March 26th, 2015

Dragontastic gets

Hi guys! Today, I finally got a long awaited package from Japan. Wohoooo XD I had to do a trip to the customs office to pick it up... But the wait was well worth it! :D
I'd also like to share my new community gets, a grail I received and some items I found at a fleamarket.

Here's a preview:

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That's all from me today. Happy collecting everyone!
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Hi All!

Pathtags are in and pre-orders have been processed so now I bring you open sales for the rest of the tags!

These will be first come first serve, and once they are gone, thats it! (till next year!)

$5 per tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

$4 per 'C' tag
(+$0.50 flat international shipping fee)

Please read:

I have 70 normal tags up for sale, and 19 tags that have more significant defects, I'm calling these 'C' tags.

The enamel for the tags are done by hand so all of them have a chance of having small defects, but I've picked though them one by one by hand to weed out any that I consider to have more sever defects - which I've dubbed 'C' tags

I have these for sale at $4 but purchase at your own discression, I will not feild any complaints about the look of these tags once recieved. They aren't crazy awful but some some have larger areas missing enamel or letters not filled in or mixed colors etc.

Unless you specify I will assum you are asking for a normal tag.
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Offers Reminder + SSS

Two part post. First off, a reminder that my offers will be ending tomorrow at 6:30 EST. It was brought to my attention I forgot to make a thread for the Lenticular Pencil Board. There is now one below all the comments. Click the picture to go to that post. I also have some dice that are still available.

Offers Preview

Secondly, I received my Spring Swap package a while ago. I was initially planning on adding it in with my second anniversary post in a few days so I wouldn't have three posts so close together but I completely forgot about the reminder post which gives me three posts anyway so I decided to post it here.

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Some Gets and Collection Update

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I promised that my next post would be a collection update so here it is! I would like to show the gets of the week first though .w.
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Of course this isn't my whole collection but I hope you enjoyed looking at it! Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you all next time! .w.

Skymin get!

so about 2 weeks ago I ordered the shaymin (skyform) pokedoll from neeko48 !

oh gosh I am so glad to have this cutie in my collection now!
I highly recommend buying from this user they are very cooperative and I hope to order from them again sometime.

Also on a nother note, does anybody know where I can order the buisness pikachu? I really want that fella super bad 3: and I can't find people who are selling them yet.

Hawaii style Pikachu?

I'm not in plush collecting, but this Pikachu is AWESOME. It reminds me of Tom Selleck from Magnum PI with that floral shirt. "Okinawa" is sewn on the fabric so i suppose it comes from there. Do you have infos on this item? Have you ever seen one? Where can i find one for cheap?

Probably the most awesome Groudon gets ever so far for me

Yesterday and today were really special for me. I got 2 long, loooooong awaited Groudon parcels.

I commissioned a huge Groudon plush from LRK-Creations and omg it is stunning! He is a whopping 24 inch big.

More pictures under the cut! First picture has a kids figure for size comparison xD

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The second parcel had a lot of Groudon figures. Some of them I wanted for a long time and I finally have them =D

Under the cut you can see pictures of all of them.

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All in all these gets raised the bar now to a total of 9 Groudon plush and 49 figures I own.

The only plush that I am missing is the old Pokémon Center Groudon one.

My biggest grail want at the moment is the shiny Groudon kids figure.

Feel free to comment =D

Intro + collection + wants (MPC slurpuff, pressed coins)

Hi everyone, just want to introduce myself to the community!
Pokemon has been a part of my childhood and I was super into gen 1+3 but didn't get the chance to dabble in the later gens..
Now that I have income (yay!) and a boyfriend to help with cards(double yay!)(all the cards he got for me lol) I've been getting back into XY/ORAS and collecting merch! I'm quite new to livejournal in general so I hope my post posts correctly.

My collection I will post under the cut but I am actually (desperately) looking for MPC Slurpuff. I've been haunting animeraro since I got the news that they will be coming out and am having trouble finding it - Please PM me if you have one for me!

I am also looking to get a few pressed coins lumped with the slurpuff to save on shipping so if you have any please let me know!

I like wailord and my collection is under the cut.. but this guy.. my mom questioned me when I got him..

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ty for reading and if you have MPC slurpuff let me know!!!