March 31st, 2015

about Cynthia Nendoroid

Hello everyone! long time without posts, Im' searching for a website that still have a preorder of the Cynthia Nendoroid. Ebay has some offers but its a little expansive I guess...
I hope that is not later to get her!. thats all have a good day

Small intro + onto the second year! :3

Hello everyone, this is my 2nd year being in this community, starting April 1st, but since I'll be working morning shift I'll be too tired to share then. sooo. ^-^

The name is Jessyistired, I'm Jessy for short. I'm a 22 year old about to be 23 in May wootwoot, I'm a very quiet/talkative person who enjoys pokemon. My collection consist of: Houndour, Houndoom, Ampharos, Togekiss, Pichu, Little tales items, and of course Eevee.
My collection over the course of 2 years has changed a lot.
I 1st started out collecting cards and only having 3 plushies in my collection.
After the "Almost" 2nd year of collecting it looks a lot like: <3

I must say I also have branched out and started a kid collection for my twin bro, but I'm too lazy to share his collection. x3
So lets go and share the pictures!

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Now here are the random items ^-^
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I think I will show my card collection a little bit later on.
This post already has a lot of photos, and I don't want to over-whelm you all.
So thank you for taking the time to look/read, I hope you all have a wonderful day! :)
Happy Klyde

Pick up at my local store "Pikachu and Friends with Berries"

Hi everyone

Not sure not many of you remember me or not..cause I haven't updated in almost a year or two. ^^; I do have to blame the hectic schedule I've been having. ^^;

I just wanted to come by and let for those of your who are interested, the store I live close by "Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle" has the Ichiban Kuji "Pikachu and Friends with Berries" in stock. Since I live close I'll be willing to pick up for those of you who want these goodies.

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Hope to hear from some soon ^^

lati, latios, soital, soi

a tale of a secret spring swap get! [SSS]

Aaaa so my SSS package arrived in the mail...or rather I was away when it arrived and was only told that a package had come for me! I do have very few other packages waiting so at first I thought it was something from eBay but nope, neeedless to say I was looking forward to it! x3

Let's take a look at who and what was inside <333 [though you know who you are x3!!] <33

tale434 lug45
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(no subject)

hello everyone! i am getting paid tomorrow, and i just moved to a new home and can finally receive new stuff! i am looking for a few small items:

-goomy mpc
-slurpuff mpc
-porygon-z mpc
-slurpuff kid

any help would be appreciated!

by the by, meguroco, the payment for the piplup pokedoll should also come in tomorrow. <3

to make this a bit more visually interesting, here's my current goomy setup! it doesnt have many of the goomy items released, but i am happy with it.


Only a few things remaining! And a Pokemon Time/general Pokemon merchandise question.

 Hey guys, just a little reminder that I still have a few items left in my shop, lowered most of the prices a little, so if you're interested you might be able to get a good deal.

Rules and everything is listed on my sales post itself.

(click the picture to be transported)

As for my question... Which Pokemon would you like to be featured in this years Pokemon Time promotion? And what kind of merchandise would you generally like?

For the first point, I'd definately like some Generation 4 and higher Pokemon to be featured this year, especially Buneary, Pachirisu and maybe some like Audino or Flabebe.

In general I'd really love a Chinchou LED light, like the ones they released of Litwick, Inkay and Pumpkaboo. That would be pretty amazing! Looking forward to all of your choices.
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My SSS package has arrived! YAYS!!!!

I actually received my SSS package yesterday >.< but it was such a gloomy day yesterday I couldn't get good pictures.

My SSS partner is the very talented miniterasu!!! I can't believe my eyes when I opened the package. It is a custom painting with my two of my favourite grass type pokemon!!! OMG. *V*

The pictures doesn't do it justice! It is so stunning~~~<3 I love the colours she used and also the lines are very smooth!!! She spend around 14 hours over the course of 2 weeks to paint this. It is truly a beautiful piece and special to me and my collection! <3333

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Thank you so much Miniterasu for you awesome painting, note, and kitkats *wink* (love how it fits into the frame perfectly XD). I would love to see the progress pictures~~ ^^

Thanks for looking!

