March 29th, 2015

*brushes dust off* reintro! Man it's been a while!

I imagine quite a lot of you won't remember me, but thats okay! I used to be a very regular member on here around 3 years ago or so, and I'm here with a reintro post for one very special reason!


I needed to  flail along with those who get just as excited over mass produced toys as me. So without further ado;

Hi my name is Fizzycat and I am a Gible fanatic.

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SO I guess that wraps this up <3 I'll just end this by saying that, HEY! Got any Gible items or video game related items for sale? I'll totally take a look! If I need it, I'll totally throw money your way! <3

Thanks to all you lovely people for reading, and I hope to hang around with you guys more reguarly once again! <3



Hello everyone!
I have some updated sales today!

Some items available are:
Pikachu/Buizel/Mantyke Drawing Book Tin
Grass Type Focus Spa Bag
Type Focus Photo Albums
Pikachu Monthly Pillow
Pikachu Raincoat
Munna Pokedoll Pen
Coloring book, stickers, and toys

 photo mmsales_zps9cf714c9.png

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Vande's Pokemon Sales - Updated with loads of new Plush and Figures

I've added a fair few new plush and figures today. I've also made everything links, simply because it was getting a pain in the rear to manage LJ cuts wanting to do it's own thing >_> I have seriously downsized my Pikachu plush collection and other plush (minus the ones that have been bought as presents for me). I really was running out of space, so it's best to try and get these a new home. Just a couple of sneak peeks of what have been added.

Link to my sales below, click the pic or the link :)

Happy Gyarados

Rumble U wants!

Hi guys! I'm a few figures short of having a whole collection so I'm looking for the ones I'm missing! I need:

Kyurem B
Kyurem W
Shiny Pikachu
Shiny Eevee
Shiny Genesect.

Opened is fine since I plan on using them anyway. Thanks!

wants, question, and updated sales!

I've recently decided that I would like the Riolu Pokedoll to go with my Lucario Pokedoll :) I'd prefer one without his hang tag since they seem to go for pretty cheapObtained! :D

I also had a question about something I'm thinking about getting eventually... How much does the 1:1 Tohoku Soothe Bell Victini go for and how rare is it? I find the plush to be absolutely adorable <3

EDIT: After some research, it looks like pickups for him sold for $75 (plus shipping and fees) when he was released. I'd like to get one that doesn't have it's hang tag anymore just because I'm cheap haha I'm pretty sure it will be awhile before I find one though. Any help would be much appreciated, even some info on the rareness of this little guy would be extremely helpful!

I've also updated my sales with a few more plush and better prices on a few things! There's still more to add such as a Totodile Pokedoll :D

Da sales post:

Thanks for reading!

For Sale: Poke'mon VHS Tapes and Mewtwo Lot

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

I will haggle.
I will only ship in the US.
I accept only PayPal and you must pay within 48 hours.
No holds, unless you plan on paying part of the price to hold it.

I throw in lots of free goodies so when you purchase something, tell me your favorite poke'mon, type, or type of item you like! I got loads of stuff to spare! :)

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Slowwwwpoke wants

Hello friends /;u;/

it was my birthday about a week ago, and I have some money! I am under strict instruction to spend it asap to make sure it doesn't accidentally get spent on bills... ;n;

I am looking for some pinks! My wants list is here, but there are many things I'm after that aren't on the list, so please feel free to comment and offer. I'm not reeeeally looking for flats 'cause I just bought a tonne, but no harm in showing them anyway! ;u;

Failing that, I am also after the full second set of sleeping figures - the set with Lucario & co. ;u;

Thank you! I think I am well over 100 Slows by now, hopefully I can do an update soon!

by chickadee115

Zukan get + Shelf picture + Goomy lifesize wanted!

Hello everybody!

First I'd like to know if the Lifesize Goomy plush will be restock or if someone is selling one ? Because I missed the opportunity to get one in time :(

And now let's see the newest Zukan set I received from poliwhirl

As always they are rather nice (even if mine have some paint marks)
The Goomy line is really cool :3 (and stand easily compared to Dragalge haha)
However I'm a bit disappointed because Primal Groudon is at 1/90 scale instead of the 1/40 Zukan are supposed to be (in other words it should have been twice bigger). But the figure is beautiful and as I have a dedicated space to Groudon it won't be mixed with other Zukan figures, so it will be okay lol

Besides I took a picture of the shelf with Groudon...

