April 2nd, 2015

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Uno card sales update!

I've updated today some Uno cards <3
Take a look! There are some really cute cards for sale ^-^


Click the banner or the link.

Sales link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18998960.html

I think I can post next week FINALLY my collction update. Maybe all my things are received then qq So i will go to bed now! Have a nice day <3

my wants
collection site

A few gets and squishy figure wants!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to post a few recent gets. It isn't much, but I hope that you'll take a look! I mostly have a rule that if I buy anything from Y!J to sell, I  must sell it and not keep anything for myself. But this time, I broke this rule! These "figures" were just way too unique to sell! I'm also seeking to buy the rest in the collection. If you have them, please let me know!

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And that's all for me! I'll post a proper collection update one day...my room is too messy for me to take pics of anything heheh. Thanks for looking!
Brandon - Poker Face

Re-Intro, PAA & SURPRISE!!! SSS get - No Fooling!!

Yay, it's been so long since I've actually made a post on here, so I apologize for being a lurker and occasional buyer on here for the past few months! I am hoping to make a well-deserved collection post in the next couple of weeks [once I find time to reorganize my space] and offer some items to the community while weeding out my own collection. Maybe I'll get back into making some commissions too? Who knows?

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The real reason for this post is obvious... my Spring Secret Swap gift arrived on April 1st [as of posting this, that was yesterday; I started typing this up on the 1st]! It was a complete surprise for me, but I knew just by looking at the box that this wasn't any prank - it was real... and traveled all the way from Germany too!

[Many apologies on the lighting and the possible blurring in the pictures; I took these on my cell phone while I was away from home and while I was outside too, if only because I just couldn't wait to open it! Also, this is very image-heavy and quite long... but the end results are worth every picture!]

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Thanks so much for reading all the way through - I'm so sorry it got so long, but this was something that needed to be shared! My Secret Swap gift should be sent out in the next day or two, so I hope they receive it soon!

Until next time!
- Dana/Juuchan

is pokemart.ca a legit pokedoll vendor?

so i found a 2007 mwt celebi on pokemart.ca that looks like this

and im pretty sure the pic is legit and im just wondering if anyone on here has bought from them before and if they don't sell booties. i paid $19.50 with shipping for it which i think is a pretty good deal for an 8 year old mint pokedoll

Earrings and Plushes Sales

Granted sales permission on 09 January 2013 entirelycliched

So my husband and I just got a house, so to raise some money for closing costs/make moving less crazy, I'm selling off some of my pokemon collection :< More items will be added shortly as well, so stay tuned! Items are here.

Items include original series UFO plushes, bootie earrings of Eevelutions and the Legendary Dogs, and a kutakuta ditto. Feel free to comment or msg me with any questions!

Reminder for Pick Up "Pikachu and Friends with Berries"

Morning/Evening everyone

Just want to give a friendly reminder for anyone who's still interested on my pickups regarding the "Pikachu and Friends with Berries." I'll be closing off the list tonight. So far everything on the list is still available.

**For anyone who buys the pika scrunchie the shipping will be on me. ^^ (US only please)

Here's the link for the post

Thank you ^^
Young Justice Robin

Rare Hoenn Pokemon Coin Sales + More!

Hello all! Today I bring you a joyous treasure-trove of extremely rare Hoenn-era metal coins, including color-changing ones! These are rarely seen on the community (or even auction sites) and I have coins of MANY popular Hoenn Pokes. They're all available for straight sale under the cut, along with some other cool items that I've managed to come across. :) CTRL+F is your friend, I have listed everyone. It's mostly Hoenn dex Pokemon, which includes some from Gen 1-2 as well.

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Look what I found in the attic

Hello everyone :D
In Monday it's was day of cleaning the attic and luckly I found a lot of plush and figures of pokémon <3 (like cubune and koffing plush, lot of old tomy figures, giant gyarados figure, etc.. see photos hehehe ;) )
I was really surprised to find this lot of pokémon :D

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Thanks :D
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Undaunted/Reviving Legends Cards?

Does anyone here have any non-English Undaunted (Reviving Legends in Japanese) cards for trade or sale? I have some English, Japanese, German, and French ones I can trade (or cards from other series too).

I'm looking for a bunch of cards, but in particular:

- Japanese Reverse/Mirror Holo Houndoom
- Japanese Houndour from the Tyranitar deck
- Italian Houndoom Prime
- French Espeon Prime

I have quite a few of the Japanese and French cards, but I have less German ones. And I'm not sure if I have any Italian cards from this set. I think that's all the languages it was released in.