Shiny quaza get and more!

Hello everyone! I have aquired a few new gets that I have knocked of my wants list, that I'd love to share with you all!

Ahh, MegaShinyQuaza, could you do the honors?



Plus, shameless sales post:

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Aaand tiny little want. Pic from Sunyshore.

I'm looking for the Mini Pachirisu Pokedoll. This is the LAST guy I need to complete my mini pokedoll keychain set!

If you see or have one for sale, then I'm super interested <33 Packaging isn't nessassary.

Spring Swap package!! :D

Hi guys!
Today I'm here because I received a spring swap package and I couldn't contain the laughter when I saw that the package was coming from a direction I already know. It was fluna_daiyunel and if you have seen her SSS post you already know. I was the one who made her present! What were the chances that this could happen?

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I also got the cards from jheila Thank you very much for them!!
And I FINALLY printed the commissions for wobbuwhit Each one is an A4 printed on a 'kind of' cardboard. They look really nice >.< If someone is interested on any commission, just ask me on my post:

April Mod Post


Hello everyone! Time for our monthly modpost. We have a LOT of rule updates for you today, so hold on to your hats and let’s dive right in.


  • Unfortunately, we have maxed out on our allotted tags here on the community. In order to make room for our newest tag, we have decided to remove the "Sandshrew" tag, since no one really posts about him anyway. Sorry, Sandshrew!

Picture Policy

  • We’ve changed our picture policy slightly from the tried-and-true 500x500 rule. The new rule is as follows: If your picture is OVER 1000 pixels, you do not need to resize. If it’s less than 1000 pixels, you need to resize down to 100x100, even under a cut. No pictures bigger than 100 and less than 1000 will be allowed on the community, and posts containing them will be deleted immediately.

"Friend" Purging

  • The community has grown considerably over the years, and as such, we’ve accumulated a lot of members that just aren’t participating like they used to. Similar to a Facebook Friend Purge, we’ll be having an annual purge of users. We’ll be removing anyone from the community who hasn’t posted recently. But before you jump to start posting, remember: we will also be removing any users who have been posting too much!

Too Much Pikachu

  • Pikachu has been the mascot of the Pokemon franchise for years, and as such, has considerably more merchandise than any other character or Pokemon related to the franchise. Because of this saturation of Pikachu goods, we've decided to ban posts that are only about Pikachu merchandise. If your post is only about Pikachu goods, and no other Pokemon, then it will be deleted. This is to give other Pokemon a chance to be featured. (Pichu and Raichu also fall under this catagory as Pikachu's evolutions.) Come on people, there's 700+ other Pokemon to talk about! We don't need to waste posts solely to talk about the latest Pikachu plush, even if he is wearing glasses and comes with his own business card.

Mod Bot

  • Because our human mods sometimes make mistakes, have lives, and need to be away from the computer every now and then, we've decided that the best way for the community to be moderated going forward is with Mod Bot, a new robot that scans the community posts for content and takes appropriate action based on if any of the programmed rules have been broken. Mod Bot can read and write in almost any lanuage, will be online 24/7 (except for one hour every other week for maintanence) and will respond to issues almost instantly. As such, there is no need to contact our human moderators for any issues going forward after Mod Bot implements. Mod Bot will handle all problems and has complete authority over the community. He will be taking over in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Member Dues

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Wobbuffet Incident

  • On a more serious note, I'm sure you've all heard about the Wobbuffet incident that occured in North Carolina last week. In order to be sensitive to those affected by the incident, we've decided to put a hold on posts about our favorite globby blue friend for a while. More information to come. But in the meantime, any posts about Wobbuffet will be deleted without notice. :(

That's all for this month's mod post! Please feel free to sound off with your comments below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Oh, last but not least...April Fools ;)


Hello all! This is my first ever post in this community (pretty nervous right now!)