Well it's more a picture of the shelf below in fact ^^ (where I added some little changes).
But you can see a part of the shelf with G3/G6 legendary trios (which I had gathered for the similarity of their colors). For now it's a little messy :s But after months I finally decided to take steps in order to build supports ^^ So I just have to buy cardboard and get down to work!

Thank you for reading :)

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):


long time, no post; wants update

hello! i've been a member of this community for a looong time but i haven't really been posting as much in recent years... i've sort of gotten back into the swing of pokemon collecting and figured i'd make an updated wants post in the light of losing an auction for an item i really wanted. i collect latios, latias, milotic, luxray, absol and yveltal (although mostly all of these wants are lati@s)!

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hi, time to update my wants, hopefully this bulbasaur suction cup won't be hard to find
bulba suction cup.jpg

and this two are for a friend: mew and metagross tfg:

this others are more hard to get ^__^

Im open for trades if you find anything you want in  my sales post here:
Also, LJ told me that my sales post was too long so i couldn't include some other items like hilda dot figure and metal case, if you are looking for anithing especific and its not in my sales post, let me know and i might have it. Thanks!

Some quick wants! :)

Hi everybody! I come looking for some quick plush wants :) A couple of them are available on eBay/other sites right now, but I would prefer purchasing from a member! I found the pictures on Google so if they're yours, please tell me and I will provide credit or take them down, whichever you'd like :)

I'm not worried about tags, if they have them that's great if they don't that's great too! Thanks so much!

Jakks Murkrow plush

UFO Vileplume plush

Jynx MPC plush

Vileplume friends plush
  • absol

Question + reduced prices in my sales

Hello comm :)

i hate the german weather.. Always rain D: haha. But today i have a very important question. Im looking for a bath salt figure for a friend but i have no idea how its called in japanese words! Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

Also i reduced my prices of the most items in my sales!

no title
Click the banner or the link:

my wants
collection site

The power of my Dumb luck

I was doing an opening for you guys and this happened like omg =D my recording for the first part went bye bye >-< but i got my recation to the other card Dumb luck =D anyone want to poke battle XD <---- bad joke
video coming soon :3
Okay review
this set is a scalper worst dream and man I love it
2 full arts
4 exs
52 cards in total
5/5 makes the scalers run away ^_^
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DVD sales update

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great morning/night!
I just wanted to do add these DVD's and other things/ reduce sales on my sales post before I get out for spring break :)
Since I am going to South America for spring break, hopefully I can find some awesome zukans!

You can be transported to my permanent sales post by clicking on this link or the pictures!

Adorable Growlithe

Pokedoll Auctions and Collection Weeding Sales ~

Hi PKMNCollectors!

I know I promised a collection update but my 3 year LJ anniversary is coming up so I thought I'd wait until then! <3

Also, I'm sorry for the lack of a sales banner ;-; I have yet to acquire one...

ANYWAY, today, I bring to you two lovely electric-mouse pokedolls for auctioning! If you're loving ORAS, then these two are perfect for accompanying you on your Pokemon journey! :D

Not only this, but I have also got a few awesome figures for straight sale including think chip, jakks and many others!

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Thank you for reading the rules!

Now onto the best part! The Pokemon! :D
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Now onto the straight sales!

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Thank you very much for reading!
I hope these guys can go to a good home!

Love and Poke balls,

Pupstergirl ~

First gets post

Hi there! This is a small first gets post.. because I have a lot more stuff to show you guys! I'm currently at my parents house so I don't have all the recent packages with me.

I was relived that my FromJapan package arrived Saturday morning before I had to go to my cousin's wedding.

Random FromJapan question: Have any of you guys that use it been able to ship your packages to multiple addresses? My Paypal billing address is my parents so with FromJapan everything gets ship there. I don't know or can figure out a way to get around this. I am not at my parents all the time and also I rather them not see the stuff I'm getting because they will complain how I wasting money buying too much kid stuff. >_>

Anyways.. on to the fun stuff look it's a pretty big box!

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