March 30th, 2015


Overdue Gets Post~

So at the end of January I said I'd be posting some interesting items-- then never actually got around to it. Whoops.

But the other day, I took some shots of my full collection, and a couple of the new things made it in! So let's take a look. :>

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Anyway! Thanks for reading, if you did~

As usual, I'm still always on the lookout for any Mime Jr items I might be missing. So if you think you've got something rare, there's always a chance I'll be willing to throw a good amount of money at you!
Tachibana, Free!, Swimming, Makoto

Trainer Red Nendoroid

Hey everyone! Long time no post. I really hope everyone's collections have been coming along well. I haven't been on the community for a while because I recently found out that I'll have the great opportunity to go to Japan this October. As you can imagine, most of my funds have been going towards that. Today I'm back with a little wish. I came to the Nendoroid collecting game a little late, and I'm really sad I missed out on the Trainer Red nendoroid. If anyone has one for sale, in good condition with all of the pieces, I'd be very interested. I may not have the funds until a little later, but I'd love to discuss the details with someone for later. I know this is probably a long shot since he's pretty rare and expensive, but if anyone has any info, I'd love to hear it! Thanks so much and happy collecting!

Wants post

I know I just posted the wants for me the other day but my boyfriend is in need of some and I really want to get an idea of what's out there since our anniversary is April 22nd.
His wants are:
#1 importance: play by play wartortle (if he's got stains rips no tags I honestly don't care! I can patch him up)
Any play by play squirtles (fuzzys preferred as he has a 6 and 8 inch non fuzzy) or blastoise (any)
Any other squirtle line plush
Any chimchar line plush
Donphan plush (or phanpy)
Cyndaquil line plush

If u can make any of these happen for me let me know price and shipping to 37138 :)

Auction reminder and commission slot

Reminder that my custom Mega Gardevoir plush is for auction, and it ends in a bit more than a day.

Go here:
gardevoir 4.jpg
Also I have 1 slot open  for a custom plushie,  you can check my prize chart here:

If you are interested please write a comment here, or send me a note on deviantart :)

I was granted sales permission on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched
Here’s a link to my feedback:

Intro and My Latios Collection!

Hello all! my name is Arismon or you can call me Arisa! I am 20 and a student. i just wrote out this whole post and deleted it so i am saaaad.. :(. I am an artist and a collector. My favorite pokemon are Latios, Serperior, Milotic. My latios is named Latte so i will often just refer to latte instead of latios. just lettin ya kno so you dont get confused. I have been collecting pokemon since i was a little kid. I grew up with pokemon and i have played through every game so far :)

I am sooooooo excited to FINALLY join this community to see all the awesome pokemon merch and also expand my own collections

I have many collections but i thought i should start off with my latios (with a lil bit of latias) collection since it is my favorite.
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That all for now! nice to meet you all! I have many collections i will post them at a later time. hope you enjoyed my latios collection....!


A Lucky Little Get

Hi everyone! I was going to do a formal gets post today with everything that has come in the past few weeks, but I think that will have to come later. For now, I have just two new little guys that I wanted to introduce, one of which was an extremely lucky purchase...

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Aaaaand that's all for now! Thank you for reading, and please do check out my sales!

Trades again~

Helloooo again everyone <3 <3
I should have a re-intro post uploaded in the next few weeks.

but for nowww I have updated trades :D I posted a bunch of new items~ (as well as updated my wants site even more)


(I also have none-pokemon items in the account gallery!)

~ I live in Australia

~ I do post Internationaly
~ For International Trades, I would like the shipping to be worth less than the trade itself
~ I live in a smoke free home
~ I have a dog
~ If you would like more pictures or want to ask questions about the items, do not be afraid to ask
~I am currently not selling
~If you are a member of pkmncollectors I would Prefer to be contacted here.

If you have read the rules/notes put "Space Mum's" in your comment

Star Items are mainly for trade for characters on my Star Wishlist OR items shown:

Thanks for reading~


Double Crisis Trades and Sales!

Hi :D
I bought 12 card packs, and managed to get the whole set, aside from the two EX's. So I'd like to trade all my extras for any cards I don't have, or multiple ones for one of the EX's! The Aqua energy and all the rares are holo (or reverse holo? I'm not usually a huge card collector so I'm not sure what the difference is xD).

And I have these two for sale, two dollars each! All the sales info is on the perler page I believe.

Other cards for trade here:
Perler Sprite commissions here:

no titleno title

(small sprites and V-day special available too~)

Plush Repair Question

Hello, some of my plush have gotten tears or fraying that I would like to get repaired, but I have no idea where or what to search for to find someone that would be able to do that. So I am just quickly asking if anyone knows of a kind of store or business that would repair things like plush or clothing

Edit: This in particular is what I want to fix. I know its hard to see but this black thread makes up the mouth of one of the plushes, and I am worried about sewing it back on myself in the case I make it look like the poor thing is having a stroke :p
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Flann wit her buds.


has anyone ever wished for a page completely dedicated to fire Pokemon TOMY figures? WELL, wish no longer!!!

I am currently working on a collection website (amongst other things website), and just completed the FIRE TOMY FIGURE PAGE!!! HECK YEAH! So, I am here to show everyone and am also looking for some feedback! Here's a little preview and a link:


I really hope you enjoy! This website is slowly coming together, and I can't wait to show everyone what it'll look like when it's finished.


ALSO!!! I am missing ONE fire figure! FLAME PLATE ARCEUS!

If anyone is selling one, or knows of someone who is, please let me know! I would be forever grateful.
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Double Crisis Gets! And a pricing question?

Howdy doody guys! Long time no chatter!! :D
So I was super psyched about the new lil mini TCG series, Double Crisis! It was like a sweet lil throwback to the old Team Rocket card series. Ah...memories. <3

Anyhoo, here is a list of the goodies I got! I am also looking for some trades too! I'll trade any of the cards I have extras of!

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Baby collection <3

As some of you may know, I am a vappy collector <3 My current collection is a bit small, but I am slowly collecting more over time, and I should have a nice update for you guys next month with a few more vappy gets! <3

We have the I love eevee standing vaporeon plush, an ebay bootleg I fondly refer to as "boots", and my cards, two of them holos c: