March 27th, 2015

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Small gets + Battle Trozei p3 box results + help me complete the set!

Hello Guys!

Recently I've got few smaller packages with Poke stuff, I decided to post them at once here!
Soon I'll also post my gets from my first Y!J shopping, I've got package from my middleman two days ago but didn't have time to open it yet! :O

I will start with my gets, later I'll post my results from Pokemon Battle Trozei part 3 stickers opening - I need 4 stickers to complete the set, hope you can help me out!

Here's little preview, you'll find detailed pics in cut ^-^ Let's go!
Remember you can click on pics to enlarge them!

Let's start with the figures I got from Ebay for really decent price.
There're also 10 Kids figures, I really need only Pikachu from this set so the rest will probably go for sell when I'll get permission (sometimes in the future ^-^)
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Next are... TCG gets of course, I'm a big fan of Pokemon Cards, I started collecting Pokemon related stuff because of them.
I'm collecting mainly Pikachu's cards, as you can see in the cut ^-^
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And finally - Pokemon Battle Trozei part 3 stickers box opening results.
Full set counts 70 stickers - I've got 66 of them from a single box.
PLEASE help me get a full set, I need numbers - 146, 158, 165, 184, anyone can help me out? I'll gladly buy them from you!
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That's it for today. I forgot to take a pic of Pikachu plush I got recently as well, but I'll do it next time ^-^
Thanks for looking guys, if you got the stickers I need - please let me know!
If you'll have any questions - feel free to ask!
Jacob - off.
Mew Escaping

Wants post!

Hey guys, I am currently looking for some items! I am located in Canada, so please let me know what your shipping cost would be!

I am looking for:
Pokemon stationary
Kids and other figures of Mawile, Manectric, Absol, Houndoom, Banette in either normal or Mega form, as well as Xerneas

My sales post is also open for business!



what is this?

so i found this for 800jpy on noppin and i had to insta buy it. i have no idea what it is or if it comes from some sort of collection, so i was wondering if anyone could help me out? grass-types are my favorite and these two have been in my heart since i was born so even if it's not rare or collectible im happy i bought it.
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Package Arrival, Whoop! + Wants for the next 2-3 Weeks

So, heard the mailman riding down the road and the clink of my metal mailbox, hoorah. Went to check it out and, hooray, package time!
Yes, I started opening before I remembered pics oops. (Hm who's that Pokemon lurking in the corner...)
{Several snippets and popped bubblewrap bits later...}

Hooray, it's my first buy on <lj user="pkmncollectors">! The board was especially awesome since anything with Keldeo/Kyurem included is a win!
A certain someone is terribly rude though, yeesh. :V
Thanks to <lj user="aki199257" title="Aki">for being my first seller, ha. 8'D

In other news, I'm still working on over-hauling my room. I just recently ordered a set of floating shelves so when everything eventually comes in, I'll be able to start shelving some of these guys the way I want...and you won't have to look at awkward bed photos anymore. x)

Also, I'm still on the hunt for that wonderful Kyurem-related merch!
Specific items I'm looking for are listed below. I'll still be scoping out posts for smaller stamps/flats if they're out there. ;D
As an additional note, if we have to go international shipping, (especially outside North American continent) I'd  prefer the option for payment plans if you can, please. Thank you in advance!
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Urgh I'll get this html posting thing figured out eventually. o3o
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Double Crisis Opening Stream

Hi, everyone!


Today I'll be opening 16 booster packs of Double Crisis. I'll be trying to get a complete non-RH set of these cards and RH versions of at least the two Poochyena, two Mightyena, and Aron cards.
(The three random cards in the photo are new cards I bought for my collection. ^^ Getting close to getting all the English TCG of my Favorites. :D

Any duplicates will be for trade/sale after the stream, so if you're looking for anything in particular or see something you like during the stream, please comment here to let me know.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 2:45pm Eastern Time. (about 5 minutes after the original posting) Livestream over! It was super fast since it was only 16 packs. lol.

The only non-RH card I am missing is Groudon. I have an extra Kyogre I can trade for that if anyone is interested. I also have a few EX cards here - Link.

Reverse Holo cards:
Ones with *'s are ones I normally collect so they will be more important. Ones without stars I will only want if I decide to try to get a full set of RH cards.