Also, I've been updating my card blog on tumblr almost daily if anyone is interested in taking a look - Risha's House of Cards So far I have my Eeveelution, Houndour/doom, Mew, Growlithe, and Arcanine cards posted. :D

~ Risha

April sales

Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hello guys, i just updated my sell thread here
Feel free to give me offers. I will give free shipping for some items. (Free shipping only for USA buyers). Sometimes if I feel the offer is good enough I can give more discount or free shipping.
Your final purchase will be get 10% discount before shipping and fees.
If you have any questions and offers just comment on the thread, please do not PM me.

Thanks and have a nice day everyone ! :D

IMG_5680.JPGIMG_5678.JPGno titleno titleno titleno titleno titleno titleno titleno title


Hello community!
I'm currently working on a massive change to my sales post and have a huge bulk of things that honestly I don't feel like taking new pictures of. xD SO LET MY LAZINESS BE YOUR GAIN!

I'm asking $55 shipped OBO, anywhere, for the entire lot!
Use it to beef up your own collection or sales post or whatever you'd like. I'm not going to GA this, and although I will answer questions about items you may see, I won't be taking individual item pictures. After all, I'm lotting this out to avoid taking pictures, haha.
Bigger pictures and sales rules/info under the cut!
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Thanks for reading!

Sales Update for Reduced Prices

Hello, comrades. I am selling these stuffs for reduced price because I have a want popping up and ending in a couple of days. The items are still up for best offers, which means you can cut the prices even lower if no one else want them. lol Please take chance to nab some good cards from me. Good luck! =)

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/
Ship from Philadelphia, PA

All cards are near mint or better, which means no stain/wear/dent/bent on the first look. Small imperfections can only be observed by close-up inspection. However, a majority of the cards are in mint condition without any imperfections.

The post is Ctrl + F friendly. Shipped price is inside the US only (edit: the price doesn't include fees so either gift or cover fees, thank you!). International buyers please ask me for the quote before committing. Thank you!

Scyther, Articuno - $25 shipped
M Latios, Blastoise, Rayquaza - $10 shipped
Starmie x2 - $6 shipped for one or $10 for both

Played Groudon & Kyogre deck box PLUS 100 XY-on English c/uc cards BONUS 10 BW-on Japanese u/uc cards
for ONLY $15 shipped

$15 shipped for this EX trio

Thank you for reading!
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Currently looking for Jakks!

I found a Gardevoir Jakks, now I just need the kirlia figure

and the ralts plush!

(did ralts ever get a figure? I can only find the zukan piece, and the pokedex figure)
The last one that I know of being sold on here was in 2009... Any one have one, or know where to find one?

In other news, some small but very cute gets arrived in the mail!

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another website update!

HEY EVERYONE! Just wanted to pop in and show you all my Girafarig collection that has now been carefully photographed and put together for my website! Here's a preview!!!

EDIT: I HAVE A QUESTION!!! Yellow or brown background?


>>> http://kriscarmi.weebly.com/girafarig.html

I would love some feedback, as I've put a lot (too much) time and effort into it! And I hope you all have fun getting a look at all the adorable items that have been released for Girafarig. Which reminds me... if anyone has the GIRAFARIG MARBLE for sale, I would love to buy it off you! I lost mine because I'm a dumb. ;_;

There are still some items that I'm trying to find information on, so if you happen to go through the page and know something I didn't put down, please let me know. And, towards the bottom of the page, there are three customs I need artist information for. I got them made so long ago and forgot to make a note of it. Please help me give these talented artists credit!

ANYWAY, thanks guys!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

EDIT: OH YEAH. Flats will be added later, as I do not currently have a scanner! SO YESH, at some point that'll all be there.

Small sales and eBay Lot listed

EDIT: Sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2009

Hello comm members,

Just have a small handful of sales today. I'm cleaning out my room and selling whatever I can in preparations to move to Japan! I just landed a job there and will be leaving shortly after graduation. Thanks for taking a look and whatever you're able to help take off my hands I really appreciate!

Also I have a fairly large eBay lot listed online with some nice goodies, feel free to GA it. I know I had some issues on my part on the last GA that was hosted of my lot so feel free to contact me asap about any questions and whether or not you find the listed bid price as too high or too low! Also any further questions about item conditions feel free to contact me. I'm not very active on LJ anymore but I'll try and check everyday at least for the duration of the eBay listing.


EDIT: Ah, it just sold! Sorry!

I also have a pikachu GBA SP listed on eBay as well,
if you're interested feel free to PM me or comment here and I'll sell it to you directly with a community discount!


Thanks for being such a great help everyone,

now onto the sale items:

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Seven metal Pokemon to go! (95% complete!)

I'm so close to having all of the original 151 metal Pokemon!

If anyone has any of the below for sale, I would appreciate it SO much if you'd send a pm/leave a comment and let me know :)

#038 Ninetales
#062 Poliwrath
#098 Krabby
#131 Lapras
#134 Vaporeon
#135 Jolteon
#146 Moltres

I'm also on the hunt for Croagunk, Meloetta, Litwik, Cryogonal, and the newer Charizard!

