April 6th, 2015

First post!

Hi everybody! Thanks for accepting me into the community - I have to admit I've been lurking for a while, trying to overcome my internet-shyness. My collecting has been a little sporadic (that is, a lot of collecting back in the late 90s with a long break until a few years ago), and my collection is pretty modest, but I thought this might be the place to share :)

My favourite's are the charmander evolutions, raichu and meowth, although I do have a soft spot for paras and shellder. I guess I like to collect lots of different plushies and figures rather than all of the same! Let me introduce you to some of the gang :)

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Thanks for reading :), hope all the cuts/pics are done ok

Flats & Candy Sale PART 1 + Sticker Set Auction

 Heeey guys, i feel like I've been kind of annoying with sales links aha.... But! I decided to sort out all of my flats and do a big sale for those and the candy I have. This is just part one - the candy and the pogs, mostly. I'll have part 2 up in the next week or so.
I really want to get rid of a lot of them. I also no longer have a minimum purchase, since a lot of these are under $2 anyway.

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I'm also auctioning off this candy sticker set. Take a look!

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Thanks for looking!
These can also be combined with any items from my permanent sales post.

Topps Super-premium trading cards

Hello! I'm still the crazy one who's cataloguing Topps Pokemon cards. :)

Topps cards series 1 is driving me crazier. How many different variations could they possibly have done?

This is what I already know exists, so the new old cards I found are not any of these:
Series 1 blue logo oval seal - parallel set: chromatic or metallic or full chromatic smooth foils.
Series 1 black logo oval seal - parallel set: chromatic or metallic rays foils for pkms and sandpaper foils for characters.
Series 1 green logo oval seal - parallel set: metallic flames foils for pkms and spots foils for characters.
Series 1 red logo oval seal - parallel set: metallic spotlights foils for pkms and dents for characters.
Series 1 blue logo round seal - parallel set: metallic smooth foils.
Series 1 chrome - parallel set: spectra, sparkle and tekno parallels.

From ebay I found a picture of this:

A month later I found many cards like this:

and now I found this leaflet:

So I councluded this cards maybe are from this Topps Super-premium trading cards series, which is another variation of series 1.

This was not released in my country, so I have no knowledge of it whatsoever.

If anyone is familiar with both the strange cards I found on ebay and the series in the leaflet, I have some questions (if you know anything tell me even if the post is five years old):

1) Do the cards belong to the series in the leaflet?

2) What cards are super-premium, full-color and uv-coated? I need to associate the picture with the name.

3) Which are the parallel cards, and which are the regular cards among the types listed in the leaflet?

4) Since there are 3 types of cards and I only have pictures of two types, I am missing the picture of one of the types.

If I gather enough information I will add this in the next version of the software, which I discovered there's actually a couple of people using beyond me XD.

"Help-me-get-to-Japan" SALES! :) TONS of items, figures, plush & more!


Hello delightful comm-folk!

Today I come to you with a partially reluctant but neccesary weeding. I am saving up to go to Japan for the FIRST time and as many of us, it has been a passionate life-long dream to be able. :')
I'm FINALLY getting the chance but obviously comes the “downside” - the $$$. The ticket alone is quite pricey so I am having to weed out a lot of my collection to get to go to my dream destination.

Lots of these items will be hard to part with, but knowing they'll get good homes helps to say goodbye. ^__^

From now on I'll only be collecting good-ol'-reliable-don't-take-up-much-space-flats of the Pokemon I'm weeding from. :)

Most of these items are being sold for the price I got them for – or lower. Others I can't remember the price of, so I'm just putting a low price on them based on what I've seen/experienced. OBO is offered on most items! (even if it's not mentioned)

Hopefully you'll find just what you need for your own collection, or know someone who's missing something that can be found here! <3

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A little preview!  Note: THERE'S WAY MORE UNDER THE CUT! ;3

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Princess Snivy

Another more than 1000 new flats sale! Chance is I have all Pokemon! + 11 Sylveons offers!