I'm Dani, 28, and a geologist from the UK. I got my first Pokemon item - the plush talking Pikachu keyring that looks kind of squashed - in October 1999 aged 13. I remember saying, 'what on Earth is this?' and my Dad saying to me, 'I got this from a toyshop in London. I asked the owner what he thought the bestselling toys this Christmas will be, and he said it was this franchise called Pokemon.' In the following weeks, my sister and I discovered the anime, got Red and Blue for Christmas that year, and were totally obsessed. I'm sure many remember the Pokemon mania that swept the nation (certainly in the UK it verged on crazy at times), we ate Pokemon pasta shapes, Pokemon fruit winders, Gengar and Pikachu shaped ice lollies, wore our C-watches and Pokemon Pikachu pets with pride, and dutifully kept our Pokemon cards at home when they got banned from school (we were good kids xD).

I started collecting again in 2010. In 2001 I gave away nearly everything I had collected to charity (I knowww!) D:

At the moment I have a bit of everything, mostly Eeveelutions, but I want to focus mainly on Umbreon and Slowpoke.

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And that's it for now! I shall get my collection organised and up on my journal soon. Looking forward to joining in with the community here. Thanks for reading :)

Eeveelution Collection Weeding: Sales and Offers.

Well, hello friends! Just looking to weed my collection today because I've been struggling with space for too long.
Unfortunately for me, that means saying farewell to a good chunk of my collection.
Please have a look at what I have to offer. c:

[Click here for more!]

Information: PLEASE READ.
*Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
*I ship from New Zealand, internationally. PLEASE NOTE: shipping totals to USD$11 for most items. Please ask for a quote on flats because I may be able to send as a letter.
*All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
*I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!
*Prices are shipping exclusive.
*Will hold items for 48 hours if committed to an item.
*Prices are in USD.
*Once again: shipping for items listed below will be ~$11 INTERNATIONALLY (unless you live in Australia or NZ.) It's likely the shipping will remain at $11 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this.

NB: All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.
If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!


EEVEE STRAP from the Pokemon Time 2009 Promotion: starting price is $5.00.
This strap is new in package, unopened and in perfect condition.

ESPEON STRAP from the Pokemon Time 2009 Promotion: starting price is $5.00.
When I purchased the strap, it was new in package however I received it with a tear in the plastic. :c
Otherwise the item is still new, the back is still sealed with tape.

Pokemon Petit Eevee Postit notes: unopened, new in package. Starting price $2.

Charmander "Pokemon Miniature Collection" New in Package. Not really sure what it is? D:
Starting price $2.

SALES: Plush Dolls

Shinx 2009 sitting canvas plush: $25
Eevee 2009 canvas plush: $65 each
Korotto Manmaru Espeon Plush: $16
Sitting Banpresto Eevee: $20
Korotto Manmaru Eevee Plush: $16

Lying down eevee plush: Looking for an Offer
Substitute Pokecenter plush: Looking for an offer
Cubchoo Pokedoll: $20
Eevee Egg Plush: $20

Big Eevee Tail keychain accessory: $25
I Love Eevee keychain: $8
Sitting Pokemon Center Eevee: $18
Espeon Pokedoll Keychain: $12
Eevee Pokedoll Keychain: $10
Vaporeon Pokedoll Keychain: $12

Eeveelution Handkerchief: $9
Nail Stickers: $14
Gothic Lolita Memopad/Stationary paper w/ stickers: $17

Eevee and Friends Wallet: $17
Sequined Eevee keychain: $19
Eevee With You badge: $4 each.
Crepe Eevee mobile charm: $12

Eevee pokemon doll figure: $4 each (in box.)
Eevee notebook: $12

Handkerchief: $7
Eevee Chupa Figure: $10
Ippai figures: $3 each (Gone: vaporeon!)
Assorted Stamps: $3 each
Eeveelutions Gachapon: $22 (missing 5 of those plastic bases but they didn't even fit the figures to begin with?)

Folders: $12 each.

Pokemon 2000 Neo Card files x8: $18 shipped anywhere in the world. (More pictures here:

I plan to ship all sales on the Friday/Saturday (NZ time.)
Thank you for your time! <3