So Many More Custom Gets <3 (And Collection Updates!)

I was going to save this for my SSS post... but boredom and impatience got in the way xD

Preview pic! So much more under the cuts <3

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And now, I finally got a chance to photograph all the new things I've gotten for my N and May collections x3 If you have a question about where the customs are from, I'll be happy to let you know who made them~ There's also one more N plush on his way here, I'll include him in my next update (which will probably be at the same time as the SSS post.) Here's a sneak peak, and there's more behind the cuts.

may8.jpgno title

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Btw, I am looking for a zukan stand for the Poochyena line and Houndoom. Preferably green, but purple or brown works too as long as the size is a good fit. Houndoom also needs a Houndour buddy, so please let me know if you have one! And lastly, I'm looking for OFFICIAL things of the dark dogs this time around, since I have a little extra cash.

Thank you for reading! I'll leave some links like usual ^w^

no titlecards37.jpg

Perler Sprite Commissions: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18811565.html
Double Crisis (and other cards) trades: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19078374.html

(PS, who else is busy crossing names of possible swappers as people make more posts? I've narrowed my possible swappers down to 8 people >w>)

introductions and questions


my name is papaya and i've been collecting pokemon merch for years. this is my first post in this comunity, and i am excited to be part of it! i am primarily a collection of sylveon and typhlosion, but i generally adore anything pokemon-related i can get my hands on.

i have two questions regarding something i purchased lately.

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this is the backpack in question. i nabbed this on amazon a few days ago, yet i have never seen it before nor seen it in another typhlosion collector's collection. can someone verify this exists/tell me the year it was produced?

and my last question is does anyone have the typhlosion ufo plush for sale?

Grail want and updated sales

I'll eventually post my gets/collection >>

I'm on the hunt for a very special plush :) The Life-size Tohoku Soothe Bell Victini plush :D Any help in my search will be greatly appreciated! I'm looking to spend $140 if he's MWT and a little less than that if his hang tag is missing.

I'm also considering buying a Giratina Origin form Pokedoll and a Giratina Altered form Pokedoll. I had the Altered form one, but a few months ago I had to sell off some of my collection that I didn't think I was attached to for financial reasons, but I'm tempted to buy him again and have the Origin form to go with him XP Silly me. I'd like to see pics if you have one (or even both! that would be really nice!) and I'm looking to spend no more than about $30 on each if I decide to cave in ^^

I've also updated my sales with some figures and a few more plushes :) Check it out! More is yet to come!

Da preview;

Da sales: http://pepperzark.livejournal.com/976.html

(Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015)

And, to spice things up a bit, M. Charizard X or M. Charizard Y? At first I preferred X because black and blue and dragon typing, but I've grown to like Y a lot more now :)

Pokemon Center Mega Update - Out of Stock

i have the absolute worst luck, whether it be with games, clothes, or (more recently) plushies. but three or so days ago PokeCen had an update with new plushies, two that particularly caught my attention were Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon.

but as i returned from work and was about to place my order this evening, it appears that both Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are out of stock. of course, i could expect this within a few days, considering there are (hundreds? of) thousands of Pokemon collectors, AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby came out recently, and everything else inbetween. something like this did, indeed, cross my mind. but i never pictured on the US site that it would be gone so quickly!

and as i checked my cart, i further looked at the possible restock date.


i don't mean to seem like i'm rushing or anything, so i apologize if it seems as though i am. but that date confuses me. i was going to purchase both, as Groudon was to be a present for a friend for his birthday. i'm sure the Primal versions are on Yahoo!Japan and other credible Pokemon seller sites, but the price was too good to miss from the Pokemon Center. ;; A ;; //

does anyone know where to possibly obtain Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon for a reasonable price? of course, i've checked Pokevault, looked through Google, and were given some links by friends, but, these prices are sky-high. any help or information would be helpful, and i would be very grateful!

Time to finally introduce myself and show collection after mostly lurking for a year..

Hello pokemon collectors! I am DrZoidburger and I'm here to introduce myself and uhh, I guess I have to tell you about myself for it to be an introduction...so I guess I'll be doing that.

I've been collecting pokemon merchandise since I was a young child, never started playing the games until about sapphire, although I did play puzzle league for gba but thats sorta different. I had a bunch of the old hasbro plushes back then and I'm now searching for them from time to time when I have cash to spend and they are affordable xD Anyways heres some pictures of my plushes so far. Im hoping this Lj cut goes right xD
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I hope to expand my collection and share photos hopefully not too far down the road!

Anyway, I hope I did this post ok and havent broken any rules or Im sure the comments will be blasting off again like team rocket, telling me what I did wrong and how to fix it. -gets ready to press button.. hopes it doesnt explode-