March 28th, 2015

Vuuury special Sentimental gets and fast sale~

Ahh somthing very very very special arrived last week what could it be??

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I really want the new raichu coming out so im deciding to part with my I love raichu for 30 plus fees, I'll also throw in a free mini clear file!! :) sorry forgot to add this! I'm willing to haggle! I just see these guys go for 30 bc they are uncommon.
The file has a cease but still is cute and you know free XD

I can ship this out next week :)

I was given permission by allinia 6-11-14

I have 3 cats that go in/out and come from a smoke free home ^^

PayPal only

Holds are fine if committed :D
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Hallos! :3 - New & Looking for Charms!

Hellos there. Thanks so much for approving me! <3 I'm new. I go by Kozi usually. I live in SE Wisconsin. I'm a full time college student and I run several sugar glider groups and websites, so I am usually buried in one form of work or another. I want to get a small photo of the few pokemon items I have so far(sooo few, I collected some 15-20 years ago and lost far too much) but it will have to wait till s'more homework is done, so please be patient. <3
(BTW, Sugar Gliders are most of what I do, so if you have any questions about that I am happy to chat. :3)
Otherwise, I love Pokemon and have since I was a wee kid. My favorite pokemon are Vaporeon, Pichu, Togekiss, Pikachu, and last but not least Mew. (I really do like all the Eeveelutions though.. xD)

In the meanwhile I am looking for some Poke Box charms!
I am mainly looking for the older charms, or a Flareon, Leafeon and Umbreon from the current set.
But the lollipop and food ones are particularly awesome to me. (Minus the Candy Eevee.)
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I'd really love a couple of kid figures too.. Togekiss, Mew or Vaporeon mainly. They are just so darn cute. x3
I love the pokedoll figures too, just recently ordered a Vaporeon! I wonder, is there a mew one?

I can pay via PayPal if anyone has anything I'm looking for. Please message me or e-mail kozxai (at) gmail (dot) com.

I started a wish list of sorts but it is mostly dream items, stuff I can't afford for quite a while. xD;

(Here is a photo of a suggie since I need to take photos of my collection.. xD)
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Figure Identification?

My usual browsing through buyee lead me to some neat figures! Two to be exact, but two that I don't have!

As you can see, I'm trying to step my game up on the Gardevoir line! I'm also on the look out for the ralts pokedex figure too!

Small post today, I'll try to accumulate my recent gets into one big post soon!


Or now, hehe

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Gets post and another Metal question

Hey everyone! So my first box of Y!J orders arrived today and I wanted to share some pics! The light red psyduck, copper sandslash, and green clefable actually came from swampeh here on LJ :)

I also have another question for other Metal collectors.. i know there are 2 different shades of blue.. but are there two shades of green? one set of metals i got, the green ones are paler green than usual, but the orange ones in that lot were really faded as well so if the difference in color just from fading? maybe displayed in too much sunlight? The last picture on here is of my 2 green snorlax's and you can see the one on the left is paler

So my new babies include Green Sandshrew, REALLY faded Orange Sandshrew(so faded it looks almost gold on top), Green Golem, Blue Arbok, Green Arbok, Gold Psyduck, Orange Porygon, Copper Butterfree, Copper Togepi, Copper Nidorino(so excited! he even has his box!), Blue Gengar, Green Gengar, ORANGE Gengar(again, SO excited!), Green Aerodactyl, Gold Mew.. and the 2 im the MOST excited about. Pink and Blue Mews!! I've already dubbed them as my normal Mew and my shiny Mew

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Card Gets and Last Call for Commissions

Hey there collectors! I bought some cards from pokemontrader and bought a pack of Primal Clash cards the other day, and I wanted to share them with you all!

Here are the beautiful preorders~
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And my pulls! The Bidoof will probably be a birthday gift for one of my friends. (Mostly because I hate them and he thinks it's hilarious.)

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Reminder: If you're interested in a glass tile custom, I still have all three slots open for commissions here. I'm only accepting commissions through tonight (11:59 PM, CDT). I don't know for sure when I'll be doing commissions next, (possibly late May) so keep that in mind. :)
C&amp;H Autumn
  • chain

Spring Secret Swap & Other Items


So I received my Spring Secret Swap gift on Thursday, along with something else that I got for myself :P Here's my second attempt at making a photo story, which really is nothing great. Hope you guys still enjoy it though.

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Thanks for reading. Holidays will be coming up in a few weeks so I'm hoping to pick up where I left off with my collection update around then. So look forward to it!