1/34 Team Magma's Numel Have 1
2/34 Team Magma's Camerupt*
3/34 Team Aqua's Spheal*
4/34 Team Aqua's Sealeo Have 2 - 1 is up for trade/sale
5/34 Team Aqua's Walrein*
7/34 Team Aqua's Grimer Have 1 - might trade/sell if decide not to collect all RH
8/34 Team Aqua's Muk
9/34 Team Aqua's Seviper Have 1 - not for trade/sale
10/34 Team Magma's Baltoy INCOMING
11/34 Team Magma's Claydol
12/34 Team Magma's Aron Have 1 - not for trade/sale
13/34 Team Magma's Lairon Have 1 - not for trade/sale
14/34 Team Magma's Aggron Have 1 - not for trade/sale
16/34 Team Aqua's Poochyena** INCOMING
17/34 Team Magma's Poochyena Have 3 - 2 for trade/sale
18/34 Team Aqua's Mightyena Have 1 - not for trade/sale
19/34 Team Magma's Mightyena** INCOMING
20/34 Team Aqua's Carvanha - might trade/sell if decide not to collect all RH
21/34 Team Aqua's Sharpedo
22/34 Team Magma's Zangoose*INCOMING
23/34 Aqua Diffuser INCOMING
24/34 Magma Pointer INCOMING
25/34 Team Aqua Admin*
26/34 Team Aqua Grunt Have 1 - not for trade/sale
27/34 Team Aqua's Great Ball** INCOMING
28/34 Team Aqua's Secret Base
29/34 Team Magma Admin*
30/34 Team Magma Grunt* INCOMING
31/34 Team Magma's Great Ball Have 1 - not for trade/sale
32/34 Team Magma's Secret Base Have 1 - not for trade/sale
33/34 Double Aqua Energy
34/34 Double Magma Energy

My Duplicates -

Holos -

Camerupt x2, Walrein, and Kyroge

Muk x2, Claydol, and Sharpedo x2

Reverse Holos -

Sealeo and Magma's Poochyena x2

Non-Holos - I have at least one duplicate for all the non-holo cards EXCEPT Team Aqua's Poochyena, Team Aqua's Admin, Team Aqua's Grunt, Team Magma's Grunt, and Team Magma's Great Ball.

And these -

I think squeakaree claimed the Team Aqua pin, but both coins and the Team Magma pin are still available.

I will be replying to the two messages waiting on me after this livestream. Thanks!

~ Risha

late introduction.

greetings, all. i've been meaning to post an introduction journal, as i'm rather new to this community. (・ω・)ノ

my name is Chihaya online, and have recently been introduced to the glorious world of Pokemon collecting by my good friend shinamishi. admittedly in the past i would see many collection posts on deviantART and tumblr years past, but never got into it. i instead obtained all of the games ( as early as Red and Blue when i was younger ) and would collect the guides, in a sense.

i've had a change of heart, and eagerly yearn to begin my collection. Espeon/Eifi is by my far favourite Psychic-type Pokemon ( blame Colliseum ) and i have an infactuation with Kyogre. plush toys will be my definite collection, so i already hear my wallet crying. //;;

i aim to have a rather large Espeon collection, but there are a plethora of other Pokemon i love as well. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

i'll continue to be an avid supporter and enthusiast of Pokemon for the rest of my life, so i'm excited to be apart of this community!

A Pokédoll Collector's plea...Please help me find my holy grail? <3

Alright guys? How's it going? These awesome SSS gets just keep coming in thick and fast don't they? I can't wait to see if there's going to be another held next year when I'm actually able to participate! <3

But today...I bring to you a plea! xD I finally have some money to spend...and yup. It -might- just be enough to finally get my hands on my Pokédoll holy grail!

((Sorry if this image is yours xD If you wish for me to remove it, please say so!))

Yup! That's right, I'm still looking for a Shadow Lugia Pokedoll. The only problem being...I've pretty much set my heart on having a MWT one now because I know for certain, I'll massively regret it if I buy a TTO one and find a MWT one at a later date. I'm such a hopeless perfectionist! xD So here's my criteria for the perfect evil lil' babbeh! <3

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I think that pretty much sums it up =D -Please- let me know if you have one of these little guys and are willing to part with him. And if you're on the fence, know that he'll be going to an amazingly loving home where he'll be cherished and looked after like a little plush god! xD

UPDATE: I did some haggling with the seller on Ebay who had the MWT Shadow Lugia Pokédoll up...and long story short...he's on his way here now!! =D Thanks everyone for your help! You're all stars!!

On a side note! To anyone who has purchased from me in my new sales post, your items have been shipped out yesterday and you should be seeing them shortly! =D

And on one final note...I'm going to shamelessly plug said sales post using my new banner which I drew up myself! I still have -loads- of rare Tomy figures up for sale including the illusive Kingdra, Dittochu, Gastly, and so many more! Clicky-clicky the silly snakes to see! =D

Thank you so much guys for looking, best wishes to you all! <3


hai guize.

never ask someone else to drop off packages for you. I learned this the hard way, and will be sending out all items from the ONE DAY, ONE DOLLAR auctions tomorrow, MYSELF. Personal Reasons combined with Derpy Brothers caused a delay, but I'm shelling out for faster shipping this time, so please be patient a little while longer. <3

On a more happy note, I have a little to spend, and I'd like to look into getting a custom plush made of LULU, my grumpybutt, red scarf wearing lopunny. I can spend about 40 up front for materials and deposit, then up to another 50 in the first few weeks in April. I can provide a reference of him in drawn form if needed.

nevermind on the plush request, found something on etsy. <3

Can we just ban this card posting guy? lol

Sorry, it's me again. I do not wish to do so but cards come in super fast because you just need to throw them into an envelope and drop into your collection box under the house. lol This time we have 5 cards coming in and here they are