Hello there!
Goodness, another huge flats sale? Yes, and this time, it will be a little easier, because I have aquired a bunch of books from XY, which include Pokedex books, quiz books and all the like, and chance is that I should have about ALL Pokemon (or at least a lot of all)! For Sylveon, since it is pretty much the most sought after one and that is the one that gets most requested by people (people PM me a lot whether I find some of their faves), I have decided to just auction them all off to make it fair for everybody, I hope you can forgive me!
I will tag a bunch of people if they are interested in particular Pokemon, and first come first serve!


pokedex Sylveon 1

Since I again have over 1000 flats for sale, please read over the rules first!!! If you do not read, I cannot sell to you!

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Going through them all and scanning them one by one! Thank you for your patience guys!

Thank you so much guys! :D
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Pokedoll question

Hi all!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far.

I'm planning on getting into collecting Pokedolls, but I have one question:  besides the hang tags, are there any differences between Japanese Pokedolls and the Pokedolls available on the US Pokecen website?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.

Fresh From Easter April Commissions!

Yup It's that time again!
It's been awhile sinc I last oppened for commisions,
But I'm back fresh from Easter Break, recharged and ready to make some new plush!
And I have an exciting new style of plush that I'm now offering commissions for!
Please check it out in the info below!
Skiddo.jpgAlso I made lion a hat  Palico.jpg
HoodieQuill.jpgno titleno title
Before we get too into it

Please Check out my basic commission basics and facts in this nifty post
It explains all about my pricing and material information :)

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001I ship from the U.S. and can ship internationally
002I ship from Texas and use bubble mailers. I ship out within one week of purchase
003I only accept paypal
026I do not sell to banned members, people I've left negative or neutral feedback for, or through P.M.
058All of my quotes and prices are in U.S. dollars
059My sales are first come first serve (if you do not respond within 24 hours, I will move on to the next person in line)
104All items come from a smoke free home (I do have a small dog back home but plush are kept away from her)
105I am interested in trading/patial trading for items on my wants list
135I am not responsible for items lost in the mail I ship everything within the us with delivery confirmation if it gets lost somehow once it's out of my hands sorry, but I don't give refunds)
134I was granted feedback December 13 2012 by entirelycliched My feedback can be found here
003M.png (32×32)My plush are not for resale for profit. If I notice you selling one of my custom plush for profit I will ban you from my sales and commissions. I don't make plush for you to make a profit :) I would also greatly apreciate if you tell me if you see someone reselling my customs for a profit thank you!
I make plush in a few different styles they are listed below for your refferance C: Don't forget to check out the info on my newest plush style Cozie Style!
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You can find more examples of my work on my Tumblr

Please feel free to ask questions :>
Thanks Everyone!
- Vulpes

Simplified Plush Slot 1 - Pepperzark (Shiny Ninetales Finished & Shiny Latias Finished )
Simplified Plush Slot 2 - absol  (Sitting mega Absol) Finished

(simplified plush for trade)
aki199257 -(Big Simplified Mightyenna with Red eye on right purple eye on left FIXED & Simplified Houndoom Finished)

(Sorry for the delay, I had been sick and swamped with tests these past few weeks, but I am back at and determined to get everyone's plush done!)

Pikazard plushies

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I have been gone for a couple months. I remember seeing a post a couple months ago that the Pikazard plushies were being re-released in April. Is there any new information on this? Also, has any more Pikazard merchandise been released since then?

Calling collectors in japan: I need your help!

EDIT: the awesome cottonbell provided me a link to a site that has it! :) Here it is for anyone who's interested in getting one too: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/bunbougu-shibuya/item/771727005/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en
Please disregard this post!

Hey all! So I am on the lookout for this pencil board available at Pokemon Center stores:

I want it because it has Mega Pidgeot on it, and it looks so awesome! :)

Problem is, it's apparently limited edition and already going out of stock at some stores.

Is there anyone here in Japan that can check their Pokemon Center for this pencil board? I would be willing to cover all the costs and tip you some extra money for your help!