- Chain.
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My first Y!J Gets! *o*

Hello there everyone!

Recently I got a package with my first Y!J gets! I'm really excited though I spent a looot money ;_;

But I'm super happy with the things I got! Here's a little preview, you'll find the rest in cuts!
Remember you can click on photos to enlarge them ^-^

There're mostly flats so let's start with figures and plushie (which I got from eBay but forgot to post it last time ^^)
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Let's move to TCG! I got two of my biggest Pika wants! (a lot of pics here!)
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And finally - my flats gets, mostly stickers (oh my... I bought a lot of stickers......)
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Uff, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
Thanks for looking, and as always - if you have any questions feel free to ask! ^-^

March Art Commissions reminder + new gets :D

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that I'm doing some art commissions this month so if someone is interested, just let me know :D You can click here or on the picture to check the post
And some cute gets I got these days. First of all, thanks jen81489 for doing the Rare Pokemon Time Straps GA! I got Charmander this week and I can't love him more *^* When I met him, some years ago, I thought it was kinda strange but every day I love more and more the design <3 I hope I'll get the PokeTime plushie one day...
The Pokemon Time straps I have by now: Mareep, Ampharos, Drifloon, 2xPolitoed (<3), Charizard, Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Poliwag and I'm going to get a Dragonite soon. I'm still missing a few I want but I have most of them ^^ HERACROSS, WHY DO YOU HATE US
And a photo with the mirror <3 So cute Look that mad Jigglypuff with the starters XDDD

The paki paki Houndour figure with the Houndoom V-Trainer. I'm not sure of them but I think they are the same kind of figure? Houndour is japanese and Houndoom american. My boyfriend kept the japanese paki paki Heracross too that he's more fatty than the american one.

And finally the Fennekin plushies I have on my collection! I didn't want to buy all of them since there are too many but I couldn't resist some of them. They are so soft and cute! I still need the snowman Fennekin and I don't think I'd need more of them by now (who knows...)
And that's all :D As usual I still have stuff on my sales post and I'm searching for the guys on the photo and more of them on my want post. Thank you guys ^^
Shiny Charizard

TV Guide

A few weeks ago I scored this beauty of a TV Guide. I remember seeing this back when I believe Pokemon, The First Movie came out.
Anyone remember these?
I had no idea there are four total for the collection. Looks like I'll be hunting them down.

New get!

Yes and again, I forgot to take a picture of the box I received it in. But finally after 2 (almost 3) weeks of waiting, I received THIS:

I'm so happy! I already thought it was cute, but it is even cuter in real. I'm really happy I got it, because I was doubting to get it at first. it took really long to get here and I began to worry where it went but yes it's here and my life is complete now <3
Thanks for looking :]

Sales update and Tomy Riolu Auction

Hi guys I have updated my sales. I have added some new items and lowered a few prices.

I need a fancy banner for it... Oh well.

My sales are here or click the pic!

two_worlds_combine_by_lugidog-d5zx98j (1)

I have decided to part with my riolu tomy plush.I have no room for him anymore. I don't know how to price him, so i will put him up for auction. . The auction starts at $15 for him. He does have his tag but it has been removed.

Auction ends on Saturday 4th April at 10pm BST

EDIT: I forgot to put the clock- whoops!

first up rules: Pokemon collectors.
Terms and conditions
I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 By dakajojo
I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters
All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.
I ship from the UK
I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

My feedback is here

Royal Mail postage charges for 2015

Small parcel is $5

Medium parcel is $7

New Gets and My Two-Year PKMNCollectors Anniversary! *picture heavy*

I've been getting a lot of stuff since my last post. I was going to post sooner, but it seemed like stuff kept trickling in. On top of that, I knew that my anniversary on here was coming up, so I wanted to focus on my collection site.

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I was thinking about something that I could do that was special and I decided that we should have a little trip down memory lane, aka, what my collection looked like when I joined the comm and what it looks like now!

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Last, but not least, I have every single Pokemon item I own logged on my website! I have been working since February to get all of my stuff photographed and posted! Since I finished it, I'm now working on my anime/games website. You can find the link on my Poke site.
Here's the link:

Looking back at the old pictures made me realize how far I've come in such a short time and so much of that growth is thanks to the community. I'm super grateful to everyone that has given me advice, told me where to find something and every awesome comm seller that I have bought from! Thank you everyone and maybe I'll actually remember my anniversary again next year.

Ps: Leave it to me to get this post done a minute before midnight of the 29th! XD