April 3rd, 2015

Can anyone translate this Japanese?

Hello! I did my daily check of the Japanese Pokemon site for merch news and saw this page:

It appears to be a special Mega Pidgeot Tretta. Another one was revealed a few weeks ago, but it features a different pose of Mega Pidgeot than this one (the different pose is the one seen on the right side of the banner).

So my question is: is this a special event Tretta? It appears to be limited to 20,000?! Is anyone in Japan able to find this for me and/or the other Mega Pidgeot Tretta? I'm very interested in acquiring them!

Thanks for any info you can provide! :)

✿ Zigzagoon/Linoone Wants!!! ✿

Good Morning everyone! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Before i head off to Anime Boston this morning, i thought i'd make a little post of my wants!
I'm sure most of you already know my intentions of collecting the largest and most complete zigzagoon line collection there is, but i am having some trouble finding a few items!

If you have any of the following items to sell or see them for sale somewhere, please tag me or let me know!! I am 100% committed to buying ANY of these items! I'd also love to see if you have any other zig or noon items that you have to sell! If i don't already own them, i am 100% committed to buying!!! :D I can send payments right away!

First up, here is a photo of my #1 Grailest Grail that ever Grailed, the Zigzagoon UFO plush!!! The only official plush of this line. Every day i have been searching for this guy, and really hope to find him soon. <3

Next i have made a little (crappy paint) collage of my other zig wants. Some on the higher priority list are the clear kids, the stamp, and the coins!

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I also want to especially thank any and everyone who has been coming to me with tags or messages for different items to add to my collection! <333 I very very much appreciate it and it is because of this community that i have even found anything at all! <3
I hope to have time soon to create a website for my little raccoon collection, and also my Slurpuff line collection! I can't wait to share it with you guys! >w< <3
Also i have a few customs in the makes that i can't wait for!

Thank you everyone for looking!! <333 :D

ps- If you see me at Anime Boston, please come say hi! I will be there all weekend dressed as Charlotte from Madoka Magica! Collapse )

Spring Secret Swap Package

Hey, it's robertisawesome, and I've come with a new package! My Spring Secret Swap! I've been looking forward to this, and I just received my gift yesterday. I really liked the lots of goodies that I got in the package.

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Thanks mewisme700 for my Spring Secret Swap gifts! :) I got an Oddish plush, Bulbasaur and Venonat MIP TOMYs, an Ivysaur keychain, a custom Bulbasaur wood burned box, and some stickers I believe. I wonder you guys got from the swap! :D
The new mouse in town!


I blame each one of you for this post but I love each every one of you for showing me! XD Anyway, I am looking for stuff and I hope you guys have my stuff. ^__^ (I could go to ebay but I like you guys better. :) )

I am looking for:

Zigzagoon Zukan line
Seedot Zukan line
Less want but definitely might buy if the price is right: Piplup zukan line (Mainly I just want the Empoleon)

Mighty Bean stuff:
Shiftry (which I know someone had in their sales but I can't remember who! So post! XD)BROUGHT!

Mega Bloks (WHY MUST ALL OF MY POKEMON HAVE ONE..>WHY MUST YOU BE SO CUTE TOO! Stupid lego block of cuteness! >.<):
Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry
Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir

Question about storing items

Hi, I collect Pokemon TOMY figures and I was wondering if it was okay to store them all in boxes because I don't have anywhere to put them up, like shelves. I put my collection in 2 boxes, one of which is pretty big, and the other one is a little treasure box where I put my rares, but I'm scared about paint transfer from them all touching each other. I was going to buy a lot of mini ziploc bags but I usually don't have enough money left over to buy them, so I'm asking if it's okay for them to be touching each other with out any sort of protection. Thanks.
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Morty Wants

Does anyone have a Morty/Matsuba collection that they can show me? I haven't seen many Morty items around which saddens me, but I would like to collect more of him since I've already commissioned someone to make a plush of him. Besides, my Haunters need a trainer because they sometimes get into mischief... If you have any Morty items up for sale, please let me know! I would especially like to know if he's featured in any kind of clearfiles. <3

Otherwise, I'm after a few other things. If you have any of the following under the cut for sale, let me know! Likewise, if you're selling anything that I listed on my long Wants page here, I might be interested. I'm focused on some key items right now though, but I might be interested in buying other things especially if it's for the right price!

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Meanwhile, if you would like to check out my sales, please click the banner below! I'll be making a trip to the post office tomorrow. :)
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Hello everyone I just wanted to put some wants out there on the off chance that someone might be able to help me locate some of the rarer items on the list.

Wants list

And here is a pic of some of my gen 5 mons to make this post less boring. (I wish they would come out with more pokedoll already)

Introduction and collection!

Hi there!

My name is Jessica, I am 19, and I've been a fan of Pokemon since....well, as long as I can remember!

My main man here is Oshawott, and yep, you guessed it, he is what my main collection consists of! Would you believe me if I told you that I really did not intend for my collection to grow as big as it has?

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Thank you and I hope to get more involved in this community!

Can anyone tell me about this plush?

Hi all, i am a lurker w a question. I just found this guy in my old room and i don't remember anything about him. I tried looking him up and read in one forum that he is rare...which he seems to be pretty bland so i think they cant be the same. Can anyone refresh my memory on him? He looks like a ufo catcher plush!
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Looking for pokemon alpha sapphire and reminder

Is anyone selling pokemon alpha sapphire for under 28 shipped or if you live in the la/sb california area I could pick it up,I don't mind the condition just as long its playable and has the case.
I found one near me for 25 but they took so long replying to me and never gave me a day to pick it up so Im just giving up on them.
I had omega but it disappeared when we had some kids staying with us so Ive pretty much given up hope of finding it in the house :/.

also my april fool sales end on the fifth C:

Quick question about plush stock on Amazon

Hey everyone!

I'm Lasse, I know I haven't done a formal introduction on here yet (I've been meaning to do one for over 2 months, but I am the queen of procrastination (ㄒoㄒ).)

Anyway I've been looking for the Fresher Pikachu Plush on Amazon, unfortunately I haven't been able to find it. I heard it was released about 3 weeks ago but for some reason it still is not for sale on there. I know its on eBay and sunyshore, but I prefer to buy stuff on amazon because I have prime.

So does anyone know how long it usually takes for Pokemon center plushes to be available on Amazon prime? Or why this plush isn't available?

This pika is adorable! I seriously need this little guy in my life!
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Long time again! Quick Auction!

Hello everyone! I haven't been around again for a couple of months now. Still working and school is taking up a lot of my time lately! I am still collecting though! Just not as much now days due to shortage of funds. I hope to do a collection update soon! Today I just have a quick auction!

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback is HERE: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/

Today I bring you a rare talking japanese 2007 Takara TOMY Darkrai Plush. I have given him new batteries and he works! He says about 4 phrases in japanese and each one is to some sort of theme music. He is really neat. I have only seen two of these for sale currently. He stands 12 inches tall.

The auction will end on Tuesday, April 7th at 10pm central standard time.
Timer countdown is HERE: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150407T22&p0=4200&fg1=444&msg=2007+Takara+TOMY+Darkrai+Talking+Plush+Auction

Bids start at $10! Give this awesome rare cutie a home :)


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