price. Just throw me an offer, but please within reason. ^^

Also I still have quite a few very rare plushies like:
Altaria pokedoll with tags
dittochu plush
old tomy rayquaza
vaporeon pokedoll with tags
grimer pokedoll

And many, many more plush! Click the link below the store banner to be transported!


Thank you! And to make this post less boring, here's a cute gif of conspiring Oak and Noivern x3

Hey guys!!!! Today I have some awesome things for auction! I bought a SEALED box of Roseart crayons to find an Arbok, and I want to offer the rest to you guys! I also have a Team Rocket Cel up for auction, as well as those cool Sylveon/Eevee/Pikachu blankets! I've also updated my permanent sales post with reduced prices!!!! Anything purchased in here can be combined with my sales post :]

First order of action....these weird, old colorful crayons!!!! A little back story on that :D

sweet awesome 1st gen crayons!~Collapse )

rules and guidelines!~Collapse )

AUCTIONS!~Collapse )
25 March 2015 @ 06:12 pm
greetings! i'm a newcomer here at pkmncollectors and have been really interested as of late in collection more Pokemon merchandise, mainly plushies.

however, as i've tried to register on Yahoo!Japan, there have been plenty times where errors come up within my registration, and i don't want to be seen as a spam bot, or anything of that like. the most notable blocks in my registration are my credit card and phone number information.

i'm not sure how to stylize my number in Japanese, so am at a standstill.

i'm sorry if this is a silly question, but are Visa/Master/Discovery cards not accepted as cards in Japan? is there specific kana that needs to be present on the card in order for my banking to get through? i was trying to look around the site to see if there were other payment plans i could use, such as PayPal, but have been unsuccessful. //;;

while i have the rest of the information correctly filled out, it prevents me from continuing (and of course making any future purchases) because of this. any bit of advice would help!

thank you so much. ;; A ;; ~~

25 March 2015 @ 07:18 pm
Hi, everyone! Hope all is well. I'm positing my sales and I have a auction today.

The auction up is for a really neat Pokemon 3rd Moive Pikachu & Pichu short pop-up book! It has a lot of great art and is super cute.

Sales!...Collapse )
Laleigh Alexandrea
25 March 2015 @ 07:34 pm
EDITED 3/25/2015 8:56PM CST (added collection pics)
So I have been busy the past few days so I couldn't thank viaticvenusaur properly for my figures! They arrived absolutely perfectly!

Gallade use Psycho Cut!Collapse )
But then today, one of my most wanted grails arrived...

What could it be?
Gallade, again!Collapse )
And my collection... For those of you who like collections, I bring you pics of mine. Be forewarned, there are some non-pokemon in here. They just want to chill with their pokemon brothers and sisters :D
Use it one last time Gallade!Collapse )
Risha Moon
25 March 2015 @ 08:45 pm
I'm going to be going to the card store sometime later this week and I'm going to sell back some of my TCG cards. Before I do that, though, I wanted to see if anyone here was interested in trading cards.

I think these are the only English EX cards I have -

I also have holos, rares, uncommons, commons, and reverse holos...and maybe some promo cards. So if you're looking for any of those, I'd have to check my duplicates.

** I have very few un/common cards from any set beside Primal Clash.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

These are the most important cards I'm looking for -

Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Rare
Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Delta - EX Delta Species - 4/113 - Reverse Holo
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon EX - EX Delta Species - 109/115
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Vaporeon EX - EX Delta Species - 110/113
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine EX - EX Legend Maker - 83/92
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic
Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - do they all have Undaunted Symbol error?

I think that's everything I'm missing of these Pokemon...except some World Championship reprints and maybe special promos like Snowflake stamped ones.

Click here for wants by set for XY, BW, HGSS, Platinum, and Diamond & Pearl Era (and other non-TCG wants).

I think the most important from those are these from Phantom Forces:
34/119 GengarEX
35/119 MegaGengarEX
114/119 GengarEX

Also, I've recently started posting on my card blog tumblr - Risha's House of Cards.

~ Risha

P.S. I've packed up all the Italian lamincards that were paid and traded for and will be shipping them within the next couple days.

And...I think I've replied to everyone except Kyogres because I still need to pull my binders to check for cards I need. I'll be doing that tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the wait!
25 March 2015 @ 09:33 pm
Hiya everyone! I'm looking for a "eevee and pikachu in my room" laying Eevee plush, preferably MWT! :)

Also looking for corsola pokedoll, jigglypuff pokedoll and altaria pokedoll! :)
25 March 2015 @ 10:03 pm

GUIS. I got three new Birdie gets in one week! Two of which I have been looking for for awhile :D I know I posted yesterday but I was too excited to make this post haha.


Pea birds and evolved form:Collapse )

So this leads to my wants:
The things I KNOW I need:
Natu/Xatu Dex Charms
Natu/Xatu Retsuden Stamps
2002 Natu Pokedoll

Other than those, I think I have everything (besides a bunch of Time merch, which I dont really have an interest in owning, like the clearfile and tin). If there is something you have that I havent mentioned let me know! Im not really collecting flats at this time though :3

Collection website featuring Natu and Xatu merch in detail- http://pkmnlove.weebly.com/natuxatu-collection1.html

Thanks for viewing!

25 March 2015 @ 10:26 pm
I know I just posted last night but I got some of my things together and made a small sales post! I will be adding more little by little when I get around to it. A preview of what's in store is below!

Sale permission granted by arecia96 on March 21, 2015. Click the link below to be transported!


Also, in attempt to make this post less boring, what is your favorite gen and why!? I honestly don't have an absolute favorite. Of course gen 1 contains much nostaglia, but I took a break from Pokemon when gen 4 came out and gen 5 brought me back so I'm also attached to that gen for that very reason. Gen 2 and 3 are also personal favorites of mine :) <3
25 March 2015 @ 11:16 pm
Well I haven't had any luck selling my extra chimchar so now I am listing it as an auction starting at $1 and with no reserve. I paid $142 for it, so someone is getting a great deal :)
Head over here
Get it before its gone!