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Now I can say that my English collection for new EX's are solidated. lol Look at those full arts, and half dozen golden eggs. Ha ha ha Sorry, eggs always make me amused. PLUS, I also made a deal on the M Charizard X, non-SR version. It is such a bad boy and I just nab it with the spare cash I got by trading my Jolteon gold star (I got Articuno, eggs, and RA Gardy during the trade as well)
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I am selling this used 2003 Groudon Kyogre deck box with deck shield, about 100 English XY-on cards, 4 online codes, and 10 Japanese BW-on cards. I am looking for $18 OBO shipped with tracking in the US. I ship from Philadelphia, PA.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
My feedback is here

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sss gets!

hey everyone! I got my SSS package a few days ago, and I am super excited to share my awesome gets with all of you!

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And, of course, because I can: sales plug! Entirely re-photographed figures, and a ton of new stock added! Click on the picture below or the link here to be taken to the post.

and to my SSS partner - I haven't shipped your item yet, but only because I'm waiting on one more thing to arrive! otherwise, the box is all set to go out. :)

✿ Spring Secret Swap!!! ✿

Hello everyone!

After a very long day yesterday of trudging through work all day with a fever, sore throat, and migraine, it was so very exciting for me to come home and see this box with an adorable smiling ziggy face on my table waiting for me!! I proceeded to squee(more like a lot of coughing) and run(stumble quickly) up to my room with it!
As you can see in the photos, my bedtime buddy, Petunia the eevee, insisted on helping me open the box!

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Thank you everyone for looking!! :D

new gets & new wants

Just a small post with a few new gets that were awaiting me when I got home today. ^^

Let me just mention, it was a HUGE want on my list.

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And there is more....

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And now I am still in search of the rest of the Pokemon Playables and Battlesets to complete my super sparkly obsession as well as any Walky Pokemon that may be available. I've seen a lot on Y!J, which is where I got my Bulba, BUT I'd rather avoid those awful fees for the rest.

Im also always up for any Bulbasaur merch I don't have, as well as the Oddish line. And.... thats all!! Have a great day everyone!! ^^

Mail Day (for my Boyfriend)

So in preparation for a 3 hour trip to the Kentucky States TCG Tournament tomorrow we got delayed in making it home to check the mail. When I saw the box from viaticvenusaur I was super confused, since I didn't realize these were so HUGE!!!!!!

(Mew is my new PBP from Facebook and card is for size reference) OMG they are so freaking huge and adorable! Thank you so much!!!!!!

And batman on an Arceus just cause!

My first post :3

Hi there!
The first of all, so sorry for my bad english. I'm still studing it and my texts can be horrible!

I love Pokémon since I was a child <3 and I collect stuff since then! Near 20 years of collecting. Sadly, my small apartment doesn't allow me to have lot of stuff here... most is packaged, but I pretend to photograph all my things for post them here.

I also love to sew pokemon plushes. Sadly, I don't allow any of them atm, so I fear that I can't share the photos with you ^^; But I can show you something easy, like make a pokeball plushie if you want!!

Now I just can show you my last Pokémon incorporations:

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I promise to take moar photos soon for share with you guys ^^ and make unboxings!! I'm super excited to have became a member =D!!

Xoxo from Basque Country


Very Small Wants Post

So, for my first official wants post, I'm going to keep it small. (Pretty literally too! XD)
However, these small items are, of course, hard to find (;-;) so I'm really hoping someone could help me out. (Even if you don't have one, if you could just maybe keep it in the back of your mind so if you happened to come across one you could tell me... That would be wonderful! :3)

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New gets+ question about pokemon symphonic evolutions

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I should do an update. It was my birthday earlier this week so most of the gets were from that( except for a certain black dragon). I am also planning on seeing the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions show and I was wondering if anyone had seen it and their thoughts on it. I was also wondering if there was any merch being sold at previous shows. I have seen shirts but was wondering if there was anything else being sold. I am also planning on putting up a wants post but haven't gotten around to it. It should be up in a week or two. On to gets...

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first gets!

I arrived at my mum's home and got some stuff T_T bless her, happy spring break!!!!!
I also got a few things from happyjolteon and someone on ebay but they're at my house... so no.,. pics.. yet...!!!

But o man, what.. did i get?!

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Also, I made & Updated my WANTS post, I'm mostly checking out the household items, as well as Goomy Campaign, Stickers and some plush (not.. figures at the moment... those are a super low priority LOL). Please link me to ur sales post or tell me how much shipping to the UK is! I'm a bit scared of shipping from the USA, cuz its so expensive and the $ vs £ rn isn't doing too good LOL. Hit me up ^o^

Looking to buy: Pikazard!


I'm on the hunt for Pikazard merch!

Mainly looking for the plush, smiling face bought - still looking for angry face.
Image stolen from google.
(If it's yours let me know if you want it removed.)
I am in the US, NC and can pay via Paypal.
Thanks a bunch!