Please keep me posted! I'm hoping I can get a hold of this somewhere before it sells out. :)

May POP! Auction

Hi everyone, I've been kinda quiet for awhile because I FINALLY got a not temporary job! Yay! And while I've closed my permanent sales, I'll still ocassionally sell things... like today! A new job gave me the motivation to finally finish various projects, including this...

Ever since I saw May's re-design I've want to make her. I've had a DIY POP! base since June ready to make her, but it wasn't until the last couple weeks that I actually did it. I love how she turned out, but I really don't have a good place to put her. So I'm hoping someone on here would appreciate her awesomeness :D
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My Very First Custom, Completed!

So at the end of last year (December 30th to be precise) I decided I was going to make a plush. My boyfriend was unsure at first but then he was like sure, you can try. I got the material and started on it but then life got in the way and I got depressed and never went back to it until last week. Today however I finished him! Isn't he the cutest? Now that I've finished him, I have my umph back and what to make next?

Volts is just here for size reference... Dedenne measures 17" from butt to ear.

Suicune Jump

SSS + Gets for a Month

What an awesome day to get my SSS! It's my day off of course. Apparently the postal lady just put the mailer on the porch and didn't ring the bell... typical. Mom brought it in to me when she got home from work. I was in the middle of finishing up cleaning my mice and immediately had to stop to open it. I actually didn't know it was my SSS at first. I was like, "I didn't order anything from that state...  that name looks familiar..."

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Quick and short, have to get to bed. =3

Spring Swap has ariiiived!

I have finally stopped crying tears of joy to write this.
So I just got done asking my host if my spring swap gifter was from the USA or international because 4 items popped up that I wanted to buy. I didn't want to get doubles, but didn't know if I should wait or bite the bullet. Well, out of the 4 I bought 3. 2 are trump card plush and 1 was an I <3 eevee plush. I thought it was worth the risk and got those, but left the 4th item out.....fast forward to today.

I get home from work and see that my fiance ate all my Reeses candy. ALL OF IT! WHAT?! NOOOO! I was waiting for these all day at work. How could you ;______;

I had mail though. So it took my mind off of it, even though I wasn't happy about it. *eat all MY candy will ya...*
I had to use some other figures to hide the adresses hehe.

Opened the package and the first thing I see? A GIANT REESES BAR! BEST DAY EVER! I immediately tore it open and enjoyed it while opening the rest of my stuff. Love this gift already....but it gets way better.

Now I admit, I kind of messed up my Spring Swap. I tore that baby open and forgot to take pics xD But at first I wasn't aware of what it was and by then I was too excited to stop!  There were SO many boxes wrapped in pretty paper inside!...which I destroyed >:) (I feel like I have to return the pretty, small boxes to you haha. They are just so practical!)

I opened one box and it was all stickers! Awesome, amazing stickers. My DS and sticker album are very happy along with me! There was also gum, a metal coin and tiles!
BUT WAIT! There is more!
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I just can't believe it. I feel like a princess after opening this box of amazing goodies. You really went above and beyond and I love it all and treasure it all dearly. <3 <3 You are the best. Thank you so much!!!!  You have inspired me to give even more next year. I want to make someone feel how you made me feel today <3

Thank you, godudette! Thank you so much!

quick sales and the grail search continues

I'm transferring to a 4-year college in the fall and the fees/tuition/expenses in general are killer. I'd really like to sell a few things really quick in order to at least be able to pay for the deposit (and my grail when I find him >>). Everything else is being put in a lot and auctioned off on eBay.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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So far I've only listed one lot on my bf's eBay account; a Rumble U lot with 9 of the figures and the promotional display box


I'm also still in search for the 1:1 Tohoku Soothe bell Victini plush! I'd like to pay no more than $150 shipped since that's what I've been told he has sold for relatively recently. I know I said I was on the hunt not too long ago, but a friendly reminder doesn't hurt, right?

Spicey topic from pepperzark time! What's a favorite unorthodox Pokemon of yours? like one that's not usually given any credit really. The first one that comes to my mind is Ratata! I love those little buggers so much! They're just too cute in my opinion <3